Courtney Stodden’s stint on Celebrity Big Brother has already drawn to an end, but not before we finally put our finger on what seemed different about the bleach blonde wannabe starlet…She has new teeth! In addition to the gigantic breast implants that the 19-year old recently got, she also has a brand new set of veneers. Sheesh! At the rate that Courtney is spending Doug’s money, he is going to have to find a job soon. (Too bad about that whole getting blacklisted from Hollywood for marrying a child thing…)

Courtney Stodden before and after getting veneers:courtney before and after veneers

Is it just me, or is Courtney Stodden taking the term “fake it until you make it” a little bit too literally? Fame-hungry Courtney, who is still a teenager, has already made several visits to a plastic surgeon for various procedures including lip injections, DDD breast implants and a nose job. Courtney’s husband was none too pleased with Courtney’s flirty, inappropriate behavior in the Big Brother house, and he foots the bill for Courtney’s plastic surgery obsession, so will he cut her off?

While Courtney did gain some fans after appearing on Big Brother, due to her genuinely sweet nature, we just don’t foresee any real career in the entertainment industry for Courtney. While plastic surgery has indeed helped boost the careers of some celebrities, those celebrities actually had some sort of talent to start with. While the entertainment industry is deeply rooted in appearances, I think that it has been well proven that you can’t just have a bunch of plastic surgery and depend on your newly altered looks to launch your career. So Courtney, take a good look at Heidi Montag, Farrah Abraham and Jenny Lee. That is your future if you continue to base your entire existence around your appearance and “improving” it with cosmetic procedures.



Believe it or not, plastic surgery wasn’t invented to smooth the aging faces of celebrities or increase the breast size of strippers and desperate housewives…

The very first person to officially undergo plastic surgery was actually a wounded World War I soldier who suffered horrible facial injuries during combat, including the loss of his upper and lower eyelids while manning the guns aboard a battleship. In 1917, Walter Yeo put himself in the hands of “the father of plastic surgery” Sir Harold Gillies – the first man to use skin grafts from other, undamaged parts of the body – and became the first patient to benefit from Gillies brand-new skin grafting technique called “tubed pedical.” In the aftermath of the First World War, Gillies was credited with treating “an unprecedented number [of soldiers] with horrific facial injuries,” using innovative techniques that have slowly evolved into what we know today as plastic surgery.

Walter Yeo before and after having plastic surgery in 1917:
first plastic surgery walter yeo

There’s no doubt that war was the driving force behind most plastic surgery advancements during the late 1800s and early 1900s. However, even before Walter Yeo and Sir Harold Gillies, skin grafts were used to treat facial injuries more than 4,000 years ago, by physicians in ancient India who practiced reconstructive procedures as early as 800 B.C. Despite its long and varied past, it wasn’t until the 19th and 20th centuries that plastic surgery was recognized as a means of aesthetic improvement. In the words of the 19th century American plastic surgeon John Orlando Roe, “how much valuable talent (had) been…buried from human eyes, lost to the world and society by reason of embarrassment…caused by the conscious, or in some cases, unconscious influence of some physical infirmity or deformity or unsightly blemish.”

Today, plastic surgery isn’t so much about saving lives as it is a means for vain self-improvement – mainly for those aging celebrities, strippers and desperate housewives we mentioned above. Instead of treating horrific facial injuries, shattered jaws and gaping skull wounds, plastic surgeons today are shaving down noses, plumping lips, lifting breasts and sucking out the fat of celebrities too lazy or ignorant to lose weight the good old-fashioned way. And so, plastic surgery has evolved from a life-saving procedure to a means for that “valuable talent” Dr. Roe spoke of to rid themselves of “unsightly blemishes.” Plastic surgery has grown into a thinly regulated billion dollar industry whose marketing campaigns prey on the insecurity and vanity of women, ultimately leaving them disfigured in their own oddly wrinkle-free, frozen-faced way. Sounds more like regression than evolution to us…but it sure is profitable!

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Farrah Abraham is back getting plastic surgery again. This time the Teen Mom turned p0rnstar had surgery to remove her chin implant.

Farrah Abraham before and after having her chin implant removed:
farrah abraham removed chin implant

This lastest trip under the knife will be Farrah’s 4th plastic surgery in less than 1 year and her 5th plastic surgery procedure overall. So far, the 22-year old wannabe star has had two breast augmentations, one rhinoplasty surgery and two chin augmentations, and has spent nearly $40,000 on elective cosmetic surgery.

