Following in the footsteps of your mother and older sisters is one thing, but what about when it comes to plastic surgery? Chantal Marshall and four of her daughters have already had thirteen boob jobs among them, and now the 53-year-old professional psychic is pressuring her fourteen-year-old daughter to get breast implants too. After having undergone four boob jobs of her own, Chantal is now a size 32 GG; Emma, 30, is a 32GG after three procedures; Terri, 27, is a 34HH after three; Tara, 26, is a 34F after two boob jobs; and Ripley, 21, is a 32DD after one. At 14, Britney is the only female in the family without fake boobs, but probably not for long!

14-year old Britney Marshall and her role models:14-year old Britney Marshall and her surgically enhanced family

“Britney’s the brainy one and does quite well at school,” says her mom. “But she already dyes her hair blonde and wears lots of make-up and tans. It’s only a matter of time before she starts saving for new boobs.” According to Chantal, Britney idolizes her older sisters and has already discussed getting a boob job with her mom, who hopes that she follows in her sisters’ footsteps. Apparently Chantal thinks that paying a plastic surgeon to give you fake boobs is something to aspire to. “I really love the fake look of my girls and I know Britney will go that way when she’s a bit older. I love the idea of us all looking similar and glamorous.” Yes, that’s 53-year-old Chantal talking, whose saggy stomach and cottage-cheese thighs are perfectly accentuated by her bikini and heels in this disturbing family photo.

The “glamorous” Marshall women:
Chantal Marshal and her "glamorous" children

Chantal, who has four sons in addition to her five daughters, had her first boob job in 1996 to repair the toll all those pregnancies took on her body. Since then, she has clearly been deluded into thinking that getting multiple boob jobs will somehow turn back the clock. “When I hit the town with the other girls I’m often mistaken for their sister. It’s a real laugh.” That is a real laugh, especially since she looks at least 100 years older than the rest of them. Although Chantal is the oldest of “the family with the most boob jobs in Britain,” Terri is the one with the biggest boobs. Watch out for that one. She looks like she’d go right ahead and eat you up.

Let’s hope that poor Britney is indeed “the brainy one” and chooses to forego the breast implants that her delusional mother is trying to push on her. If I was Britney, I would take one look at my mother and sisters and plan on doing the exact opposite of whatever they’ve had done. And it sounds like Britney may feel the same way. When interviewed by Glamour magazine, Britney said she feels like she is too young to be thinking about breast implants and would rather focus on her education and working hard so that she can be the first one in her family to attend college. “I just want to work hard at school. In the past I thought I have wanted fake boobs, but then sometimes I look at them and think they look ridiculous”. It sounds like 14-year old Britney is already smarter and more mature then her mother and sisters put together, right?

More pictures of Chantal Marshall and her daughters:

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Several news sources have themselves in a tizzy over Kristen Stewart and photos of her that reveal what appears to be new breast implants!

Kristen Stewart before and after breast implants?
Kristen Stewart Boob Job

So did she or didn’t she? Did Kristen Stewart get a boob job?! Well, let’s rewind here for a sec…

Kristen Stewart attended the Comic Con convention in San Diego over the weekend, and wore a super cute outfit: high-waisted yellow pencil skirt with cut-off plain white tee (plus barely visible black bra) and high top sneakers. Of course paparazzi were shooting Kristen like crazy and of the thousands of photos that where shot of the Twilight actress, one candid photo, caught in the right light and at the right angle, appeared to show the actress with slightly larger breasts than normal…OMG SHE GOT A BOOB JOB!

Uh, or not.

Kristen Stewart Plastic Surgery

After reviewing the full set of photos of Kristen at Comic Con, you would have to be an idiot to say that Kristen got a boob job. She looks exactly the same as she did before. So to answer the question: Did Kristen Stewart get a boob job?! Nope. Kristen Stewart is still au natural and looks fabulous in our opinion!

More pictures of Kristen Stewart at Comic Con:

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Is it just me, or are Adrianne Curry’s breast implants on upside down?

