Danielle Meagher botched lipoIt appears to be the norm now that, instead of a youthful appearance and renewed self-confidence, one of the most common things to follow cosmetic surgery is a lawsuit. In yet another sad case of a reality star suffering from bad plastic surgery, Dublin Housewives star Danielle Meagher is suing the Cosmedico Plastic Surgery Clinic in Ireland for medical negligence related to two separate cosmetic procedures. Danielle is clearly no stranger to plastic surgery, and in addition to her love affair with Botox and facial fillers, she has also had a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck. Clearly bigger boobs and a flatter tummy were not enough for Danielle and she decided to also have liposuction on two separate occasions. Unfortunately her liposuction procedures in 2010 and 2011 didn’t make her as perfect as she had hoped and she feels that the plastic surgeons are to blame.

In 2010, Danielle Meagher went to Professor Anil Madaree for liposuction on her stomach, a procedure that included “scar revision” and the removal and relocation of her naval. The following year, Danielle went under the knife again, this time for liposuction on her thighs from a Dr. Marco Loiacono, also of the Cosmedico Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Apparently the results of Danielle’s botched lipo were so traumatic that she found reason to sue the plastic surgery clinic and both doctors for between $127,000 and $152,000 in damages. According to a friend of the TV star, “Since undergoing the surgery on her stomach, Danielle has been too embarrassed to go on any beach holidays with friends. She does not want anyone to see her in a bikini and has only gone away on summer vacations on her own or with her family.” So her stomach is so mangled she doesn’t want her friends to see it, but she doesn’t mind if her family and the general public catch a glimpse? Also, the same friend noted, “Following the operation on her legs, she has never worn a dress. It is dreadfully upsetting for her. She is too self-conscious of her thighs.”

Of course, Danielle isn’t simply trying to make a quick buck. She is so insecure about the fact that the plastic surgery didn’t fix her insecurities that she deserves compensation for her traumatic experience. “For Danielle, it’s not about the money, but the principal of the matter and for the emotional distress this has caused her,” said Danielle’s friend. For its part, the Cosmedico Plastic Surgery Clinic doesn’t plan to let the TV star make out with more than $100,000 without a fight. “We completely dispute all of these allegations,” said a source about Danielle’s lawsuit. “She has been seen in a bikini since the procedure on her stomach and we have witnesses to prove this.”

In the meantime, Danielle herself is the clinical director of a Botox clinic, and is currently involved in a legal mess of her own over some loose-lipped girl talk after one too many cocktails. The TV star was charged with breach of confidence, and has been ordered by a judge to pay nearly $10,000 in damages to a mortgage consultant for spilling the beans and telling friends that the 36-year-old received a Botox treatment at Danielle’s clinic. Apparently this woman suffered personal psychological injury, embarrassment, shame, shock, anxiety, distress and depression, requiring treatment with tranquilizers, therapy and counseling…all because some people found out she got Botox.

More pictures of Danielle Meagher:

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So I think it’s safe to say that Christina Aguilera has packed on a few pounds over the last few years. That’s all fine and good, since Christina claims to love her new curvier body, but her appearance at the American Music Awards got us thinking: What’s really up with Christina Aguilera’s butt?

Christina showed up at the American Music Awards wearing a pretty purple ombre gown, yet she has somehow topped the “Worst Dressed” lists of numerous fashion publications. Is it designer Pamella Roland’s fault that Christina’s stylist dressed her in a gown that made her look more like a centaur than a celebrity? The flowing silk chiffon gown made Christina look completely disproportionate and was simply not flattering.

Christina Aguilera then and now:
Christina Aguilera before and after weight gain

Christina Aguilera, who has packed on 35lbs in the last couple of years, has addressed the weight gain hoopla that surrounds any celebrity that puts on a little weight, and has made it abundantly clear that she prefers to be curvy. So has she gone above and beyond simply gaining weight to accentuate her lady lumps? Christina got breast implants in 2005, so we know that she is not opposed to using plastic surgery to achieve a perceived beauty ideal!

Christina Aguilera before and after breast implants:
Christina Aguilera boob job

If you compare photos of Christina from 2011 with current pictures, you can see a very obvious difference in the shape of Christina’s posterior. She is very close to the same weight in 2011 and 2012, but now her butt has somehow become much higher, rounder and more defined. Judging from the the change in the shape of Christina’s butt, it appears that she underwent butt augmentation surgery early in 2012.

Christina’s butt: Weight gain or butt augmentation?
Did Christina Aguilera get butt implants?

What do you think about Christina Aguilera’s new look? Curvy and fabulous or just kind of frumpy?

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New Photos of Stars Before and After Cosmetic Surgery


Did you know that FamousPlastic.net has the largest collection of photos of stars before and after plastic surgery, in the world? Our huge gallery of pictures of famous people that have had cosmetic surgery has just been updated, so check it out!

