Frances Bean Cobain popped into Coachella over the weekend and blew our f%&*ing minds! While everyone else seems to be commenting on the resemblance she and fiance Isaiah Silva bear to her parents, we find Frances’s shocking plastic surgery transformation far more intriguing.

Frances Bean Cobain then and now:
Frances Bean Cobain before and after plastic surgery

Frances Bean Cobain has successfully completed her “awkward child of super famous parents” phase, and is now into the “I have a fat trust fund and got plastic surgery because I’m a hipster” phase.

Frances before and after plastic surgery:
Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery

Clearly, the 21-year old daughter of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain has had plastic surgery. Her lips are at least three times the size that they used to be! We also suspect a nose job, but that remains to be seen. The rest of her transformation could be weight loss and the young socialite simply growing into her features, but we can’t get past the ridiculous trout pout. Following in her parents footsteps of going over-the-top, Frances has already overdone the plastic surgery and she is barely out of her teens.

Frances Bean Cobain before and after lip injections:
Frances Bean Cobain Lip Injections

Honestly we are dyeing a bit inside watching Kurt Cobain’s only child travel down the path of superficial plastic surgery fuckery, but I guess what can you really expect when Courtney Love is your mother and role model? You would think that Courtney would steer her own daughter away from plastic surgery after the bad outcome she experienced, but then again, this is Courtney Love that we are talking about and she’s probably the one that suggested it, paid for it, and drove Frances to and from the plastic surgeon.

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This year Michelle Obama turned 50 years old, although the First Lady might look younger now than ever before. While she attributes her good looks to eating well, exercising, and never missing a check up with her doctor, she also admits that there’s nothing wrong with getting a little plastic surgery. In fact, Michelle Obama told People magazine that she has learned, “never say never” when it comes to cosmetic surgery. She promotes all women to do whatever they need to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Some people have attacked People magazine for asking Mrs. Obama about her appearance when more important (and less sexist) matters could be discussed. But she gets enough questions about the state of the world; some of us want to know how she keeps herself looking so fresh at 50. Some rumors hint that Mrs. Obama already has undergone the knife, or at least gotten a few vials full of Botox between her brows. Looking at pictures of Michelle throughout the years it’s hard to deny the possibilities, but then again, if she does have Botox, we doubt she’d be able to make this face…


Still, Michelle Obama is one of those women who grows more beautiful the older that she gets, her net worth and popularity increase simultaneously, granting her discreet access to top cosmetic procedures that would look natural and flawless—just like the First Lady. Also, other women in the public spot light have admitted that the best way to look young forever (and naturally so) is to start with minor cosmetic procedures before any real lines of ageing ever appear.

Overtime Botox wears off, allowing your face muscles to relax again, which is consistent with Michelle Obama’s face, which looks tighter in some photos than it appears in others, case in point:

Has Michelle Obama had Botox or other cosmetic surgeries?

People Magazine even went so far as to ask Michelle Obama if she has “peaked,” you know hit her prime of life. Although she is arguably the most beautiful she has ever been, Mrs. Obama thinks she is far from peaking, in fact she still sees a bright future ahead with continued public service, and her girls going off to college. We can’t wait to see how well Michelle ages as the years go by—with or without plastic surgery.

Michelle Obama over the past few years:
Michelle Obama Plastic Surgery Pictures

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Do you ever wonder if Alessandra Ambrosio has undergone any surgery to get her banging body and perfectly proportioned face? According to her she has only been under the knife one time, and the experience was so terrifying she plans to ward off plastic surgery forever!

Alessandra Ambrosio after having plastic surgery. Can you guess what she’s had done?
alessandra ambrosio plastic surgery after pictures

Alessandra Ambrosio always knew that she wanted to be a model, but she never knew just how famous she would become. In fact, when she graduated from modeling school at age 15, she imagined a short modeling career spanning until she was 19-years old, tops. My, oh my, was she wrong! Now, at 32-years old, the mega model is a Victoria Secret Angel who has also worked for big brands such as Armani Exchange, Christian Dior, Next, and Ralph Lauren.  During a recent interview with The Edit, Alassandra admitted she started off with big dreams and big insecurities.

Back when modeling was simply an aspiration, Alessandra worried that her ears stuck out too much and so she decided to have them pinned back. And get this, she was only 11 years old!

Can you tell the difference? Alessandra Ambrosio then and now:Image001

At 11-years old, obvious it was her first cosmetic procedure, and it was also the first time the Brazilian doctor performing the surgery had actually attempted to pin ears back. If that’s not scary enough, the recovery left Alessandra feeling like she had her ears cut off! Unfortunately, in this case the pain didn’t pay off and she had to come back in and have “mini surgeries” for an entire year as her doctor attempted to fix them. Her ears never did turn out perfect, but in her own words, “Doctors say they can fix them (today) but cosmetic surgery freaks me out now.” She’ll keep her ears just how they are, and everything else too. Apparently Ambrosio is still traumatized, but we’ll see if that changes when gravity starts to take its toll on her tight face and figure. 

