If all else fails and you really want to become famous, apparently all you have to do is undergo extreme amounts of plastic surgery. It worked for one 16-year-old girl from Henan.


The young teenager who goes by the name Lee Hee Danea recently underwent scary amounts of plastic surgery for anyone, let alone a girl her age. As a result she’s become an Internet sensation with people even referring to as “too beautiful to look at.”


According to some Chinese people the young girl’s porcelain skin and severely pointed chin make her look like a “snake spirit,” which is a reference to one of the most popular Chinese folk legends.


One Chinese website claims that Danae didn’t do it to become famous, but instead she just wanted to win back her old boyfriend. No word on the boyfriend crawling back to her, but she has collected a whole lot of followers since going under the knife. Danae now has over 667,423 followers (and growing) on the Chinese social media site Weibo.com.

Her birth date is listed as May 1999, meaning she just turned 16 and must have gone under the knife when she was only 15. Despite her underage status, a gaggle of creepers like her photos way too much. Others are skeptical that the photos look digitally exaggerated.

Digitally enhanced or not, Danae really did go under the knife on her jaw, eyes and chin. It also appears she got a boob job. She even shared a photo taken shortly after surgery for her social media followers to gasp over.


To compliment her completely new face, Danae also wears colored contacts, in some photos her eyes appear blue-green and in others her eyes are dark brown.


Danae isn’t the only one getting a lot of surgery. Many Chinese women see plastic surgery as a means to advance their career. In China, plastic surgery is incredibly popular with an increasing amount of people signing up for double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty.

Last year we wrote about the increasing hoards of Chinese women entering South Korea to undergo extensive plastic surgery. So extensive in fact, many women are unrecognizable post-surgery and as a result are given surgery certificates that include their name and passport number so that they were not denied entrance back into China.

danae extreme plastic surgery before after wtf

What I want to know is did Danae’s parents pay for the surgery, and what do they think about their ‘little girl’s’ new look?

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Two-weeks ago 65-year-old Bruce Jenner finally revealed to the world what we have all been waiting to hear: he is in fact making the transition to a woman. While it’s all rather new to the world, it isn’t new to Bruce Jenner at all. He’s been dealing with these feelings his entire life, and even started and then stopped the process of becoming a woman many years ago.


In a rather candid interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce let it all out of the bag. He even discussed the irony in his family’s reality television show (Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s) that put the former Olympian back in the spotlight. While the world has watched one dramatic scene after another unfold on the show, the real story all along has been Bruce’s inner struggle with wanting to be a woman. While his life was incredibly publicized, he kept that one secret guarded, not only from the millions of viewers but also largely from his own family.

The desire to be “her” weighed heavy on Bruce, and at last he has come clean with his true feelings and identity. Bruce couldn’t handle the thought of getting cancer or suddenly dying and never coming clean with his secret. After all, he’s not the only person out there dealing with an identity crisis. He knew that his journey would inspire others to be their true self, and so he finally made the decision to tell the world how he really feels.


As of now, Bruce refers to the woman he plans to become as ‘her.’ Bruce Jenner revealed many things during the special interview with Sawyer, but what he didn’t reveal is what he will look like as ‘her.’ It shouldn’t be too long before the world knows.

Judging by all of the well-dressed, good-looking females in his family, Bruce is going to look amazing, and he wants the world to witness his transformation. This is why he has decided to allow camera crews to follow him around as he goes through with a sex change.

Bruce Jenner seen leaving a clinic last year with a bandage over his throat after having his Adam’s apple shaved down.

E! announced they will air The Bruce Jenner TV show, which will follow Bruce as he goes through the biggest transformation of his life and begins living as a woman. The show is scheduled to premier in the UK this summer, and features 8 hour-long episodes. Bruce Jenner is the executive producer of the show, which is produced by Bunim/Murray Productions, a highly qualified company responsible for producing many LGBT stories over the last 20 years.

