The Shannon Twins want to show you something…Their shiny new butt implants!

The Shannon twins before and after butt implants:
karissa shannon and kristina shannon fake butts(Please excuse the digital applied bikinis. Apparently Google thinks that thongs, while legal to wear in public, are too naughty on the internet. Click for uncensored version.)

Karissa and Kristina Shannon, who are no strangers to plastic surgery, have recently added to their body mod collection with some comically HUGE butt implants, thus completing their transformation into the Albino Kardashian Twins™. (Kris Jenner, PLEASE legally adopt the Shannon twins. “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” needs a pick me up, and I can’t think of a better reality show plot than long-lost trashy albino twin sisters. Right?!).

Karissa Shannon has followed Kim Kardashian’s unwritten guide to becoming famous, which includes sex, lies and videotape, (oh and lots of plastic surgery!) and it looks like the huge fake butt is her latest desperate fame grab. Karissa, who we have already dubbed “The Whoriest Fame Whore of Them All“, has apparently convinced her twin sister Kristina to follow in her plastic surgery footsteps and both sisters have had breast implants, lip augmentation, nose jobs and now butt implants.

Am I the only one that thinks that the Shannon sisters and their new butt implants look ridiculous?!

Karissa and Kristina Shannon then and now:
The Shannon Twins before and after

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Spoiler alert: Helen Mirren looks amazing after a well-executed face and neck lift!

Helen Mirren before and after having plastic surgery:
Helen Mirren before after facelift

Oh, Dame Helen Mirren! The 67-year old award winning actress seemingly can do no wrong. From her surprisingly fabulous bikini body to her slew of awards for her acting skills, Helen has it going on. In a world full of young wannabes having too much extreme plastic surgery in hopes of landing a reality show, leave it to Helen to have a face and neck lift that leaves her looking like a beautiful women in her 60′s rather than a 67-year old woman running through a wind tunnel desperately trying to cling to her youth.

Back in October, Helen was spotted out and about wearing a headscarf that unsuccessfully tried to conceal the bandages she was wearing after having plastic surgery on her face and neck. Now that she is fully healed and has ditched the bandages and headscarf, it is easy to see the result of her plastic surgery. Helen revealed a much tighter face and neck when she stepped out at the Olivier Awards, where she received her award for Best Actress for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in “The Audience”.

Helen Mirren looking radiant after a lower facelift and necklift:
helen mirren after facelift 2013

While the results of Helen’s plastic surgery are certainly noticeable, her plastic surgeon could not have done a better job. When compared to the before pictures, you can see that Helen’s lower face and neck have been smoothed and lifted thanks to a lower face lift and neck lift, but she looks simply refreshed rather than that stretched-tighter-than-a-drum look that is happening too often with facelifts nowadays. Helen looks like a refreshed 60-year old version of herself, which is the perfect result for a facelift for a woman of her age.

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Do you remember Jenni “Jwoww” Farley when she actually used to be kind of hot? I mean she was never supermodel gorgeous, but when she appeared on season one of Jersey Shore, she was definitely the “Whoa that drunk girl with the huge boobs looks hot” type of hot. Was season one of Jersey Shore really the good ol’ days?! Well, for Jwoww’s looks, yes, yes it was…

Jwoww then and now:
Jwoww bad plastic surgery 2013

Jenni is only 27-years old and has entirely overdone the plastic surgery. When she was cast for Jersey Shore in 2009, she had already had an obvious breast augmentation surgery and dressed in skimpy tops to show off her huge fake breasts. But, in the past 3 years, Jenni has undergone at least 4 more cosmetic procedures and in our opinion, not a single one has been an improvement. In addition to the breast implants, Jwoww has also had bad liposuction, unnecessary Botox, weird cheek implants and lip plumping injections.

Jenni “Jwoww” Farley before and after plastic surgery on her face:
Jenni Farley before and after bad plastic surgery 2013

Like many celebrities that go under the knife, Jenni has tried to deny that she’s had plastic surgery on her face, but the change is glaringly obvious. Ever since she had the Botox and filler injections in her face, she literally only has one look on her face in every single picture. It’s really starting to creep us out! Sorry, Jenni but you look like a mutant. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to fix the bad plastic surgery, but please tell us you’ll stop getting more.

Am I the only one that thinks Jenni “Jwoww” Farley’s plastic surgery face is starting to resemble ET?

jowl looks like ET after plastic surgery


With the recent release of HBO’s film Behind the Candelabra, which is based on the autobiography of Liberace’s long-time lover, Scott Thorson, we all get a glimpse into the infamous Liberace’s freaky world of sex, drugs, loads of money and some pretty creepy plastic surgery. Thorson was 40 years Liberace’s junior when the two began their controversial relationship in the 70s, and the pianist and vocalist’s obsession with youth didn’t end there. Clearly, Liberace wanted the 18-year-old Thorson to be more than just his boy toy; he wanted him to be his son as well, and so he commissioned a plastic surgeon to make Thorson look like Liberace did as a young man, based on an oil painting of himself Liberace had hanging in his Las Vegas mansion. Thorson ended up with a nose job, a chin implant and enhanced cheekbones.