Alessandra now has a ‘pulled back’ look to her ears, but not bad for a “botched surgery”?

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Beyonce shared some candid photos from her tropical vacation today, and, oh boy! Did these pictures get everyone’s panties in a bunch. Why, you ask? Well, I hate to break it to you but Beyonce has a “thigh gap”!!! You know, that space between the thighs that fit women typically have.

The picture in question was posted to Beyonce’s Instagram account and shows the singer, clad in a red and white bikini, golfing in a tropical local. See the controversial picture here:

Beyonce posted this picture to her Instagram account and official website:
beyonce thigh gap vacation golfing

While we can agree that Beyonce looks thin in the photo that she posted, we find it asinine that a thigh gap on a woman as fit as Beyonce immediately sparks a “photoshopped!” or “plastic surgery!” rumor.

Beyonce also posted this picture today:
beyonce golfing high waist bikini

Beyonce just finished her “The Miss Carter Show World Tour”, where she has been traveling the world and performing rigorous performances complete with intense dance routines, almost every day since June 2013. She has literally been dancing her ass off for 9 months, people! So yeah, Beyonce is a probably as thin as she has ever been, but we bet that her “thigh gap” will fill in a bit now that her tour is over and she has some time to relax with her family. No Photoshop needed.

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This time last year, Amanda Bynes was setting fires in the yard of random neighbors, tweeting crazy talk and getting arrested for throwing a bong out the window of her apartment. Fast forward through several bad wigs, mugshots and finally a conservatorship awarded to her parents, it looks like 28-year old Amanda has finally got her life back on track! The retired actress, who has recently gone back to school to study fashion design, spent her spring break in Mexico where she revealed a whole new look.

Amanda Bynes then and now:
Amanda Bynes breast implants removed

While Amanda is still sporting some bad hair extensions (thanks to a head-shaving episode during her downward spiral), she looked great while rocking a lime green bikini and didn’t seem to have a care in the world. Contributing to her new look, a few things from Amanda’s past were noticeably missing…Particularly her breast implants and angel wing tattoo that she used to have on her arm! Also missing are the cheek piercings that Amanda got in her effort to emulate famous stripper Blac Chyna.

Amanda Bynes began the painful tattoo removal process in January:
Amanda BYnes tattoo removalPhoto: Pop Star Tats

Amanda decided to remove her breast implants because she found them to be “uncomfortable”, but quite honestly, we didn’t believe her when she tweeted about it last year. Around the same time she was obsessively tweeting all sorts of nonsense and claimed to be on her 4th nose job as well. But, it does indeed look like she went through with it and had her breast implants removed as her breasts are smaller and more natural looking now.

Amanda before and after breast implants, and after having them removed:
Amanda Bynes breast implant reduction

All in all, it’s great to see Amanda Bynes get the help that she needs and transform her life. Not surprisingly, along with ditching the breast implants, tattoos and piercings, Amanda has also erased all of the crazy tweets that she made last year and is starting fresh!

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skinny mark wahlburg 2014In tune to the title of his new movie, “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” Mark Wahlberg has undergone a total transformation. The last time you saw Mr. Wahlberg he likely looked a lot thinner than he does right now. The popular actor recently lost a great deal of weight for his serious role as a professor and gambling addict in, “The Gambler.” After successfully dropping to 137 pounds, Mark had to bulk right back up in order to qualify for his next role in Transformers.  Looking thin isn’t easy for Mark; he admitted to People Magazine, “It’s a lot easier to put it on than it is to lose it.” The 42-year old actor is a food lover and prefers to be around 190 pounds, which he hasn’t quite reached yet—he’s still hovering around 176 pounds.

Gaining and losing weight is something Mark is very used to, prior to his role in, “The Gambler,” Mark had to bulk up for the film, “Pain and Gain”. He packed on the pounds by eating 10 times a day and working out with a trainer 5 days a week to beef up. When it came time to rewind his weight gain, Mark says that he got down from 196 pounds to 135 pounds by first embarking on a liquid diet, before switching back to solid foods but skipping out on bread, pasta, and wine. Towards the end of his weight loss regime he adds that he incorporates, “…small portions of protein throughout the day and jumping rope a lot.”

Mark Wahlburg then and now:
maark wahlburg weight loss weight gain

Going up and down in weight can undoubtedly poise a health risk, which Mark comments, “I’m trying to do it in the safest way possible.” Mark gains and loses weight for his roles using proper nutrition, exercise, and guidance from his doctor to ensure he is healthy at any weight he is required to be.