Bruce also plans to spread his message through public speaking engagements. Back in the 70’s Bruce earned $5,000 for speaking at events, and chances are he could earn a lot more today. According to one source, “It was very lucrative for him in the past and now he has a whole new audience. Bruce will be in greater demand than anybody. He could make tens of thousands per engagement.”

He’s not doing it for money though. Unlike previous bombshells the Kardashian’s have dropped to get attention, Bruce sees this one as distinctly different. He told Diane Sawyer, “What I’m doing is going to do some good. And we’re going to change the world. I really firmly believe that. We’re going to make a difference in the world with what we’re doing.”

Kim Kardashian explained that until her stepfather’s gender transformation is complete he should be referred to as “him” and “he.” No matter what he needs or wants, the whole Kardashian clan is there for him.

Kris Jenner has an emotional moment as she comes to terms with her ex-husband’s decision to live as a woman. Despite any difficulties, the whole family supports him 100%. 

It hasn’t been easy for anyone, it’s a lot to handle and adjust to but at the end of the day, Bruce is still Bruce, a kind and loving father that’s always been there for his family. Stepdaughter Kim Kardashian says, “As long as he is happy, and he wants to live his life, however he wants to live it, that just makes me happy. And I support him 100 percent.”

So now that his well-guarded secret desires to become a woman have been revealed, what is Bruce’s next steps in becoming a woman? He has already had a surgical procedure (a tracheal shave) that wittled down his adam’s apple and his grooming habits, which include growing his hair long, regular manicures and makeup, have become much less of a secret mystery, now that he has revealed that he is indeed transforming into a woman. Earlier this year, Bruce also began taking estrogen hormones in an effort to make his breasts grow. Other than that, Bruce hasn’t revealed how far he plans on going with his transgender transformation. Will he go the whole 9 yards and opt for breast implants and gender reassignment surgery? Only time will tell!

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Lil Kim recently made a guest appearance on ‘Dancing with the Stars’, where she performed “Lady Marmalade” with Patti Labelle and Amber Riley. The performance caused quite a stir, but not because of Lil Kim’s singing ability, or the fact that she was performing the classic song with legend Patti Labelle. Lil Kim’s shocking appearance is what made headlines and social media feeds across the world…

Lil Kim with Patti Labelle and Amber Riley after performing on ‘Dancing with the Stars’:
lil kim patti label dancing with the stars performance 2015

Lil Kim seems to pop up for a performance of some sort, a couple of times a year and it always creates a buzz because the “Queen Bee” looks like a freaking mutant. But, don’t jump to conclusions you guys, Lil Kim’s new look isn’t the result of plastic surgery. That is, if you believe her publicist who always vehemently denies that the rapper has ever had any sort of plastic surgery.

Lil Kim then and now:

Lil Kim’s rep responded to media reports that the rapper looked “physically distorted” by calling the claim “fictitious, malicious, and despicable”, and vowing to bring legal action against news sources that dare to claim that Lil Kim, “an American music icon” has had plastic surgery.

Little Kim and The Notorious B.I.G., back in the day:

Lil Kim herself has also feigned outrage that people would think she has had plastic surgery and tweeted:

I’m not putting up with that sh*t no more. All they have been proving is im THAT b*tch with or without an album out & they always want to attack & bring down the real ones. Today was the last straw.

(Does anyone else think her choice of wording about being “the real ones” is hilariously appropriate?)

Little Kim then and now:

So there you have it…Clearly Lil Kim, who is 40-years old, is all natural and her completely different and bizarre appearance is the result of her being real and has nothing to do with the absurd amount of plastic surgery that she’s had over the years. Oddly enough, no legal action has come out of Lil Kim or her camp, even though they have vowed to take these repeated reports of Lil Kim’s plastic surgery transformation “very seriously”.

Lil Kim through the years:
Little Kim Plastic Surgery Through The Years

Curious about what exactly Lil Kim has had done and want to see more pictures of her transformation? Check out Lil Kim before and after plastic surgery.