Adrianna Curry and her upside down cleavage

Adrianne showed up to the San Diego Comic Con, dressed as Christie Monteiro from the 90′s video game “Tekken”, and showing some serious under-boob! Adrianne, who has been booted from Comic Con for scandalous costumes before, got breast implants in 2008, and it appears that they are still one of her favorite accessories…

More pictures of Adianne Curry in her Tekken costume:

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Contestants on the hit TV show “Biggest Loser” are left with more than just new-found confidence after losing hundreds of pounds and debuting a newer, slimmer self on national TV – they are also left with loads of excess skin. Not only are loose folds of skin left behind after dramatic weight loss unsightly, but they are also unhygienic and may even lead to health risks like rashes and chafing. What do most “Biggest Loser” contestants do to get rid of this excess skin, you ask? Plastic surgery of course! Take season 11 winner, Olivia Ward, for example. Over the course of five months, Olivia lost of total of 129 pounds and went home with the the $250,000 prize for losing the most weight of all the contestants on the show. But that wasn’t the end of her weight-loss story. Weighing in at a much slimmer 132 pounds, the 35-year-old then opted for a tummy tuck to get rid of the excess skin her drastic weight loss left behind, and she decided to get a breast lift as well.

Olivia Ward before and after weight loss of 129lbs:
Olivia Ward before and after losing 129lbs

Olivia Ward before and after liposuction and tummy tuck surgery:

While a healthy diet and a strict fitness regimen can improve a person’s health and help tone muscles, these positive lifestyle changes do little to shrink skin that has been stretched beyond repair by excess weight. Unfortunately, this means that many individuals who lose 100 pounds or more are left with loose skin on the back, abdomen, arms and legs. To remedy this issue, many “Biggest Loser” contestants opt for plastic surgery procedures like tummy tucks (abdominoplasty), arm lifts (brachioplasty) and breast lifts with augmentation to boost their confidence and improve their silhouette.

Even “Biggest Loser” contestants who don’t win sometimes turn to plastic surgery to improve their look. Amy Cremen of season 6, for example, lost 104 pounds, only to discover that she was more uncomfortable in her new body than she was in her overweight body. She decided to undergo numerous plastic surgery procedures to complete the transformation, including a breast lift with augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction on her inner and outer thighs. And she’s not the only one! Shannon Thomas of season 7 decided on an arm lift, tummy tuck, liposuction and breast surgery; Erik Chopin of season 3 underwent a full body lift (to the tune of $35,000!) and Danny Cahill of season 8 opted for a tummy tuck and gynecomastia surgery.

Danny Cahill before and after losing 239lbs:
Danny Cahill before and after weight loss

Danny Cahill before and after tummy tuck and gynecomastia surgery:
Danny Cahill before and after plastic surgery

It’s not uncommon for “Biggest Loser” contestants to use part of their winnings to fund cosmetic surgery procedures, especially if their new-found weight loss leaves them with unsightly flabby skin. But will it end there? It’s not hard to imagine that some “Biggest Loser” contestants may like the effects that plastic surgery can have on their appearance just a little too much, possibly returning in the future for a nip here and a tuck there. Amy Cremen has admitted that if she decides to get more plastic surgery in the future, she will return to the same doctor who performed her previous procedures. And Helen Phillips, who lost 140 pounds and was crowned the season 7 champion on “Biggest Loser,” underwent not only plastic surgery procedures to rid herself of excess skin, but also opted for a breast lift, breast implants, a tummy tuck and rhinoplasty (nose job), because it was something she “always wanted.”

“Biggest Loser” contestants Helen Phillips and Shannon Thomas talk plastic surgery:

It just doesn’t seem right that individuals who not only commit to a new diet and exercise program, but ultimately adopt a new way of life in order to shed the pounds, would still need cosmetic surgery to be happy with their new image. Let’s be real – it’s not hard to get behind “Biggest Loser” contestants getting tummy tucks and arm lifts to avoid the health risks and physical appearance of loose skin…but a nose job? Seriously? Why not throw a chin and butt implant in there too, while you’re at it? Plastic surgery is a slippery slope folks, and it seems like “Biggest Loser” contestants may be the most likely to slide.

