It has been rumored that Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham has had her breast implants removed in order to avoid a possible wardrobe malfunction during the Spice Girls reunion tour. I thought that the implant removal rumor was pretty far fetched since all of the costumes are custom fit and there are plenty of precautions to take to make sure your boobs dont fall out in public, BUT after I saw the following photos…Well, what do you think?

 Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham before breast implant removal?

Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham after breast implant removal?

 It appears that Victoria Beckham has quite a bit of fleshy overhang hanging out of the side of her corset in the 2nd photo. A bit of fat hanging out of a too-tight corset is not too uncommon, but Posh has no fat. When breast implants are removed, it’s common to have saggy skin, tissue atrophy and chest wall deformity, unless you opt to have corrective surgery (such as a breast lift, or new implants).

Do you think that Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) had her breast implants removed?
Yes, Posh removed her implants.
67% (4 Votes)
No, Posh still has her implants installed.
33% (2 Votes)
No, Posh never had implants! She’s totally natural!
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It appears that all of their plastic surgeries are starting to morph Heidi Montag and Jenna Jameson into the same person…

heidi montag jenna jameson

Heidi and Jenna have both had breast implants and lip injections, and Heidi also has undergone rhinoplasty. I think it’s odd when plastic surgery addicts start to all look alike…

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Heidi Montag is only 21 years old, and she has already undergone her THIRD cosmetic procedure. First it was the nose, then came the boobs, now she’s sporting a new set of lips…

Heidi Montag before the nose job:

heidi montag before nose job

Heidi Montag after the nose job:

heidi montag after nose job

Heidi Montag before the boob job:

heidi montage before boob job

Heidi Montag after the boob job:

heidi montag boob job after

Heidi Montag before the lip injections:

heidi montag lip augmentation

Heidi Montag after the lip injections:

heidi montag lip injections

Heidi’s family must be so proud.

Shall we start the betting on when her sex tape will be “leaked”? Or perhaps when she will undergo her next cosmetic surgery? I wonder what will be next. Botox? Cheek implants? Chin work? Only time will tell, with this hot mess…

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With every passing year, it appears that Lisa Rhinna’s lips grow increasingly larger…

Lisa Rinna before lip injections:

Lisa Rinna after lip injections:

I wonder how much collagen she has to pump into those things to keep them oddly inflated like that?!

It looks like Lisa Rinna is a fan of Botox as well. Although she hasn’t overdone the Botox, like she has with the lip injections. Her lips have just been blown up to ridiculous proportions!

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Ice T’s wife, Nicole “Coco” Austin, has denied that she has had any sort of surgery to augment or enhance her butt. Oh, realllllllly…

Coco before butt implants

CENSORED. Click for image.

Coco after butt implants

CENSORED. Click for image.

Yes, folks, I’m not kidding, this women claims to not have butt implants.

It also appears that she’s had a bit of lipo on her waist and lower back to accentuate her butt implants. Coco has owned up to getting breast implants. (No joke, Coco.)

Coco’s supersized breast implants

coco breast implants

(I’m not really sure why Coco is always dressed up as some sort of Super Hero Pimp, but I guess that’s just her style…)

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Pamela Anderson, the Dolly Parton of the 90’s, has never denied having breast implants, but she has denied having any other work done. Judging from the pictures below, Pamela Anderson has certainly had lip augmentation as well.

Pamela Anderson before boob job:

CENSORED – Click for image.

Pamela Anderson after multiple boob jobs:

pamela anderson boob job

Pamela has always had nice, sexy lips, but it appears that she had collagen lip implants early on in her career to enhance them. It also looks like she is more recently getting lip injects on top of the implants for an even poutier look. What do you think?

Pamela Anderson before lip implants:

pamela anderson before lip implants

Pamela Anderson after lip implants and/or lip injections:

pamela anderson after lip implants

Pamela Anderson has not had Botox…yet:

pamela anderson botox

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Some people feel that plastic surgery will fix all of their problems, but the problem is often more then just skin deep. For people with body dismorphia or those with addictive personalities, plastic surgery can quickly become an addiction.Here is one such case of plastic surgery addiction (as well as shopping addiction) as featured on the A&E television show “Intervention”:

plastic surgery addiction video

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It looks like the lastest Angelina Jolie wannabe, Megan Fox, had a little bit taken off the top. From the pictures below it appears that Megan Fox has indeed had a nose job to grind down the bump on the bridge of her nose, into a completely flawlessly straight nose.

Megan Fox before rhinoplasty

megan fox rhinoplasty

Megan Fox after rhinoplasty

megan fox nose job

Quite honestly, I think her nose looks too perfect now. But, I’m sure that is the look that she is going for, so good for her I suppose. I think Megan Fox is gorgeous with or without her nose job. Judging by when the pictures were taken, Megan Fox went under the knife for her nose job sometime between July and September 2007.

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