Formerly the love interest in Ricky Martin’s hit music video “Livin’ La Vida Loca,” Croatian model Nina Moric is now livin’ la vida typical of other female celebrities, with plastic surgery galore. From lip fillers to cheek implants, you can tell by before and after pictures that Nina’s new look came at the hands of a plastic surgeon. And while Nina’s plastic surgery isn’t exactly terrible, it’s really sad that such a beautiful woman felt the need to have cosmetic surgery in the first place. She stands 5’11″ with legs a mile long, and she’s got the body of a goddess. So why mess with the face, Nina? We just don’t get it.

Nina Moric through the years:
nina moric plastic surgery

Nina was born in Croatia and was actually studying to be a lawyer when she won the 1996 Croatian Elite “Look of the Year” modeling competition and decided to pursue a modeling career in the United States. This led her to relocate to Los Angeles, where she tried her hand at acting and singing, and then eventually landed herself on the cover of Maxim and other men’s magazines. Needless to say, Nina’s career never quite took off, and now she apparently regrets having the plastic surgery she probably thought would earn her millions.

Nina Moric in Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca”:

Like plenty of celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery to further their career, Nina Moric is having serious second thoughts about deciding to alter her appearance. Although the 36-year-old has only admitted to having her lips done – a procedure she underwent at the age of 18 – she also appears to have had cheek implants or a cheekbone augmentation in an effort to make them more defined. What it did instead what make her look like she had plastic surgery. Now, Nina’s lip job isn’t nearly as bad as say, Lisa Rhinna’s trout pout, but it’s nearly there. Poor girl.

We just don’t get the celebrity obsession with plastic surgery, when it often makes the person nearly unrecognizable. Take Portia de Rossi, for instance. After seven years off the air, the new season of Arrested Development finally aired this month, and die-hard fans of the show have spent nearly every episode wondering what happened to Portia de Rossi’s face, which appears to be permanently frozen in a look of surprise. So, we don’t blame Nina Moric for regretting her plastic surgery, especially since she was much prettier before she went under the knife. We just wish all these plastic surgery regrets would stop other natural beauties from making the same mistake!

More pictures of Nina Moric:

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It wouldn’t be a new season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey without a little plastic surgery, would it? Cast member Jacqueline Laurita, who has been with the show since season one, revealed last month on Twitter that she had undergone additional plastic surgery in anticipation of the upcoming season, opting for a tummy tuck and a neck lift to get rid of some of the weight she still had from three pregnancies (even though her last child was born four years ago…). She sure seemed proud of her decision to go under the knife too, tweeting to all her fans, “That’s right, I said tummy tuck and neck lift,” (apparently in case we didn’t believe her). “Thank you, Dr. Brent!”

Jacqueline Laurita through the years:

Jacqueline has been a Real Housewife since the New Jersey version of the reality show began in 2009, so you know this isn’t her first time under the knife. Getting cosmetic surgery is pretty much a prerequisite to being on the show, although it baffles us that so many Real Housewives stars insist on denying they have had any work done. Kudos to Jacqueline for at least admitting to it, and not trying to pass off perkier boobs, refined nose and a flatter tummy as a minor miracle. Prior to her two most recent plastic surgery procedures, Jacqueline confirmed getting breast implants, rhinoplasty and Botox, presumably to keep up with the rest of the RHONJ crew, and she has also paid for her teenage daughter to undergo rhinoplasty surgery as well.

Jacqueline spilled the beans about her cosmetic surgery during an interview on Watch What Happens Live on May 19, and confirmed the news with a tweet while the show was on air – just to make sure everyone heard her correctly. Both Jacqueline’s neck lift and tummy tuck were performed by Dr. Brent Moelleken, a plastic and reconstructive cosmetic surgeon based in Beverly Hills, California – the Mecca of plastic surgery. Moelleken apparently specializes in a “hybrid tummy tuck,” a less invasive procedure performed through a C-section type incision instead of a hip-to-hip incision, so we’re sure the 43-year-old mom of three paid the big bucks so she would heal in time to flaunt her new body in promotions for the 5th season of RHONJ.

