Disney and Nickelodeon stars that go mainstream have one thing in common: they feel the need to sex-up their image in order to ditch their squeaky clean reputation. Selena Gomez is no different, and rumor has it that she is also vamping it up to impress ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

selena gomez butt lift plastic surgery booty

Although Selena is now dating musician Zedd, who loves Selena in her current state, she just can’t seem to get over the jealously that she feels towards all of those sexy girls that Justin Bieber cheated on her with. Sure, Selena and Zed are now happily together, hey they even created a hit song together, but according to insiders and endless rumors… the heart wants what it wants, and Justin Bieber still holds a lot of pull over Selena. So much so, insiders say she wants a Brazilian butt lift in order to further sex up her image.

Selena-Gomez-Cara-Delevingne-Bikini-Saint-TropezAbove: Selena was recently spotted having fun on the water in Saint-Tropez with her gal-pal Cara Delevingne and her new love interest.

Even if she wouldn’t ever take the trashy Biebs back again, their seedy on and off again relationship has undoubtedly impacted her ego… just as any similar relationship does to everyday girls all around the world. Even though it’s completely illogical, if a dude cheats on you it’s almost impossible not to compare yourself to the other chick, even if she’s ten leagues beneath. And although Selena’s talent and beauty is enough to make most people swoon, Selena feels that a bigger butt is what she was lacking that made her precious Justin stray. So much so, that Selena really wants to undergo the popular Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, which involves removing fat from your waist and thighs and transferring it to the butt to lift and shape the rear view.

Clearly celebrities are not exempt from that horrible flaw of picking yourself apart when a lover cheats on you, and there’s one thing Selena realizes Bieber’s endless flock of girl-toys have that she doesn’t. It’s not beauty, brains, talent or charm. Nope, instead it’s a big old booty and a whole lot of sex appeal.

Not that Selena isn’t sexy; Selena is gorgeous, and I’m not going to lie I love her catchy music, which I can be found blasting in my car on any given day. Despite her great looks and platinum success, Selena has a good-girl image and Bieber cheated on her again and again with girls that were far from ‘goody two-shoes.’ Even celebrities that get endless attention can’t ignore something like this, and many think this is why Selena is trying to sex up her image.

Selena then and now:

It appears the pretty pop star has already gotten some plump new lips, hence this photo from her Instagram (above, right). Selena has always had full lips, but it appears her top lip is much plumper than usual (see photo on left for comparison).

Hmmm… Will the next plumped up asset Selena shows off be her bottom?

Her racy Instagram photos are only part of her new image. A couple months ago Selena also posed topless for V Magazine. A far cry from the covered up Selena we have grown to love over the years.


Hey, maybe she doesn’t want Biebs back, but perhaps she thinks acting sexier will keep Zed from developing the same wandering eye disease Justin clearly struggles with.


Selena’s career continues to take off with the handsome Zed by her side, making it seem like Selena really is over Justin Bieber, and she should be. But lovers from the past can still make you do crazy things, like go under the knife for a new and improved booty.

What do you think, will Selena Gomez have a new nickname before long… Selena GomAZZ?

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Once upon The Girls Next Door, Kendra Wilkinson was a boisterous playmate who loved sports, hated cleaning (do you remember how messy her room was?!) and enjoyed showing off her giant jugs. More than a few years have passed since Kendra’s Playboy mansion days, and a whole lot has changed for Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend. Kendra married former NFL football player Hank Baskett and the two have two young kids together.

kendra-wilkinson-weight-lossThen & Now: Kendra’s image has changed considerably since her Playboy days. 

Motherhood has changed the former wild child and Kendra revealed she plans to have her famously large breast implants removed in exchange for a more reserved look.

After giving birth to baby number two, Kendra has lost 55-pounds in five months on a low-carb ketogenic-inspired Atkins diet. Prior to getting pregnant she weighed 120 pounds, but during her pregnancy she watched her weight increase to 175 pounds.


Thanks to her hard work she was able to score the rocking Playboy body she became famous for, but the Playboy image isn’t for Kendra any longer.