Farrah underwent the surgery to remove the chin implant in Miami on Monday, and of course she brought a photographer. Farrah arrived to her appointment in full makeup and fake eyelashes, and posed for the camera while the doctor performed the surgery.

Farrah Abraham after surgery to remove her chin implant:
farrah abraham after chin implant removal

The timing of Farrah spending more money on plastic surgery is kind of ironic, since it has just been revealed that she really only received $10,000 for her adult movie, not the $1,000,000 that she said that she made. I guess that explains why she brings a photographer with her everywhere and tries to sell the photos to the media.

What do you think about Farrah Abraham’s new look? Does she look better before, after or indifferent. In our opinion, the $40,000 she has spent on plastic surgery has been a total waste and she looked much prettier before the nose job, chin surgeries and double D breast implants.

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Uh oh! Looks like Vida Guerra’s breast implant has sprung a leak! Vida, who’s backside is probably more famous than her face, posted the following picture to Instagram after undergoing emergency surgery to replace a leaky silicon breast implant:

vida guerra popped breast implants

Vida has had two prior breast augmentation surgeries and the problems she was experiencing, which included back pain and trouble breathing, were the result of a leak in one of her silicon gel implants. After undergoing surgery in 2011 to replace her saline implants with silicon, scar tissue formed around one of the implants, which ultimately caused the rupture. The leak was detected by her doctor last week and she immediately underwent surgery to remove the scar tissue and replace the leaking implant with a new one. According to Vida, this is just one of several negative things about having breast implants, and the model claims that if she had it to do all over again, she would forgo the fake breasts, because “it’s just more problems in the end”.

Vida Guerra before and after breast implants:
vida guerra before and after having a boob job

So who exactly is Vida Guerra, you ask? Vida shot to fame after posing for this photo (NSFW) in the FHM Lingerie Special in 2002. The issue depicted what was supposed to be your everyday girl next door hotties, and although Vida’s name was not used in the magazine spread, FHM was flooded with letters from readers asking for more pictures of “hot girl #4 on page 25 with the amazing butt”. Since then, Vida has carved out a lucrative modeling career thanks to her Cuban curves and the world’s current obsession with big butts.

More pictures of Vida Guerra:

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Remember Lindsay Lohan’s illegitimate half-sister, that popped up a while ago? She was the result of Michael Lohan cheating on Lindsay’s mom Dina, and not surprisingly, Lindsay wants nothing to do with her. Apparently being faintly related to Lindsay Lohan is not enough for Ashley Horn and she has taken her obsession with Lindsay to the next level. The 18-year old has just revealed that she has undergone $25,000 in plastic surgery on her face, so that she would closer resemble Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan and half sister Ashley Horn after plastic surgery:
Lindsay Lohan and half sister Ashley Horn

There are so many things wrong with this situation, but let’s start with the plastic surgeon. What sort of plastic surgeon is going to perform 5 face changing operations on an 18-year old girl? Especially when she is openly telling you that she is just trying to look like someone else! That is insane and goes to show how little regulation there is in the cosmetic surgery business.

Then, there is the fact that Ashley wants her face to look like Lindsay Lohan’s. You’ve got $25,000 to blow on plastic surgery and Lindsay Lohan is the best that you could come up with? Although apparently Ashley doesn’t actually want to look like the currently version of Lindsay Lohan, rather she claims that she wants to “look like Lindsay [Lohan] in her good days, when she was around 18, 19 years old“. So, Ashley had plastic surgery to look like Lindsay Lohan before Lindsay had plastic surgery? Ohhhhkay.

ashley horn before and after plastic surgery

Looks like Ashley Horn got a little taste of fame and she will do anything to extend her fleeting 15 seconds, including having $25,000 worth of plastic surgery for a really, really dumb reason. In order to transform her face, she had a nose job, liposuction under her cheekbones, liposuction on her neck and fat injections into her chin and upper cheeks. I do believe that this is Vivid Video’s cue to sweet talk young little Ashley into p0rn slavery so that she can follow in the desperate footsteps of Farrah, Myla and Sydney.

On a side note, as a public service announcement, I think anyone that tells a plastic surgeon that they want to look like Lindsay Lohan, at any age, should be required to watch this Lindsay Lohan face morph video.

