Lady gaga MTV VMAs 2013Don’t you hate it when your butt looks so good that people assume that it must be fake? (Yeah, that always happens to me…) After Lady Gaga’s recent performance at the VMA’s, where she stripped down to a mermaid-tasic thong, the rumors have been flying that Lady Gaga has gotten more plastic surgery…and this time Mama Monster has apparently gotten a butt augmentation!

Well, don’t get your panties in a twist just yet, friends. While Lady Gaga (and her butt) looked amazing at the VMA’s, that booty is all hers. There is a reason that Lady Gaga walks around without pants on ALL the time. It’s because she has a bangin’ butt thanks to her grueling performances and practicing/dancing several hours a day in preparation! Seriously, if you don’t believe us, go turn on some music, dance around for 20 minutes straight and tell us that you don’t feel that in your legs and butt…Now times that by 10 and you’ll get a butt like Gaga!

While Lady Gaga is no stranger to plastic surgery, the rumors that she’s had a butt augmentation or Brazilian Butt Lift are false. She’s had that cute little bubble butt for years.

Lady Gaga’s booty then and now:
lady gaga brazilian butt implants lift(Click for uncensored version)

How great is Lady Gaga’s butt? Great enough to be eye-banged in public by Taylor Swift. Multiple times…

And lastly, we would like to dedicated the following song to Lady Gaga’s butt:

“Bubble Butt” by Major Laser (NSFW)

Case closed. 😉



Sydney Leathers, the woman who busted Anthony Weiner for sexting, went ahead and got her plastic surgery makeover. And, apparently there was a lot of making over to be done, because she blew $40,000 on several different procedures!

Sydney Leathers before and after plastic surgery:
Sydney Leathers in a bikini before after plastic surgery

The unemployed 23-year old, who dropped out of college because she was busy making and promoting her p0rnos, spent $40,000 on a nose job, breast implants, liposuction and cosmetic dentistry. Sydney chose to undergo all three surgeries in one day and her plastic surgery makeover took 5 hours to perform. Plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman performed the surgeries on Sydney, which removed a bump from her nose, 5lbs of fat from her gut and increased her bust size from a C-cup to a D-cup. Sydney also opted to have her teeth whitened and debuted her new look in a red bikini as she posed for photographers on the beach.

Like all of the 15-minute famers that Vivid convinces to make p0rnos, Sydney has obediently had sex on film, done her media promotions, posed for canned bikini photos, blew all of her money on plastic surgery, posed for more bikini photos and acted like this is all some sort of smart business deal. And, just like her predecessors, Farrah Abraham, Myla Sinaj and Karissa Shannon, this is the part where Sydney slowly fades back into obscurity, with not a thread of dignity still attached. But at least she got fake boobs, you guys! Right?!

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Time for a little celebrity ketchup! Here are the most noteworthy recent celebrity and plastic surgery news stories:

celebrity ketchup gossip newsHayden Panettiere is removing her misspelled “Live without regrets” tattoo. Irony at its best! – Too Fab

Amanda Bynes proves that being crazy is expensive. – TMZ

Miley Cyrus thinks her crappy performance at the VMA’s “made history”. Delusional much? – ABC News

Farrah Abraham has no idea what the word “feminist” means. Seriously. – Miami New Times

Gwen Stefani is pregnant with ridiculously stylish child #3. – US Magazine

Justin Bieber finally hit puberty. Grows little boy mustache as proof. – Zimbio

Khloe Kardashian’s husband has an $800 per day crack habit. – Hollywood Life

Have you seen Richard Simmons new video? Twerkin’ to the Oldies!

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Shanna Moakler wants to show you something…The 2.5 liters of bloody fat that she just got suctioned out of her body!

Shanna Moakler after having liposuction:
Shanna Moakler bloody liposuction picture

Shanna Moakler posted the picture above shortly after having “Airbrush Laser Liposculpture”, which is a fancy name for liposuction, on her waistline. Shanna is extremely happy with the procedure and decided to undergo liposuction after three pregnancies and three c-sections left her unable to snap back into pre-pregnancy shape.

Shanna, who is a model, beauty queen and ex-wife of drummer Travis Barker, had the procedure done by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Aaron Rollins and she couldn’t be happier with the surgery and the results. According to Shanna, the liposuction was painless, took only 30 minutes and she was awake for the procedure. Granted, this is what Shanna said immediately following the surgery, so let’s see how she feels tomorrow, when those happy pain meds wear off. From what we’ve heard first hand, liposuction is extremely painful…

Regardless, we are excited to see the results of Shanna Moakler’s plastic surgery! Here’s 38-year old Shanna partying with her friend Cheryl Burke in July (before liposuction):

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In case you havn’t heard, Courtney Stodden is currently on the British reality show “Celebrity Big Brother” and is terrorizing her housemates with her insanely gigantic fake boobs.

Courtney shows off her new DDD breast implants on “Celebrity Big Brother”:Courtney Stodden bad boob job
(Worst. Boob. Job. Ever!)

Courtney, who just turned 19, seems to be enjoying her time away from her 53-year old husband and has been prancing around the Big Brother house in her skimpiest outfits, drinking alcohol and dirty dancing with her housemates. I wonder how Doug is going to feel about Courtney’s behavior after he see this on television?

Courtney partying up a storm and dancing in a thong on Celebrity Big Brother:

(She’s totally going to get grounded…)

When Courtney entered the Big Brother show, wearing a tiny yellow mini dress and 7″ heels, she was booed and laughed at by the British audience. Not surprisingly, no one knew who she was or why she was famous and it was simply assumed that she was a porn star. (We’re all for being sexy, but I think it’s time to rethink your game plan when the unanimous assumption is that you look like an adult film actress…) Apparently Courtney thinks she’s pretty famous though, and she told the Big Brother interviewer that, “People have just become obsessed with me. I am most known for my controversial union to my husband. It got a lot of media attention. It’s hard to raise eyebrows in Hollywood, but we really did. I enjoy paparazzi, I enjoy attention. People are obsessed with me for just being me.