Liberace and Scott Thorson before plastic surgery to make them twinsies:
Liberace and Scott Larson in the 70's

Liberace’s reason for making Thorson undergo plastic surgery was that he wanted his “blond Adonis” to resemble him, because he had considered adopting the young man. “He wanted me as his son. But at the same time, he wanted me as his lover,” Thorson recalls about the disturbing father/son/lover relationship between the two. Thorson wasn’t the only one of the two to undergo plastic surgery though. After seeing himself in an interview on The Tonight Show in 1979, Liberace decided that he looked like his “father in drag” and desperately needed plastic surgery. The plastic surgeon that performed Thorson’s creepy surgical makeover first gave Liberace a face lift, and lift it he did! The procedure left Liberace’s face so tight he couldn’t close his eyes, even when he was sleeping, but Thorson said it made him look 20 years younger, so apparently it was worth it.

Scott Larson before and after plastic surgery

The plastic surgeon who operated on both Liberace and Thorson, Jack Startz, clearly had no right to be practicing, considering he was previously admitted to rehab for a drug addiction and even drank alcohol while performing Liberace’s face lift. Before transforming Thorson’s face, Startz told the young man that he needed to lose a few pounds, writing him prescriptions for pharmaceutical cocaine and amphetamines, which Thorson says eventually led to his life-long drug addiction. Startz’s questionable medical practices were compounded by his financial struggles and increasing concerns about the safety and efficacy of his silicone injections. A broke, drunk, drug-addicted plastic surgeon who isn’t sure his product is safe or effective – just the kind of plastic surgeon you want working on your face, right?

Liberace before and after facelift that left him unable to close his eyes:
Liberace before and after facelift plastic surgery

For those who judge him because of his checkered history with Liberace, Thorson has this to say: “Liberace had taken me out of a situation with a father who was very abusive, a mother who was mentally ill. I did everything I possibly could to please this man.” This included being forced into getting plastic surgery to look more like the man who was both his father figure and his lover. Hmm…that also sounds a bit like abuse and mental illness to us!

Liberace’s flamboyant life came to and end in 1987, when he died of complications of AIDS at the age of 67. Scott on the other hand has continued to lead a checkered life of drugs, plastic surgery and jail. Most recently Scott was bailed out of jail by brothel owner Dennis Hof, where he was awaiting sentencing for theft and stolen credit card charges. After being released from jail, Dennis put Scott up at his famous brothel The Moonlite Bunny Ranch, and one of his working girls even paid for Scott to have Botox injections.

Scott Thorson getting Botox paid for by Bunny Ranch working girl Airforce Amy:
Scott Thorson getting Botox in 2013

Scott Thorson’s life is definitely some interesting made-for-TV movie fodder…You couldn’t make some of this stuff up!


Can anyone tell me why Steven Segal looks like he has a merkin stuck to his head? Whatever it is that is sitting atop Steven’s head, that he is trying to pass for hair, looks like what I would imagine a merkin would look like after being used and abused for a sweaty, drug-fueled week at Burning Man. Am I right?

Steven Segal before and after hair restoration:
Steven Segal before and after

So what exactly has Steven Segal had done to cover up his receding hairline? Bad hair plugs, a bad wig, that crazy shake-on hair from late night infomercials? Whatever it is, I think we can all agree that it’s just plain bad.

I can imagine that balding is a scary thing for a macho guy like Steven Segal, but does he really think that the gnarly fake patch of hair on top of his head is fooling anyone, or looks better than being bald? From a female standpoint, I can tell you that a confident balding guy is way more attractive than one with bad hair plugs. Unfortunately, just like bad plastic surgery, bad hair plugs are nearly impossible to reverse, so Steven may just have to grin and bear it at this point…

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Months ago we saw this photo (link is NSFW) that Audrey O’Day posted to Instagram, and it made us think: “Wow Audrey O’Day either got a ton of liposuction or she is badly photoshopping her Instagram photos”. Upon further investigation, uh, yeah, Audrey’s Instagram is full of obviously photoshopped photos and selfies that look nothing like her real-life self.

Audrey O’Day in real-life and in her Instagram fantasy world:
Aubrey Oday before and after photoshop

Audrey is currently on vacation in Hawaii with her boyfriend and the pictures above were both taken within days of each other. The one on the left was taken by the paparazzi and the one on the right Aubrey posted to Instagram with the caption: “Hi my name is Aubrey, and I’m a bikini junkie! #MauiBabe“. Bikini junkie? Sure. Photoshop junkie? Definitely!