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The American Society Of Plastic Surgeons has released the official numbers for 2014 cosmetic procedures. According to the digits, 15,622,866 people underwent a cosmetic procedure last year, chances are you may have been one of them, or at least know someone who was.

Throughout the years we have seen different types of cosmetic procedures come and go in terms of popularity. So which procedures were most popular throughout 2014, and which procedures have deflated in popularity?


The top five most popular surgical procedures include breast augmentation, eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty), facelift (Rhytidectomy), nose job (rhinoplasty), and liposuction. The most popular minimally invasive procedures for 2014 include Botox and Dysport, intense pulsed light treatment, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, and soft tissue fillers.

The most popular procedures only tell half of the story. Of all five of the most popular surgical procedures only one increased in popularity last year. Liposuction was up 5% from 2013, but all other invasive procedures were slightly down. This slight uptick in liposuction is only a tease; overall liposuction has greatly decreased in popularity since 2000.


Liposuction isn’t the only popular procedure on the overall decline. This is strikingly clear thanks to the graph (above) created by The Atlantic, which highlights the substantial decline in liposuction, nose jobs, and eyelid surgery over the last 14 years. On the other hand, procedures that are rapidly gaining popularity were practically unheard of in 2000, such as Botox, butt lift, and upper arm lift.

Breast implants were among the most popular procedure in 2000, and they remain even more popular today. Thanks to some of today’s hottest celebrities (and pop music hits), curves are all the rage. The demand for breast implants has skyrocketed by 35%, and the number of people undergoing butt implants has doubled over the last year, going from 942 to 1,963.

Apparently, curves are now more important than ever, and it’s to see why with songs like, “Anaconda” and “All About That Bass” constantly hitting us with the message: curves are not only sexy, they are seemingly mandatory.

Having curves in all the right places relates directly to our faces as well. Chin implants are decreasing, and people instead are opting for lip and cheek implants. The focus in recent years is less on overall face shape and instead focused on full lips and defined cheekbones.


We have all fallen for curves, but liposuction still remains one of the most common cosmetic procedures. Looking at the numbers over the last 15 years proves that this procedure has seen a huge decline. In 2000, over 350,000 people underwent liposuction. In 2014, these numbers considerably dropped to just over 200,000.

This could have something to do with a greater emphasis on dieting, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle in mainstream media. Shows like The Biggest Loser teach people there is really only one way to loose weight and keep it off, and that’s with a lot of hard work.

If you do lose a lot of weight there is still the issue of excess skin, which no amount of exercise can fix. Hence why skin-trimming procedures are rapidly on the rise, including arm lifts and tummy tucks.

Interestingly, more men are undergoing breast reductions than ever before. This might also have something to do with a growing focus on male appearances.


All in all, the numbers hint that Americans may be starting to accept their natural features, hence the decline in nose jobs, facelifts and eyelid surgery. In fact, the entire plastic surgery industry has decreased by 12% since 2000. This may also have to do with the availability of far less invasive cosmetic procedures, which are predicted to someday completely overrule operations that require cutting patients open. Case and point: in 2014, over 6 million people were injected with Botox or Dysport, while only 128,266 people underwent a facelift.

Which cosmetic procedure are you daydreaming about getting in 2015?



Candice Bergen has enjoyed a long and successful career entertaining the masses, and the entertainment continues thanks to her recently released memoir “A Fine Romance.” On April 7, Bergen got rather candid on the Today Show with Matt Lauer. Lauer and 68-year-old Bergen buzzed through many topics including her weight, past plastic surgeries and even her least favorite type of person to have lunch with!

In Bergen’s memoir she says she loves eating far too much to care about being fat. This comment earned her a lot of unexpected attention. Lauer made sure to ask for the details, and so while wearing a joyful, confident grin Bergen explained, “It was a scant reference on page 150 or something. I was just saying, I don’t enjoy eating lunch with some women who only have kale. I just find it limiting. I’d rather not go on, if that’s what I have to eat to fuel myself.”

candice-bergen-1Candice Bergen throughout the years aging with style, grace and plenty of smiles 

Bergen isn’t above the pressures we all feel, she candidly admitted that although she’s very comfortable in her own skin, “I mean, would I love to lose 10, 15 pounds? Absolutely. But I just haven’t taken the steps to do it.” Judging by her lighthearted attitude, and radiating self-confidence you won’t see her dropping those excess pounds any time soon. Not that she needs to she looks incredible and very healthy.