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You’ve got to hand it to Cher, she works hard for her money and is about to start yet another world tour, at 67-years old. To promote her latest tour, she recently appeared on the “Today Show” to lipsync her heart out to her new song “Woman’s World”. While I’m just glad she didn’t break a hip, I couldn’t help but notice that her lips are looking quite strange lately.

Pictures of Cher performing on The Today Show:

Cher has had a lot of plastic surgery starting back in the 70’s, and she hasn’t been shy about admitting it. Generally she looks pretty good, given her age and the extent of plastic surgery that she’s had, but it looks like some parts of her face are starting to expire. Most noticeable to us is that her lower lip implant has started to migrate below her actual lip and towards her chin. Is it just me, or does it looks like she has a permanent chaw of chewing tobacco stuck in her lower lip?

Cher in her original form and today, after a lot of plastic surgery:Cher before and after plastic surgery

Cher’s lip augmentation surgery was more complicated than the lip filler injections that are popular nowadays, as she opted for a permanent change to her lips with the use of lip implants and actual surgery. The reason her top lip looks like it was cut off and sewn back on is because it was! What is happening to Cher’s bottom lip looks like lip implant migration. While it would be easy to blame the plastic surgeon and cry “botched lip augmentatation!”, plastic surgery with implants isn’t usually a one-time deal and you do need to keep up your plastic parts with additional surgery if your body rejects them or if they shift or rupture. It will be interesting to see if Cher decides to have additional surgery to fix her lips, as it appears that the lip implant migration is progressively getting worse each year.

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We know that it’s called “plastic surgery”, but we’re pretty sure that you don’t literally want your face to look like plastic, right? Well, unfortunately Jon Mack’s plastic surgeon didn’t get the memo and she showed up to the Emmy’s looking scarily over-done.

Jon Mack before and after plastic surgery:
Jon Mack before and after bad plastic surgery

The D-list singer/model/actress, who has held such roles as “female addict”, “craps table girl #2” and “FBI Agent #3”, is no stranger to plastic surgery, but she has finally had one (or five!) too many nips and tucks and looks worse for wear. Jon keeps her age a guarded secret, but we are going to guess that she is closer to 50 than 40 and is still trying to look 30. Unfortunately that is not the look she ended up with and now she looks like she’s 50 and has had bad plastic surgery. It appears that Jon Mack’s new look is the result of a chemical peel that hasn’t quite healed yet, too much Botox, too many filler injections, lip injections and more than one nose job.

Jon Mack is the type of woman that would have aged nicely and would have been pretty even with a few age-appropriate wrinkles, but sadly she didn’t know when to say no and has ruined her good looks with bad plastic surgery. It’s very ironic that these woman that are so desperate to stay young looking, end up looking much worse after plastic surgery, than they did before these procedures that are suppose to improve their looks. Well, Jon, maybe Nip/Tuck is hiring, or perhaps you can score a role as “scary creature #3” or “sexy burn victim” in a made for TV movie.

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Tired of countless hours spent on applying meticulous makeup? Sick of the expensive cost, potential death from, and painful healing time of, plastic surgery? Well, there is a new product on the market that solves all of these problems! Introducing the Uniface mask:

The Uniface video above states: “I put make up on everyday, but I never feel satisfied with my face. Uniface has recently developed a ‘Bionic-skin’ face mask and ‘Cell-blending’ glue. Simply with one spray, you can have all of the beautiful facial features. Perfection is only one step away, Uniface.

Women before and after Unimask application:

That’s right, ladies, for just $399.99 you can have “a lifetime’s worth of confidence”, which includes “giant anime eyes, long lashes, a high nose bridge, and narrow chin and cheeks”. Once you supply your facial measurements, your bionic-skin Uniface mask will be shipped to you in 1 week. The cell-blending glue is included at no extra cost. One spray and your bionic-skin mask permanently adheres to your face, forever eliminating imperfections associated with aging, lack of sleep, poor makeup technics and undesirable genetics.

While the Uniface website is pretty convincing that their face mask is really a new thing, after poking around, it appear that it’s an elaborate hoax. Unless, of course you believe that the Uniface Mask adheres permanently to your face and that the adhesive can only be deactivated by a Uniface scientist, and that the mask will blink, make any facial expression and the lips will move as you talk. Oddly enough, we’ve seen weirder things come out of plastic surgery obsessed Asia, so at first glance, the Uniface mask isn’t even a stretch!

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