Audrey O’Day performing at the Chicago Pride festival and the picture she posted to Instagram the same day:
Aubrey Oday Photoshops her Instagram pictures

Take the pictures above of Audrey performing at the Chicago Pride festival. Upon first glance Aubrey’s version could almost pass as realistic, but if you take a closer look, you can see where she pushed in her waistline and slimmed down her thighs. If you take a look at her left side in her Instagram picture, you can see how her pushed in waistline has mutated the guys arm behind her (that or he has the worst case of wrankles (wrist cankles?) that we’ve ever seen…). And hey, where is Aubrey’s right arm?! Bad photoshop.

Look, we get it. Celebrities are constantly being photoshopped for magazine spreads, album covers and whatnot, but Photoshopping every picture of yourself that you post to the internet is just kind of weird. All of the time that Aubrey O’day is spending on photoshopping her pictures, she could be spending in the gym and making her photoshop fantasy a reality. Or, the 29-year old singer, who is no stranger to going under the knife for cosmetic surgery, could just get liposuction if she’s too lazy busy to hit the gym.

Check out Aubrey O’Day before and after plastic surgery!



After being noticeably absent from the media following her hip surgery in February, Lady Gaga has reappeared to sing the national anthem at the Gay Pride Rally in New York last weekend. And, well, something seems a little different about Gaga! In additional to a new hip, Lady Gaga is reportedly sporting a surgically altered face to boot!

Lady Gaga before and after plastic surgery:
Lady Gaga Nose Job 2013

Lady Gaga is well known for reinventing herself, so is not super unusual that she showed up after four months in near seclusion, looking different, but Gaga’s latest re-invention involves a bit more than her usual wacky costumes and crazy makeup. A remarkably slimmer nose, puffed up lips and frozen face seem to be the result of plastic surgery, and the dramatic results don’t take an expert to spot. I think it’s safe to say that Lady Gaga was definitely not born this way…

Lady Gaga plastic surgery 2013

Although Lady Gaga has always claimed to support “being yourself”, she doesn’t exactly practice what she preaches. Lady Gaga started dabbling with plastic surgery in 2008, shortly after she signed her first record deal, and this is when she got her first rhinoplasty surgery. Gaga was only 20 years old when she was signed by Interscope, and as most young up-and-coming stars will tell you, record-producing experts will effectively just sit you down and tell you what you need to change in order to achieve famousness (and yes, looks have as much, or more to do with selling records than actual singing ability). Rumor has it that in addition to the nose job, Lady Gaga has also had a chin implant and lip injections in the past.

So what about 2013? Has Gaga had more plastic surgery recently? According to photo comparisons, it appears that she may have spent the last 4 months of downtime from her hip surgery, healing from another nose job as well. Lady Gaga’s nose has gone from distractingly prominent, to prominent/distinquished and now to just another “perfect” plastic nose.

Lady Gaga before and after a second nose job?
Lady Gaga nose job profile 2013

I mean really…Who gets a bunch of custom-made designer wheelchairs made, and then hides out from the paparazzi for months? (Someone that has had plastic surgery and doesn’t want you to know…). After watching Lady Gaga belt out her version of the Star Spangled Banner, it’s also obvious that the 27-year old singer has also had a bit too much Botox that has left her eyebrows, forehead and much of her face completely immobilized. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

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Do you remember Anthony Michael Hall in the 80′s cult classic, “Weird Science”? In the movie Anthony and a friend made their very own dream girl in a very Frankenstein-esque way. Fast forward to 2013, nearly 25 years after Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith donned bras on their heads in an attempt to create the perfect woman, Anthony Michael Hall is now dating real-life plastic surgery recreation, Lacey Wildd.

Couple Alert? Anthony Michael Hall and Lacey Wildd are reportedly dating:anthony michael hall lacey wildd dating

Anthony and Lacey have been spotted around Hollywood lately, but judging by the pictures of the two of them together, this is a new relationship and Anthony isn’t exactly flaunting it. And, well, we don’t really blame him. Lacey’s own children are embarrassed by their mother’s extreme plastic surgery, but Lacey refuses to stop and claims that her huge breasts and surgically altered body pay the bills for her family.

Anthony and Lacey in Hollywood:
Anthony Michael Hall and Lacey Wildd in Hollywood

Forty five year old Lacey has undergone over a dozen risky breast enlargement surgeries in the pursuit of her dream to have the 5th largest breasts in the world, but that is just the tip of the plastic surgery iceberg. Lacey has transformed 90% of her body with plastic surgery and has had multiple tummy tucks, full-body liposuction (several times), butt implants, butt lifts, face lifts, etc. The mother of 6 even had her plastic surgeon create an internal corset-like device that supports her gigantic breast implants. Weird science, indeed! Which may be why we think it’s pretty ironic that the kid from Weird Science is dating a real-life science experiment now…

Kelly Lebroc and Anthony Michael Hall in the cult classic movie “Weird Science”:Kelly Le Broc and Anthony Michael Hall in Weird Science

Check out the shocking photos of Lacey Wildd before and after plastic surgery!

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