Stars before and after plastic surgery photos

You won’t believe how much some of your favorite stars have changed thanks to a skilled (and sometimes, not so skilled) plastic surgeon. Our gallery is full of hundreds of original before and after pictures of the good, the bad and the most shocking plastic surgery transformations of stars around the world!

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Catman in 2001Over 20 years ago, Dennis Avner began his bizarre surgical transformation on his quest to alter his looks into that of a tiger. His unusual surgeries, body modification and tattoos made him somewhat of a media sideshow and he appeared on many high-profile programs throughout the years. In the underground world of bod mod, Avner, or “Stalking Cat”, as he liked to be called, was looked up to and held in the highest regard by fellow body modifiers. Unfortunately the story of Stalking Cat has come to an untimely end, and it has been confirmed that Dennis Avner was found dead at his home on November 5th. Avner was 54-years old.

Avner became well-known around the world as ‘Catman’ and became an inspiration to many people in the underground world of body modification. Many of the body modifications that he underwent had never been performed before, such as: septum relocation to flatten the nose and bifurcation of the upper lip. And while Avner’s transformation caused quite a bit of attention, he was always the first to admit that he had, “found fame, but not fortune.”

The cause of death has not been released, but due to what some called his “troubled nature”, rumor has it that Dennis “Stalking Cat” Avner ended his own life.

More pictures of Dennis Avner after extreme body modification:

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Move over Sarah Burge – a.k.a. the human Barbie – Ken is in town! After so many women have attempted to transform themselves into real-life Barbie dolls, it was only a matter of time before Ken entered the picture. Justin Jedlica of New York City has followed in the footsteps of so many poor, unfortunate souls who feel the need to live out some kind of unnatural plastic fantasy, undergoing 90 cosmetic procedures over the past ten years to re-create himself as a human Ken doll.

Justin Jedlica after $100,000 in plastic surgery:
Justin Jedlica after 90 plastic surgeries

After spending nearly $100,000 on dozens and dozens of plastic surgery procedures, including a cheek augmentation, several nose jobs, butt implants and pectoral implants, Justin Jedlica is apparently pleased with his appearance, although I can’t imagine why. Instead of the naturally-sculpted physique most people get from going to the gym – a chore that Justin calls “not exciting, glamorous or fabulous” – the 32-year-old has gone under the knife for pectoral, bicep and tricep implants to achieve his chiseled look.

Justin’s obsession with plastic surgery and achieving the “perfect” body image started when he decided to get a nose job in his mid-twenties. Since then, he has had four more nose jobs – each one “not as extreme and exaggerated as I wanted” – and numerous other procedures to alter his body and face. He is now pumped with a significant amount of silicone, and says that his look is “closer to…the picture that I have in my head.” He is certainly not finished improving his appearance though, and when asked if he is concerned about how his body will hold up to all this work, he responded, “I understand the risks…and I’m willing to take those on.”

Justin Jedlica before and after plastic surgery:
Justin Jedlica before and after plastic surgery

What Mr. Jedlica has made it painfully clear he is NOT willing to take on though, is Valeria Lukyanova, a 21-year-old from Ukraine who has reportedly spent $800,000 making herself look like yet another real-life Barbie. Apparently she is just a little too real for Justin. “A true ‘body mod’ individual – such as myself – LIVES with a conviction to their alterations and doesn’t wash them off,” he said of Lukyanova. “I can appreciate that she is a talented artist, but if at the end of the day she is only presenting this ‘human Barbie doll’ on days the camera is filming…I’m not sure just how much credibility I would give her in being a REAL human Barbie.” Darn, that would have been some perfect plastic love right there.

It’s obvious that Justin has devoted quite a bit of time, effort and money to portray himself as the perfect man, a.k.a. the human Ken doll. Unfortunately, the only thing that Mr. Jedlica has in common with the Ken doll is that he is now made primarily of plastic and probably won’t be able to do much more than grin and move his head from side to side if he keeps filling his body with silicone. If you ask us, Justin Jedlica is nothing more than a modern day Frankenstein, just a bit more flamboyant.

Justin Jedlica on 20/20:

More pictures of Justin Jedlica:

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Time for a little celebrity ketchup! Here are the most noteworthy recent celebrity news stories:

celebrity ketchup gossip newsScarlett Johansson got the worst tattoo we’ve seen in a while. – The Superficial

Lady Gaga in a bikini in Brazil proves our theory that stars that gain weight and tell the media that they “love their new curves” are liars. – Just Jared

Courtney Stodden’s mom thinks she’s a “momager”. (When does letting a 50 year old man bang your unemployed teenage daughter count as “managing her career”?!) – The Huffington Post

The Victoria’s Secret Angels reveal their true measurements. – Too Fab

Lindsay Lohan charged with lying to the police. Will the probation princess finally go to jail? – New York Daily News

Karl Lagerfeld arrested for wearing a burqa in France. – The Frisky

40-year old Cameron Diaz is looking/acting a little desperate. – US Magazine

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You’ve heard of women undergoing plastic surgery to look like Pamela Anderson or getting a lift here and a tuck there to revamp their overall image. But have you heard the one about a woman spending over $320,000 and going under the knife for 51 different cosmetic procedures, all in an effort to look like the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti? Well, 52-year-old Nileen Namita of the UK did just that, and the before and after pictures of the formerly-normal-looking British woman are pretty shocking.

