Check out rapper Too $hort before he had a major cosmetic dentistry overhaul!

Too Short before and after cosmetic dentistry:

Too Short Got New Teeth - Before and After

Well, I can’t say that we blame him, because his grill was a mess before he had a cosmetic dentist smack it up, flip it, rub it down (oh no!!!). Luckily Too $hort found fame in the rap game in the 80′s and early 90′s, before it was all about the image (and nothing about the talent).

And you know what? Too $hort has some of the best dental work that we’ve seen! I would have never guessed that he had a full set of veneers as he doesn’t have the overly large, square veneers that are popular in Hollywood. Plus, his dentist even kept his front tooth gap, which adds character and lends a bit of authenticity to his smile.

Yo, Too $hort, you should slip Miley Cyrus the number to your cosmetic dentist and maybe he can fix her crazy veneers!

Too $hort in “The Ghetto”:



Kylie Jenner Boob JobWould it really be that shocking to learn that 16-year old Kylie Jenner got breast implants? I mean Kylie’s entire family is making at least a few plastic surgeons in Hollywood very rich, and her sister Kim Kardashian’s entire career started with an epic full body liposuction procedure. Well, what if we told you that if Kylie got breast implants, she got them when she was just 13!

The rumors have been swirling around Kylie lately as she has taken to posting sexy selfies and bikini photos to her social media accounts, and the girl definitely wants you to see her boobs! But are they new boobs? Where did they come from? How did this happen?! Inquiring minds need to know, Kylie…Did you get breast implants?

The thing is, is that Kylie’s big boobs are not a new thing. She’s had those babies since 2011, when she was just 13-years old.

Kylie Jenner in 2011 and in 2013did kylie jenner gett breast implants as a teen

Teenagers undergoing plastic surgery is becoming more and more commonplace, but breast implants for a 13-year old? That’s pretty scary and I would have to question the ethics of a plastic surgeon that would perform such a procedure. Normally, I would say “no way”, but Kylie is part of the Kardashian Kash Machine that is headed up by Kylie’s mom Kris Jenner. Lots of 13-year olds want breast implants and Kylie Jenner’s got the means, a plastic surgeon on speed dial and a mother crazy enough to give breast implants her blessing. So did Kris Jenner let Kylie get breast implants at age 13? I certainly wouldn’t put it past her. Would you?

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Sharon Osbourne VaginoplastySharon Osbourne swore off of plastic surgery after having a medical scare last year, but apparently she hasn’t yet found a new hobby yet, because plastic surgery is still a preferred topic of conversation for the 61-year old reality star!

This time, Sharon has gotten a little bit TMI on us and has revealed way more than we ever wanted to know about her vagina. Yes, Sharon Osbourne has even had plastic surgery down there. Sharon describes undergoing vaginoplasty, or having her “vagina tightened” as she so eloquently put it, as the most painful of all of the plastic surgery procedures that she has undergone. Sharon describes the procedure as “excruciating”.

Plastic surgery procedures targeting intimate areas have become increasingly popular and have sparked a new term: Designer vaginas. Remember when getting a Brazilian wax was racy? Well those days are over ladies. Apparently you also need to get your outer labia plumped, inner labia cut off and vagina tightened in order to be sexually appealing. Sharon opted for a vaginoplasty which averages about $7,000 and the end result is a tighter vagina that is supposed to be more pleasurable for both parties. The surgery entails removal of excess vaginal lining and tightening of the surrounding muscle and tissue. The vaginal walls are then sutured back together. Yeah, that doesn’t sound too pleasant to us either, Sharon!

Watch Sharon’s shocking big reveal on “The Graham Norton Show”:

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Jordan Ward, from MTV’s “16 and Pregnant”, has something she wants to show you. The 20-year old is ready to reveal her new look after having plastic surgery!

At 17-years old, Jordan appeared in the 3rd season on MTV’s reality show “16 and Pregnant”, which documented Jordan’s teenage pregnancy. Typically, stars of “16 and Pregnant” move on to star in MTV’s trainwreck of a show “Teen Mom”, but Jordan was not cast to participate in “Teen Mom” since after her pregnancy, she got married and pregnant again. Unlike the drama-filled lives of the “Teen Mom” girls, that often involve drug abuse, porn and jail, Jordan is actually in a stable, loving relationship and seems to have her head on straight. Although, she now does have one thing in common with many of the other “Teen Mom” girls: Jordan Ward spent her MTV money on plastic surgery.

Jordan revealed that she underwent a breast augmentation and posted a picture of her newly enhanced chest on her Instagram account.

Jordan Ward Finder after breast implants

In case you didn’t notice her larger breasts, Jordan commented on the picture too:

“( . ) ( . ) time to take them out of hiding lol

And when fans tried to defend Jordan by saying that she probably was just wearing a pushup bra, Jordan wanted to make it clear that she did indeed get a boob job:

I did get them done.

Jordan underwent the breast augmentation in November and had saline implants put in. While she has only posted two strategically cropped pictures of her new boobs, Jordan claims to have gone from an A cup to a DD cup. Yikes! For a girl as small as Jordan, a DD sized breast implant is just way too big. Hopefully she is mistaken and didn’t really increase her bustline by FOUR cup sizes.

Jordan Ward Fisher before and after breast implants:

Jordan Ward Fisher before and after boob job

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Kim Kardashian and Her Baby North West in November 2013Not only is Kim Kardashian not exactly glowing or beaming with pride whenever she is near her 5-month old daughter, it looks like the 33-year old reality star hates her child and everything that goes along with it.

<---- Does that look like a women that loves being a mother?

