It doesn’t take an expert to tell that Jenni “Jwoww” Farley has had a ton of bad plastic surgery. As a matter of fact, we’re pretty sure that just about anyone with two eyes can tell that the 28-year old reality starlet looks nothing like she did a couple of years ago.

Jenni “Jwoww” Farley before and after plastic surgery:

The blatantly obvious nature of the plastic surgery that Jenni has had, makes it even that more ridiculous when she tries to tell us that she has only had one thing surgically altered by a plastic surgeon. Jenni would like you to look passed her obviously enlarged cheeks, puffed up lips and frozen face and have you believe that the only plastic surgery that she has indulged in, is a breast augmentation.

Jenni Farley denies having plastic surgery to Bethenny Frankel:

Jenni “Jwoww” Farley was being interviewed on Bethenny Frankel’s talk show, when the topic of plastic surgery was brought up. Bethenny asked if Jenni had “fillers, Botox and all of that stuff”, Jenni’s response was, “No, I definitely want to try it, but I’m um, I’m only 28.”

Jenni Farley claims that her markedly different face is the result of makeup applied to her by a drag queen. We can’t decide what is more hilarious: the denial of plastic surgery while Bethenny plastered huge before and after pictures behind Jenni, the fact that Jenni could hardly move her face while saying that she’s never had Botox or her excuse for looking like she’s had bad plastic surgery (her makeup artist is a drag queen).

Apparently Jwoww also forgot that she had liposuction too?

More pictures of Jenni Farley before and after plastic surgery:

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Baby North West is ready for her close up! Well, almost ready for her close up, I guess. Apparently mommy thought that North needed a little bit of digital magic before she was presentable enough to share with the world? Kim Kardashian recently posted The following picture of her 6-month old daughter North West to her social media accounts, with the caption “SMILE”:


And while baby North West looks absolutely adorable while flashing that sheepish grin, the photo looks a little suspect. Why is the space between North’s eyebrows blurry? Where did her unibrow go?! The few photos that Kim and Kanye have previously released of their daughter show her with a furrier, less manicured brow (as it should be, by the way…She’s a baby! Cut her some slack!)

North West then and now:
North West Kim Kanye Baby Before After Photoshop

To us, it does indeed look like the picture of North West that Kim posted is photoshopped, but at least Kim didn’t pull a Farrah Abraham and actually hot wax her child’s unibrow? What do you think? Did Kim Kardashian intentionally photoshop North West’s picture to “fix” her eyebrows, or did she just have a perfectly placed smudge on the lens of her camera?

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There’s definitely something to be said for not bringing your work home with you, but that apparently doesn’t apply to Dr. Michael Niccole, plastic surgeon extraordinaire who regularly performs cosmetic surgery on his two adopted daughters, Brittani and Charm. Plastic surgery is a way of life for the Niccole sisters, who between the two of them have undergone numerous procedures in their young lives, including boobs jobs, rhinoplasty, Botox and other touch-ups, comparing the frequent visits to Dad’s clinic to visiting the dentist.  “In Orange County, getting your breasts done is basically like getting a teeth cleaning,” Brittani claims. “It’s like abnormal for you not to have a breast augmentation out here.”

Charm and Brittani and their standard-issue Orange County boob jobs, thanks to daddy:
plastic surgery sisters

Both Brittani and Charm Niccole are now 25 years old, but the plastic surgery started for Charm when she was just 10 years old and her dad fixed her “protruding belly button.” In other words, he changed her outie to an innie, because that’s medically necessary, right? After that, Charm starting getting facials and face peels when she was in high school, and had her first round of Botox in her early twenties. It wasn’t until she turned 25 that Charm took the next logical step in her plastic surgery transformation and opted for a boob job, a procedure that her sister Brittani had done at age 18.

Following her breast augmentation at 18, Brittani continued her plastic surgery obsession with a nose job, which she got for her 21st birthday, and then began getting Botox at age 22, which she hopes will prevent her from getting wrinkles “forever.” Not only is it crazy that two 25-year-old women would feel the need to get Botox, but it’s downright ridiculous that their father is the one injecting the toxin into their foreheads, and in Charm’s case, armpits. Apparently Charm works out “like a fanatic,” and decided to get Botox injections in her armpits to stop her from sweating.

Some people think it’s weird that Brittani and Charm’s dad has seen their breasts, but Brittani says, “I’m his daughter and he’s seen me naked when I was a baby, so really who cares? And he sees about a billion boobs a year, so a boob to him is just an object like a pen.” A pen that is being surgically altered so it’s bigger and sexier and attracts more attention from male pens, apparently. The Niccole sisters are obviously suffering from an obsession with plastic surgery, but they aren’t the only ones taking advantage of their dad’s services. According to Charm, “All of our friends have had procedures done by my dad, whether that’s boob jobs, liposuction, Botox or skin peels.”

