Actress Kaley Cuoco has a lot to be thankful for, as 2014 is looking bright for her career and personal life! Kaley recently married professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting, and in addition to her recurring role on the popular “The Big Bang Theory” TV show, the 28-year old is also currently working on two movies: “Authors Anonymous” and “The Wedding Ringer”.

So what is Kaley’s secret to success? Her breast implants, of course! Not only does Kaley love the breast implants that she got at age 18, she has gone so far as to call having plastic surgery, “the best decision I ever made”!

Kaley Cuoco before and after breast implants:
Kaley Cuoco before and after breast implants

Kaley Cuoco decided to go under the knife for a breast augmentation in 2004, shortly after she turned 18-years old. And while many women that undergo plastic surgery at such a young age, go on to regret the decision, Kaley has nothing but great things to say about her cosmetic surgery experience. Kaley went from an A-cup to a B-cup and the change is really quite subtle, probably because the actress previously wore padded bras to give the illusion that her breasts were larger.

Personally, we think that Kaley looks great before and after going under the knife and her plastic surgeon did a phenomenal job at making her breast augmentation look as natural as possible. What do you think about Kaley’s boob job confession? Better before, after or no difference?

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A few years ago, everywhere you looked you saw photos of Heidi Montag and her ever-changing body. She was the true plastic surgery queen, increasing her breast size every other weekend. Her and her notoriously obnoxious husband, Spencer Pratt, were the celebrity couple everyone loved to hate on both The Hills and Celebrity Big Brother. Then it seemed almost overnight, “Speidi” up and disappeared.

Speidi now: Heidi is still having plastic surgery and they are still milking any promotional events that they can score.heidi montag spencer pratt 2014

Long before Spencer, everyone loved Heidi when she starred as Lauren Conrad’s sweet and single roommate on The Hills. She was humble, adorable, and seemed really cool—and then a new side of Heidi began to surface as her appearance drastically changed. Heidi and Spencer recently did an interview for an E! documentary called After Shock: Heidi & Spencer, granting the couple an opportunity to redeem themselves and admit to the world that they are ashamed of how they acted while thrust in the spotlight. Take for example all of those ‘divorces’ that they went through, these ‘fake’ news leaks were perpetuated by the couple looking to score in on $15,000+ paychecks. The easy money made these media stunts well worth the negative public perception the couple was rapidly developing. Spending money as if their 5-minute fame would never end, the couple was left nearly ruined the moment the public lost interest in their nonstop shenanigans. This wake up call seems to have grounded the couple some, although they blame some of their actions on TV producers that spurred them on for good television drama.

Spencer and Heidi update us on their shocking lifestyle change:

Say what you will about ‘Speidi,’ it was Heidi’s plastic surgery that really captured our attention a few years back. A big chunk of the couple’s 10 million dollar fortune was blown on all of the surgery Heidi had done. Her surgeries ranged to include fat injections in her cheeks, multiple breast augmentations, and even having her back reshaped to produce a curvier appearance—among many other procedures. Looking back, Heidi regrets it all, telling Life & Style Magazine, “People have fewer scars from car accidents than I have on my body. I’m always going to feel like Edward Scissorhands.” Not to mention, Heidi’s poor plastic surgeon ended up dying shortly after completing all of her surgeries when he drove his car off a cliff texting while driving—for the record he wasn’t texting Heidi.

The many faces of Heidi Montag–does anyone else think she thinks much older after all of that surgery?

Heidi’s most recent plastic surgery was another boob job just a few months ago:Heidi Montag after breast surgery reduction

Oh and remember how the couple fought nonstop about having a baby? It appears the debate is still ongoing, in the E! documentary Spencer fills us in on his latest excuse to avoid children, “I wouldn’t want to be Spencer Pratt’s kid…I don’t want to have my kid having to Google his parents and be like: “Oh my God!”

The Speidi couple has changed their lifestyle dramatically since their time in the spot light, even shopping at the 99 Cent store to save money! Although, not without calling the paparazzi to take pictures of them doing so, of course.

Speidi goes on a shopping spree at the 99 Cent store:speidi 99 cent store shopping spree

Sure Spencer and Heidi did do a lot of embarrassing things, but perhaps they still have a chance at redemption—what do you think?

