Remember when plastic surgery was something that aging celebrities and socialites had done in secret, in order to turn back a few years? Well, now it’s something that teenagers and attention seekers have in order to have something to talk about. In the last couple of weeks, two of our least favorite wannabe celebrities have taken to their social media accounts to announce their latest plastic surgery procedure: lip plumping injections.

First up, 19-year old Courtney Stodden, took to Twitter to thank plastic surgeon Paul Nassif for “my new pout” and to post a blurry picture of her plumped up lips slathered in red lipstick. Who knew that looking like a girl with a cleft lip that got punched in the mouth was something to be excited about…

Courtney Stodden before and after lip injections:courtney stodden lip injections wtf is that thing

Then, of course, there is 22-year old Farrah Abraham, who’s #1 talent has become having plastic surgery. Immediately after having her chin implant removed, she decided to have MORE plastic surgery and had lip plumping injections. She posted her new lips on Instagram and then, just to make sure everyone knows where she is spending all of her p0rno money, she did an interview on The Bethenny Show, where she listed off (again) all of the plastic surgery that she’s had, including the new lips.

Farrah Abraham before and after lip injections:
farrah abraham bad lip injections

(Is it just me or does Farrah look more and more like a transvestite, after each plastic surgery procedure that she gets?)

Do Courtney and Farrah really think that all of this plastic surgery is making them more attractive? Or, are they just desperate enough in their fame-seeking that they’ll go under the knife (or needle) in order to extend their 15-minutes of fame?

When it comes to Farrah and Courntey’s new super-sized pouts, whose lips look worse? Sound off by leaving a comment below and let us know who gets your vote for worst trout pout!


Ariana Grande is an up and coming starlet who seems to have a bright career in Hollywood ahead of her. But, did Ariana sell her soul to a plastic surgeon in order to achieve her picture perfect profile in hopes of coming out ahead in the image-centric world of Hollywood? If you compare pictures of the actress/singer now, to those taken just a few short years ago, the answer seems pretty obvious!

Ariana Grande before and after rhinoplasty surgery:
Ariana Grande before after nose job

It appears that Ariana Grande’s nose is not as grande as it used to be, right? Not that she had a big nose to begin with, but it does appear to have been refined by a plastic surgeon, who reduced the bridge and turned up the tip a bit. The change in Ariana’s face seemed to have taken place shortly after she landed the role of Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon’s sitcom “Victorious” in 2010.

Ariana Grande then and now:Ariana Grande before and after plastic surgery

Ariana is barely 20 years old now, so she certainly may have grown into her looks in some respects, but the difference in her nose is obvious and highly unlikely to be natural. The other big difference we see is in her eyes…Did she get a brow lift too? Her eyes seem to be WAY more open and her eyebrows have magically levitated to a much higher ground. Am i right?

Check out Ariana Grande’s latest music video, “Baby I”, where she poses and bats her eyes for 3 minutes and 24 seconds:

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man has plastic surgery look like justin beiberIn a desperate attempt to claim the role of Justin Bieber’s doppelganger, a 33-year-old Los Angeles man named Toby Sheldon has undergone $100,000 worth of plastic surgery to look like the Canadian pop star, and he’s not done yet. It’s awkward enough that a grown man would admit to idolizing Justin Bieber, but to subject your body to Botox injections, eyelid surgery, hair implants, a chin reduction and more bad plastic surgery to look like the teenage singer is just plain embarrassing. Even worse, Sheldon doesn’t even listen to Justin Bieber’s music or obsess over him as a celebrity per say; he just finds his face “flawless.”

“Once Justin shot to fame his face was everywhere and all I kept thinking when I saw his picture was, ‘I want to look like him,’” Sheldon admitted. Unlike the thousands of “Beliebers” who probably share this thought on a daily basis though, Sheldon actually decided to go through with it, spending his entire life savings on cosmetic surgery to achieve Bieber’s look. “By using Justin’s charming baby face as my inspiration, I’ve been able to restructure my entire look to maintain a much more youthful appearance through plastic surgery.” Not just any youthful appearance though; Justin Bieber’s youthful appearance.

The latest plastic surgery procedure for Sheldon, who admits to a fear of aging, involved a three-part smile surgery, which alone cost him $30,000. The procedure lifted his upper lip, turned out his bottom lip and turned up the corners of his mouth for a more “natural and effortless smile.” He also underwent liposuction on his chin to smooth out his smile, and had the fat from his chin injected into his lips, hands and under his eyes for an extra-special touch. Unfortunately for Sheldon, like other mega-fans who undergo plastic surgery to resemble a specific celebrity, Sheldon was far better looking before his creepy quest to look like Justin Bieber began.

