Before she was a rap superstar with a southern drawl and a super-sized booty, Iggy Azalea was an aspiring model going by her original name of Amethyst Amelia Kelly. The 24-year old Australian beauty also dabbled in pop music, before reinventing herself as a southern-style rapper, but, although Iggy claims to be “the realest”, obviously certain parts of her body are not…

Iggy Azalea before and after plastic surgery:
iggy azalea butt shots before after plastic surgery booty

Back in the day, Iggy was looking a whole lot like Christina Aguilera and she was certainly lacking the booty that she is now so well known for. It’s pretty obvious that part of Iggy’s reinvention into a rapper, took place in a plastic surgeon’s operating room, where she got liposuction and fat transferred to her hips and butt. The procedure is often referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift, and it’s the same thing that Kim Kardashian had done.

In the photo above you can see that even though Iggy is thin in both pictures, in the after picture her waistline is much more pulled in and defined, yet her butt and hips are much larger. This is because a plastic surgeon performed liposuction on her waistline and used the fat collected, to inject into her hips and butt to make them bigger.

Iggy Azalea before and after having lipo and butt injections:IGGY AZALEA BEFORE LIPOSUCTION

Iggy has done a great job at keeping her pre-plastic surgery photos hidden, but thanks to a little investigative digging and a few eagle-eyed readers (thanks Carl!), has the before plastic surgery pictures that Iggy Azalea doesn’t want you to see. We caught another glimpse of Iggy Azalea’s original booty in her “Pu$$y” video from 2011, and boy has she changed!

Iggy Azalea in 2011, before plastic surgery:
iggy azalea before butt injections

Iggy Azalea has been called out on her fake butt numerous times, but she claims to be all natural and dances around the inquires with vague answers like, “Everything’s my own” and “…it’s my flesh, it’s my butt“. She has also blamed her giant booty on holiday weight gain. Uh, yeah, sure thing Iggy…

What do you think of Iggy Azalea before she had plastic surgery? Do you think she would have been able to achieve the same level of fame as a rapper, when she was your average skinny ass white girl? Her butt isn’t the only thing that she’s had done. Read more about Iggy Azalea before and after plastic surgery on her face too!

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Well folks, that’s a wrap for Joan Rivers. The iconic comedienne passed away today at the age of 81, a week after her heart stopped beating on the operating table.

Joan Rivers pictured in April 2014:
joan rivers dead 2014

Last week Joan was rushed to the hospital after she stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest while she was having surgery on her throat. She was put on life support and listed in critical condition, but her prognosis was clearly grim as Joan’s daughter, Melissa Rivers, made the decision to take her mother off of life support today and she passed away shortly thereafter.

The type of surgery that Joan was undergoing at the time that she stopped breathing on her own, was described as a “throat procedure…on her vocal cords”, and was being performed at Yorkville Endoscopy.

Joan Rivers through the years:


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Pamela Anderson has always been known for being over-the-top sexy, and is essentially the Marilyn Monroe of the 90’s. In our opinion, at 47-years old, she has done a pretty great job at aging gracefully and has recently chopped off her trademark long blonde hair and has traded in her skin-tight dresses, for more age appropriate attire. She has also shied away from plastic surgery and wears her wrinkles proudly.

A stylish Pamela Anderson is spotted at LAX in June 2014:
pamela anderson june 2014

And while we liked Pamela’s daring pixie haircut that she got earlier this year, we are loving the new look that she just debuted in NoTofu Magazine!

Pamela Anderson in Notofu:
pamela anderson notofu magazine

Pamela scored the Fall 2014 cover of NoTofu Magazine, looking worlds away from the overtly sexy Pamela Anderson that earned her 13 covers of Playboy Magazine. Don’t get us wrong, Pamela looks amazing in her NoTofu spread! Her look in the photoshoot is part 50’s housewife, and part sexy girl next door, with the end result being more high fashion than we’re used to seeing Pamela.

pamela anderson 2014

In the NoTofu spread, Pamela’s hair is styled in a perfect platinum bob, that hits below the chin and is extremely flattering on her. The bob is a result of hair extensions, but if Pamela is looking to grow out her pixie cut, this is the length she should shoot for! Also remarkable about Pamela Anderson’s new look, is the makeup makeunder. Pamela’s been doing the super smokey eye, heavy eyeliner, huge fake lashes and {gag} lipliner outside the lipline for almost 20 years now, and it is so refreshing to see her pretty face without all of the 90’s warpaint.

What do you think of Pamela’s latest look? One thing that I think we can all agree on is that both the pixie cut and the bob are 1000 times better than the horrid extensions relapse that Pamela had in May…

The many looks of Pamela Anderson, so far in 2014:
pamela anderson makeunder

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At only 15-years old Krystina Butel went on holiday in Ibiza, and just like any good tourist she had her caricature drawing done. The outcome of a typical caricature drawing is cute and funny, but not exactly your goal look considering select features are drawn out of proportion. But the moment Krystina saw her caricature she loved everything about it, deciding right then that she wanted to look just like her cartoon-self forever.