Kendra told Life & Style, “All men want to see is a body that pleases their eyes, especially in my case because I come from the Playboy world. They don’t want to see my body doing something other than pleasing them. My body used to be to please men, but my body is for me now and it is to please me.”


The 29-year-old doesn’t care if men like her body anymore; in fact she hopes they don’t because that means she’s “shedding the Playboy image.”

Breastfeeding two babies altered the way Kendra feels about her breasts. She says, “I’m going through a phase right now where I don’t fit my boobs anymore. I’m thinking about a reduction because that was a phase and now I am out of it. When I was breastfeeding, it became hard not to look at my boobs and see them as milk and fat.”


Kendra was only 18-years-old when she moved into the Playboy Mansion with Hugh Hefner and his other girlfriends. Prior to moving into the mansion Kendra admits battling self-esteem issues, drug addiction and thoughts of suicide. By her early teens Kendra was already hooked on crystal meth, cocaine and LSD, and by the time she was 14 she nearly died of a drug overdose.

Just a few years later, Kendra was able to put her rough past behind her in exchange for a life of reality super stardom. On The Girls Next Door Kendra always seemed incredibly happy-go-lucky, and when she married Hank Baskett in 2009 her personal fairytale continued. For a while the name of her reality show “Kendra on Top” seemed incredibly fitting.

Just like normal people, celebrities face personal trials too. In proof, Kendra’s smooth sailing came to an abrupt halt last year when news her husband cheated on her with a transsexual model hit home hard. The news brought back the same self-confidence issues that had plagued her throughout youth. She felt unattractive lugging around her extra baby weight and worried about the state of her marriage due to her husband’s infidelity.

After a brief split, Kendra and Hank rekindled their connection. Kendra admits, “It’s going to take a lifetime to trust him again.”


Perhaps a whole new look is what Kendra needs to get back on top. What do you think? Share in the comments below!

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One of Amber Rose’s biggest secrets was inadvertently revealed in a recent court battle over deadly butt injections: Her big ol’ booty is the result of butt shots and plastic surgery, not genetics and exercise!

Back before Kanye West and Wiz Kalifa, Amber Rose was just a teenage stripper, looking to make a buck. And like many exotic dancers, Amber was ready willing and able to artificially enhance her body in order to improve her bottom line. Instead of visiting a plastic surgeon, Amber decided to visit Padge-Victoria Windslowe, who is also known as the “Black Madame”, for a round or two of cheap (and illegal) booty enhancing injections.

Amber’s booty wasn’t always such a hand-full…
amber rose kanye west fake booty grab

Fast forward to 2015, and the “Black Madame” had been arrested and convicted of manslaughter for performing this same procedure on other woman, which has resulted in injury and death. During the “pumping parties” put on by Padge-Victoria Winslowe, woman looking for curvier bodies pay hundreds to thousands of dollars to have Windslowe inject industrial grade liquid silicon into their bodies, seal them up with a bit of Krazy Glue and a cotton ball and send them on their way. Not surprisingly, this dangerous procedure doesn’t alway turn out well and in 2011, a woman was sent to the hospital after Windslowe injected the toxic silicon into her butt. Unfortunately, 20-year old Claudia Aderotimi, lost her life after the liquid silicon made its way to her lungs, liver and brain. This didn’t deter Windslowe and she continued injecting woman with her toxic concoctions, which landed another woman in the hospital in 2012.

Padge-Victoria Windslowe was finally arrested and recently stood trial for manslaughter and aggravated result. Instead of expressing remorse for the death and injury that she caused, she seemed more interested in talking about how great she was at these illegal body-enhancing injections, dropping names of celebrities and promoting her career as a Gothic hip-hop artist. According to Windslowe, she was “the best” and called herself “the Michelangelo of butt injections”. During the trial Windslowe also stated that she is partially responsible for Amber Rose’s famous curves, and said that after injecting Amber, Amber became a “walking billboard” for Windslowe, which increased the demand for her illegal services. Not surprisingly, Windslowe was convicted of manslaughter and aggravated assault and is currently in jail awaiting sentencing. Looks like Amber Rose is going to have to get her butt shots somewhere else!

