Cheryl Burke recently turned 30 and has made some big changes in her life. Not only has the formerly hard-partying professional dancer stopped drinking alcohol, but she also lost 15lbs, which she proudly showed off by posing in a string bikini in People Magazine. Another big change that Cheryl has been secretly showing off via her social media pages, are her new lips…And they are huge!

Cheryl Burke before and after lip injections:
cheryl burke plastic surgery lip injections

Fans quickly noticed Cheryl’s new lips when she started posting pouty selfies to her Instagram page, and it looks like she got them done right around her birthday in May. Although, Cheryl denies that she’s had plastic surgery and attributes her new look to her weight loss. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure that my lips don’t inflate when I lose weight?

Cheryl Burke before and after weight loss:
cheryl burke weight loss bikini before and after

Unfortunately, Cheryl Burke just can’t seem to win when it comes to online bullies, which seem to have shaken her confidence. Like many women, Cheryl’s weight fluctuates and she gains a few pounds in the off season of “Dancing With The Stars”. This is not exactly surprising, since she trains/dances for 8 – 10 hours every day, when she is filming! After enduring years of being called fat, Cheryl feels that she has finally found the way to keep those extra pounds off and credits circuit training and using the “buddy system” (working out with a friend) to keep her motivated. Now, of course, she is being called too skinny after shedding 15lbs.

Personally, we liked Cheryl’s look before the weight loss and plastic surgery, so hopefully she will stop caring what random strangers on the internet say about her and do what makes her happy!

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Janice Dickenson was the world’s first model and she’s not ashamed to tell you. In fact, there’s nothing Janice enjoys more than talking about herself. Her wild personality is clearly the reason E! asked her to come on their latest cosmetic surgery show, Botched. The new reality show profiles different people that have been left “botched” by past plastic surgery and want to undergo the knife one last time for a chance to regain their confidence. At the start of the Botched episode Janice stars in she lets it all out, explaining how she first got implants in her thirties after many years of modeling with A cups. Since then she has gotten her boobs redone a couple times, but never again over the last 30 years. Before coming on Botched, Janice’s breasts were literally straight out of the seventies.

Even though Janice had kept her same breasts for many years, that doesn’t mean she was happy with them. She was actually very unhappy with them and felt insecure due to the rippling that formed on the top of her breasts whenever she bent down. Soon after the ridges developed, the media captured photos of it, bashing Janice for something she was already insecure about. She said that afterwards she felt like she, “Should have worn a f%&$#ng wet suit.”

But Janice isn’t one that likes to cover up, and so she was tired of going to fittings and asking for clothes that concealed her breasts. Dr. Terry Dubrow, celebrity plastic surgeon, was the lucky doctor assigned to Janice Dickenson’s case, and while at first he seemed excited about the opportunity, he quickly learned that Janice is the craziest patient he has ever had to deal with—and not just because she rips out her own incisions post-surgery.

It wasn’t just the appearance of Janice’s breasts that were bothering her, she also admitted she could feel particles rolling around in her right breast, she described them as “edamame” size. During surgery, these nodes were found and at least one of them appeared to be a swollen lymph node, which is responsable for breaking down toxins in the body. The nodes were dissected for further testing to make sure cancer or something more serious did not cause their development.

Originally, one of the main challenges to Janice’s surgery was helping her recover without too much pain, or the use of pain medication. Since Janice is a recovering addict, she can’t have regular methods of pain therapy in fear of a relapse. Dr. Dubrow explains that for the best results Janice should have her new implants inserted beneath the muscle. This requires dis-attaching the breast muscle from the ribcage and placing the implant beneath muscles tissue. Without regular methods of pain reduction, the process is incredibly painful, and feels like the weight of an “elephant” on your chest.

Janice seemed down for whatever, and she readily agreed to the pain. Confirming over and over that she was going to do it without any drugs. At the age of 56 Janice made the decision to come clean and start attending AA. Since then she has tried to stay as strong as possible, and didn’t seem ready to relapse now.

Fast-forward a few days post-breast surgery and we meet a whole new Janice. If you thought sober Janice was crazy, just want until you see drugged up Janice. Despite being hardly coherent and noticeably sloppy, Janice has a full face of makeup and red-carpet hair. After being tucked away in a hospital attached to a drug drip for three days Janice was singing a much different tune, a very slurred one at that. With E! cameras rolling, Janice demanded to be given more drugs, saying that she wanted exactly what she had at the hospital.