“When workouts and diets fail to put your body back in order after three kids, is there anything wrong with having a Dr. Brent put you back together again?” Jacqueline recently pondered to the Twittersphere, although we can’t imagine anyone much cared whether or not she went under the knife, or were surprised when she actually did. “I honestly think it’s beautiful when people grow old gracefully. I have no idea why I choose not to. I’ll fight gravity with a laser like Luke Skywalker.” The fact that Jacqueline manages to compare herself to Luke Skywalker in her quest for a younger appearance is almost as classic as implying that she could have aged gracefully but chose not to. Whatever helps you sleep at night, sister.

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Hair extensions have become extremely popular, especially with celebrities. So popular, in fact that many woman wouldn’t be caught dead without their hair extensions, and their addiction to perfectly coifed fake hair is leading them towards their worst nightmare…pre-mature balding!

Well, us Average Janes with a love for hair extensions are not alone…Here are 5 celebrities who have suffered hair loss and baldness brought on by the overuse of hair extensions:

Bald Female Stars Britney SpearsBritney Spears infamously shaved her head in 2007, but it wasn’t because she was a crazy, drug-fueled maniac. It was because her uncomfortable hair extensions were painfully pulling out her hair! Okay, maybe it was a combination of the two, but if you’ve ever had your extensions in for too long, shaving them off on a whim may have crossed your mind too. Britney took to wearing wigs for a little while, but she’s back to wearing extensions again and they still look bad. Perhaps they are court ordered extensions to keep up the facade that the legally crazy (she’s been under a conservatorship for over 5 years now), lobotomized pop star is still the same old money-making machine.

Bald Female Stars Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes and her epically bad blonde Barbie wig made an appearance in court last month, but apparently NYPD wouldn’t let her wear the ridiculous accessory when she posed for her mugshot, which revealed that Amanda is indeed nearly bald. Amanda shaved her head in April after she started going bald from overprocessing and overuse of hair extensions. Amanda is now sporting wigs while she waits (and waits and waits) for her scalp to heal and her hair to grow back in. I don’t know about you, but I kinda like the pre-plastic surgery, pre-hair extension, pre-Twitter pity party Amanda Bynes from a couple of years ago…

Bald Female Stars Amy WinehouseIn addition to her amazing voice, Amy Winehouse was also known for her lengthy hair extensions and gigantic retro bouffant. Sadly, long hair extensions are not light! When your natural hair is being weighed down by, literally, several feet of fake hair something is bound to break. And unfortunately, natural hair is going to break before synthetic which results in awkward bald spots on the scalps of chronic hair extension users. Although it was probably the least of her problems, Amy Winehouse also suffered from bald spots caused by the overuse of hair extensions.

Bald Female Stars Katie PriceKatie Price has a love/hate relationship with her extensive beauty routine and fake body parts. Currently, she is hating what her fake, full, flowing extensions have done to her natural hair. According to Katie, she feels “disgusting” without her extensions and the condition of her natural hair continues to deteriorate as the extensions have caused bald spots on the sides of her head. Katie has experimented with wigs in an effort to give her hair a break from extensions, but its never long before the British beauty caves and gives into her addiction to hair extensions.

Bald supermodel Naomi CambellSupermodel Naomi Campbell has been wearing hair extensions and wigs for the most part of her adult life, and as the 43-year old model has learned, extensive use of extensions will cause balding. The model, who has seemingly sworn off of extensions, now uses wigs to cover up her nearly bald head. Personally, I think it is a damn shame that a women as beautiful as Naomi Campbell has never been photographed without fake hair on her head. If any woman can pull off being bald, it’s Naomi Campbell! Shave your head and lose those ratty wigs already!

Balding and bald spots caused by the pull from hair extensions in called alopecia traction and this condition is effecting more and more young women every year. In the last 3 years, the average age of females looking to correct balding and hair loss has gone from 51-years old to 34-years old and female hair loss patients have increased almost 50% in the last year alone. Are hair extensions worth it?