Amber Rose before and after butt augmentation:
Amber Rose before and after butt shots

Kanye West was clearly a fan of Windslowe’s work, and according to Windslowe, Kanye even dropped Amber off for another round of her illegal injections. Kanye West likes big butts and he can not lie! And he seems to like big ol’ fake butts the best…Which is ironic, since plastic surgery performed by a real cosmetic surgeon was the cause of death for Kanye’s own mother in 2008.

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Iggy Azalea has confirmed the rumors: She’s had plastic surgery!

In a recently interview with Vogue magazine Iggy was asked if there was anything that she would like to change about her body, to which the 24-year old singer replied, “I did change something! Four months ago I got bigger boobs!

Iggy Azalea before and after getting breast implants:
Iggy Azalea Boob Job Before and After

While many of Iggy’s fans are shocked by this revelation, Iggy Azalea’s boob job is old news for Famous Plastic readers. We noticed her new breast implants when she debuted them at Jingle Ball in December.

Initially, Iggy had planned to keep her breast implant surgery to herself, but instead decided that she’s not very good at keeping secrets. Iggy says that she wanted to let her fans know so that they didn’t have unrealistic body ideals. That’s right kids, you too can look like Iggy Azalea…You just have to save up for plastic surgery!

Iggy had her breast implant surgery performed by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, who “coyly” posted a picture of him and Iggy Azalea during her breast implant follow up appointment 4 months ago. (Kinda tacky if you ask me, but hey it’s Hollywood and she probably got a free boob job out of it…)

So why did Iggy Azalea, who already has an envious body, decide to get breast implants? According to Iggy, getting bigger boobs is something that she’s considered her “entire life”. She also says that she was tired of padding her stage costumes.

Are breast implants the only plastic surgery that Iggy has had? According to the singer, yes, the only fake body part that she is sporting are the new boobs. Ever since the rapping Australian hit the scene, rumors have swirled around her in regards to plastic surgery and many believe that she’s had surgery on her larger than life booty. And, while Iggy denies it, it’s pretty obvious to us that she’s had more than just her breasts done…

Iggy Azalea then and now:
iggy azalea before after plastic surgery 2015

What do you think about Iggy Azalea’s new breast implants? Improvement or unnecessary? Do you believe that she’s only had plastic surgery on her breasts, or is she telling little white lies about where that booty came from? We’ve got more pictures of Iggy Azalea before and after plastic surgery, including her butt before it magically grew and Iggy’s incredibly inflating lips.



So far, the one thing that has 19-year old Kendall standing apart from her famous family, is the fact that she is the only one that hasn’t had a ton of plastic surgery. But, that may all change as Kendall fights her sisters for media attention and pursues her dream of becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Clearly the young model wants attention and the only way to continually receive the type of attention she craves is to achieve greater feats outside of just being part of the Jenner/Kardashian clan. Kendall has already scored some of the best modeling gigs in the world and she won’t be satisfied until she scores he dream contract with Victoria Secret. But, will she give up her classic runway model chest for a bustier look in order to model beside Adriana Lima?

Kendall doesn’t want to be associated with her family all of the time; sometimes she wants the spotlight all to herself. She said she didn’t want her whole family to attend her first big runway show for Marc Jacobs, simply because she didn’t want it to be a family affair. The reality starlet turned model griped, “As selfish as this sounds, I wanted the attention to be on me for five seconds rather than my family. If they were sitting front row, it would have been all about, ‘Oh, Kim goes to Kendall’s first fashion show!'”


Victoria’s Secret model Karlie Kloss recently hung up her angel wings, trading her gig with Victoria’s Secret for the opportunity to attend New York University, and Kendall immediately contacted her for tips on how to score a contract with Karlie’s former employer. Karlie was happy to offer some pointers for the budding young model, but also warned Kendall that being a Victoria’s Secret model may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. Since Kendall is already walking the catwalk for some of the worlds biggest high fashion designers, Karlie thinks that pursuing a modeling contract with Victoria’s Secret will only cheapen Kendall’s image as a model. And, if she does opt to get breast implants to impress the Victoria’s Secret honchos, the fake boobs will likely torpedo her career as a high-end fashion model.