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jsimp1Rumors have been flying around endlessly, as everyone tries to uncover why Jessica Simpson has postponed her wedding to Eric Johnson 2 times now! Some media reports have even hinted at relationship troubles and a dark double life lead by Eric Johnson. These rumors have been put to rest now, it seems  the reason the couple has yet to say “I do” has to do with something far shallower. Sources close to the Simpson family say Jessica simply wants to look perfect in her wedding photos, something that can’t yet be accomplished with her “sagging breasts” and Erica’s imperfect smile.

Jessica Simpson looked amazing when she stepped out last week sporting a tight toned body while wearing cut off shorts, reminiscent of her Daisy Duke days. She’s worked hard shedding 60 pounds of post-baby chub with her Weight Watcher’s campaign, but apparently the superstar and fashion designer doesn’t think she looks perfect enough, not for her wedding at least. Reports say that Simpson plans to get a breast lift before tying the knot at her fabulous Valentine’s Day wedding. According to Jessica, she wants her nipples to align somewhere near the center of her elbow and shoulder, and after breast-feeding 2-little ones her breasts are way too saggy for wedding photos.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson look like a picture perfect couple in this photo, but apparently without veneers and a breast lift the couple isn’t prepared to say “I do.”jessica simpson and Eric Johnson 2014

It’s not just Jessica’s breasts; according to one source Eric’s grill is also about to get a $50,000 overhaul to ensure his smile is pearly perfect on their wedding day too. Veneers cost around $2,600 a teeth, which is no problem when you’re Jessica Simpson and you get paid millions of dollars to simply lose weight (thanks Weight Watchers). A pal told Star Magazine, “She wants Eric to have the best teeth in town when they tie the knot.” Still, another pal has stepped into the media spotlight to report these accusations as wild, outlandish and not true at all. I guess we won’t know for sure until copies of their future wedding photos surface, I know I will be examining her chest and his mouth very closely.

Jessica isn’t alone in her decision, apparently her and her sister Ashlee have been chatting about getting new breasts together. A source close to the family says about Ashlee, “Evan likes skinny women with large breasts. She wants to get this done as soon as possible. Jessica has curves in all the right places, while Ashlee is stick thin. She’s determined to change that.” I guess if you bag Evan Ross, son of the Diana Ross, you don’t want to lose him! Also, we are the people we hang around with, and if Ashlee’s big sis demands perky breasts to be beautiful, apparently little sis does too.

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Tameka “Tiny” Harris spilled some of her secrets recently in an interview with Wendy Williams! Not only did she openly admit that she has both butt and breast implants, but it also came out that her husband TI is none too pleased with her posting pictures of her fake booty online.

Tiny has posted several revealing pictures of her fake booty on her Instagram account:

TI and Tiny are promoting the 4th season of their reality show “The Family Hustle”, and rumors of trouble in their marriage has been fanned by the two publicly fighting via their social media accounts. After Tiny posted several bikini pictures and “belfies” (butt selfies), TI couldn’t help but call his wife out and put her on blast by reposting her most recent sexy picture with the caption:

You have so much more going for u other than you ass. Although it is magnificent, I think u should spend just as much time showcasing those other things as u do ya #booty…

During Tiny’s appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show”, Wendy (who has had an ungodly amount of plastic surgery herself) asked Tiny if her booty and boobs were natural or “bought”, to which the pint-sized star admitted that both are fake. Wendy also asked about Tiny’s nose and she said that she considered having rhinoplasty surgery at one point, but decided against it since her nose reminds her of her father, who sadly passed away last year.

Tiny talks plastic surgery with Wendy Williams:

While Wendy got Tiny to fess up to having some plastic surgery, Tiny’s admission of having surgically altered boobs and a fake booty is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the complete list of plastic surgeries that Tiny has had. In addition to the boob job and butt augmentation, 38-year old Tiny has also undergone liposuction, a lip augmentation and has had a tummy tuck.

Tameka “Tiny” Harris got a tattoo to coverup her tummy tuck scar:
Tameka Tiny Harris Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoo

What do you think about Tameka “Tiny” Harris’s plastic surgery transformation? We love that she is honest about having plastic surgery, but personally, we think Tiny has gone too far.

Tiny before and after plastic surgery:
Tameka Tiny Cottle before and after plastic surgery

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Naya Rivera wants to show you something. (Hint: It isn’t the beach…)

naya rivera breast implants instagram picture

The Glee actress posted the picture above to her Instagram account, with the caption “Beach days…”, but no one is looking at the beach or much else besides Naya Rivera’s gigantic, obviously augmented breasts. The picture has set the internet afire wild with the question: Did Naya Rivera get breast implants?!

