We know that it’s called “plastic surgery”, but we’re pretty sure that you don’t literally want your face to look like plastic, right? Well, unfortunately Jon Mack’s plastic surgeon didn’t get the memo and she showed up to the Emmy’s looking scarily over-done.

Jon Mack before and after plastic surgery:
Jon Mack before and after bad plastic surgery

The D-list singer/model/actress, who has held such roles as “female addict”, “craps table girl #2″ and “FBI Agent #3″, is no stranger to plastic surgery, but she has finally had one (or five!) too many nips and tucks and looks worse for wear. Jon keeps her age a guarded secret, but we are going to guess that she is closer to 50 than 40 and is still trying to look 30. Unfortunately that is not the look she ended up with and now she looks like she’s 50 and has had bad plastic surgery. It appears that Jon Mack’s new look is the result of a chemical peel that hasn’t quite healed yet, too much Botox, too many filler injections, lip injections and more than one nose job.

Jon Mack is the type of woman that would have aged nicely and would have been pretty even with a few age-appropriate wrinkles, but sadly she didn’t know when to say no and has ruined her good looks with bad plastic surgery. It’s very ironic that these woman that are so desperate to stay young looking, end up looking much worse after plastic surgery, than they did before these procedures that are suppose to improve their looks. Well, Jon, maybe Nip/Tuck is hiring, or perhaps you can score a role as “scary creature #3″ or “sexy burn victim” in a made for TV movie.

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Tired of countless hours spent on applying meticulous makeup? Sick of the expensive cost, potential death from, and painful healing time of, plastic surgery? Well, there is a new product on the market that solves all of these problems! Introducing the Uniface mask:

The Uniface video above states: “I put make up on everyday, but I never feel satisfied with my face. Uniface has recently developed a ‘Bionic-skin’ face mask and ‘Cell-blending’ glue. Simply with one spray, you can have all of the beautiful facial features. Perfection is only one step away, Uniface.

Women before and after Unimask application:

That’s right, ladies, for just $399.99 you can have “a lifetime’s worth of confidence”, which includes “giant anime eyes, long lashes, a high nose bridge, and narrow chin and cheeks”. Once you supply your facial measurements, your bionic-skin Uniface mask will be shipped to you in 1 week. The cell-blending glue is included at no extra cost. One spray and your bionic-skin mask permanently adheres to your face, forever eliminating imperfections associated with aging, lack of sleep, poor makeup technics and undesirable genetics.

While the Uniface website is pretty convincing that their face mask is really a new thing, after poking around, it appear that it’s an elaborate hoax. Unless, of course you believe that the Uniface Mask adheres permanently to your face and that the adhesive can only be deactivated by a Uniface scientist, and that the mask will blink, make any facial expression and the lips will move as you talk. Oddly enough, we’ve seen weirder things come out of plastic surgery obsessed Asia, so at first glance, the Uniface mask isn’t even a stretch!

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Taryn Manning is currently starring in the unexpectedly popular made for Netflix show “Orange is the New Black”, and her spot on portrayal of a white trash meth head has made her a breakout star of the show. Taryn’s character goes by Pennsatucky and I thought that something looked a bit off about her lip, but I wrote it off as a result of the rotted out fake meth teeth that Taryn wears for her role. After seeing a recent interview with Taryn, without her Pennsatucky makeup and teeth, I was curious as to what is up with Taryn Manning’s lip. Something just doesn’t look right! After digging up some old pictures of the actress, it’s pretty obvious that she’s been getting filler injections in her lips.

Taryn Manning before and after lip injections:
Taryn Manning plastic surgery lip injections

Taryn naturally has a pretty thin top lip, but I wish she would have stayed away from the lip injections. Although her plastic surgeon showed some restraint and didn’t blow her lip up to Megan Fox proportions, they still don’t look right. Similar to how breast implants don’t look natural on thin woman with too little body fat to hide the implants, lip injections on lips that are very thin to begin with tend to look lumpy, bumpy and uneven. Also, the filler is pushing Taryn’s top lip out in a way that gives her that weird mustache shadow that looks very Planet of the Apes to me.

Taryn Manning then and now:
taryn manning lip injections before and after

Aside from the minor tweak to her lips, 34-year old Taryn Manning looks great and doesn’t appear to have had any other plastic surgery. Being one of the few pretty 30-somethings in Hollywood, that is not Botoxed to the hilt, probably helped land her the gritty Pennsatucky role on “Orange is the New Black”!

What do you think of Taryn’s look after lip plumping injections? Good, bad or indifferent?

Taryn Manning as Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett:

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The battle of the bulge rages on! Common folk are not the only people that are crash dieting, gaining weight, losing weight and battling the bulge. Celebrities also experience their own weight fluctuations, whether it be for movie roles or just for the love of dinner rolls. Check out our gallery of celebrities, stars and socialites before and after gaining and/or losing weight!

stars and the battle of the bulge

Also be sure to check out our gallery full of pictures of celebrities before and after to see stars transformations before and after plastic surgery, photoshop and more!

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michelle-pfeiffer-2012Wow. Doesn’t Michelle Pfeiffer look amazing? It’s hard to believe that the gorgeous actress turned 55 this year! So what is Michelle’s beauty secret? Has she had plastic surgery or is she simply genetically gifted? If you ask us, it’s a little bit of both.

