Katie Price plastic perfectionDespite having spent more than $155,000 on cosmetic surgery, model and reality TV star Katie Price is apparently still not happy with how she looks. The 35-year-old mother of three recently broke down during a friend’s birthday party at the London club Gilgamesh, whining about how much she hates her fake body. While other guests and complete strangers comforted her and told her how beautiful she is, she responded by crying, “I’m plastic. I’ve got a fake nose, fake teeth and fake tits – only my arse is real!” Not that Katie Price’s plastic surgery confession comes as a surprise to any of us, but the whole “poor me, I’ve had too much bad plastic surgery and now I don’t look like a normal human anymore” is getting pretty old.

Like so many other celebrities who have entered the emotional tailspin that comes after too much plastic surgery leaves them unrecognizable, Katie Price, also known as Jordan, apparently regrets all the times she has gone under the knife for the sake of beauty – albeit fake beauty. All in all, the once-pretty, now-plastic model has undergone at least six separate breast augmentation surgeries, botox, injectable fillers, liposuction, at least two nose jobs, and has even had to undergo additional surgeries to try to correct the mess that bad plastic surgery has left her with. That should be a red flag right there, when you choose to get plastic surgery to correct a previous cosmetic surgery procedure gone wrong. Who knows when Katie Price’s first brush with plastic surgery took place, but her foray into the cosmetic surgery world has definitely become an obsession bordering on body dysmorphic disorder.

Katie Price before and after plastic surgery:
Katie Price before plastic surgery

In 2007, Katie announced that she was planning to have a plastic surgery makeover after giving birth to her third child, and would be undergoing a lip augmentation, breast reduction and vaginal rejuvenation. That’s when you know it’s bad – when you use having a child as an excuse to get your lips redone, cause that makes sense. Despite saying just one year later, in 2008, “I won’t have any more surgery now. I’m 100% happy…I like the way I look at the moment,” Katie Price said in 2010 that she wanted surgery to correct her “duck lips” and cosmetic surgery-mangled boobs. Since then, the 35-year-old has recounted all the ways that plastic surgery has ruined her body, as have other beauty regimes of hers, including getting a hair extension replacement every three months for 12 years.

There’s no doubt in our minds that Katie Price puts a lot of stock in her appearance, but what does she think of herself today, after more than $155,000 down the drain and dozens of cosmetic surgery procedures? During her recent outburst at the London club, Katie Price called herself a minger, which is British slang for someone who “fell out of the ugly tree at birth and hit every branch on the way down.” There you have it.

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The New York Times recently published an opinion article written by Angelina Jolie, titled ‘My Medical Choice‘, in which Angelina reveals that she has had a preventative double mastectomy. Angelina had a gene test that detects specific genes and gene mutations that they feel can increase the chance of contracting certain types of cancers. When she tested positive for carrying the BRCA1 gene, she was told that this gene increased her chance of developing breast cancer to 87% and her chance of contracting ovarian cancer is 50%. With this knowledge in hand, and the pain she carries from losing her mother to cancer 6 years ago, Angelina decided to beat cancer to the punch and had her breast tissue removed.

Angelina Jolie before and after having a double mastectomy + breast implants:
Angelina before and after mastectomy and boob job

Angelina is now being heralded as some sort of hero for raising awareness about preventative mastectomies and this super expensive gene testing, but I think this is kind of a crock. Angelina Jolie did not have cancer. Perhaps she was/is more likely to someday develop cancer than your average Jane, but she very well may never have developed cancer in the first place, so she basically just lopped off her boobs to spite her genes. Am I the only one that thinks it’s crazy to chop off a healthy part of your body because perhaps maybe someday cancer might grow there?!

In addition to the double mastectomy, Angelina Jolie also opted for “reconstruction with implants”, or a boob job. Yes, she decided to remove her natural breast tissue and replace it with toxic foreign bags laced with silicon. To fight a cancer that doesn’t even exist. For some reason, I think this type of “preventative mastectomy” would be a lot less popular if it didn’t come with a great excuse to get a pair of perky new boobs. For people that are at a higher risk of developing cancer, cutting off that body part is not the only way to manage that risk. Other ways to minimize your risk includes taking preventative drugs, monitoring for early detection and simply changing your diet. But for Angelina Jolie? She is just going to prevent cancer with a boob job.



