The winner of the Miss Korea 2013 beauty pageant has yet to be announced, but we can assure you that the winner will not be a natural beauty. Newly released photos of the 20 contestants have caused quite a buzz after people started pointing out the obvious: all of the contestants have had extensive plastic surgery and they all look oddly alike!

The contestants of the Miss Korea 2013 pageant:
Contestants of the Miss Korea 2013 pageant

To say that Koreans are obsessed with plastic surgery, may seem extreme, but it’s not really far from the truth. South Korea tops the list of countries that have had the most plastic surgery and 20% of the woman that live in Seoul have had at least one plastic surgery procedure performed. Korean’s panache for plastic surgery usually focuses on the face and typically they don’t stop at just one procedure, which may be why all of the Miss Korea pageant contestants look like cookie cutter pop-outs.

So do all of the Miss Korea beauty pageant contestants look exactly alike? Sort of! While there are slight variations between the women, it’s quite obvious that most (all?) of the woman have the same plastic-surgeon-given eyes, nose and chin.

A face morph of the Miss Korea 2013 pageant contestants:
Miss Korea 2013 Contestants Face Morph

Not surprisingly, Miss Korea 2012 has also undergone extensive plastic surgery and didn’t seem the least bit phased about the fact that her face had been completely rearranged by a plastic surgeon. When asked about her obvious transformation, Miss Korea 2012 simply responded with, “I never said I was born beautiful“.

Miss Korea 2012 Kim Yumi before and after plastic surgery:
Miss Korea Kim Yumi before and after plastic surgery

Personally I don’t think Korean’s are ugly. So why are they so obsessed with totally obliterating their faces? For me, it would be pretty disturbing if I looked into the mirror and saw the eyes, nose and chin of a barbie doll or anime creature starring back at me. I’m going to keep my fathers nose, mothers eyes and a chin that looks just like my daughters, even if they don’t fit into some weird beauty ideal that plastic surgeons are trying to sell…

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Louise Mench is a best-selling British “chick-lit” writer turned politician who served as a Member of Parliament from 2010 – 2012. During her term in Parliament, Lousie refused to answer questions about speculations that she had plastic surgery, but now that her term has ended and she has moved on from politics, she is finally putting to rest the rumors by admitting that yes, she did indeed have a facelift!

Louise Mench before and after having a facelift:
Louise Mensch before and after facelift

In 2011, a journalist spotted fresh scars around Louise’s ears and chin and asked her if she has had a facelift. Without denying that she had plastic surgery, Louise refused to answer the question because she felt that focus on her appearance was unimportant to her work as a politician. Now that Louise has left her political career behind and has relocated to the United States, she is open to talk more about her plastic surgery past. According to Louise:

I had a little tightening in my face and I remember being asked about it by the Guardian…asked if I’d had a facelift because she saw a scar under my chin. I refused to answer that question, not because I was embarrassed about the procedure but because people are always trying to trivialise women politicians based on their appearance. But as I’m no longer a politician and the government has come out backing this very sensible report it seems a good time to talk about it.

While we think that Louise Mench has every right to keep her plastic surgery secrets to herself, and we applaud her for not outright lying about it like many celebrities, we also think it’s pretty strange for someone to get a facelift in their 30′s! Louise underwent the facelift procedure in 2011, when she was just 39-years old. Is it just us, or does that seem too young to be getting a facelift?

Random Louise Mench fact: Louise is married to Peter Mench, the manager of Metallica.
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It’s a battle royale! Baby bump versus baby bump! First into the ring is Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian. Both are 7 months into their first pregnancy and both are reportedly carrying baby girls.

The royal bump versus the Kardashian Kurve®:

Kate and Kim are both due to give birth in July and they are both celebrities, but that is pretty much where the similarities stop. Early in her pregnancy Kate Middleton suffered from such severe morning sickness, that she had to be admitted to the hospital. While Kim got off easy in terms of morning sickness, she has struggled with cravings and weight gain and has reportedly already consulted a plastic surgeon for a tummy tuck procedure immediately following the birth of her child.

So who wears pregnancy better? In our opinion the Dutchess makes pregnancy look sweet and easy, while Kim K makes it look fussy and annoying. Sound off below!

