Thanks to an innovative new plastic surgery procedure using fat from the body to increase breast size, women who opt for a breast augmentation may be able to go under the knife and still remain au naturale. Dubbed the “natural boob job,” fat transfer breast augmentation is growing in popularity among women worldwide, as it eliminates the need for silicon or saline implants, which are prone to problems like leaks, rupture and shifting. Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for fat transfer breast augmentation, and the fairly new, largely unstudied procedure may come with its own set of risks to be aware of.

There have been lots of controversy surrounding silicon breast implants, but they remain popular to this day:
silicone breast implants

Fat transfer breast augmentation recycles fat from the legs, stomach, hips or butt using liposuction, and injects it into the breasts, offering women a natural-looking breast enlargement without the variety of risks associated with implants. This may sound like a modern-day miracle, but even though this fat transfer procedure is believed to be a safer alternative to synthetic breast implants, it still comes with its own risks, largely because liposuction is a necessary part of the process. In addition to a risk of bruising, scarring and saggy skin, the results of fat transfer breast augmentation are only temporary and are not as dramatic as synthetic breast implants.

Using fat from the body to increase breast size can give women a softer, more natural shape, but unlike an implant, the fat will eventually be reabsorbed by the body, causing your new breasts to decrease in size over time. There is also some evidence that injecting fat into the breasts can cause cysts or calcified lumps, which can harden over time. Furthermore, because this type of breast augmentation uses fat from the body, slim women without much extra fat who want to increase their breast size may not be good candidates for the procedure.

Fat transfer breast augmentation will not leave you looking like Pamela Anderson, as the result are much more natural:
pamela anderson fat transfer breast augmentation

On the other hand, some believe that fat transfer breast augmentation will eventually phase out the controversial saline and silicone breast implants that remain popular today. For example, fat transfer may be a good option for a more natural breast reconstruction for women who have had a lumpectomy, or for correcting minor defects like uneven breasts without introducing any foreign materials into the body. It may also benefit women who want a subtle breast enlargement without going up several sizes, which is often the case with silicon or saline breast implants.

Fat transfer to the breasts may be a great option for women who desire that added lift, but who aren’t comfortable with the idea of artificial breast implants. And because the results are more natural in look and feel in comparison to silicon or saline implants, many women are jumping at the chance to undergo a fat transfer breast augmentation. Do you think synthetic breast implants will eventually be replaced by this fairly new and largely unstudied procedure?


Would you believe us if we told you that Kim Novak has never had plastic surgery? Kim is still reeling from the negative backlash that she received about her appearance, when she presented at the Oscars earlier this year, and she has revealed that botched plastic surgery is not to blame.

Well, sort of…

Kim Novak then and now:
kim novak before after plastic surgery fat injections

The 81-year old former actress has admitted that she had fat injections to her face, because she felt it was “far less invasive than a face lift”. So her odd appearance is the result of a cosmetic procedure, but not exactly an invasive surgical one. Whether it be a cosmetic procedure or cosmetic surgery, it’s safe to say that whatever Kim’s plastic surgeon did to her face was botched. And sure! Fat injections may seem like a better, less invasive procedure than an actual facelift, but clearly, they are not the answer to looking younger/better. Fat injections are also the cause of those stupid “pillow cheeks” that seem to plague rich middle-aged women nowadays.

Kim Novak had a hard time accepting the negative attention that resulted from her botched attempt at looking younger, and she did not leave her house for days after her Oscar’s appearance. Instead of holding her plastic surgeon responsible, she has rather lashed out at “bullies” that commented on her appearance. According to Kim, “In my opinion, a person has a right to look as good as they can, and I feel better when I look better“.

How do you feel about this? Is Kim Novak being bullied because people commented on the obvious, and odd, change in her appearance, thanks to having fat injections in her face? I think it’s more of a disservice to pretend that someone looks beautiful after they’ve had bad plastic surgery. If I got an incredibly bad haircut, I would rather hear how bad it is (and laugh about it), rather then people snickering behind my back while pretending that I looked good. Am I the only one that appreciates the truth?

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Word on the street, South Korea has some awesome plastic surgeons! In fact women that live in China, Japan, and other close regions are traveling to South Korea to completely change their appearance. So much so that on the way back home they are facing a big conflict of identity. Customs officials don’t even believe these women’s passport photos, and many are having troubles being granted access back into their home country. While in 2011, 2,545 people traveled to South Korea from China to have surgery, a whopping 25,176 people came to the country for surgery in 2013.

Would you believe that this is the same woman in both photos? Before and after plastic surgery in South Korea:

Since customs officials are confused, some docs are now offering a “plastic surgery certificate” for their patients to carry back home with them, this way if ones’ identity is doubted, they can prove they have just undergone plastic surgery to change their appearance.

