Check out Snooki! Not only has she lost a ton of weight, she’s actually looking cute and stylish in an appropriate sort of way. Snooki hit the beach with her boyfriend Jionni and 11-month old son Lorenzo, where she happily showed off her new and improved body in a trendy high-waist bikini.

Snooki before and after losing weight:
Snooki in a bikini before and after weight loss

Snooki lost all of the 30lbs she gained during her pregnancy, and another 12lbs on top of that, for a total weight loss of 42lb! That’s a huge accomplishment, and fairly shocking when you take into account that Snooki is only 4’9″ tall and currently weighs in at a healthy 98lbs. Snooki lost the baby weight and more after cutting way back on alcohol and hitting the gym hard. She admits that she was “disgusted” with her body during and after pregnancy and worked hard to get to where she is today.

Who would have thought that Snooki, best known for being a drunken troll, would actually turn out to be the most successful out of the entire motley crew that was “Jersey Shore”? Perhaps the airheaded facade is just an act, because Snooki has played her cards right (well, except for those godawful fake teeth…) and not only has she made millions off of her 15 minutes of Jersey Shore fame, she also has scored a seemingly down-to-earth boyfriend and has started a cute little family. The other Jersey Shore cast members have either faded into obscurity or blown all of their money on Bentley’s, blow or bad plastic surgery.

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dolly parton in the 80sNow that Dolly Parton has completely destroyed her natural good looks with decades of extreme plastic surgery, the iconic country singer says she just focuses on “maintenance” these days. That’s how you know you’ve run the gamut of plastic surgery – when you just check back with your surgeon every once in a while to “maintain” the look that has been so carefully crafted with a scalpel. You have to give Dolly Parton credit for stepping up and admitting that she’s had (a lot) of work done though. Most female celebrities (ahem, Nicole Kidman) are afraid to admit they’ve had cosmetic surgery – even when they’re not fooling anyone. And that just makes you look even more insecure.

So far in her 67 years, dear old Dolly has had quite a bit of plastic surgery, including liposuction, breast implants, fillers, under-eye work, Botox and a procedure to remove what she calls the “pelican pouch” under her chin. These days though, the country singer’s maintenance regime consists of only fillers and Botox, because, “You owe it to people not to look like a dog if you can help it!” Her words, not ours. While Dolly Parton may not look like a “dog” per say, her love affair with cosmetic surgery has left her looking less than natural. It’s kind of amazing to see “before” pictures of Dolly Parton, because it makes you realize how long it’s been since she has looked like that and, also how long she has been going under the knife. And for what reason? “I am not a natural beauty,” Dolly explains. “And I am on camera all the time. I mean, I don’t go to extremes with it. I just do little bits and pieces, just to try and keep things touched up, just tweaking.”

Dolly Parton before and after plastic surgery:

All in all, Dolly Parton is somewhat of a pioneer when it comes to plastic surgery – the queen of plastic surgery, let’s say – and she’s not afraid to recommend the same treatment to others who might benefit from a nip here and a tuck there. “I think you should do it if it’s gonna make you feel better,” she has said in the past. “Anybody that’s got the nerve, desire and the money to have surgery, should find a good doctor and just do it,” Dolly told In Touch magazine in an interview last year. Dolly obviously ignored the “good doctor” part of her own advice when she went under the knife, because her’s is one of the worst and most famous cases of bad plastic surgery we’ve ever seen. And we’ve seen a lot.

Random Dolly Parton fact: Although her gigantic breast implants are what she is most known for, the country singer has always refused to pose nude or topless.
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barbi twins 1990sBefore there was an obsession with “real-life Barbies,” there were the Barbi twins – 90’s poster girls for that overtly sexy look that was popular of that era, who went under the knife numerous times to achieve a sexier appearance, while still (amazingly) maintaining their identical twin-ness. Shane and Sia Barbi, now 50 years old, took the 90’s by storm with their big hair, fake boobs everything and plastic surgeried faces, eventually capturing the attention of – who else? – Hugh Hefner, who put them on the cover of the September 1991 issue of Playboy. Once they had their grip on good old Hef, there was no stopping these plastic Barbis, who eventually got their own billboard and launched a career that USA Today said brought them “caviar dreams and champagne lifestyles of the rich and famous.”