Duh? Of course the 27-year old “Glee” actress has breast implants and I’m pretty sure that anyone with eyeballs can confirm that her boobs are indeed of the silicon kind. Naya had a breast augmentation which took her from an A-cup to a large D-cup and she has actually had them for years. Appropriately enough, Naya debuted her new breasts in 2011 at the Golden Globe Awards.

Naya Rivera before and after getting breast implants:
naya rivera boob job before after plastic surgery

Naya Rivera has had a very successful acting career so far, but it will remain to be seen if her having plastic surgery will torpedo her career. Her steady flow of acting jobs started in the early 90′s and has since slowed to just “Glee” and a voiceover job here and there. Perhaps changing her look from gorgeous girl-next-door to run of the mill wannabe video vixen wasn’t in the best interest of her career? Only time will tell, but Naya Rivera wouldn’t be the first actress forgotten by Hollywood after having plastic surgery…

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As if Valeria Lukyanova’s story wasn’t annoying and weird enough, the 28-year-old Ukranian model who underwent loads of plastic surgery to transform herself into a creepy human Barbie doll is now claiming that she plans to nix food and water and survive on light and air alone. During a recent interview, Valeria revealed that she is becoming a Breatharian, which means she believes food and water are not necessary for survival. Considering the fact that some followers of Breatharianism have died of starvation, we just can’t wait to see how the Human Barbie’s latest PR stunt turns out.

Valeria Lukyanova:
human barbie valeria lukyanova

If the rumors about Valeria’s involvement in Breatharianism are true, it means that she believes she can exist on “cosmic micro-food,” whatever the heck that is. She said in an interview last month: “In recent weeks I have not been hungry at all; I’m hoping it’s the final stage before I can subsist on air and light alone.” Keep in mind, this comes after the model and singer claimed last year that she was from another planet and could communicate with aliens through light, that she can time travel, and that she sometimes has out-of-body experiences. Sounds like the side effects of starvation to us!

A recent interview with Valeria Lukyanova:

Valeria Lukyanova first gained attention online in 2012 with her YouTube videos that showed off her scary-skinny doll-like proportions. While some believe she uses Photoshop to alter her appearance in photos, the rest of us have easily recognized her obvious obsession with plastic surgery. I mean, just look at before and after pictures of Valeria Lukyanova’s plastic surgery transformation. The 28-year-old has received plenty of backlash about her appearance, but she takes it all in stride. “I don’t take them seriously,” she told V magazine in an interview. “I’m even flattered! It’s what success is like. I’m happy I seem unreal to them, it means I’m doing a good job.”

Today, Valeria sports an extremely small waist, skeletal arms, enormous doll-like eyes (thanks to colored contact lenses) and an appropriately vacant expression, which she sees as the embodiment of physical perfection. Perfection doesn’t come easy though, and the Human Barbie is believed to have undergone lots of bad plastic surgery to achieve her doll-like appearance, including breast augmentation (which she actually admitted), liposuction, rib removal, rhinoplasty, filler injections and Botox (all of which she denies).

For the record, Valeria herself says her features are simply the result of hard work and good genes, but unless her parents were made by Mattel, this real-life Barbie is a real-life fraud.

Valeria Lukyanova before and after:
Valeria Lukyanova before and after plastic surgery

More pictures of Valeria before plastic surgery, here: Valeria Lukyanova before and after plastic surgery.

And, if you want to kill 20 minutes and a few brain cells, here is the Vice story on Valeria Lukyanova last year…when she was claiming to be “Space Barbie”:

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It’s the question of the ages: Is Bruce Jenner undergoing cosmetic procedures to become a woman or is he simply addicted to plastic surgery, Michael Jackson-style? Okay, so it may not be the question of the ages, but it’s one everyone is asking these days. And while the Kardashian klan is vehemently denying rumors that “Bruce” may soon go by “Brenda,” we simply can’t ignore the fact that the former Olympian has gone from ruggedly handsome to a little over-Botoxed to downright weird looking.