Dr. Michael Niccole with his wife and adopted daughters:
michael and penny niccole with daughters Charm and Brittani

Needless to say, Mrs. Niccole isn’t thrilled that her daughters have a plastic surgeon at their beck and call whenever they notice a flaw in their appearance, and even Dr. Niccole himself seems skeptical about the girls’ penchant for cosmetic surgery. He recently asked Brittani while simultaneously injecting her forehead with Botox: “So at 25 years old, why are you forcing me to do Botox?” Brittani responded with something like, “slowing down the aging process, let’s say,” but we couldn’t really understand her because she could barely move her frozen face.

From Daughter/Daddy dances to Daughter/Daddy boob jobs. Gross.
Plastic Surgeon Dr Michael Niccole with boob job daughters

Really though, it’s a win-win situation for the Niccole family; Brittani and Charm get free plastic surgery whenever they want, and dear old Dad has two walking advertisements for his clinic. “They have grown up in an environment of beauty,” Dr. Niccole reasons. “Our cars are always immaculate, our house is immaculate and all our friends are beautiful. So they understand the importance of looking and maintaining your beauty for the rest of their lives.” If that’s the case, the Niccole sisters better hope they find the Fountain of Youth at some point in their lives, which, according to Brittani, is Botox. Problem solved.



How is it that some of the hottest men on the planet were once the geekiest kids in school?! Our ugly duckingly of the day today is Joe Manganiello and you won’t believe what he looked like back in the day!

Joe Manganiello then and now:
Joe Manganiello as a geeky kid and today

Yes, that is right, that skinny, bespectacled kid with the basketball is now one of the hottest actors in Hollywood. Who’d of thought?

Joe, who was once a homeless alcoholic, moved to Los Angeles after college and immediately started landing roles, but the 36-year old actor didn’t really hit the big time until 2011 when he was cast in “True Blood” as Alcide Herveaux. He is now 11 years sober and, well, looks like this:

Joe Manganiello book cover

Joe has recently written a self-help fitness book titled “Evolution: The Cutting Edge Guide to Breaking Down Mental Walls and Building the Body You’ve Always Wanted“.

Random Joe Maganiello fact: In 2010, Manganiello appeared in television commercials for Taco Bell promoting its new product, the Tortada.
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Heidi-Klum---Warner-Bros-InStyle-2013--04-560x802If you caught a glimpse of Heidi Klum’s disturbingly realistic Halloween costume of herself as a 95-year-old grandmother, you’d know that the 40-year-old supermodel isn’t afraid of getting old, and refuses to resort to plastic surgery to maintain her youthful appearance. During a recent interview on Access Hollywood Live, Heidi confessed that she’s never had any cosmetic surgery, mostly because she’s been “too scared” to go under the knife. But what about those pesky forehead wrinkles that are sure to start cropping up one of these days? “Botox or bangs,” Heidi joked during the interview. “I go for bangs.”

There are plenty of people who shun plastic surgery for moral reasons, but Heidi Klum’s reason for remaining au naturale is simply fear. “I’m scared that all of a sudden you’re changing too much, your face starts changing,” said the mom of four. “I would have a hard time looking in the mirror and seeing something that I’m not used to seeing. I’d be afraid!” Some people aren’t buying her story though, claiming that the German supermodel has had not only a nose job, but a boob job as well. Looking at older photos of the model, the bridge of her nose does appear to be significantly more narrow, but the older pictures also look like they were photoshopped to death, so the jury is still out on that one.

Heidi Klum dressed as a 95-year old lady for Halloween 2013:

Other critics are pointing a finger at her stomach, questioning how she whipped her body back into shape after giving birth to her four kids, Helene, Henry, Johan and Lou. Hmm…looks like she opted for good old-fashioned diet and exercise folks! Or so she claims. Heidi is a big advocate of living a healthy and active lifestyle, and it shows in her slim figure and stunning good looks. And get this: despite being one of the most beautiful women in the world, Heidi is still a little bit modest! She recently revealed that she won’t be modeling underwear on the runway anymore now that she’s hit the big 4-0. “I think I would find it a little uncomfortable, maybe.”

Heidi Klum modeling lingerie in 2009 (after 4 pregnancies!):

It may be hard to believe that Heidi Klum is a natural beauty (without a wrinkle in sight at the age of 40, mind you), but it looks like that’s the case. Heidi Klum is a classy lady and if she is dead set on aging gracefully (even if it’s just because she is afraid of plastic surgery), more power to her!