Self-proclaimed animal rights activists, health and fitness authors and pin-up models, the Barbi twins are actually best known for their extreme plastic surgery, which included breast implants, lip injections, butt implants, nose jobs, chin implants and cheek implants. Take a look at pretty much any photo of Shane and Sia Barbi and you’ll notice that their unnaturally large butts and boobs look as fake as a $3 bill. Almost as extreme as their breast implants, are their duck lips and expressionless faces that have also obviously been altered. Now that the Barbi Twins are over-the-hill in terms of bikini modeling, that hasn’t stopped them from trying to maintain their sexy look with facelifts, breast lifts and more.

The Barbi Twins then and now

Wonder where the Barbi twins’ addiction to plastic surgery came from? Surprise, surprise – they struggled with bulimia and physical insecurities in their younger years that apparently led to their obsession with crash-dieting, bingeing, purging and other destructive behaviors. According to Shane and Sia, they were able to transform their personal issues into something positive, claiming to be “real people” who use their own difficulties to help others maintain a healthy lifestyle. Funny, because it seems to me that the Barbi twins never actually overcame their physical insecurities, they just subjected them to plastic surgery.

Back in the 1990s, Shane and Sia Barbi were kind of a big deal, labeled by Stuff magazine as “Sex Symbols for 1993,” which put the plastic twins in the same camp as actual female icons like Madonna, Farrah Fawcett, Marilyn Monroe and Sharon Stone. You’d think that people would have quickly lost interest in a pair of middle-aged twins with more fake parts than real. Somehow though, the Barbi twins managed to extend their 15 minutes of fame into a sort of “Barbi Mania,” posing for calendars, posters, magazine covers and comic books, and starring in television shows and documentaries throughout the 90’s.

Now that the twins have put some miles, and 20+ years, on all of their plastic body parts, the twins do not appear in public without hiding behind hats, wigs and sunglasses. You really have to wonder what their are hiding, especially after spending a fortune on plastic surgery. The one noticeable thing that really is starting to look strange, are their chin implants. It’s like the implants are drooping into this weird little ball point on their chins…

The Barbi Twins in 2013, and their drooping chin implants?The Barbi Twins and their pointy chin implants

Drooping facial implants and super tight facelifts apparently don’t mix. Good to know!

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I dream of Genie Actress TodayRemember Barbara Eden? In her most infamous role as Jeannie in the television sitcom “I Dream of Jeannie,” Barbara could make almost anything appear just by blinking her eyes. These days, however, Barbara Eden’s extensive plastic surgery may prevent her from doing even that. After undergoing a facelift, nose job, cheek implants, liposuction, breast implants and any number of other cosmetic procedures, Barbara, now 78, is virtually unrecognizable as the youthful beauty who charmed viewers on the popular 60’s show, and her apparent facelift and brow lift are likely what caused the most drastic transformation. Throw in a little Botox and cheek fillers, and you have Barbara Eden “now” – a far cry from Barbara Eden “then.”

Although we’re not big fans of the permanent look of surprise that the actress is sporting these days, some believe Barbara Eden’s most recent plastic surgery is actually an improvement on the work she had done in the past. In 2010, plastic surgeon Dr. Reza Sadrian of La Jolla, California commented on Barbara’s look: “She’s beautiful but overdone. She appears to have had cheek implants and a midface-lift. And her eyes have been pulled too far, giving them an unnatural slant.” Dr. Matthew Schulman agreed, saying “It’s obvious that she’s had surgery before. She looks like she’s had upper eyelid surgery and a brow-lift, which explains the highly arching brows and hollowed appearance to her upper eyelids. Barbara’s face and neck also show signs of a previous face- and neck-lift.”