It’s a part of Mark’s job to change his appearance to properly portray certain characters, but undoubtedly he enjoys some roles more than others. Mark loves to eat and so he prefers to gain weight, something his latest film gives him the perfect opportunity to do. Mark has commented on his extreme excitement over the release of Transformers, this is the first kid movie he has ever acted in, giving him something fun to share with his own children.

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Actress Kaley Cuoco has a lot to be thankful for, as 2014 is looking bright for her career and personal life! Kaley recently married professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting, and in addition to her recurring role on the popular “The Big Bang Theory” TV show, the 28-year old is also currently working on two movies: “Authors Anonymous” and “The Wedding Ringer”.

So what is Kaley’s secret to success? Her breast implants, of course! Not only does Kaley love the breast implants that she got at age 18, she has gone so far as to call having plastic surgery, “the best decision I ever made”!

Kaley Cuoco before and after breast implants:
Kaley Cuoco before and after breast implants

Kaley Cuoco decided to go under the knife for a breast augmentation in 2004, shortly after she turned 18-years old. And while many women that undergo plastic surgery at such a young age, go on to regret the decision, Kaley has nothing but great things to say about her cosmetic surgery experience. Kaley went from an A-cup to a B-cup and the change is really quite subtle, probably because the actress previously wore padded bras to give the illusion that her breasts were larger.

Personally, we think that Kaley looks great before and after going under the knife and her plastic surgeon did a phenomenal job at making her breast augmentation look as natural as possible. What do you think about Kaley’s boob job confession? Better before, after or no difference?

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A few years ago, everywhere you looked you saw photos of Heidi Montag and her ever-changing body. She was the true plastic surgery queen, increasing her breast size every other weekend. Her and her notoriously obnoxious husband, Spencer Pratt, were the celebrity couple everyone loved to hate on both The Hills and Celebrity Big Brother. Then it seemed almost overnight, “Speidi” up and disappeared.

Speidi now: Heidi is still having plastic surgery and they are still milking any promotional events that they can score.heidi montag spencer pratt 2014

Long before Spencer, everyone loved Heidi when she starred as Lauren Conrad’s sweet and single roommate on The Hills. She was humble, adorable, and seemed really cool—and then a new side of Heidi began to surface as her appearance drastically changed. Heidi and Spencer recently did an interview for an E! documentary called After Shock: Heidi & Spencer, granting the couple an opportunity to redeem themselves and admit to the world that they are ashamed of how they acted while thrust in the spotlight. Take for example all of those ‘divorces’ that they went through, these ‘fake’ news leaks were perpetuated by the couple looking to score in on $15,000+ paychecks. The easy money made these media stunts well worth the negative public perception the couple was rapidly developing. Spending money as if their 5-minute fame would never end, the couple was left nearly ruined the moment the public lost interest in their nonstop shenanigans. This wake up call seems to have grounded the couple some, although they blame some of their actions on TV producers that spurred them on for good television drama.

Spencer and Heidi update us on their shocking lifestyle change:

Say what you will about ‘Speidi,’ it was Heidi’s plastic surgery that really captured our attention a few years back. A big chunk of the couple’s 10 million dollar fortune was blown on all of the surgery Heidi had done. Her surgeries ranged to include fat injections in her cheeks, multiple breast augmentations, and even having her back reshaped to produce a curvier appearance—among many other procedures. Looking back, Heidi regrets it all, telling Life & Style Magazine, “People have fewer scars from car accidents than I have on my body. I’m always going to feel like Edward Scissorhands.” Not to mention, Heidi’s poor plastic surgeon ended up dying shortly after completing all of her surgeries when he drove his car off a cliff texting while driving—for the record he wasn’t texting Heidi.

The many faces of Heidi Montag–does anyone else think she thinks much older after all of that surgery?

Heidi’s most recent plastic surgery was another boob job just a few months ago:Heidi Montag after breast surgery reduction

Oh and remember how the couple fought nonstop about having a baby? It appears the debate is still ongoing, in the E! documentary Spencer fills us in on his latest excuse to avoid children, “I wouldn’t want to be Spencer Pratt’s kid…I don’t want to have my kid having to Google his parents and be like: “Oh my God!”

The Speidi couple has changed their lifestyle dramatically since their time in the spot light, even shopping at the 99 Cent store to save money! Although, not without calling the paparazzi to take pictures of them doing so, of course.

Speidi goes on a shopping spree at the 99 Cent store:speidi 99 cent store shopping spree

Sure Spencer and Heidi did do a lot of embarrassing things, but perhaps they still have a chance at redemption—what do you think?

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