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Let’s talk Big Ang from “Mob Wives”. I have only ever seen pictures of Angela Raiola, who goes by “Big Ang”, and I just can’t bring myself to watch actual video of this women (with fear that my brain might explode or worse, that bad plastic surgery is somehow contagious simply by viewing it in live action form. Kind of like Medusa?). SO, with that in mind, my first impression of Big Ang is that she’s had a boatload of really bad plastic surgery and that she is probably obnoxious as hell. These things seem pretty obvious and seems to be the general consensus, so let’s move on to something entirely more shocking about Big Ang…She was actually an attractive woman before she spent all of that money on plastic surgery!

Big Ang before and after plastic surgery:big ang plastic surgery disaster

Angela “Big Ang” Raiola began having plastic surgery in 1985, when she had her first boob job. Back then, surgeons were using sponge implants, and Big Ang traded those sponges in for saline implants in 1995. In 2005, she underwent yet another breast augmentation in order to change out her saline implants for a saline/silicon hybrid. After three boob jobs, Big Ang is happy with her J-cup breasts, but she admits to being obsessed with plastic surgery. In addition to Big Ang’s big boobs, she has also had her lips injected with “some sort of plastic collagen stuff” (oh, really? It’s so subtle. We would have never guessed!), a tummy tuck and liposuction.

Big Ang then and now plastic surgery:big ang before and after plastic surgery

If I was Big Ang, I would be horrified when I looked in the mirror, but apparently Big Ang has one hell of a self esteem because according to Big Ang:

I’m hot and I think I am sexy and men like my look, they just love me.

Big Ang before and after way too much plastic surgery:big ang before and after plastic surgery

Big Ang has no intention of slowing down with the plastic surgery and the 52-year old has a pretty extensive plastic surgery wish list for the new year:

I would like to have other surgery, like my eyes done and a slight face lift and my love handles removed by liposuction. I just need to get this liposuction fast around my bra and my backsides, and I’ll feel much better after that cause my age is kicking in.

Perhaps she should stop eating foods that makes her fat? Maybe go to the gym? Not only would Big Ang save a ton of money on plastic surgery and feel better about herself, she would also live a lot longer. Big Ang had a heart attack scare last year. Perhaps someone should tell her that liposuction is only an illusion of a healthy body and it doesn’t remove the artery clogging fat from her heart?

Big Ang in 2007, working at The Drunken MonkeyBig Ang in 2007 At The Drunken Monkey

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Check out rapper Too $hort before he had a major cosmetic dentistry overhaul!

Too Short before and after cosmetic dentistry:

Too Short Got New Teeth - Before and After

Well, I can’t say that we blame him, because his grill was a mess before he had a cosmetic dentist smack it up, flip it, rub it down (oh no!!!). Luckily Too $hort found fame in the rap game in the 80′s and early 90′s, before it was all about the image (and nothing about the talent).

And you know what? Too $hort has some of the best dental work that we’ve seen! I would have never guessed that he had a full set of veneers as he doesn’t have the overly large, square veneers that are popular in Hollywood. Plus, his dentist even kept his front tooth gap, which adds character and lends a bit of authenticity to his smile.

Yo, Too $hort, you should slip Miley Cyrus the number to your cosmetic dentist and maybe he can fix her crazy veneers!

Too $hort in “The Ghetto”:



Kylie Jenner Boob JobWould it really be that shocking to learn that 16-year old Kylie Jenner got breast implants? I mean Kylie’s entire family is making at least a few plastic surgeons in Hollywood very rich, and her sister Kim Kardashian’s entire career started with an epic full body liposuction procedure. Well, what if we told you that if Kylie got breast implants, she got them when she was just 13!

The rumors have been swirling around Kylie lately as she has taken to posting sexy selfies and bikini photos to her social media accounts, and the girl definitely wants you to see her boobs! But are they new boobs? Where did they come from? How did this happen?! Inquiring minds need to know, Kylie…Did you get breast implants?

The thing is, is that Kylie’s big boobs are not a new thing. She’s had those babies since 2011, when she was just 13-years old.

Kylie Jenner in 2011 and in 2013did kylie jenner gett breast implants as a teen

Teenagers undergoing plastic surgery is becoming more and more commonplace, but breast implants for a 13-year old? That’s pretty scary and I would have to question the ethics of a plastic surgeon that would perform such a procedure. Normally, I would say “no way”, but Kylie is part of the Kardashian Kash Machine that is headed up by Kylie’s mom Kris Jenner. Lots of 13-year olds want breast implants and Kylie Jenner’s got the means, a plastic surgeon on speed dial and a mother crazy enough to give breast implants her blessing. So did Kris Jenner let Kylie get breast implants at age 13? I certainly wouldn’t put it past her. Would you?

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