Kim has been photographed out pushing her daughter in a stroller a total of 5 times so far, and every single time Kim looks like she is attending a funeral. The girl could not look any more miserable than when she is photographed within arms-reach of her newborn daughter.

Honestly, we wanted to give Kim the benefit of the doubt. Being a mom is not easy. Even with the barrage of nanny’s that Kim and Kanye employ to care for their kid, parenthood is hard. But, she can’t even muster a little bit of a smile to the paparazzi that she called to take pictures of her pushing her kid in a stroller? Initially we thought that Kim’s stone-cold face could have been the result of too much Botox. She’s obviously over-done the plastic surgery, so that wouldn’t be a real stretch, right? Well, one look at all the smiling photos she had taken when she is out and without her baby and the Botox-induced permafrown is off the list.

Kim Kardashian was all smiles at Paris Fashion Week, when she left her 3-month old daughter in Los Angeles:
Kim Kardashian smiling 2013 fashion week

So, yes, I think it’s safe to say that Kim Kardashian hates motherhood and is probably only appearing in public with her daughter (or an empty stroller, for all we know) to satisfy some sort of contractual obligation with her mother/manager. It’s not only sad, it’s a bit psychotic. Right?

Kim Kardashian looking like she’d rather be dead while out and about with her daughter North West:

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Kendall Jenner recently turned 18, so of course she celebrated her coming of age by getting a little bit of work done. She is part of the Kardashian clan, after all! While Kendall is way too young to be getting plastic surgery, in our opinion, what else would you expect from the daughter of Kris Jenner and sister of Kim Kardashian? Kendall’s entire family has spent hundreds of thousands of dollar on plastic surgery and it’s pretty obvious that they are very, very pro-plastic surgery. Even the Kardashian’s dog has had plastic surgery!

Kendall Jenner before and after lip injections:
kendall jenner plastic surgery lips

Kendall revealed her new look on Instagram, where she pouted for her best sexy selfie after she got lip plumping injections.

Like most uber-rich trustfund girls that don’t need to get jobs, and who like people taking pictures of them, Kendall Jenner is pursuing a career in modelling. And while the 5′ 10″ beauty has a good shot at making it in the modelling industry, the more plastic surgery she has, the less high-fashion she is going to look. So, will Kendall continue down the slippery slope of plastic surgery and end up looking like a “Real Housewife” before she hits 21, or will she preserve her youthful good-looks by forgoing the temptations of easily accessible plastic surgery? Hopefully Kendall will choose to stand apart from her family and avoid any more plastic surgery, but, the Kardashian’s/Jenner’s aren’t exactly known for their smarts…

What do you think of Kendall Jenner’s new lips? Better before or after plastic surgery?

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sydney leathers before after labiaplasty vagina plastic surgeryI honestly think guys like Steve Hirsch and Joe Francis sit around getting drunk and making bets on what they can get dumb girls to do. There is just no other logical reason for why Sydney Leathers is even slightly famous and for her desperate shenanigans to remain in the spotlight (or keep her name in the tabloids in order to sell an extra few copies of her p0rn0).

Hopefully you don’t know who Sydney Leathers is, so here is a recap: She sent racy pictures and texts to politician Anthony Weiner. Adult film company Vivid swooped in and made her a p0rn star in order to profit off of the media attention from this “scandal”. Sydney then blew the money she earned on plastic surgery.

That brings us to today’s story, where Sydney Leathers is not only going back under the knife for plastic surgery on her vagina, she plans to sell the piece(s) of her labia that the doctor lops off. The labiaplasty comes barely two months after 23-year old Sydney spent $40,000 on breast implants, liposuction and a nose job. Apparently after watching her stupid and totally unsexy p0rno, Sydney feels that her labia is not up to par and is spending over $8,000 to get what she calls “excess skin” cut off for a “cleaner” look.

So what will Sydney Leathers do with her new, “cleaner” vagina after the labiaplasty? First she plans on selling the labia skin that is cut off by her plastic surgeon, to the highest bidder. (Just when you think someone can’t get any grosser, they go and try to sell their dangly labia skin…ack!) Then perhaps Sydney’s surgically aerodynamic vagina will help her break some gangbang world-records? Shoot for the stars Sydney! This is America!

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After seeing the music video for Kanye West’s new song “Bound 2″, I really can’t decide what is worse: the song, the video or the digitally altered body on Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West and what we are supposed to believe is a topless Kim Kardashian:
kim kardashian photoshopped waist in bound 2 video

There has been all sorts of buzz about this video because apparently Kim Kardashian is topless in it! Well, after seeing the video, I think it’s pretty clear that everything from the neck down on the woman that is supposed to be Kim Kardashian has been photoshopped (or digitally altered).

“Kim Kardashian” in the Kanye’s Bound 2 video:
Kim Kardashian body double bound 2 kanye west video

Okay, seriously, take a look at that picture up there. Does any one really think that is anywhere close to what Kim Kardashian looks like in real life? In case you are skeptical and need something to compare Kanye’s version of Kim, with the real Kim, here you go:

Kim Kardashian in New York on November 18th:
Kim Kardashian white dress in New York

Don’t get me wrong, Kim looks pretty damn good for someone that gave birth less than 6 months ago, but her body sure as hell looks nothing like the girl’s body in the Bound 2 video. Apparently all of that digital altering must have blown most of the budget since the video is literally, Kanye and Kim sitting on a stationary dirt bike in front of a blue screen.

Kanye West and a digitally altered Kim Kardashian in “Bound 2″:
kim kardashian bad photoshop kanye west music video bound 2

Check out Kanye’s song and video for “Bound 2″:

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