Courtney got the gigantic DDD breast implants, shortly before filming of the show began, and we think they look absolutely horrible on her teeny tiny frame. Not only do they look like they could rip off of her chest at any second, they are going to be sagging down to her belly button before she’s even old enough to legally drink in the United States.

More pictures of Courtney Stodden on “Celebrity Big Brother”:

So what do you think about Courtney Stodden’s new extra-busty look? Are we being too hard on her?

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And, the winner of the worst plastic surgery at the MTV Video Music Awards is…Lil Kim!

Lil Kim then and now:lil kim before and after hip implants

While everyone is all up in arms about Miley Cyrus bumpin’ and grindin’ and Lady Gaga stripping down to a g-string, while they performed at the MTV Video Music Awards, what about Lil Kim?! Perhaps you didn’t recognize her since she looks absolutely nothing like she did 10 years ago, but yes, that was indeed Lil Kim that took the stage to present the “Best Hip Hop Video” award to Macklemore.

Lil Kim squeezed all of her plastic body parts into a black perforated leather catsuit for the awards show and just when you think there is nothing left for this woman to get plastic surgery on, she shows up looking even more bizarre than before.

Lil Kim before and after even more plastic surgery:lil kim before and after butt implants

The Queen Bee seems to have nothing left on her face to have surgery on, so she’s turned back to altering her body. In the past, Lil Kim has had multiple breast augmentations and liposuction, and more recently she has gotten gargantuan sized butt implants and a procedure on her hips that have given her an exaggerated hourglass figure. If you ask us, it’s pretty ironic that Lil Kim has gotten the exact same surgeries as her arch-rival Nicki Minaj. With all of these celebrities morphing into plastic surgeried caricatures of themselves, it gives an entire new meaning to the term “keepin’ it real”.

Lil Kim’s album cover from 2000 and 2013. Something looks…different?lil kim albums covers

Lil Kim’s crazy train of bizarre plastic surgery continues to barrel on uncontrolled, so who knows who, or what, she will look like next time she pops up at an event…

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In news that will bring hope and happiness to awkward teenage boys everywhere…Check out how geeky George Clooney used to be!

George Clooney then and now:George Clooney Ugly Duckling

Who would have thought that that goofy looking kid on the left would grow up to be one of the most desired men in the world?!

George Clooney shot to fame in the mid-90’s after he was cast on the hit TV show “ER”. Since then, he has appeared in numerous popular movies, made millions and dated some of the most sought after woman in Hollywood. Not bad for a kid that was mercilessly teased through an entire year of middle school after suffering from facial paralysis caused by Bell’s palsy! Although George calls that experience, “the worst time of my life”, he also says that it made him stronger and more determined.

So how did George Clooney go from downright dorky to Hollywood hottie? You would think that such a drastic change would have to be attributed to the skilled hand of a plastic surgeon, right? Not so much for George. While he has gone under the knife for an eyelift, and George did have cosmetic dentistry, those procedures where done after he made it big in Hollywood. Surprisingly enough, George simply grew into his looks (and got a great stylist!).

Random George Clooney fact: George Clooney’s mother is a former beauty queen and his father was a news anchorman.
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jamie lee curtis plastic surgeryApparently Jamie Lee Curtis has sworn off Botox and plastic surgery, but we’re having a hard time believing her, since the 54-year-old actress already gave plastic surgery the boot once before, back in 2006, when she said the work she had done made her look “weird.” According to “then” Jamie, undergoing cosmetic surgery was the worst decision she had ever made – a “horrible experience” that made her much more insecure than she already was. If Jamie Lee really means it this time though, kudos to her. It’s never a bad idea for a grown woman to practice some self-acceptance.

Jamie Lee Curtis, like many other unfortunate actresses, got caught up in the plastic surgery game way back when and has undergone a number of cosmetic surgery procedures in the years since, including liposuction, blepharoplasty, breast implants, Botox and more. Unlike other plastic surgery-obsessed celebrities out there though, Jamie has the guts to tell it like it is. “I’ve had a little plastic surgery. I’ve had a little lipo. I’ve had a little Botox,” Jamie Lee says. “And you know what? None of it works. None of it.”

In addition to becoming a little obsessed with cosmetic surgery itself, Jamie Lee also developed an addiction to pain medication after undergoing bad plastic surgery, which she says made her feel unnatural. The first time she had painkillers was during a cosmetic procedure, and she became hooked on the pills after plastic surgery failed to improve her appearance, anesthetizing herself on a daily basis just to get by.

Jamie Lee Curtis through the years:Jamie lee curtis before and after plastic surgery

It’s refreshing to hear a little truth about the pitfalls of plastic surgery, especially from a successful actress who “actively participated in and, by the way, profited from” an image that was created at the hand of a plastic surgeon. “It’s such a fraud. And I’m the one perpetuating it,” Jamie once said about her altered appearance. Not anymore though; these days Jamie Lee Curtis has resigned herself to accept the way she was meant to look and age gracefully, which she has been doing with style, we must say. “I don’t have great thighs,” admits Jamie Lee. “I have very big breasts and a soft, fatty little tummy. And I’ve got back fat.” You have to admit though Jamie, that’s better than looking like a plastic surgery mutant!

Jamie Lee Curtis showing of the body that she is now accepting of in Hawaii last month:
Jamie lee curtis swimsuit 2013

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