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Alicia Douvall recently stepped out for a stroll in England and the 33-year old model looks like she has been severely beaten! Alicia, an admitted plastic surgery addict, has spent more than $1million on plastic surgery and this latest bout with her plastic surgeon has left more than just her bank account bruised. Alicia’s face is currently swollen, bloodied and heavily bandaged.

Alicia Douvall before and after having several of her facial implants removed:
Alicia Douvall Plastic Surgery 2013

After an extremely painful botched butt implant procedure and becoming pregnant with her second daughter, Alicia Douvall vowed to kick her plastic surgery addiction. And while Alicia obviously hasn’t kicked the plastic surgery habit, she claims that she is now having surgery to try and fix all of the botched plastic surgery she has had in the past. During this latest round of surgeries, Alicia had implants removed from her nose, cheeks and eyes.

Alicia Douvall at age 17, before plastic surgery:Alicia Douvall at age 17

Alicia started having plastic surgery at 17 and now the mother of two has major regrets. Due to the extensive surgeries, Alicia has lost feeling in many parts of her body including around her waistline, under her right arm, her entire left breast and parts of her face. Alicia now laments that the plastic surgeons that operated on her had no regard for her well-being, as they continued to take her money in exchange for the laundry list of unnecessary plastic surgeries that she requested. Just to name a few, Alicia has undergone 6 nose jobs, over a dozen breast augmentations, butt implants, a facelift, lip augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction and even toe-shortening surgery. Alicia once even brought a Barbie doll to a consultation as a point of reference for the doctor. Unrealistic plastic surgery addict red flag much?

As much as Alicia wants to place blame on the plastic surgeons for the state of her sliced and diced face and body, in their defense, they did cut her off at one point. But, when plastic surgeons in the UK refused to operate on her, Alicia simply traveled abroad and lied about her medical history in order to have more plastic surgery. Any doctor can look at Alicia Douvall and see her addiction, but money talks and there will always be plastic surgeons willing to cut up delusional people to their hearts content. Well, as long as they have cash or good credit, that is!

More pictures of Alicia Douvall after having her facial implants removed:

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The Kris Humphries rebound chick Myla Sinanaj has something she wants to show you:

Myla Sinanaj before after breast implants:

Images censored by Google. She Myla’s after pics here

Myla recently washed up on a New Jersey beach with her new floatation devices tangled up in some sort of swimsuit/seatbelt contraption. Myla went from a B-cup to a D-cup with the help of some silicon breast implants, that were reportedly bought and paid for by Kris Humphries, and she would now like to put them on display for your admiration and approval. (Hmmm. Nope. Sorry, I can still see the Jersey Shore Oomph Loompa through the plastic surgery, makeup and Photoshop.)

Myla Sinanaj caught her 5 minutes of fame for banging Kris Humphries immediately after Kim Kardashian pulled the plug on their 72 day marriage, and apparently she thinks that plastic surgery and staged bikini photo shoots are somehow going to extend the media attention. Apparently she did not get the memo about staged bikini pictures being so last year? Staged anal sex tapes or bust, Myla!

More pictures of Myla Sinanaj in that ugly bikini torture device:

Images censored by Google. She Myla’s after pics here

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It’s pretty normal for a kid to want to emulate a beloved doll or action figure (Barbie, G.I. Joe, Iron Man, etc.), but what is not normal at all is a grown Japanese woman undergoing countless plastic surgery procedures to look like a “living French doll” – whatever that is. That’s exactly what Japanese model Vanilla Chamu hopes to accomplish though, and she has already gotten more than $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgery in this bizarre quest. Not only is it extremely weird that this woman wants to look like a French doll, but Vanilla looks absolutely nothing like the doll she claims she is modeling her plastic surgery after. What gives, Vanilla?