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Looks like Ke$ha got tired of being the butt of butt-less jokes and bought herself a new booty! Ke$ha posted a nude picture of herself to her Instagram and Twitter account revealing the results of what appears to be a butt augmentation surgery.

Kesha in 2010 and in 2013:
Kesha Before and After Butt Implants

Fans have been speculating that Ke$ha has recently taken to wearing padded panties in order to fill out her infamously flat butt, but it looks like Ke$ha is ready to prove them wrong. The revealing photo that she posted on Twitter shows the 26-year old singer nude, aside from a pair of tiny thong panties and a strategically placed curtain. In the photo Ke$ha’s new rounder and fuller butt in on full display and shows a drastic change from what the singers butt used to look like.

So did Ke$ha get butt implants? We don’t think so. Judging from her body type and the results of the butt augmentation, it looks like Ke$ha had a fat transfer procedure where fat is harvested from other parts of the body and injected into the butt. This procedure is also called a Brazilian Butt Lift and typically looks more natural than butt implants.

What do you think of Ke$ha’s new look? The Brazilian Butt Lift has certainly given the apple-shaped singer some more feminine curves, but isn’t this the type of thing that Ke$ha and her I-don’t-give-a-f#ck attitude are supposed to be against?

More pictures of Ke$ha’s formerly flat booty:

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Remember Nikki Cox? She had a pretty extensive and successful acting career that started in the early 90′s. She was known for her beautiful smile and the gorgeous actress was often cast as a love interest or for a “hot chick” type roll. So what exactly happened to Nikki Cox and why did her career suddenly die? Three words: bad plastic surgery…

Nikki Cox before and after ruining her looks with plastic surgery:
Nikki Cox before and after lip augmentation

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that the last time Nikki Cox was cast in a tv show or movie was before she had a horribly botched lip augmentation surgery in 2008, but we don’t think so. Not only did bad plastic surgery ruin Nikki Cox’s natural good looks, it caused her acting career to come to a grinding halt and the only work she has been able to score since than, is voiceover work. Yes, that’s right. Nikki went from leading lady rolls to voice work for cartoons and a talking poodle, thanks to one too many nips and tucks.

Nikki Cox through the yearsNikki Cox before and after bad plastic surgery

So what has Nikki had done and where did she go wrong? Early in her career, Nikki Cox got breast implants and they seemed to be well suited for her body type, plus, big fake boobs were exceedingly popular in the early 90′s. Around 2005, Nikki started dabbling with Botox and facial fillers, which seemed to be okay until something drastic happened in 2008. It appears that Nikki opted for a more drastic (and sadly, permanent) solution to her love of lip fillers and had a lip augmentation with some sort of permanent filler or implants. Nikki’s smile went from big and beautiful to overstuffed and unnatural, and the super-sized trout pout does nothing for her looks. The 34-year old actress has cute, but small features and her gigantic lips not only looks ridiculous, but it makes her already small nose and eyes look even smaller.

Unfortunately for Nikki, once you have botched plastic surgery on your face, there is little that you can do about. Corrective surgeries never fully reverse the damage done and sometimes it will just make it worse. It’s sad to see woman permanently ruin their natural good looks while on a quest for ill-conceived plastic perfection. Nikki is just another celebrity that can be added to the list of stars whose career’s were ruined by bad plastic surgery.

More photos of Nikki Cox before and after plastic surgery:

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If you’re a plastic surgery addict who spends thousands of dollars on lip injections and boob jobs, there’s a good chance you’re going to have a nasty experience like Laura Summers did with her not-so-sexy pout. The British model, who is only 27 and admits to having spent more than $90,000 on plastic surgery so far, learned this lesson the hard way when her latest lip injection was botched and she ended up with a gigantic trout pout.

Laura Summers after botched lip injections:
Laura Summers Botched Lip Injections

Laura’s story begins like any other plastic surgery addict – she was bullied in high school and underwent plastic surgery for the first time at age 20, in hopes of making herself more attractive with fake boobs and a slimmer nose. During the next seven years, Laura underwent a shocking number of procedures, including four boob jobs, a breast reduction (she changed her mind?), two nose jobs, two procedures to pin her ears back, and countless Botox injections, facial fillers and collagen injections.