Dr. Dubrow hardly had time to react to Janice’s drug requests because she had caused an entirely different problem–one much more serious.  Dr. Dubrow couldn’t even believe what he was seeing at first, Janice had carelessly removed her own bandages and drip line, leaving her susceptible to a wide variety of potential infections. Seemingly too drugged up to care, Janice continued touching her incisions, increasing her risks for complications.

So while Janice Dickenson is known to be a bit loopy, the show Botched truly proves she’s over the deep end. According to Dr. Dubrow she is simply “the most difficult patient” he has ever had. Hey, he said it!


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Once upon a time Rina Nanase had a sweet smile, and bright eyes. Today, Rina Nanase looks like Dobby the elf from Harry Potter due to some major facial surgeries she has recently undergone. Before you judge her harsh new look, let it be known that Rina is on the defense, and truly believes that she looks better now than she did before. Most of her fans (and haters) fail to agree, blowing up her Twitter account with harsh comments, unsure why she’d trade in her pretty face for elf-like features. Rina fights back, calling all of them jealous of her ability to alter her looks so much.

Pictured below: Rina’s dramatic transformation


The 25 year old model also goes by the name Rumi Kanda, but that’s only when she’s making adult films. Just like with her sexuality, Rina isn’t trying to hide anything when it comes to her plastic surgeries either. Then again, with such a dramatic transformation how could she?!

Before revealing her new look, Rina posted older photos of her from back when she was 17, highlighting her natural girl-next-door features. Only instead of recognizing her good looks, Rina captions the photos with things like “beady eyes” and “I look fat.” It seems these very same insecurities drove her over the edge with her latest string of surgeries.


The photos of Rina post-surgery show she has made her nose much longer, and narrower. Her eyes have been altered, including her first eye surgery which she calls a “botch job.” She even posted a photo of how swollen her eyes were after that procedure. 10 months later and her eyes were still so puffy she was ashamed to go outside for a walk. That didn’t stop her from going under the knife again though. All in an attempt to adapt a more ‘pixie’ look Rina has also had her chin reshaped to be extremely pointy.


Despite the outrage her pictures have produced, Rina feels she hasn’t really changed her appearance that much. Maybe she’s for real, and it’s just the angle she takes most of her photos with that make her surgery look even more pronounced. If you notice, she holds the camera up over her face in a way that elongates her already enhanced chin, so that it looks impossibly v-shaped. A narrow face like this makes her look very thin. You guessed it, her weight is yet another concern people have been expressing about Rina. For someone insecure enough to change her face like she has, it wouldn’t be unlikely for her to also have an eating disorder.

So should fans, friends and family be worried about Rina? Or should we all simply learn to accept her as she is—a porn star version of Dobby from Harry Potter.




Surprise! Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez have rekindled their relationship. As we all know, Justin has been out getting into a lot of trouble in recent months. Meaning Selena undoubtedly has some trust issues to work out with the teen-pop sensation gone bad boy. Judging by recent pics of the two, she’s just as smitten for him as always. But that doesn’t mean she trusts him–would you?

Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber love birds again? 


Selena, who is currently 21, is so concerned about Justin, 20, developing a wandering eye that she’s now considering getting her breasts enlarged to keep his eyes on her prizes only. Selena is not flat chested at all and she may or may not look great with implants. We just hope if she does get implants she gets them because she really wants them, not because she’s trying to make Justin stick around. An insider close to Selena reports, “She feels like she needs to be the hottest girl in the world to keep his attention. She’s studied every girl that he hooked up with while they were broken up, at least the ones she knows about, and compared herself to them down to every last detail.” The major difference Selena has found between her and all of Bieber’s other leading (or shall we say fleeting) ladies is that she’s the only one with smaller breasts. At least that’s what a source reportedly told the media that she thinks.

Don’t mess with Selena’s man… or else! 


Then again, you can’t trust everything you hear; one of Bieber’s most recent ex-girlfriends, 18-year-old Yovanna Ventura, does not have very large breasts at all. Sure she’s got a lot of junk in her trunk, but that’s about where the extra cargo ends. For a living, Yovanna makes work out videos; perhaps it was one of these slightly revealing clips that caught Justin’s eye in the first place. Either way, their short-lived romance got her a zillion more followers on Instagram, and gave Selena someone new to obsess about.

Justin Beiber and his short-lived fling, Yovanna Ventura–she ain’t got nothing on Selena! 