Alan Alda And Candice Bergen Celebrate The Opening Night Of "Love Letters"

The former Murphy Brown star also admitted how many times she has undergone cosmetic surgery. The 68-year old actress has been under the knife twice, both times while she was starring on Murphy Brown. While in her 40’s, Candice had an eye lift as well as a neck lift. According to Candice, “I had my eyes done at 41 when I started Murphy [Brown]. Then the following year I had some bands under my neck [done] because the light was catching them [on set]…and that’s all I’ve had done.”


Her memoir also dishes other details from behind the scenes of Murphy Brown, which she worked on from 1988 to 1998. Bergen earned a total of five Emmy awards for her performance on the show before removing her name from the running.

Bergen may have played a monster character (Kathy Morningside) in the film Miss Congeniality, but the real life Bergen is a total sweetheart. Her reasoning for removing herself from the Emmy nominations for Murphy Brown was completely pure and genuine. She revealed to Lauer, “Every time I would get back to the set of Murphy [Brown] after winning an Emmy it would take about a week to get back to normal. It was an ensemble cast and they all deserved Emmys [too]. I loved the cast and the crew.”

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The well-known dermatologist to the stars Dr. Fredric Brant tragically committed suicide only a couple weeks ago. According to his longtime spokeswomen, at the time of his death Dr. Brant was “deeply hurt” by Tina Fey’s Netflix show, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” Although, his spokeswomen made it clear that his hard feelings towards the comedian and producer were not the cause of his death.

Dr. Frederick Brandt (left) and the character Dr. Franff (right), whom was reportedly modeled after Dr. Brandt:MG_2714_shoulders-w.si373

65-year-old Dr. Brandt was found dead in his Miami home on Sunday April 5. He was a well-known dermatologist to some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Madonna and Stephanie Seymour.


After watching the entire season 1 of “Unbreakable,” I clearly recall the character of Dr. Franff, played by Martin Short. I am sure most people had no idea who the over-the-top doctor portrayed, if anyone at all. But Brandt saw right through the outlandish character and it hurt. He may have led a glamorous life full of designer gear and celebrity Botox, but he still had human feelings like the rest of us.

The doctor’s publicist, Jacquie Trachtenberg, said, “The show definitely deeply hurt him, he was being made fun of because of the way he looks. It is mean, and it was bullying. But the show was not the reason for his depression, and it was not the reason he would take his own life.”

The New York Times profiled the talented doctor in 2014, in which he said, “I approach each face with a visual perception, an artistic perception and a medical perception…. I’ve been kind of a pioneer in pushing the limits to see how things work and what the look would be. Would I change anything I’ve done? I might not have used as much Botox, because you don’t want to look quite as frozen.”

Brandt started his business in Miami back in 1982, and in 1998 he expanded to New York City as well. In 2001, Brandt released his popular skin care line.

The famous dermatologist was also a dog lover with three of his own, Benji, Durya, and Tyler.


According to US magazine his obituary read, “He loved singing show tunes and creating raps while he worked, keeping his patients happy and laughing while they were being injected with needles. It was impossible to walk out of his office without a smile on your face, feeling rejuvenated inside and out.”

Do you think Tiny Fey should feel bad for creating the character of Dr. Franff? Or, is all fair in love, war and comedy?

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Chelsea Handler has been making us laugh for years, but the former host of “Chelsea Lately” isn’t making any jokes about getting a breast lift… okay well maybe she is making a few jokes. BUT, she adamantly denies all rumors about having a boob lift, or a boob job of any kind.


The recently turned 40-year-old took to Twitter to write, “Um … there have been a lot of men who’ve touched my boobies, but not one of them has ever been a doctor.”