Laura Summers before and after nearly $100,000 in plastic surgery procedures:
Laura Summers before and after plastic surgery

It wasn’t until November 2010 though, when Laura underwent a botched lip augmentation, that she realized her plastic surgery obsession was putting her life at risk. She was modeling at a London trade fair when someone from another stand approached her and offered to give her a lip injection. “They said they were licensed and legitimate so I thought, ‘Why not?’” After getting the lip fillers, Laura went back to her stand, but an hour later, she started to feel strange. She was light-headed and couldn’t feel her lips, which she figured was normal, but soon her whole face was numb and she was drooling uncontrollably.

When Laura woke up the next morning, she finally realized something had gone horribly wrong. “I looked in the mirror and screamed. All I could see was a monster looking back at me.” Her lips had ballooned to four times their normal size because of the bad lip injection, but when she went to the hospital, there was little doctors could do since they didn’t know what had been used as the filler. “I thought for a while I might be scarred for life or I could have even got an infection and died.”

In the end, Laura was prescribed antibiotics for the horrific swelling, but it took months for her to see any change. Nearly two years later, her lips still weren’t back to their normal size, but she says she can live with the change. “I played Russian roulette with my health and my looks and I will never do it ever again.” So does this mean Laura Summers is swearing off of plastic surgery? It sure does sound like it, but if we know our plastic surgery addicts, she will be back to the plastic surgeon sooner than you can say, “omgwasthatawrinklenearmyeyewhenipretendedtolaugh

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farrah-abraham-boobjobPerhaps you have been hiding under a rock and have not heard about the Farrah Abraham’s sex tape fiasco yet? So let’s recap…Farrah Abraham made a sex tape with an ex-boyfriend. She tried to sell it to a porn company. Her ex-boyfriend wouldn’t sign off on the release. Farrah Abraham really wants everyone to see her naked and having sex, so she hired pornstar James Deen to nail her on film.

Pretty desperate, right? Well, it gets better. First, Farrah denied that there was a sex tape, then admitted that there was but she would fight the release. Then she denied making a porno with James Deen, then admitted that she did, but it’s for her “personal collection”. Yes, that is right, since Farrah got caught making a porno and trying to pass it off as a stolen “sex tape”, she is now trying to throw a new, equally ridiculous spin on it. Farrah Abraham would like you to believe that she had sex with a pornstar on camera, for her own personal collection, so that she could look back at the good ol’ days when she had a “smokin’ hot 21-year old body”. Oh, and this porno she made for her personal collection? It’s also for sale for $2 million.

Farrah posed for these bikini photos on the same day that she shot her porno:

Farrah has spent over $20,000 on plastic surgery to “enhance” her 21-year old body, so maybe she should have commissioned her plastic surgeon to bang her on film. That way they could both be immortalized! Her 21-year old body and the man that built it? Shoot, that could even be the title of Farrah’s personal porno…

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Remember the Backstreet Boys? In the early 90′s The Backstreet Boys released their first album and the boy band became instant teen heartthrobs. Twenty years later, surprisingly enough, The Backstreet Boys are not only still together, but they are one of the best selling music artists in the world. Unfortunately the Backstreet Boys looks aren’t as timeless as their music and with the “boys” now in their 30′s and 40′s, some of them are turning to outside help in order to maintain their youthful facade. Backstreet Boy’s member AJ McLean recently posted a picture to his Instagram account showing off the result of his hair transplant surgery, giving props to both this new head of hair and his doctor.

AJ McLean posted this picture to his Instagram account, showing off his hair plugs:AJ McLean Hair Restoration Surgery

Along with the photo comparison of himself before and after getting the hairplugs, AJ implied that his hair restoration surgery was equal to a male version of a boob job and he is more than happy with the results. According to AJ:

“Some girls get there boobs done some guys get abb implants all to make them happy! This was the one thing I did and I couldn’t be happier thank u dr G!!!!”

AJ McLean before and after hair transplant surgery:
Backstreet Boy AJ McLean Before and After Hair Plugs

The Backstreet Boys are celebrating their 20 year anniversary this month by kicking of a new tour, and it’s common for celebrities to try to create a buzz by doing something that will get them into the tabloids, but…hairplugs? Maybe AJ McLean should have kept that secret to himself.

And, just for fun…Here are the Backstreet Boys then and now!

The Backstreet Boys circa 1993 versus the 2012 version:
Backstreet Boys Then and Now

And the Backstreet Boys doing the Harlem Shake? Mmmmkay…

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