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Kate Hudson surprised us all when she decided to have plastic surgery to increase the size of her famously flat chest. Kate quietly had the breast augmentation in 2010, and even though she chose a conservatively sized breast implant, her new curves hardly went unnoticed.

Kate Hudson before and after breast implants:
Kate Hudson before and after breast implants

Initially, I thought that the new and “improved” Kate looked great with her small, natural-looking breast implants, but now that time has passed…I miss the old Kate Hudson! You know, the Kate that seemed so down-to-earth and real, in a sea full of Hollywood brats and plastic princesses? We’ll cut Kate some slack since she did at least wait until after she had kids to have plastic surgery, she chose the right size implant to fit her petite frame and they look completely natural (thankfully Kate didn’t suffer from any visible complications, like poor Cameron Diaz did!), but looking back, we secretly wish that Kate was still that flat-chested confident boho chick that would have never even entertained the idea of getting plastic surgery.

What do you think? Does Kate look better with, or without, breast implants?

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Chelsea Charms and her gigantic breastsMost people carry their extra weight in their belly, butt or thighs. Not Chelsea Charms though. The 5’3″ adult film star and exotic dancer bears an extra 52 pounds on her petite frame…and it’s all in her boobs. Unofficially known as the woman with the world’s largest boobs, Chelsea sports a pair of knockers that could literally knock you out, and get this, she has nicknamed them “itsy” and “bitsy.” In 2000, Chelsea Charms, now 35, had her breasts enlarged by means of a now-illegal procedure in which polypropylene string was implanted into each of her breasts. The material, which resembles a ball of yarn, essentially irritates the breast lining and creates a serum that works to expand the breasts, a process that could potentially continue indefinitely. Chelsea’s boob job expanded her cup size to a staggering (and ironic) 164XXX, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. According to Chelsea, “most of the other girls who have had this procedure have stopped [growing] at some point, so I’m just waiting for that to happen.”

We know what you’re thinking. Why ever would she want her boobs to stop growing!? Besides their hideously indecent size, Chelsea’s melons also seem to make daily life difficult for the porn star. Chelsea has revealed that she has trouble eating, sleeping comfortably and, go figure, fitting into airplane bathrooms. She also has to exercise regularly in order for her small frame to support the gargantuan breasts, each of which weighs approximately the same as a large watermelon. Although fellow porn star, Maxi Mounds, holds the official Guinness Record for the world’s largest breasts, it seems that a simple phone call could change all that. When asked why she hasn’t sought official recognition for her massive boobs, Chelsea replied simply, “They haven’t called!” Although Chelsea plans to eventually have the polypropylene removed and her breasts reduced, the porn star’s boobs are currently growing at an impressive rate of one inch per month.

For some unknown reason, the porn star appeared on the daytime talk show “This Morning” last year, which immediately prompted fiery Twitter comments from viewers saying things like, “Chelsea Charms is deluded…and disgusting.” Chelsea, however, finds her jumbo-sized boobs to be…womanly. And, even though cosmetic surgery was primarily responsible for Chelsea’s growing breasts, nature may still have had a little something to do with it, says Chelsea, who believes that being involved in the adult porn industry has helped her breasts remain firm. “If I hadn’t spent my youth in a continual state of excitement, I would probably have stepped on my own breasts [by now]. But that didn’t happen.” Instead of stepping on them, she just has to work extra hard to keep from toppling over with every step she takes. One word – WTF?!

More pictures of Chelsea Charms and her back-breaking record-breaking breasts:

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If you’ve ever seen the dramatic daytime soap, The Bold and the Beautiful, you may recognize actress Hunter Tylo, who has played Dr. Taylor Hayes since the 90s. Or, you may not recognize her, as a series of cosmetic surgery procedures gone bad have distorted her looks almost beyond recognition.