Vanilla went under the knife for the first time when she was 19, and she apparently got hooked. After spending some $102,000 on extreme plastic surgery, she has since succeeded in becoming an Internet sensation, but her “perfect” living French doll fantasy remains beyond her reach. The most bizarre change Vanilla has made in her appearance involves her eyes, which used to be small and narrow and are now huge and round, with that wide-open glassy look previously reserved for anime characters and human Barbie doll wanna-be’s.

Vanilla Chamu before and after plastic surgery:
Vanilla Chamu before and after plastic surgery

It’s hard to believe that this creepy “Western”-looking woman is Japanese, but Vanilla’s “before” pictures prove that, not only did she once look human, but she was actually a pretty Japanese teenager prior to her 30+ plastic surgery procedures, which included liposuction, breast implants, dimple creation, eyelash implants, double-eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty. As a result, Vanilla is now the proud owner of a new face, a trout pout and a pair of gigantic breasts that make her tiny frame look like it’s about to topple over.

Vanilla Chamu and the men that built her:
Vanilla Chamu and the plastic surgeons that built her

Vanilla isn’t alone in using cosmetic surgery to look like a living doll; she is part of the larger “Lolita” trend in Japan and other countries, where young women go under the knife to appear more like anime characters. Think 27-year-old Ukranian model Valeria Lukyanova. According to Vanilla though, the startling physical transformation she has already undergone isn’t quite enough; she still plans to undergo another breast implant and height lengthening surgery, which sounds way too much like some kind of medieval stretch machine torture, a là The Princess Bride.

Following is a video of Vanilla and her plastic surgery transformation. It’s in Japanese, but you can get the just of it from the graphics and pictures…Like the one showing how the plastic surgeons peeled off her face and scalp in order to insert some bizarro forehead implant?! Um, ouch?

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Amanda Bynes has finally revealed why she doesn’t want the media to use older pictures of her: She doesn’t want people to look at her pre-plastic surgery face! In a Tweet from Amanda today, she reveals why she wants media sources to only use her grainy, crappy selfies and pre-selected paparazzi photos that she posts on Twitter:

Intouch used a photo from years ago on their cover and I hate it! The reason I’ve asked all magazines and blogs to stop using old photos of me is I don’t look like that anymore! I had a nose job to remove skin that was like a webbing in between my eyes. I wasn’t going to tell anyone, but I look so much prettier in my new photos that I don’t want old photos used anymore! I’m so sick of magazines and blogs using old photos! When will they stop? I will never look like that again! Having surgery was the most amazing thing for my confidence!

Amanda Bynes before and after nose job surgery:
Amanda Bynes before and after nose job

In addition to her surgically altered nose, 27-year old Amanda has also been going out of her way to show off her breast implants and has posted several topless photos of herself for all of the world to see.

Some of the topless photos that Amanda Bynes has posted to Twitter:
Amanda Bynes Topless

Apparently Drake hasn’t taken Amanda up on the offer to murder her vagina and she’s upping the ante? Vagina murdering and silicon punching bags? Come on Drake…get it while it’s a hot crazy delusional mess!

Well, if you haven’t been keeping up with the Amanda Bynes crazy train, let’s recap:

– Everyone that thinks Amanda is acting crazy is “ugly”.
– Amanda only has “hot friends”.
– According to Amanda, she is very rich, as “in the Mary-Kate and Ashley type of wealth”.
– Her wig fell off when she attempted to do a cartwheel in gymnastics class. So, she cried. And got kicked out for acting crazy.
– She got kicked out of Planet Fitness for smoking pot in the bathroom.
– She wants to lose 30lbs to get to her goal weight of 100lbs.
– She has an eating disorder.
– She doesn’t understand why people think this video makes her look crazy:

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Love may not cost a thing, but butt implants sure do! A London teen named Jennifer Lopez (Coincidence? We think not!) recently spilled the beans about the more than $30,000 her mom spent on plastic surgery to make the teen girl and her younger sister more bootylicious. During their teen years, the Lopez girls underwent a series of operations that altered their bodies and left them with perkier boobs, smaller waists, unnaturally large butts and an unhealthy obsession with plastic surgery – all before the age of 19 and all paid for by mom.