Wanting larger breasts often comes from insecurities, of which the seemingly confident Kendall certainly has (like most normal people, hence why plastic surgery is so popular). According to her interview with Allure magazine, she was very shy in high school due to bad acne. While her confidence has grown tremendously since her pre-reality show days, she admits, “I still have a hard time looking at someone when I’m talking to him or her, and I get nervous!”

Like many women, perhaps Kendall thinks a boob job would further enhance her confidence, as would a modeling gig with Victoria Secret.

Kendall Jenner bikini victorias secret boob job

What do you think… will we be seeing a bustier Kendall modeling the latest bathing suits in next summer’s Victoria Secret catalogue?

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Everyone that regularly appears on the Kardashian reality show has one thing in common: they can’t get enough plastic surgery, and Bruce Jenner is no exception. Earlier this month, 65-year-old Bruce stepped out in Westlake Village, California sporting a much fuller set of lips. His new lips look to be about twice the size of his original lips.

Bruce Jenner before and after lip plumping injections:

Bruce was running to Starbucks for some caffeine when paparazzi took note of his swollen lips and started snapping pics. Many are wondering if this is a sign Bruce will soon become Beatrice.

Apparently after his car crash in February, Bruce has decided to speed up his procedure to become a woman.

According to a source close to Bruce, “He’s thankful to be alive and that in and of itself has made him want to speed up the process of his transition. He feels his life was spared and to him it’s a direct message from the universe that he should continue his process of self-discovery and he’s doing just that!”

Long before rumors of Bruce’s sex change surfaced, the former Olympian had a fair share of plastic surgery, so the lips shouldn’t come as much as a surprise.

Kendall Jenner is now denying she ever confirmed her father having a sex change in the first place. Yet, according to US Weekly magazine, the clan has been informed of Bruce’s decision on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s (KUWTK) filmed in January of this year.

This family loves to shock one another and the public; after all they will do anything to hang onto that spotlight. So while the Kardashian’s appear very supportive as they rally behind Bruce’s decision, they are also likely thankful for the added attention it has brought to their family.


Do Bruce’s new plump lips mean he is one step closer to finalizing his dreams of becoming a woman and feeling comfortable in his own skin? Maybe, maybe not– I suppose we will have to wait for the next season of KUWTK to find out more. Nothing against Bruce, but I can just hear Kim and her crazy mom thinking: SCORE, another way to keep people watching our age-old, been-there-seen-that reality show!

Seriously, no other reality show makes it this long because families don’t have enough real drama to keep the public interested. The Kardashian’s have found a way to keep the drama on high—salvage all self-respect. At least the latest drama with Bruce is good for the LGBT community as well as the world’s understanding and acceptance of gender reassignment.

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Katie Price, the official winner of Celebrity Big Brother, has vocally expressed her opinions about the age limit for plastic surgery. The whole debate started when the Big Brother cast was asked to answer a serious of questions, including if celebrities that undergo plastic surgery are bad role models.


Katie Price had her first boob job when she was still in her teens, and she became a super successful model because of it. As a result she continued to undergo more surgery in order to earn even more attention. Yet, she doesn’t think anyone else should use plastic surgery to forge a career path.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

As it stands now the legal minimum age for plastic surgery is 18, but Katie thinks the legal age for plastic surgery should be raised to 21. In America you have to be 21 to even order a drink, and so it’s pretty crazy at 18 you can decide to alter your life forever with cosmetic surgery.

While many conservatives might agree, this is a rather bold statement coming from someone who practically symbolizes plastic surgery. Katie added, “People should only have surgery for themselves – not for a man, a woman or for a career. Youngsters often do it for the wrong reasons.”


A fresh faced Katie Price way back when, long before a number of cosmetic procedures largely altered her appearance.