Michelle Pfeiffer won the genetic lottery and was born with, what many would consider, perfect facial features. The high cheekbones, perfect nose and beautiful smile that Michelle is known for, definitely have given her a leg up on this whole aging gracefully process. But, can she really look that good in her mid-50’s without a little bit of outside help? We don’t think so. While we think that Michelle looks gorgeous and natural, we also think that she’s had a bit of plastic surgery by a very talented cosmetic surgeon. Judging from photos of the actress through the years, our guess is that she had a mini facelift around 2005, which achieved a much more natural look than the overuse of Botox, fillers and over-aggressive facelifts that seems to be so popular nowadays.

Whether it’s her vegan diet, plastic surgery or some new age secret, Michelle Pfeiffer looks fantastic and should keep doing whatever it is that she’s doing to age so gracefully!

Michelle Pfeiffer through the years:michelle pfeiffer good plastic surgery facelift

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Julie Chen revealed her shocking secret to success on “The Talk” and would you believe it’s plastic surgery that got her to where she is today? Hard work, dedication, drive, education? Nope, it was plastic surgery to westernize her face that the talk show host attributes to her successful career.

Julie Chen before and after plastic surgery:
Julie Chen before and after plastic surgery

Julie recounted several instances when she was trying to break into the business, where she was told that she looked “too chinese” to be a news reporter in America, and how an agent refused to represent her unless she had plastic surgery. After talking to her parents and garnering their support, Julie flew to Los Angeles and had a well-known plastic surgeon give her the double eyelid surgery that she was told she needed for a successful career. Sadly, to this day, 42-year old Julie attributes her success to having double eyelid surgery. According to Julie, the cosmetic surgery she underwent early in her career “got me to where we are today. And I’m not going to look back.

Julie Chen reveals her plastic surgery secret:

Personally, I think it’s irresponsible and a bad example for Julie Chen to make such a statement. Having plastic surgery is not going to insure career success. And, it’s pretty sad that Julie Chen is telling her fans that she would be a nobody if it wasn’t for those fancy double eyelids. The funny thing is that when you compare the pictures of Julie Chen before and after plastic surgery, the change in her eyes is hardly noticeable. The drastic change in her look is the nose job that she failed to mention in her plastic surgery confessions…

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Am I the only one that thinks Sofia Vergara’s mask-like Botox face is annoying? Sofia is one of those women that was born beautiful, and she would have continued to be beautiful forever if she hadn’t set off on the journey for the fountain of youth and ended up in a plastic surgeon’s office. Now, the 41-year old “Modern Family” actress is on the cusp of tipping over into the world of bad plastic surgery, thanks to too much plastic surgery, too soon.

Sofia Vergara before and after Botox:
Sofia Vergara before and after Botox

Look. We get it. Sofia Vergara is the highest paid actress in television, and she’s not exactly the best actress we’ve ever seen, so of course there is pressure for her to upkeep the “sexy latina mamacita” stereotype that she is paid to play. But do you remember when Sofia Vergara threw Madonna under the bus by talking trash in the media about how bad Madonna’s plastic surgery was in 2010? In an interview with “Esquire Magazine”, Sofia sounded off about what she thought of plastic surgery:

Women all look the same now…That thing with the cheeks. Like Madonna. Who do they think they’re fooling? It doesn’t make them look young. You end up looking like a freak.

Would these same words come out of Sofia’s mouth now that she is Botoxed to the hilt and well on her way down the same path that led Madonna to over do her face? If you don’t think Sofia’s catty statements about Madonna’s appearance were bad enough, take into account that Sofia Vergara is 14 years younger than Madonna. And, if you compare the two when they were both 41, Sofia has more than topped Madonna when it comes to plastic surgery in their early 40’s.

Madonna Age 41 Sofia Vergara Age 41

Yes, it’s true that Madonna’s excessive plastic surgery and “pillow cheeks” look less than great, but Sofia, darling, you are fixing to messing up that pretty face worse than Madonna ever did. Stop with the Botox already!

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Lady gaga MTV VMAs 2013Don’t you hate it when your butt looks so good that people assume that it must be fake? (Yeah, that always happens to me…) After Lady Gaga’s recent performance at the VMA’s, where she stripped down to a mermaid-tasic thong, the rumors have been flying that Lady Gaga has gotten more plastic surgery…and this time Mama Monster has apparently gotten a butt augmentation!

Well, don’t get your panties in a twist just yet, friends. While Lady Gaga (and her butt) looked amazing at the VMA’s, that booty is all hers. There is a reason that Lady Gaga walks around without pants on ALL the time. It’s because she has a bangin’ butt thanks to her grueling performances and practicing/dancing several hours a day in preparation! Seriously, if you don’t believe us, go turn on some music, dance around for 20 minutes straight and tell us that you don’t feel that in your legs and butt…Now times that by 10 and you’ll get a butt like Gaga!

While Lady Gaga is no stranger to plastic surgery, the rumors that she’s had a butt augmentation or Brazilian Butt Lift are false. She’s had that cute little bubble butt for years.

Lady Gaga’s booty then and now:
lady gaga brazilian butt implants lift(Click for uncensored version)

How great is Lady Gaga’s butt? Great enough to be eye-banged in public by Taylor Swift. Multiple times…

And lastly, we would like to dedicated the following song to Lady Gaga’s butt:

“Bubble Butt” by Major Laser (NSFW)

Case closed. 😉



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