Women come to South Korea for the good surgeons and high-class facilities, but there is also serious distrust in Chinese doctors. In China plastic surgery clinics are owned and operated by businessmen who then hire out doctors, this has created a system laden with shady business. Unfortunately, they are not enough good doctors to combat the bad businessmen. It’s a game of luck trying to find a doctor you can trust in China, some are so hell-bent on making money that they have made monsters out of people, destroying their natural appearance for profit and greed. Some women are so fearful of Chinese doctors they even leave the country to give birth. The Korea Times has addressed this issue, also citing the death of the young singer Wang Bei after going under the knife with a Chinese surgeon.


Not all South Korean surgeries turn out well. People are wondering why the Chinese reporter above went to South Korea for surgery, this botch job could have been done by anyone! She appears to love it though; to each their own!

Now that South Korea is boosting such nice plastic surgery facilities, it seems only natural that people will flock there–sounds better than ending up dead or maimed.  Seems only ‘natural’ that women would rather go the same route as Angelababy, a popular celebrity in China known for her “goddess” status. Her look dramatically changed after a trip to South Korea, which subsequently skyrocketed her to fame—perhaps prompting many fans to travel to South Korea for some life changing facial tweaks of their own.

After an extreme plastic surgery makeover at a South Korean clinic, popstar Angelababy has a completely new face:
angelababy before after extreme plastic surgery makeover

More extreme Korean plastic surgery makeovers:



Why is it that every time Hilary Duff has some sort of relationship trouble, she shows up with over-inflated lips? The 26-year old singer split from her husband Mike Comrie earlier this year and immediately went out and got some serious lip injections to plump up her pout.

Hilary Duff then and now. What’s up with those lips?!hilary duff before and after lip injections

Is she just pouting because of her relationship whoas, or has Hilary had a lip augmentation? The fact that she can hardly control her newly inflated lips makes that answer pretty obvious: Yes, Hilary Duff loves her some lip injections.

Back in January 2013, the “Our Lips Are Sealed” singer was photographed again with a rather plumped-up pout, and it was photographed for all to see. Rumors started circulating that she had work done, likely in the form of fillers, while others said it was just the way the paparazzi captured her expression in the moment. We’ll let you judge for yourself…

Hilary Duff’s crazy lips in January 2013:
Hilary Duff Bad Lip Plastic Surgery

There’s also been talk over the years that she had a nose job as well as breast augmentation. And while she’s neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, the before and after photos seem to point to Hilary’s love of plastic surgery.

Hilary and her husband have since patched things up and her lip injections have settled into a more manageable size, but we think she looks better without the lip fillers. What do you think?

Hilary Duff in Los Angeles last weekend:
hilary duff 2014 April 18

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We are used to seeing Alessandra Ambrosio in her Victoria’s Secret pushup bras, which give the illusion of cleavage, but never did we think that we would see the day when gorgeous Alessandra would fold and actually have plastic surgery in order to boost her cup size…

Alessandra Ambrosio before and after getting breast implants:Alessandra Ambrosio before and after boob job plastic surgery

Alessandra is an incredibly successful supermodel and is regaled as one of the most beautiful women in the world, but apparently that is not enough in this day and age, as the supermodel recently decided to go under the knife and increase her bust size with breast implants.

Alessandra is Brazilian, and Brazil is where she decided to debut her breast implants when she attended Carnival this year. Wearing an extremely low-cut pink gown and a crown of flowers, the 33-year old supermodel seemed very pleased to show off her newly enlarged breasts. Plastic surgery among Brazilians is extremely popular and is even thought of as a socioeconomic status symbol, so we are not a bit surprised that Alessandra felt completely comfortable showing off her obviously augmented breasts while partying at Carnival in Sao Paulo.

Alessandra shows off her news boobs in Brazil:

Not more than a few months ago, Alessandra claimed to be too afraid to have plastic surgery, after a botched otoplasty when she was 11-years old. Clearly, she has gotten over that fear, because shortly after that interview was published, she went and had a breast augmentation!

What do you think of Alessandra’s new breast implants? Do you think she was pressured into it in order to keep her Victoria’s Secret contract? Or perhaps the mom to two young children decided to get a little “mommy makeover”? Whatever her reasoning behind having a breast augmentation, all in all we think she looks fabulous, and for going up at least two cup sizes, her implants almost look like they could be natural.

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jennifer-lawrence-fan-plastic-surgeryIt’s no secret that there are many who go under the knife in order to have a body part that resembles that of a specific celeb. They go in asking for anything from their chin to their cheekbones, all in an effort to look like their favorite star.

Who are the top female celebrities with the most requested body parts? Anne Hathaway, Mila Kunis, and Megan Fox top the list for eyes, Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, and Christina Aguilera for lips, Kiera Knightly, Halle Berry, and Jennifer Lopes for chin/jawline, and Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, and Nicole Kidman for nose. For cheeks, it’s January Jones, Jennifer Garner, and Beyonce, and for body it’s Jennifer Aniston, Giselle Bundchen, and Penelope Cruz.