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Amanda Bynes and her crazy faceAfter seeing her most recent mugshot, Amanda Bynes has decided that she still looks entirely too similar to her estranged parents and needs more plastic surgery, ASAP! Amanda posted the following to her Twitter account on Sunday:

My dad is as ugly as RuPaul! So thankful I look nothing like you both! I had nose surgery after my mug shots so my nose and I are gorgeous!

Amanda told TMZ that she underwent her second nose job last weekend and is looking forward to her third nose surgery later this month. The former beauty-obsessed actress is currently hiding from the paparazzi and has refrained from posting pictures of herself to her Twitter account. Amanda plans to keep things covered until after she can get more plastic surgery so that she “doesn’t look so awful in photos“.

Is it just me, or is Amanda Bynes starting to remind you of Lindsay Lohan too? The multiple arrests for stupid stuff, the drugs, the court appearances, the plastic surgery, the family turmoil. Lindsay’s multiple mugshots documented her incredibly inflating lips and now Amanda will be able to document her incredibly shrinking nose the same way. Unless she stays out of trouble and stops getting arrested, but come on, what are the odds of that…

Amanda Bynes mugshot collection so far:Amanda Bynes mug shots

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Today Angelina Jolie made a public appearance for the first time since getting new breast implants. Angelina accompanied Brad Pitt to the premiere of his new film, “World War Z”, and dressed her new girls in a pretty black gown by Saint Laurent.

Angelina Jolie before and after breast implants:
Angelina Jolie before and after breast implants

Angelina Jolie shocked fans last month by revealing that she had a preventative double mastectomy plus reconstruction with breast implants, so all eyes were on Angelina at the premiere (well, all eyes are usually on Angelina, but even more so today).

It appears that 37-year old Angelina has chosen to take her deflated B-cups up to full C-cups (is it still considered “reconstuction” if you go up a size?), and while her new breast implants are still sitting a bit high, so far they look pretty good. Although, Angelina’s boobs arn’t out of the woods yet. It takes several months to fully heal from breast implant surgery, and she is still at risk for complications associated with breast implants. Cameron Diaz looked pretty good immediately after getting breast implants too, but ended up suffering from capsular contracture and was left with rock-hard looking implants.

By deciding to trade in her natural breast tissue and replacing it with these attractive silicon bags, Angelina may have reduced her risk of breast cancer but now she has a whole new set of issues that may arise. According to the FDA, because Angelina Jolie has decided to get breast implants and they don’t last forever, she should expect to have additional surgeries in the future. Angelina should also closely monitor her implants and have an MRI every other year in order to check for small leaks. If they leak, you are exposed to a whole new list of possible health issues, and more surgery is required to replace the implants. Oh, and then there is this: Angelina has also increased her risk for anaplastic large cell lymphona. Yep, that’s a fancy word for cancer.

Hmmm. Worth it?

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Becoming an amputee probably never crosses the minds of the thousands of women that undergo illegal butt plumping injections, and one woman is speaking out in an effort to change that. Her name is Apryl Michelle Brown and all she wanted was a rounder, more shapely butt. Instead she ended up enduring years of pain before having her hands, legs and butt amputated in a bid to save her life.

Apryl Michelle Brown after having her limbs and butt amputated:
Butt Shots AmputeePhoto: Kawai Matthews

While working in a hair salon in 2004, Apryl met a woman that admitted to giving illegal butt plumping injections and throwing “pumping parties” where she administered butt injections to women in her home. Although Apryl was aware that this woman had no medical background, she had dreamed of having a shapelier behind since she was a teenager, and immediately agreed to have the butt injection procedure. Apryl visited the woman’s home, where she was assessed and told that she would need 3 – 4 sessions of injections, at $500 each, to achieve the result that she was after. The first round of injections took an hour and was extremely painful, and after returning for round two, Apryl had a moment of clarity. According to Apryl:

After going through it again I had an epiphany. As I left her house I thought, ‘What am I doing? I have no idea what she’s putting in my body’. I never returned. But though I didn’t know it then, my life had already changed forever.