The 36-year-old model has had a lot of work done over the years, and I mean A LOT. She even admitted, “I’m a fan of plastic surgery, but that’s obvious,” she said. “I won’t share the list of what I’ve done because we’d be here all day.”

Despite her apperant obsession with plastic surgery, Katie Price has her share of regrets in regards to going under the knife. Just like her former rival and Celebrity Big Brother cast member, Alicia Douvall.

Katie says she wishes someone had warned her way back when. She said, “I wish I knew that when I was younger because I could’ve saved myself a lot of heartache and surgery.”

I’m sure someone tried to warn her but it’s sort of hard to stop going under the knife when it continually upgrades your career, as it did for Katie Price. Katie made butt loads of money off of the various enhancements plastic surgery afforded her.


Still, this plastic body advocates, “21 year-olds know more. It’s true what they say: you’re wiser as you get older.” Can’t argue with that… unless your 18 and really want breast implants!

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If you are thinking about getting butt injections you might want to reconsider. Andressa Urach’s body was once coveted, and now thanks to injections it is literally rotting from the inside out.

Former Miss BumBum runner-up Andressa Urach can’t seem to stay out of the hospital. Earlier this month, the 27-year-old Brazilian beauty queen and television host was back in the emergency room for another infection caused by her botched butt and thigh injections.

Urach BumBum Butt

Urach agreed to talk to reporters from her hospital bed, telling them that she just underwent an emergency procedure in order to have the substances injected into her left butt cheek removed, otherwise her entire leg was at risk. It all started when Urach noticed pain and inflammation and she knew that once again, something was wrong.

She said, “I am suffering a lot, but God is with me. It’s my fault, my vanity made me push the limits. Thanks to God I no longer need my body to work, now I work with honor and can sustain my family like that. I prefer to have legs and be able to walk and lose half a buttock than to die.”

Late last year, Urach was listed in serious condition for more than a month as doctors treated her for complications related to the same injections. As a result of botched injections, her thighs practically exploded. She was left with gapping holes along the sides of her thigh, which doctors used to drain the substances and stanch, a potentially deadly infection, from her body.

andressa urach thigh injections botched
Above: Andressa Urach’s legs back in December as doctors worked to remove toxic substances and infection caused by botched thigh injections. 

While doctors were able to save her life in December, Urach is still experiencing complications related to her injections. It started with pain and inflammation and when Urach was rushed to the hospital she found that the same substance doctors worked to remove only a couple months ago was still threatening her legs, and life.

miss bum bum botched butt implants injections
Above: Andressa Urach back in the hospital this month, March 2015

In Brazil, as well as other parts of the world, women want a big butt and thighs and are willing to take risks to achieve the look. Doctors looking to make a quick buck are taking advantage of this desperation, and selling all kinds of injectable fillers as a ‘safe’ option.

In reality, these injections are far from safe. When it comes to injectable fillers death isn’t too dramatic of a word. In fact, injectable fillers have caused a number of deaths, and Urach was nearly one of its fatalities.

After Urach’s public calamity many other Brazilian celebrities have admitted to similar hospital visits due to injections gone wrong. Still, due to Brazil’s current culture surrounding beauty women are taking all kinds of risks in the name of big booties and thighs. Doctors, some of which are not even licensed, are experimenting with untested, risky materials and methods.

Above: Andressa Urach flaunting her curves before her butt and thigh injections turned toxic.

Urach’s close friend and fellow television personality Jessica Lopes shared that the two of them used to visit the plastic surgeon as if it were “a trip to the mall.” Makes sense considering Brazil surpassed the US in cosmetic procedures in 2013 with 1.5 million operations performed.

Urach has undergone a lot of plastic surgery in the last five years, including a nose job, a bioplasty facial ‘correction,’ breast implants, liposuction, a jaw reduction, and vaginal lip reduction. Yet, the procedure that caused her greatest pain never even included cuting her open. The deadliest culprit of all seemed like the easiest procedure at the time, just a little butt and thigh injections via syringe.

Be careful out there ladies–no butts about it!

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