Hunter Tylo then and now:
Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery

After undergoing what appears to have been excessive lip injections, Botox, a facelift, nose job and cheek implants, Tylo has gone from natural beauty to plastic surgery nightmare in recent years. Her overly-inflated lips, frozen smile and unnaturally smooth skin are so obvious in fact, that the actress’ radical transformation has prompted even well-known plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn, to recommend Tylo “leave her face alone for a while.” You know it’s bad when a cosmetic surgeon urges you to stay away.

The 49-year-old actress recently stepped out on the red carpet at the 52nd Monte Carlo TV festival, and, while most actresses draw gasps for their stunning red-carpet attire, Hunter Tylo’s new face was the topic of conversation for the evening. If anyone had wanted to interview the former Melrose Place actress, it probably would have been difficult for her to answer, being the skin on her face has been pulled so tight her face features a permanent look of surprise. Or maybe that was genuine surprise that she could actually arrange her face in a smile to pose for The Bold and the Beautiful cast photos.

Hunter Tylo at the 52nd Monte Carlo Television Festival in June 2012:

We get it. Undergoing plastic surgery is as normal as applying makeup for most Hollywood stars today, and Hunter Tylo didn’t want to fall behind on the cosmetic surgery merry-go-round. Unfortunately, while Tylo probably thought her cosmetic surgery procedures would preserve her youth and make her more beautiful, the botched jobs have only made her look unnatural and unattractive. Even though it’s not surprising that yet another actress has fallen victim to excessive cosmetic surgery, it’s almost frightening to see how a nip here and a tuck there has so dramatically altered Hunter Tylo’s once-famous face. As The Bold and the Beautiful celebrates 25 years, you have to admit, Hunter’s plastic surgery transformation certainly is bold. But beautiful? Not so much.

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China Plastic Surgery Regulations

Imagine a world where teens are actually prohibited by law from fulfilling their disturbing perceptions of the perfect body via plastic surgery, and anyone caught helping a minor score a nose job, some ink or even a body piercing could face time in prison. Well, that world may not be as far away as you think! In this day and age, where teens’ celebrity role models order up a tummy tuck and nose job with their morning coffee, it’s no longer much of a surprise when a girl asks for a boob job for her 18th birthday instead of a car or a trip to Bali. In China however, a controversial new proposal would make it unlawful for minors in the Chinese city of Guangzhou to get plastic surgery or tattoos.

The proposed law is still being formulated and is set to take place in 2013, says Peng Qu, director of the Community and Rights Department in the Guangzhou Committee of the Chinese Communist Youth League. “Minors are going through a stage of growth and development and cosmetic surgery simply has a bad effect on teenage health.” So, you’re saying it’s not healthy for a 17-year-old girl to turn to plastic surgery to “fix” her body instead of being comfortable with her body image, or God forbid, doing the work it takes to remedy the issues she isn’t happy with? Go figure. The Chinese ban on cosmetic surgery is geared towards protecting the well-being of individuals under 18, as lawmakers fear plastic surgery and tattoos can adversely affect their mental health and distort their view of the world.

Kids with Tattoos

With the exception of Taiwan, no Chinese provinces or regions have issued plastic surgery regulations such as these, which makes the Guangzhou law virtually unprecedented in that region. In 2005, Taiwan established a progressive law that made it illegal for any person or agency to help Taiwanese teens get tattoos or body piercings. The law even stated that parents could pursue compensation from any tattoo artist caught facilitating a teen’s procurement of a tattoo, holding them accountable for laser-removal fees. And what do they get for a second violation? Up to three years in prison. Now that’s taking action, people!

The proposed law involving Guangzhou minors may have something to do with the largely unregulated cosmetic surgery industry in China. According to a random inspection of plastic surgery clinics in 2010, fewer than half of the clinics met national standards, and research shows that as many as 70% of China’s cosmetic procedures are performed in unlicensed salons. Let’s face it – cosmetic surgery is for life (and so are tattoos unless you choose to undergo the excruciatingly painful process of laser removal). How many people at 16, 17 or 18 really know what they are going to want on their bodies for the rest of their lives? As an adult, you’re regretting that butterfly tattoo you got as an act of teenage rebellion, aren’t you? Or was it a dragonfly?

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