Missing from that long list is Jennifer Lawrence, but that didn’t stop one fan from getting $25,000 worth of plastic surgery to look like her. Kitty, a 30-year-old mom and dog trainer from Texas, got six surgeries in six hours to look like the starlet. The procedures included a breast augmentation, liposuction to her body and face, fat grafts to her cheeks and butt, and rhinoplasty. She also got a discount since her story aired on TV although it’s not been revealed how much.

Kitty underwent a multitude of cosmetic surgeries in order to look more like Jennifer Lawrence:
jennifer lawrence fan kitty plastic surgery

Regarding why she had the surgery, she said, “The reason why I decided to get surgery is because post having my daughter, I wasn’t quite as comfortable with my body.” Her husband didn’t really think she needed the surgery, stating, “Jennifer Lawrence isn’t a celebrity that I have particularly strong feelings about one way or another. It’s totally her choice.”

So what does Kitty think of her results? She explained, “Of course I look like Jennifer Lawrence. I thought I had a resemblance to Jennifer Lawrence before my surgery and now I think after, my features are more refined to where they resemble her more.”

Does Kitty resemble Jennifer Lawrence after $25,000 in plastic surgery?
jennifer lawrence liposuction

Do you think the woman resembles the “American Hustle” actress or was it all a waste of money?

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We all have something about our appearance we would like to change, for Cher Lloyd, it was her teeth; “I hate my teeth. I hate them, I look like a complete and utter rabbit.” She told More magazine last year before her dramatic smile transformation. It’s not just Cher’s teeth that are changing, after hitting it big on the UK version of X Factor Cher started spending the majority of her time in Hollywood, where body image and appearance has clearly rubbed off on the star and her ever-changing appearance.

This older photo of Cher Lloyd shows off the gap tooth smile she apparently “hates”:

2013 was a big year for Cher, she was married and released an album, singing some of her tracks alongside famous names such as Ne-Yo. It seems all of her dreams are coming true, and with or without rabbit teeth Cher Lloyd has become a household name. Although the public’s acceptance over her gap-tooth smile, which is often compared to Madonna’s, wasn’t enough to keep Cher’s own hatred for her teeth at bay. Cher has undergone cosmetic dentistry; recent photos reveal the pretty, petite songstress sporting a different smile, one without any sign of a gap between her two front teeth.

Cher Lloyd before and after getting veneers:

In her song titled “I Wish,” Cher has a line that goes, “I wish I woke up with a butt and a rack,” and although the singer claims she really does want these body parts, she claims she won’t be getting any plastic surgery to obtain them. Sighting her petite figure as reason enough to skip out on the Kim Kardashian booty. In her own words, “You’d see the arse before you see me and I’m not down with that.” For now she’s just fine wearing her padded bras, which Cher sites as much cheaper, although we doubt she’s really worried about money these days.

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Steve Erhardt has spent $300,000 trying to look perfect, but he still hates taking pictures. Despite the 45+ surgeries he has undergone to perfect his image, he expects there will be more and plans to have a large celebration for his 50th cosmetic surgery. “I don’t like lines, I don’t like wrinkles.” He told Dr. Phil in an interview. Although he also admits that he doesn’t like a lot of attention, yet he uses his surgeries to score a lot of gawking! In fact, as a successful businessman, Steve worries that without all his surgeries his career would have ended twenty years ago.

Steve Erhardt after over $300,000 of plastic surgery:

Looking unnatural is not an insult to Steve who wants to look fake, prompting him to go after every surgery he can think of, including: solid silicon muscle implants throughout his body, liposuction under his check bones, coronal lift, feather lift, lower and upper eyelid reconstruction, 10 lip injections, facial tattoos (aka permanent makeup), Botox, and the list goes on.  The doctor responsible for 42 of Mr. Erhardt’s surgeries is none other than Dr. Steven Hoefflin. When you think of Hollywood’s plastic surgery legends some of Dr. Hoefflin’s best patients come to mind, such as Joan Rivers and Michael Jackson.

Some of Dr Steven Hoefflin’s finest work?

Michael Jackson’s string of surgeries began in 1984 after a bad burn on the set of a Pepsi commercial required skin grafting. Many cosmetic surgeries would follow, although Steve Erhardt says that his first cosmetic procedure with Dr. Hoefflin set the stage for Michael Jackson’s notorious cleft chin. Steve Erhardt says that he was the “guinea pig” for the procedure Jackson would later obtain.

When asked about his work on Steve Erhardt, Dr. Hoefflin claims that Steve demands so much plastic surgery because he has narcissistic tendencies, while this sounds like a direct insult to Erhardt, Dr. Hoefflin goes on to explain that, in his opinion, most people in our modern society are narcissistic and so this is normal and nothing to be concerned about. Although he doubts there is any surgery left to do on Erhardt, although Erhardt is already banking on the maintenance procedures he will require. It sounds like someone might be addicted to going under the knife; others argue Erhardt only wants attention. To these claims Steve simply says: “I’m not an attention whore, I’m very low profile”

Somehow, in between all of these surgeries, Steve has kept up with his Hollywood Secrets Haircare business, which must bring in enough cash flow to pay for his extensive list of surgeries, including breast implants…I mean pecs!




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