Toby Sheldon before and after plastic surgery to look like Justin Bieber:
justin bieber plastic surgery

“I know there is more work to be done in order to make a full transformation into Justin Bieber’s doppelganger,” says Sheldon, “like a nose job and jaw reduction, which my surgeon has suggested.” But for now, the 33-year-old songwriter is confident that he is looking more and more like his 19-year-old idol every day. How does he know? Well, he was recently turned away from a liquor store because they didn’t believe he was 33. Oh, and his friends call him Toby Beiber. Well, I guess that $100,000 was well spent than!

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khloe-kardashian-leopard-leggingsLooks like Khloe Kardashian can’t wait to show off her new butt after finally getting butt augmentation surgery! Oh, wait, I mean she’s really excited about the new leopard leggings she got from Sears. Sure, that’s why she posted a selfie of her butt to her instagram account. Khloe captioned the picture:

I’m loving our @kardashiankollection leopard leggings from Sears! #LeopardLover

Khloe, who has always been the odd one out when it came to the curvy Kardashian sisters, finally took the plunge and got a butt augmentation surgery, which has taken her formerly flat, square butt and plumped it to proportions that rival her sister Kim’s booty. In addition to the super-sized booty, Khloe now also has a flat-as-a-board stomach, which leads us to believe that she underwent the same surgery as Kim: liposuction with fat transfer to the butt.

We couldn’t help but notice that Khloe took to wearing padded panties a couple of years ago, but it looks like she has opted for a more permanent solution and recently had plastic surgery to increase the size of her butt.

Khloe Kardashian’s butt then and now. Gee, something looks….different:
khloe kardashian before and after butt implants

Perhaps since Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Kanye West has made Kim slow down the fame-whore train that is all things Kardashian, Kris Jenner must be calling upon Khloe to pick up her slack. Or maybe Khloe is trying to get back at her husband for banging all of those crackheads these last few months? In my opinion they need to stop shilling all of that cheap Kardashian Krap and open a plastic surgery center (and they should call it Kardashian Kurves ™!). At least there would be some truth behind what these girls are selling…

Anywho, what do you think of Khloe’s newly surgically enhanced booty?

More pictures of Khloe Kardashian before butt augmentation surgery:

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snooki breast implants boob jobNicole “Snooki” Polizzi lost a whopping 50 pounds the all-natural way after giving birth to her son Lorenzo last year, but now the former “Jersey Shore” party girl is considering getting a boob job to tighten things up a little bit. “My boobs are disgusting,” the 25-year-old told host Bethenny Frankel during a recent appearance on her show, when asked what changes she has experienced since having a baby. “You can’t see now because I have a bra on – but when I don’t, they just sag and it’s like skin, so I am thinking of getting a boob job maybe.

While we commend Snooki for her honesty when it comes to potentially getting plastic surgery, she may want to hold off a while, unless she plans on going under the knife three more times. Because, according to the new mom, she isn’t done in the baby department. “We are probably getting married next year, so right after that we are going to have a baby,” Snooki says about her and fiance Jionni LaValle. “I want four babies.” She’s apparently not willing to wait till after she’s done having kids to get her boobs back in shape though; as she told Bethenny, “Then I’m gonna be 50 and I won’t even care what I look like.”

Now that Snooki has lost all the weight she carried in her “Jersey Shore” days, she is determined to keep it off the healthy way. “Right when I had Lorenzo, I was like, ‘I need to get in the gym.’ I want to set a good example for my baby, eat healthy, work out. I hardly drink anymore. All the pounds that I gained was from drinking.” Still, some people have their hunches that Snooki relied on liposuction or another weight-loss surgery to get down to her current 96 pounds.I’ve never been under the knife,” Snooki insists. “I’ve never even had anesthesia, but I feel like the fact that people say I’ve had plastic surgery means I look perfect, right?

We have to say, with all the work Snooki has put into getting herself slim and fit by dedicating herself to a rigorous workout routine – without liposuction or any other cosmetic surgery – she deserves to feel confident with her “boobies,” as she says. Snooki’s plastic surgery confession is something most moms can probably relate to, and the fact that she isn’t trying to hide it is a breath of fresh air, if you ask us. We don’t know why she was discussing her breast lift plans with Bethenny Frankel though; she could just look to BFF JWoww for advice in the plastic surgery department.

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lara-flynn-boyle-wtf-faceLara Flynn Boyle was spotted out shopping with her mom in Bel Air this week, and her bizarre looks sparked concern from several media outlets. TMZ went so far as to contact friends of Lara, all who confirm that she is 100% fine and that the photos were simply taken at an unflattering angle. One friend stated they had seen Lara recently and that “she looks fantastic”.

Fantastic? Really?