Bruce Jenner has clearly undergone some surgical changes recently:

According to the Kardashian/Jenner crew, Bruce (who they say is “super manly”) is not changing his identity or undergoing gender reassignment, he is simply suffering from a mid-life crisis, Harley Davidson and all. They have noted though, that the 64-year-old is struggling with what has been described as a Michael Jackson-like obsession with plastic surgery. Apparently, the blame for Bruce’s plastic surgery obsession is being put squarely on the shoulders of Kris Kardashian, who has always encouraged Bruce to have his face nipped and tucked.

Before reality TV, plastic surgery and the Kardashians, Bruce Jenner was better known as an Olympic athlete:

Let’s get real though, Bruce has had more than a nip here and a tuck there; his appearance has changed so drastically since his days as an Olympic gold medalist in the 70′s and especially during his Keeping Up With the Kardashians fame, that he is almost completely unrecognizable now. Among the plastic surgery procedures Bruce has reportedly checked off his list are: nose jobs, multiple facelifts, loads of Botox, a laryngeal shave, surgery to remove excess fat from above his eyelids and even lip injections. Some call this an identity crisis, but the experts are calling it body dysmorphic disorder – an overwhelming obsession with a minor or nonexistent physical flaw.

Not only has Bruce Jenner hit up his plastic surgeon one too many times over the years, but now that he’s a single man, he has started growing out his hair, which he occasionally wears in a ponytail, and has also sported longer fingernails, hair plugs, and overly-tweezed, feminine-looking eyebrows. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with a guy foregoing a haircut and cuticle trim every now and then, but in combination with Bruce’s recent laryngeal shave (surgery to have his Adam’s apple shaved down), he is definitely starting to look like a woman, hence the sex change rumors.

bruce jenner plastic surgery tranformation 2014

Whatever the reason behind Bruce Jenner’s plastic surgery transformation, neither Brandon nor Brody Jenner are happy about it. In fact, both Jenner boys have decided to leave KUWTK now that Bruce has officially split from Kris, and one source says it’s because they want to “forge a new relationship with their dad, with no cameras present.” Truth be told, Bruce could probably benefit from a little male bonding with his sons, because if he goes under the knife one more time, he’s going to turn into Kris, or worse, Kim.

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Kim Kardashian claims that she dropped 70 pounds after giving birth to baby North in June 2013 by exercising and following the Atkins Diet, and she has always denied ever undergoing any sort of plastic surgery, aside from a bit of Botox. But the fact of the matter is that anyone with eyes can see that Kim has had an extensive amount of plastic surgery, and her first ex-husband revealed in court that he paid for Kim to have liposuction and breast implants. So it was no surprise then, when the reality star found herself back in the hot seat on a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, looking to get some more work done, this time on her hands, her breasts and get this, on her big toe.

“I’m like obsessed with my hands. I think they look really wrinkly,” Kim confessed to the plastic surgeon during her consultation, which aired on KUWTK on February 23. “Is there anything to tighten them, just so they make my hands look longer?” Longer?? Sure, Kim, maybe try some hand implants. Apparently the 33-year-old mom is afraid that her hands are aging faster than the rest of her body (could massive amounts of plastic surgery have anything to do with that??) and she was asking the doctor if there was a way to tighten up the skin on her hands.

Kim Kardashian revealed that she is obsessed with her hands:
kim kardashian hands plastic surgery

Once Beverly Hill plastic surgeon Dr. Ourian launched into an account of the benefits of laser surgery, Kim just couldn’t wait to get started and decided to get some laser surgery to remove the stretch marks on her breasts right then and there. Yet at the same time, the reality star has done her best to deflect recent plastic surgery rumors, posting on Twitter: “I am very frustrated today seeing reports that I got surgery to lose my baby weight! This is FALSE.” Right, because anyone who opts for laser surgery to remove stretch marks on her breasts and wrinkles on her hands would NEVER consider post-pregnancy lifts, fillers or liposuction. The girl’s got morals, after all.

Kim Kardashian then and now:
kim kardashian before and after plastic surgery

The fact is, Kim can insist on being au naturale until she’s blue in the face, but there’s no way we’re believing she hasn’t had thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery done over the years. And why should we, when Kim’s own plastic surgery clinic insists that the reality star has been regularly seeing Dr. Ourian at his “discreet,” upscale Epione clinic for a nip here and a tuck there. A source at the plastic surgery clinic even noted that “Kim and other high-profile clients can sneak in through a back door” to avoid being photographed by nosy paparazzi. Truth be told, Kim’s hands are probably the only part of her body that hasn’t been altered in some way, and soon not even that will be true.

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