What does Selena really need to be worried about? Doesn’t she realize she’s the only girl Justin continually comes back to? Like many women (and men) around the world, when Selena looks in the mirror she doesn’t see the beautiful young woman that everyone else does. Sources close to Selena have said the star is very insecure and has a long list of things she’d like to change about her already perfect appearance. One of these alterations just might include breast implants. Selena has reportedly been asking everyone she knows if she should get breast implants or not. Many think this has to do with her insecurities about Justin screwing around again.

Just this month good girl Selena was caught on tape doing cocaine with Justin Beiber, meaning he can probably get her to do just about anything. So will Selena really get breast implants in the near future? Something tells me Justin Beiber has the final say.

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sharon2There’s only one thing you can say for sure about Sharon Osborne: she tends to be fickle, constantly changing her mind if she will or will not get more plastic surgery. In 2007, 2010, and again in 2012, Sharon Osborne told the public she would never again go under the knife. Although after every “never again” Osborne did in fact do it again!

Once upon a time the Sharon Osborne fans know and love today looked entirely different. Sharon is one of those people that look better at age sixty-one than she did in her thirties. Throughout the years Sharon has publicly admitted to getting a lot of plastic surgery, everything from breast implants, to liposuction, and don’t forget the many facial surgeries too. In her own words, “There’s not much I haven’t had tweaked, stretched, peeled, lasered, veneered, enhanced or removed altogether. I don’t think I’m as bad as some women – like Jocelyn ‘Bride of’ Wildenstein.”

Back in 2012 Sharon Osborne decided to try and give up plastic surgery once again, telling the public she wouldn’t go under the knife unless she absolutely had to. She even included passages about this decision in her book, Unbreakable. At the time it seems she had many reasons for her change of heart, including fears that she looked a bit “plastic”.

After a year or so without any noticeable changes in Sharon’s appearance, she finally (once again) decided enough was enough with swearing off cosmetic surgery. Her appearance at the Daytime Emmy Awards is surrounded by buzz and rumors, not because of how sweaty she looks, but because of how puffy, tightly pulled, and wrinkle-free her face appears. Her eyebrows also appear to be higher, and carry a more surprised look. Plus, the few fine lines Sharon’s face did have seem to be erased. Whatever she’s had done, it’s made her skin cloud-like, with no fine lines but a hint of puffiness—perhaps swollen from a recent procedure.

The more recent photo (far right) shows Sharon wearing even fewer wrinkles than at a previous event (far left)


It wasn’t just the lighting at the Daytime Emmy Awards either. Just a few days ago Sharon was spotted eating at La Conversation café in West Hollywood with a friend and her pooch. Photographers captured photos of Sharon, her face still looking like a soft cloud, without any visible lines.


Sharon’s ability to make fun of herself is one of the reasons the world loves her so much. According to her brother, Sharon didn’t accumulate that spark she is known for until she was 16 years old. Ever since then though, she’s been a firecracker—and not just because of her hair! Think about it like this, she was brave enough to marry the rock and roll maniac Ozzy Osborne, even when she was younger she knew she wanted to marry a rock star.

Pictured below Sharon Osborne kissing Britt Ekland back in her crazier days, circa 1979.


In the past Sharon has spent a fortune on her plastic surgery, and while she told the world she was done with cosmetic procedures, we can’t help but doubt it! What do you think?

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Worried about paying the bills? Or how about losing that baby weight? Tamara Ecclestone doesn’t share any of these normal worries; instead life continually gives her the easy route. Just months after giving birth to her daughter she is back out at the pool, with a body that contains no sign of a baby bump. If you saw her with her child you might assume she’s the aunt, or the hot nanny but definitely not the one who just gave birth.

Tamara, who lives in West London with her husband Jay Rutland, believes that society is unequal, but it isn’t her fault that she got one of the bigger slices of pie, and she wants everyone to stop blaming her for it. She can’t help it that her dad become rich in an unconventional way, and she’s tired of people putting her down to make themselves feel better. Or at least, that’s what she told the Evening Standard during her pregnancy.

Days later, the socialite posed for photographs topless to show off her pregnant belly. In photos her baby bump protrudes minimally, and the rest of her looks tiny as well. She admits that throughout her pregnancy she was still able to wear all of her rings and high heels too. She told reporters she never went to the maternity section. Instead she stuck to comfy pants with stretchy bands or simply went up one size larger than usual.