15 years later, at 30 years old Krystina is on the same pursuit to look just like her caricature drawing, which is still safe in her possession. As of now she has spent $200,000 on 5 boob jobs, lip injections, Botox, teeth whitening, and semi-permanent makeup. And as if her ginormous 36H breasts are not large enough to draw attention on their own, each boulder includes a heart-shaped nipple!

At only 15, Krystina admits she was a bit shocked when she first saw her racy caricature drawing, especially because her friend’s picture, drawn just before, turned into a perfectly normal caricature. So when the artist drew Krystina topless, she thought ‘weird,’ but only for a moment before instantly falling in love with it. Today, Krystina still treasures this caricature and considers it responsible for shaping her into the woman she has become, a fact no one can deny.

Krystina pictured as a cute little girl below:

As an insecure teen, looking at that caricature drawing made Krystina envious, she wanted to look as pretty, and voluptuous. At the time she didn’t know how she would be able to make it a reality, but she started small, visiting tanning beds, wearing more makeup, and even getting a job to start saving for a boob job. She says she looked at the drawing as if, “It was like she was holding the carrot out to me, showing me what I could be.”


Her new appearance helped her score the current love of her life, a man named David, and appears to give her the confidence every woman deserves. But it’s not all cartoon rainbows, hearts, and flowers. Krystina does draw stares when she walks down the street, some people laugh or make rude comments her ears are not deaf to. But Krystina is adamant that she doesn’t care and won’t let it get her down, “The girl in the caricature is like who I am now. She’s confident and happy. She doesn’t care about what other people think and she doesn’t need to go with the crowd.”

The two lingering questions I still have—why doesn’t she have blonde hair? And, does the artist responsible for this risqué caricature know how much Krystina loves his work? Bet he or she would be pretty honored to know someone has paid over $200,000 trying to imitate their $20 drawing.


I think it is safe to say that Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgery addiction is already out of control, and she’s not even out of high school yet! This month, Kylie turned 17-years old, and apparently more lip injections where on her birthday wish list, because she recently stepped out looking nothing like her 16-year old self and the ridiculous artificially inflated lips have everything to do with that.

Kylie Jenner before and after plastic surgery:
kylie jenner plastic surgery lip injections botox lift

This isn’t the first time Kylie has had work done on her lips, and although her lips are literally 5 times the size that they were before, and obviously surgically enhanced, she continues to lie about her panache for plastic surgery. In April, she pretended like the talk of her having plastic surgery was “insulting” and tweeted:

These plastic surgery rumors hurt my feelings to be honest are kinda insulting. Just in case anyone forgot.. I’m 16.

The over the top lip injections aren’t the only thing that Kylie has done to her face and she looks nothing like her pre-plastic surgery self from 2011. She also appears to have had a Botox browlift and filler injections to smooth out the lines around her mouth and eyes.

Kylie Jenner then and now:
kylie jenner plastic surgery 2014

Kylie is clearly following in the footsteps of the Kardashian side of her family, who all have had a boatload of plastic surgery. The super-sized fake lips is becoming quite the trend with young Hollywood and fellow trustfund brats, Rumer Willis and Frances Bean Cobain, are also sporting huge new lips. So, while Kylie Jenner isn’t the only one, she is certainly the youngest!

What do you think of Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgery transformation, at only 17 years old? Too much too soon? I suspect that I would find her far less annoying if she didn’t deny the blatantly obvious amounts of plastic surgery that she’s already had…

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Remember back in the olden days, when you would buy a pushup bra for special occasions, or a padded bikini whenever you felt like flaunting a little extra cleavage at the beach? Well, thankfully us women can now ditch those bothersome old-fashioned bras and chicken cutlets, and inject stuff directly into our breasts!

That’s right ladies, the latest plastic surgery fad is the temporary boob job. For $3,500, a plastic surgeon will inject your breasts with a saline solution, which will temporarily inflate your breasts. In approximately 24 hours, the saline solution is safely metabolized by your body and your breasts shrink back to their original size.

Just like Cinderella’s fancy clothing disappearing at midnight, so will your fancy new boobs…
cinderella boob job temporary breast enlargement

Originally, this temporary breast enlargement procedure was used on patients that were considering a traditional breast augmentation with implants, who wanted to test-drive different breast sizes before committing to surgery. Soon enough, word got out and the temporary breast enlargement procedure was being requested for special occasions, such as weddings and vacations.

One New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Norman Rowe, has been performing the temporary breast enlargement procedure for 5 years now, and is currently doing 3 – 5 per week. But, while Dr. Rowe is happy to rake in $56,000 per month injecting saline into breasts, not many other doctors think that this temporary breast enhancement is worth it. President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Michael C. Edwards, claims that while he doesn’t see any harm in the procedure, his concern is that these saline injections will stretch out the breast tissue, leaving you with breasts that sag more after the saline is absorbed into the body.

What do you think of the “Cinderella Boob Job”? Worth it or worthless?