The Lopez sister after plastic surgery:
Teen Plastic Surgery - Jennifer Lopez GirlsPhoto: Daily Mail

According to Jennifer, her mom flew the teen girl to her native Colombia, where she underwent three plastic surgery procedures in one day – liposuction, butt fillers and breast implants. At that time,  Jennifer was only 15, and admits now that “After my surgery I had the body of a woman, but in reality I was still only a child.” Jennifer isn’t the only one in the family who has gone under the knife for the sake of beauty though. Her younger sister, Karen, has had the same series of procedures, beginning with a nose job when she was only 14. After that, Karen started taking a Colombian drug to increase her body fat, which apparently backfired, so her mom paid for liposuction to remove the fat from her stomach and pump it into her butt.

Like most people, Karen and Jennifer’s plastic surgery obsession was spurred by insecurity. “I felt like there was nothing about me – no boobs or bum, no defined figure. I just felt like a blob,” Jennifer said about her 14-year old “before” body. So, the teen begged her mom to let her have surgery, and the mother of two reportedly shelled out more than $15,000 for the procedures. “Since having my surgery, I’ve had so much attention from men,” said Jennifer. “I love it.” Great. Because that’s exactly what you want for your 15-year-old daughter, right?

Jennifer’s sister Karen, now 20, has admitted that her butt implants are a curse because she is constantly being pestered by men who want to touch it, and both sisters say they had plastic surgery too young. Where was their mother during this plastic surgery-fest? Oh yes, forking over the money. Jennifer, now 23, is working as a secretary, and over the past eight years she has come to realize that plastic surgery is addictive. “Now when I put on weight, I automatically think the solution is another session of lipo. The only trouble is the cost.” Apparently mom has finally realized that she shouldn’t be encouraging her daughters to get plastic surgery by offering to pay for the procedures? Either that or she’s completely broke. Their mother, Leslie, is a maid and has spent her life savings and then some on plastic surgery for herself and her two daughters.

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Farrah Abraham sex tape releasedAlright folks, sing it with me now: “Here she comes, Miss America…!” That’s right, Farrah Abraham has realized her American dream! She has official signed on as a porn star and sold the porno that she made with Vivid Entertainment. The 21-year old reality star turned pornstar “sold” the tape to Vivid Video when they made her an offer she could not refuse (less than half of the $2Million that she was asking to release this “personal sex tape” that she filmed with a well-known pornstar that was produced and filmed by well-known porn company Vivid Entertainment).

So here she is!! Introducing Farrah Abrahams: Backdoor Teen Mom.

(Backdoor Teen Mom? Uh, WTF. Did Vivid really just name Farrah Abraham the “Backdoor Teen Mom”? bahahahahaha)

Farrah may have sold herself out for $1Million less than she thought she was worth, but apparently Vivid made that extra million up to her by giving Farrah the gift of virtual plastic surgery. Thanks to Photoshop, Vivid hooked Farrah up with bigger breast implants, liposuction and a Brazilian butt lift!

Farrah Abrahams before and after virtual plastic surgery / Photoshop:
Farrah Abraham before and after photoshop

Apparently, the $21,000 that Farrah has already spent on plastic surgery was not enough, because Vivid took the liberty of Photoshopping her into pornstar perfection by giving her even bigger breast implants, slimming her waistline and adding inches to her butt and thighs. They also gave her a weird Oompa Loompa Orange tan, but I bet they threw that one in for free.

An overlay of Farrah before and after Photoshop:
Farrah Abraham Photoshop Plastic Surgery

Vivid is touting this as Farrah’s “private tape made public” and it seems like they are paying homage to their last cash cow Kim Kardashian. Not only have they photoshopped Farrah into a more Kim-esque look, but they are even calling her “Farrah Superstar”, following suit to Kim Kardashian’s sex tape release where she was named “Kim K Superstar”. So that just leaves one last question…Will there be a Kim Kardashian cameo in the Farrah Abraham sex tape?! A little bird told me that right after James Deen gains access to Farrah’s backdoor, if you squint just right, you can see a pregnant Kim K pooping on Ray J (who is dressed as a clown, of course) in the background.

The Farrah Abrahams before and after photoshop morph:
Farrah Abraham Photoshop Dance

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