Nileen Namita before and after plastic surgery:
Nileen Namita after plastic surgery to look like Queen Nefertiti

Nefertiti – whose name means “the beautiful one has come” – is history’s most famous “Queen” of Ancient Egypt, and was known far and wide as a beautiful woman in ancient Egyptian times. Take a look at the 3,300-year-old bust of Nefertiti, and you’ll see why she is still considered an iconic figure in regards to female beauty today. Apparently, Nileen Namita admires Nefertiti’s reputation as a beautiful woman, but she seems to have taken her admiration a little too far.

Nileen Namita dressed as Nefertiti:
Nileen Namita as Nefertiti

Nileen’s obsessive and creepy incredible plastic surgery transformation began back in 1987, when she suddenly decided that she had lived as Nefertiti in a past life. So why not live as her in her current life as well? In order to achieve this goal, the mother of three spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and underwent more than 50 plastic surgery procedures to reform her face into an exact replica of Queen Nefertiti. Among her plastic surgeries were three facelifts, eight nose jobs, one eyebrow lift, three chin implants, six mini facelifts, five eye surgeries, two lip surgeries, and 20 minor tweaks, and she isn’t done just yet. As Nileen says, “I would like my lips to be made a little finer and plan to have some more surgery on my nose to even out my nostrils.”

According to the 52-year-old, “Throughout my childhood and teen years, I had constant vivid dreams of this ancient queen. They were visions of incredible intensity – I could see where she lived, her servants, her rooms, even the food she ate – and although at first I found the dreams frightening, I began to research what they meant. Aged 23, I underwent psychoanalysis with a counselor. Slowly, I began to realize that I was having these dreams because I am a reincarnation of Nefertiti.” Fortunately for her children and family, she didn’t envision herself living in a past life as the Little Mermaid or Conan the Barbarian. Now she just has to learn to walk like an Egyptian and she’s all set!

More pictures of Nileen Namita:

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Tameka “Tiny” Cottle shot to fame in the 90′s when she was a member of multi-platinum selling R&B group “Xscape”. Currently, it looks like she needs to escape from the clutches of her plastic surgeon…

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle then and now:
TI's wife Tiny before and after cosmetic surgery

Tiny, who is married to rapper TI, hit our bad plastic surgery radar with her extreme ducklips, but after digging up some old photos of the singer/songwriter, the inflated lips are just a tiny part of Tiny’s plastic surgery transformation. At 37-years old, Tiny appears to be plasticly revamped from head to toe. So what exactly has Tiny had done? It appears that she has had a nose job, lip augmentation, cheek augmentation, filler injections, Botox, breast implants, liposuction, tummy tuck and butt augmentation.

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle’s plastic surgery transformation:
Tameka Tiny Cottle before and after plastic surgery

Tiny has certainly had way too much plastic surgery and it shows. But where exactly did she go wrong? As far as her face goes, we think that the plastic surgeon that did her nose job was far too aggressive and her nose looks too small and very obviously worked on. Also, judging from her joker-like smile, it appears that Tiny’s ducklips are the result of lip implants (which just never look right! See Meg Ryan). As for her body, Tiny stands only 4’11″ tall, so the large breast implants and super-sized booty just look out of place and a little bit ridiculous, especially when compared to her “Xscape” days, when she was flat as a board.

Rumor has it that Tiny also gets butt shots to make her booty bigger:
Did Tameka Tiny Cottle get butt shots?

Tiny has dabbled in plastic surgery for quite a while, but it appears that when she started doing reality TV in 2009 is when she really started to go overboard. In 2009, Tiny starred in “Tiny and Toya” and she is currently filming season 2 of “TI and Tiny: The Family Hustle”. Tiny has already damaged her looks beyond repair with the overzealous plastic surgery, but if she continued on, she’s headed into Lil Kim style bad plastic surgery territory.

But don’t worry, Tiny fans! She isn’t completely plastic! We are pretty sure that her feet are au natural…

The last real thing on Tiny’s body?
Tameka Tiny Cottle's feet

Random Tameka “Tiny” Cottle fact: Tameka and fellow Xscape band member Kandi wrote “No Scrubs” for TLC and won a Grammy Award for “Best R&B Song”.
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