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Monique Allen is described by her friends as having a big heart, but that’s not the only thing big about the transgendered pop star! She also has really big boobs, a 38 triple F rack to be exact, huge lips and big problems when it comes to her botched plastic surgery. Born a male, Monique surprised no one when at 18 she declared she wanted a sex change. Her parents even agreed to pay for the gender reassignment surgery, after which Monique become completely obsessed with plastic surgery.


After getting a college degree in criminal justice, Monique got a completely ordinary day job as a corrections officer. While management insisted she keep her look and personality toned down around the office, Monique lived a wild lifestyle as soon as she punched out for the day.


She says back in her younger years she started going out a lot, hanging out with a crowd that regularly frequented the offices of plastic surgeons around Los Angeles. She says these friendships and wild nightlife not only fueled her obsession for perfection, but they got her into contact with a producer she began making music with. Her videos have always been very low budget though, and just recently Monique was asked to do a “proper music video” for her song, Glamorous Monique.

While excited about the opportunity, Monique was incredibly concerned about her appearance, mostly because of her ears and saggy, silicon-rippled skin. Back when she was 29-years old she had her first face lift by a surgeon that unintentionally gave her pixie ears. And as for the lumpy, rippled skin, she can blame an overload of silicon injections. Monique has had over a gallon of silicone injected all throughout her body–from her butt to her face to her belly.

Over time this silicone has traveled to different parts of her body, causing Monique a lot of health problems, as well as many surgeries to remove silicone and reconstruct areas it left damaged. In total, Monique has undergone more than 200 surgeries over the last 35 years, many just because of silicone related issues.

When she first visited the doctors on Botched, I really thought they were going to say no to her. But both of the doctors readily agreed to work on the tightly pulled, and heavily injected Monique. Dr. Paul Nassif agrees to take on Monique’s ears and Dr. Terry Dubrow agrees to bring a new and much tighter look to her stomach.

The biggest concern for both doctors is the free-floating silicone all inside of Monique’s body. Dr. Dubrow runs into a massive portion of silicone while performing surgery on her stomach. He admits this complicates the procedure by a lot, making it a 9 out of 10 as far as difficulty is concerned. He also says that when a patient has silicone leaking in their body, it gets everywhere, even leaving the hospital operating room sticky for days. Thankfully, all goes well and both Monique’s ears and stomach look better than ever—as per usual thanks to Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif!

Monique before and after having her ears fixed, after they were pulled too tight in a botched facelift:

Things go so well that when Dr. Nassif checks up on Monique’s progress only a day after surgery, he can’t believe that she has practically no bruising on her ears. She also appears happy and calm as a cucumber, saying her ears hardly hurt at all. Dr. Nassif chalks it up to the fact Monique has undergone so many surgeries that her body is now ultra proficient at healing itself.

Monique before and after liposuction and a tummy tuck:

With the pop star finally feeling 100% confident, she was ready to shoot her most professional music video ever. In which she wears a crop top that says “Busted” and mostly just sort of sings, “sock it to me daddy.” Still, watching those giant boobs jiggle up and down is weirdly entertaining.

Check out a clip of the music video for yourself on E! Online

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Tummy tuck, breast implants… what about a hand lift?


Selfies are changing the world, including the type of plastic surgery that people are getting. One social media rule in particular orders that after you get engaged you HAVE to post a picture of your ring on your finger. So what happens when that coveted moment arrives and you realize your hand isn’t as photogenic as the rest of you?

Kim Kardashian admits it takes over 10 selfies to get a shot that actually looks good, but for some women, no matter how many times they take, and re-take, a photo of their hand they hate the way it looks.

Before and after cosmetic hand surgery, which selfie are you most likely to “like”?

Meet Christa Hendershot, a recently engaged 33-year old who wanted to participate in the ‘snap and share’ engagement ring phenomena. Yet when she went to post, she decided she needed cosmetic surgery to alter the appearance of her hands before posting a photo of her new diamond ring. Hendershot paid a reported $3,000 to have her hands fixed so that they did not show so many red veins.

Hendershot isn’t the only woman to undergo hand surgery to improve her hand selfie. Other women are making the same requests of their plastic surgeon, but for their own sets of reasons. For instance, one common request is to make hands appear more feminine.


As their name suggests, “selfies” are making us all more “self aware.” Especially when it comes to appearances, the first thing anyone notices about a photo. As a result, doctors across the globe are seeing patients that have developed body image concerns because of a selfie. ABC News interviewed New York doctor, Dr. Ariel Ostad about his experiences with patients since the selfie movement kicked off. He says, “I’ve noticed over the last six months patients actually bring a selfie in the examining room. They show me what bothers them and what they would like to fix.”

Would you consider getting plastic surgery on your hands? Plastic surgery obsessed celebrities such as Madonna and Kim Kardashian have reportedly had hand lifts to make their hands appear younger, and hey, the procedure is cheaper than many other forms of cosmetic alterations. How important is the appearance your hands?


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