donda kanye westDonda West, Kanye West’s mom, died dued to complication of undergoing cosmetic surgery. Donda had two cosmetic surgeries (tummy tuck and breast reduction) performed at the same time, and died at her home two days later. Kanye West’s mother was 58 years old when she died.

The surgery that caused Donda West’s death was performed by Dr. Jan Adams, who was later revealed to not be a board certified plastic surgeon.

Remember, simply because a procedure is “cosmetic”, doesn’t make it safe. Most cosmetic surgeries are considered major surgery. Would you get heart surgery if it wasn’t necessary? Would you want someone that you love to risk death to make their breasts somewhat perkier for a few more years? Or, do you love them as they are? Nowadays, plastic surgeons try to upsell additional procedures to clients to make an extra few bucks. Going in for a breast augmentation? Well, how about we suck a little fat out of your waist too. What they fail to tell you is that multiple cosmetic procedures, performed at the same time, significantly increases your chance of complications and death. There is a 1 in 3200 chance that patients that undergo multiple cometic procedures will die. Is it really worth it?

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Oh. Wow. Paris Hilton got her lips done. And, DAMN, do they look bad!

Paris Hilton before lip augmentation

paris hilton lips

Paris Hilton after lip augmentation

paris hilton trout lips

I can only imagine the conversation that Paris Hilton had with her cosmetic surgeon…

Paris: “Doc, make my lips sexy.”

Doctor: “Sexy? Okay, what did you have in mind? Describe sexy for me Paris.”

Paris: “I’m sexy.” *Paris pulls out a compact and starts posing*

Doctor: “Yeaaaaah…Okay. How about I inject some stuff into your lips that will make them look like a cross between a vagina and an asshole.”

Paris: “That’s hot.”

Doctor: “That’s what I thought. Okay. This is going to sting a bit…”

After these photos hit the internet, Paris Hiltons rep denied the allegations that Paris had lip injections and instead the plumped appearance of her lips was due to Lip Venom plumping lip gloss. Riiiiiiight.


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I didn’t believe it when I 1st heard that Marilyn Monroe underwent rhinoplasty, but you can’t deny the photos!

Marilyn Monroe before rhinoplasty:

marilyn monroe before nose job

Marilyn Monroe after rhinoplasty:

marilyn monroe after nose job

It is obvious that Marilyn Monroe did indeed have a nose job, which was performed before her career took off. I had no idea that plastic surgery was in demand for celebrities back in the 50’s. Who would have thunk…

Anyhow, I think that the cosmetic surgeon that performed Marilyn’s rhinoplasty should receive a metal of honor. He did an amazing job! Marilyn Monroes nose looks much more refined and feminine while still appearing totally natural.

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Infamous Hollywood Madame, Heidi Fleiss, has gotten herself a new pair of lips.

Heidi Fleiss before plastic surgery

heidi fleiss before

Heidi Fleiss after plastic surgery

heidi fleiss after

It also looks like Heidi had some sort of face work and/or botox done, which has pulled her eyebrows way too high up on her forehead.

Personally, I think Heidi Fleiss looked 100 times better before she had plastic surgery. After her surgeries, she looks like a deformed joker. People pay to look like this?! Stick to hookers, Heidi, the plastic surgeon just isn’t doin’ it for ya…

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