Barbara Eden then and now:
Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery

Excessive plastic surgery is never a good thing, but we do have to give Barbara Eden credit for recognizing her previous bad plastic surgery and trying to fix it by going under the knife again. “Her cheeks are plump, as is the rest of her face, including her eyebrows! Gone are the thin jaw and high cheeks from her look that we remember best,” said plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn. “Overall, she doesn’t look bad. For her age, she actually looks quite good.” Another expert has praised Barbara’s latest work, saying the actress’ old look “wasn’t as tasteful as her new appearance.” Even so, like many other female celebrities who opt for excessive cosmetic surgery and end up with that tell-tale plastic look, we wouldn’t be surprised if Barbara regrets at least some of the work she has had over the years. In fact, we’re betting Barbara Eden wishes she could rub that magic lamp and get her old face back!

Random Barbara Eden fact: Barbara Eden’s first job was singing for local bands for $10 per night at age 14.
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amanda bynes and her crazy faceNot surprisingly, Amanda Bynes has finally been put on a 5150 psychiatric hold and is being held against her will in a looney bin in California. Amanda, who has obsessively tweeted about “ugly” people and her own plastic surgery in the past months, was taken into custody after inadvertently setting herself on fire after starting a gasoline fire in the driveway of an elderly woman’s home in California.

Amanda’s parents are now trying to convince the judge to grant them a conservatorship over Amanda and her obsession with beauty and plastic surgery is just one of many troubling issues that the former-actress has been exhibiting.

Amanda has repeatedly taken to Twitter to confess her plastic surgery past, present and future. In addition to her infamous nose jobs, to fix the nose that she considers a “birth defect”, Amanda has also posted topless pictures of her breast implants, and has informed her Twitter followers that she recently had them removed. Since her arrest in May revealed an unflattering mugshot, Amanda has stopped posting selfies on Twitter and has kept her face hidden, claiming that she will not reveal her face until she has had enough plastic surgery to make her beautiful. Amanda’s mom has also told the judge that Amanda has tried to convince her to get plastic surgery on more than one occasion.

Amanda Bynes and her parents before she lost her sh!t:
Amanda Bynes and Her Parents

In addition to Amanda’s obsession with beauty, plastic surgery and weight loss, her parents have also told the judge that she is essentially “homeless”, “paranoid” and has a drug problem. Amanda, who is an aspiring rapper, has also blown through over $1million in a short period of time and has nothing to show for it. Amanda’s parents speculate that a good portion of that money has gone to purchasing drugs.

Amanda is currently being held in a psychiatric hospital in California for evaluation and has been put on medication to try and help her mental disorder, which is reported to be a classic case of schizophrenia.

Amanda Bynes being transported around the psychiatric hospital:

Hopefully Amanda will finally get the help that she has desperately needed for years. It sounds like she is heading down the same path as Britney Spears and a conservatorship is what saved Britney’s career and possibly, her life.

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South Korea, the country with the highest per capita rate of plastic surgery procedures in the world, has made headlines yet again, this time for an extremely controversial beauty fad that involves realigning the upper and lower jaw bones in an attempt to dramatically reshape the face. Known as double-jaw surgery, the procedure made the unexpected jump in South Korea from a means of correcting facial deformities to a cosmetic surgery trend after several celebrities publicly endorsed the procedure, claiming the drastic surgery represented a “turning point” in their lives.

A billboard advertisement for double jaw surgery in South Korea:

While plastic surgeons promoting the horrifying procedure in South Korea are probably making loads of money off of celebrity endorsements, those doctors who are actually concerned about the well-being of their patients have condemned the surgery as dangerous and unnecessary. According to one dentistry professor, “This surgery alters your look far more dramatically than, say, Botox or a nose job because it changes your entire facial bone structure. But it’s a very complex, potentially dangerous surgery…it’s disturbing to see people with no real dental flaws daring to go through with it just to have a small, pretty face.” Needless to say, double-jaw surgery should not be promoted as a cosmetic procedure, in South Korea or anywhere.