Pictured below: before, during, and only months after Tamara’s pregnancy–hardly a difference! 

Before getting pregnant, Tamara was jet setting all over the world on a quest for the permanent tan. Spending most of her time at the beach, paparazzi snapping dozens of photos of the socialite splashing around in her cute swimsuits; in Dubai one week and then Fuji the next. Only a few short months after giving birth to her baby, and Tamara is already back out sampling the beaches (and pools) of the world. This month in June she was enjoying herself at a hotel in Morocco, frolicking around the pool and pushing her baby stroller around the grounds, all while wearing a teeny-tiny bikini. It’s as if she never had a baby in that belly at all!

Judging by her body right now, only a few months post-baby, you can’t help but wonder how she fits in the time to go to the gym. After all, she’s incredibly busy with her day job… lying by the pool.

So did Tamara win the Game of Life lottery and is not only rich and beautiful, but also able to regain her pre-pregnancy shape almost immediately after giving birth? Or, is her remarkable post-pregnancy weight loss due to the helpful hand of a masterful plastic surgeon? She went under the knife before her pregnancy for those breast implants, so it’s not exactly out of the question…

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Have you seen Dawn Richard’s lately?! If so, chances are you did not recognize her because she now looks like this…

Dawn Richard then and now:
dawn richards danity kane plastic surgery

Dawn became famous in 2005 after winning a spot on P Diddy’s reality show “Making The Band 3”, in which Dawn and 4 other singers where groomed into the group now known as “Danity Kane”. But now, 30-year old Dawn is completely unrecognizable! Dawn’s face has changed so much in the passed year that there are only two viable explanations: Dawn Richard died and was replaced by a cyborg, or she has undergone a crazy amount of plastic surgery on her face. The change in Dawn’s face is so extreme that I bet her own family would be hard pressed to recognize her if they didn’t know she had plastic surgery!

Dawn Richard in 2012:
dawn richards 2012 before cosmetic surgery

The two most obvious procedures that Dawn has undergone are a nose job and a chin reduction, but it has been speculated that she’s had much more plastic surgery in order to change her look so drastically. In addition to the new face, Dawn Richard’s body seems to have changed as well. Back in the day she had a straight, athletic build and now she’s sporting a nipped in waist and curvy hips and butt.

Did Dawn Richards get a butt augmentation too?dawn richards fake butt hips booty shots

Dawn wouldn’t be the first member of Danity Kane to have excessive plastic surgery. Fellow bandmate Aubrey O’Day has also completely transformed her face and body over the years! Maybe Danity Kane is getting a group discount on plastic surgery?

What do you think of Dawn Richard’s new look? Hot or not? I’m of the opinion that plastic surgery to the point that you look like a totally different person is just too much…

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So Kylie Jenner gets filler injections in her lips. Is that really so shocking? I guess if she was any ol’ 16-year old, that would be pretty weird, but the fact that she is the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, I find it more bizarre that anyone would think that she hasn’t had plastic surgery already! Her entire family (and trust fund) was built on a plastic surgeons scalpel. Even the family dog has had plastic surgery! Now how could Kris Jenner not allow her youngest daughter to have plastic surgery, when she paid for the dog to get fake testicle implants…

Kylie Jenner before and after lip injections:Kylie Jenner Lip Injections plastic surgery

The only reason that the Kardashian/Jenners are in the news nowadays is because of their rampant obsession with plastic surgery. So, really, not that shocking that the youngest, Kylie, has blown her lips up to plastic doll like proportions thanks to a few hundred bucks and an unscrupulous plastic surgeon.

The latest buzz about Kylie Jenner revolves around a selfie that she took with Jayden Smith and posted on Instagram. In the picture, Kylie’s lips are not only double the size that they used to be, but it appears that she has an inflammation of the injection site, where filler was injected into her lips. Plastic surgery selfie fail?

Kylie Jenner revealing more than she intented on Instagram?
kylie jenner needle mark lips instagram

Speculation about Kylie Jenner obviously going under the knife has been swirling around since she first underwent lip augmentation months ago, and she responded that the accusations of plastic surgery, “…hurt my feelings…and are kinda insulting! Just in case anyone forgot, I’m 16!

Yes, Kylie, we know. You are 16. With a fat trust fund and a mom that will obviously give the okay to a plastic surgeon if it will keep the Kardashian/Jenner name in the tabloids…

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