Unbeknownced to Apryl, she had just spent nearly $1000 to have industrial grade silicon sealant, the kind a handyman would use to seal the grout around your bathtub, injected into her body. Apryl’s body soon started to react to the toxic substance and within a few months, the silicon that was injected into her butt hardened and the skin began to turn black. Like most woman in her position, Apryl was too embarrassed about what she had done to seek medical attention, but when she started to get constant burning pain in and around the injection sites, she knew that she needed the help of a real doctor.

Over the next 4 years, Apryl was constantly in extreme pain and was in and out of the hospital between trying to find a doctor that could help her and trying to manage the indescribable pain that she was living with. She was told that it was too risky to try and remove the silicon, but she could not live with the pain anymore and decided to have a doctor attempt to remove the silicon from her butt. Unfortunately, the risky surgery did not go as planned and she was put in a medically induced coma for two months while doctors fought infection and narrowly saved her life. All in all, the doctors performed 27 surgeries on Apryl including amputation of her buttocks, hands and lower legs.

Apryl before and after botch butt injections changed her life forever:
Apryl Michelle Brown before and after botched butt shots

Since the beginning of her ordeal with botched butt shots, which resulted in her becoming a quadriplegic, Apryl has obviously been through a roller coaster of emotions. Surprisingly, she never sought out the woman that administered the toxic injections that changed her life forever and has no plans to sue. She simply wants to move on with her life and hopes that sharing her story will change the minds of other women considering getting butt injections. According to Apryl:

I believe I survived to share my story. I want to warn others of the dangers of black-market surgery. We were born whole, perfect and complete. My greatest message is we have to learn to love and accept ourselves for who we are.

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The fourth season of Arrested Development debuted over the weekend and fans that have been waiting nearly 7 years since the last season ended and the show was canceled, are pretty darn excited. One thing that fans seemed to be confused about is that Porti Derossi no longer looks like Portia Derossi! Immediately after the first episode aired we were flooded with emails about Portia’s new look and people want to know what happened to her face. Did she get a facelift? Botox? Nosejob? Something is definitely different and many fans thought that Portia’s character, Lindsay Bluth Fünke, was re-cast using a different actress. Yes, she looks that different!

Portia as Lindsay Bluth Funke in season 1 and season 4:
Portia Derossi Plastic Surgery 2013

We actually noticed that Portia had a brand new face back in December, when she appeared with Ellen at the 2012 Emmy’s and we mistook her for Kylie Minogue. Initially we pointed out that she had over-done the Botox and had an eye lift (blepharoplasty), but it looks like Portia’s plastic surgery transformation may have been even more extensive. I think it’s safe to say that the 40-year old actress has at least also had a brow lift, if not an entire facelift.

Now don’t get us wrong, we didn’t expect Portia DeRossi to look the same in season 3 and season 4 of Arrested Development. Realistically, we know that actors are not cryo-frozen between seasons and there was a 7 year hiatus between season 3 and season 4. We don’t blame or judge Portia for getting plastic surgery, but honestly we just think her plastic surgeon did a crappy job. She doesn’t look like a refreshed Portia DeRossi, she hardly looks anything like her pre-plastic surgery self! Some die-hard Portia fans have suggested that maybe her character is supposed to look like she’s had too much plastic surgery, but if that’s true, Portia has been wearing her “I’ve had too much plastic surgery” stage makeup for about a year now…



Time for a little celebrity ketchup! Here are the most noteworthy recent celebrity and plastic surgery news stories (which could have all been about Amanda Bynes acting crazy over the weekend, but we’ll try to mix it up for you that are growing tired of her shenanigans…):

celebrity ketchup gossip newsAmanda Bynes told Rhianna that “Chris Brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough” – TMZ

Oh, and Amanda Bynes is also a rapper now. – USA Today

Wanna see Matt Damon and Michael Douglas make out in a made for TV movie about Liberace? – The Daily Mail

Kristen Stewart seems to be taking her breakup with Robert Pattinson well… – The Superficial

Stars who regret having plastic surgery. – Radar Online

9 months of sobriety does a body good, right Snooki? – The Hollywood Gossip

New boobs are the #1 reason woman seek out sugar daddies – Culture Map

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