One hour later, Handler posted a picture of her lying on the ground topless, with her all natural boobies completely exposed. She captioned the image, “Here idiots. A totally sober portrayal of proof.”

The rumors surrounding Handler’s boob lift started to circulate around 6 months ago, after Us Weekly reported an inside source confirmed she had a lift because she was “stressed about looking saggy.” Us Weekly went on to write, “She is obsessed, so she keeps posting.”


It is true that Handler continues to post topless photos, but according to Handler it’s not true that her reason for doing so has to do with a boob lift. Instead, she is apparently fighting for female equality. Back in October Handler tweeted, “If a man posts a photo of his nipples, it’s OK, but not a woman? Are we in 1825?”

The Internet has been seeing a lot of Handler’s breasts lately. Her personal flash show took off after Kim Kardashian tried to “break the Internet” with her nude and very oiled up backside images for Paper magazine.

Handler followed suit, again and then again. Her first nudey post imitated Kim’s now famous backside shoot with the caption, “Can you believe more than 1 ass can fit on the same screen? Guess which one’s real. Your move, Instagram.”

Handler then made a joke about showing her ‘front side’ if Kim would do the same. Quickly thereafter she changed her tune, saying she was only joking. “Don’t worry, I would never show my peekachu, 1) because I have a family, and 2) oh yeah … TALENT. Thanks for making the rules clear, instagram.”


Unfortunately for anyone who would like to stare at photos of Handler’s nude chest all day every day, Instagram has removed most of her revealing photos due to the fact they don’t follow suit with the “Community Guidelines.”

Handler’s boobs are pretty perky though, and so it’s easy to see how rumors of a breast lift took off.


Handler’s bear all, hilarious attitude makes us think she would admit getting a breast lift if she really had one. In fact, she’d probably have some funny jokes about going under the knife.

What do you think? Is Chelsea Handler telling the truth about her natural chest, or is she telling surgery lies just like the rest of Hollywood?

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From Teen Mom to porn star to plastic surgeon? Farrah Abraham is all over the place when it comes to establishing herself as a ‘career woman’. The former Teen Mom star is only 23-years-old and already she has given birth, starred in two porn flicks, written a few erotic novels as well as a Christian parenting book, attempted a career in music, produced novelty sex toys and worked as a stripper. Now, she informs the world she’s ready to become a plastic surgeon.

farrah abraham plastic surgeon

In an interview with E! News Farrah revealed her latest plans for the future, “Hopefully in five years I can go back to school. I really want to get my doctorate and I want to do plastic surgery. So that’s just something on top of all of the other things I want to do but that would probably be my end goal.

Perhaps the inspiration to be a plastic surgeon came from her recent run in with botched lip injections, which left her looking more crazy than sexy. Or, maybe she just wants to score a good deal on future procedures by working on herself. When it comes to Farrah, seriously who knows!

The results of Farrah’s latest cosmetic “enhancement”…
farrah abraham botched lip injections

Considering how quickly she jumps from one project to the next, Farrah will have to find some newfound determination to stick with a doctorate program and become a plastic surgeon.

Farrah attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where she got her associate’s degree in culinary arts and management. Sorry Farrah, but that associates is good for nothing when it comes to medical school.


In order to become a surgeon Farrah will have to go to a four-year university and earn a bachelor’s degree by studying biology, physics and chemistry before she can even apply to medical school. Once accepted, she will have to attend a 4-year program, and then spend at least 3 years in a residency program before undergoing a fellowship to specialize. Oh, and then there’s the US Medical Licensing Examination she will have to pass in order to earn her official license.

If Farrah plans to go back to school in 5 years, it will be at least another 12 years before she can hang her name at a plastic surgery clinic and open up shop. At which point, perhaps her iffy reputation will be long forgotten, allowing her to collect patients that might otherwise run for the hills screaming.


In all honesty, I don’t see Farrah becoming a plastic surgeon, but if by some miracle she does… would you be willing to let her operate on you?

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