Perhaps it’s the people around Lara telling her that she looks fantastic, that is the root of the problem? The 43-year old actress does not look fantastic, and perhaps if people stopped telling her that, she would stop with the horrible filler injections that have completely ruined her once beautiful face. Lara started getting filler injections in her lips over ten years ago, and ten years of abusing the needle has completely blown out her lips, which are now a lumpy, asymmetrical mess. Lara has also been getting filler injections in her cheeks and Botox injections for quite a while and the results are some of the worst that we’ve seen.

Lara Flynn Boyle made our list of Top 5 Stars Who Ruined Their Careers With Bad Plastic Surgery, years ago and things don’t seem to be getting any better for her. Lara had a booming acting career in the 90′s and early 2000′s, but even though the actress is quite talented, whatever plastic surgery mess she got herself into around 2006, made her unemployable as the hot actress that she once was. After a dry spell of acting work, Lara recently landed a part in “Hansel and Gretel Get Baked”, where she plays a bizarre looking witch. (Gee that sounds familiar…)

Lara Flynn Boyle in character as a witch in “Hansel and Gretel Get Baked”:
lara flynn boyle hansel gretel get baked

There has been all sorts of speculation from Lara’s fans about her deteriorating looks, which range from steroid use to mystery diseases and liver failure. Many have also said that the paralyzing effects of the Botox make Lara appear as if she’s had a stroke. Perhaps not the look she was trying to achieve by having plastic surgery?

Lara Flynn Boyle through the years:
Lara Flynn Boyle through the years plastic surgery wtf face

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betty-pino-plastic-surgeryBetty Pino, a popular Spanish radio DJ in Miami, died an untimely death due to her unhealthy obsession with plastic surgery. Betty died in August, at 65-years old, due to complications that arose after having surgery in an attempt to fix a back-street butt job gone wrong.

In June 2013, Betty Pino approached cosmetic surgeon Dr. Constantino Mendieta, who specializes in Brazilian butt lifts, for more surgery on her butt. Four years prior, Betty had silicon injected into her butt and that silicon had become hardened and uncomfortable. Silicon butt injections (or “butt shots” as they are known in the world of back alley plastic surgery) are illegal in the United States due to the health risks, but they are still inexplicably popular even though hundreds of woman have died or have experienced severe complications.

Dr. Mendieta did his best to remove the hardened silicon from Betty’s body, but a month after the surgery, Betty’s surgical wounds had not healed and she developed sepsis, which is caused by a severe infection. In an attempt to save her life, doctors amputated Betty’s hands and feet, but the infection spread too rapidly and on August 7th, her family decided to remove her from life support.

The butt augmentation surgery that proved fatal was certainly not Betty Pino’s first time under the knife for elective cosmetic surgery, as “La Reina De La Radio” was known as much for her surgically altered appearance as she was for her spunky radio personality.

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Jessica Simpson Trout Pout 2013After famously admitting to getting lip injections and claiming that she hated the unnatural results, Jessica Simpson recently stepped out with her lips re-inflated to epic proportions. As a whole, the 33-year-old mother of two is looking better than ever, but we can’t take our eyes off of Jessica’s trout pout, which is definitely back in a big way. It’s a shame, because she really is very pretty (whether that’s the result of cosmetic surgery or not), but she needs to stop messing with those lips!

Back in 2006, Jessica Simpson admitted to giving her lips a little extra oomph, telling Glamour magazine, “I had just got a new shape for my lips with the injection of a protein-based gel Restylane. I was going through an emotional time and I thought maybe if my lips were bigger, people would think I was sexy.

Not so much.

According to Jessica, after lip plumping injection: “I looked like a blowfish! I looked so goofy! I prayed every night to please let them go down!” They finally did go back to normal, but in 2008, Jessica debuted extra-full lips again. This time, the singer’s rep claimed that plastic surgery rumors were false. “Jessica did not have anything done to her lips. She tried Restylane some time ago and did not like the way that it looked or felt, so she has not had anything done since.

Hmm..sounds fishy to us!

Fast-forward four years and Jessica’s over-plumped lips have completely taken over her face yet again, which she claimed was a result of her pregnancy. How convenient! “Woke up looking like the lip injection fairy visited me in the night…” she tweeted along with the following picture in January 2012, when she was pregnant with her first child, Maxwell:

Jessica tweeted this picture of her swollen lips, claiming pregnancy was to blame:
jessica simpson pregnant plastic surgery trout pout

Is this how pregnancy face begins? Yikes!“, she continued.

Although she claims to have hated the results of previous lip injections, it looks like Jessica may be at it again, as recent photos of the star show some extra plump in those babies. Jessica can’t blame her inflated lips on a pregnancy this time though, because her son Ace was born back in June, and the rest of her body has already returned to its normal proportions.

Jessica Simpson then and now:
jessica simpson lips 2013

What do you think of Jessica Simpson’s extra full lips? Are they the result of lip injection or an unheard of localized bloating associated with pregnancy?

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