For those considering double-jaw surgery, potentially dangerous doesn’t mean possibly causing minor discomfort, bruising, swelling or temporary pain, which is typically the case with Botox and other relatively simple cosmetic procedures. It means the surgery puts you at risk of chronic jaw pain, permanent facial numbness, nerve damage and even paralysis. According to one study, 52% of patients who underwent the cosmetic procedure experienced sensory problems, and some have even lost the ability to smile. And as if that wasn’t disturbing enough, in one case, a 23-year-old woman reportedly committed suicide following double-jaw surgery, after complications left her unable to chew food or stop crying due to damage to her tear duct.

Long story short, if you’re unhappy with the way your face looks, by all means consider following in the footsteps of other South Korean women and get extreme double-jaw surgery. That is, if you don’t mind not ever being able to chew, smile, stop crying, feel your face, perform simple motor skills, or move your body again. But hey, at least you’ll be pretty?


Crystal Hefner and her prematurely aged plastic surgery housewife body and faceAnother day another barely relevant d-lister promoting a pool party in Las Vegas…This time, it’s Crystal Hefner. And, let me tell you, I find Crystal Hefner utterly shocking.

What is it about this bottle blonde that I find most shocking, you ask? Is it that she infamously left Hugh Hefner at the alter? The fact that she talked major shit about her sex life with Hugh in the media? Or, could it just be that she actually ended up marrying Hugh Hefner, who is 60-years older than her? Oh, no no no no. It’s none of those things! The thing that most shocks me when I see Crystal Hefner is her age. Crystal Hefner is only 27-years old!?

Crystal has all the classic makings of the stereotypical rich housewife: the fake boobs, the fake tan, the fake lips, the fake hair, etc. But, unlike your typical “real housewife”, Crystal Harris is in her 20’s…and that leaves me feeling confused. If Crystal was nearing 50, I would think that she looked pretty good, in an “obviously overhauled by a plastic surgeon” sort of way, but the fact that she is in her mid-twenties leads me to believe that she looks like shit in an “obviously overhauled by a plastic surgeon” sort of way. Confusing…right?

So what has Crystal Harris had done to make her look so old and housewifey? Let’s start at the top, shall we? Crystal appears to have had: a nose job, veneers, lip injections, breast implants and liposuction. All in her early 20’s. But, you know, I’m sure that Crystal Harris did it all for her self and maybe she can make up a story about how she was bullied so we feel sorry for all of the plastic surgery that she has had to endure. I’m sure that none of it had to do with her desire to never work for a living and instead blow an old man for cash, cars and real estate.

Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner

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Chaz Bono’s Drastic Weight Loss


Chaz Bono popped up recently looking like half the man he used to be…He’s lost a ton of weight! The transgendered daughter of Cher went through a gender transition that started in 2008, which included hormone treatments and a double mastectomy. The transition seems to have been successful and not only does Chaz look more comfortable in his skin, he has lost quite a bit of weight!

Chaz Bono before and after weight loss:
Chaz Bono before after weight loss 2013

Chaz was born Chastity Sun Bono and is the only child of the famous couple Sonny Bono and Cher. Chastity began her social and physical transition to becoming the man that she always felt that she was in 2008. In 2010, she legally changed her name to Chaz and her gender to male. Currently, 44-year old Chaz is going through another transformation and is dropping tons of weight! Judging from pictures, it looks like Chaz has lost at least 60lbs in the last couple of years and is looking healthier than ever. It also looks like he is enjoying his new freedom of being able to walk around topless and seems to do so as often as possible ;).

So what is Chaz Bono’s big weight loss secret? Judging by the gradualness of the weight loss (and those newly toned calves) we are putting our bets on good ol’ fashioned diet and exercise. Keep up the good work, Chaz!

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