On Monday Renee Zellweger hit Elle Magazine’s 21st Annual Women in Hollywood event, and well, she just doesn’t look like the same ol’ Renee Zellweger that fans remember! The internet has been abuzz with rumors of over zealous plastic surgery and while Renee hasn’t addressed the plastic surgery question directly, she has responded by saying that she is glad that people think that she looks different now.

Renee Zellweger and her boyfriend Doyle Bramhall II on Monday:
renee zellweger and doyle bramhall 2014

Renee attended the Women in Hollywood event with her boyfriend, musician Doyle Bramhall II, wearing a black dress, minimal makeup and an easy hairstyle. Looking happy and carefree, the 45-year old actress admits that she is currently in the best place of her life at the moment and hints at recovering from past issues.

According to Renee:

I’m glad folks think I look different! I’m living a different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I’m thrilled that perhaps it shows…My friends say that I look peaceful. I am healthy. For a long time I wasn’t doing such a good job with that. I took on a schedule that is not realistically sustainable and didn’t allow for taking care of myself. Rather than stopping to recalibrate, I kept running until I was depleted and made bad choices about how to conceal the exhaustion. I was aware of the chaos and finally chose different things.

Renee Zellweger through the years:
renee zellweger through the years

While a healthy new lifestyle may play a part in Renee’s new look, we think that plastic surgery has also come into play in her transformation. Although it doesn’t appear that Renee has had any work done recently, the eyelift that she got last year, completely changed the actress’s face.

Renee before and after blepharoplasty (eyelift) surgery:
renee zellweger plastic surgery 2013

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You would think that Kris Jenner would be pretty pleased to have a world-renowned celebrity chef give her and her new cookbook a “shoutout” on Instagram, but no, that’s just not good enough for her. Apparently Kris will only be seen with Gordan Ramsey if his wrinkles are smoothed to perfection with the help of Photoshop…

The photo Gordan Ramsey posted to Instagram, on the left, and the photoshopped version that Kris Jenner posted:
kris jenner gordan ramsey instagram photoshop

A week ago, Gordan Ramsey posted a picture on his Instagram page of himself, alongside Kris Jenner holding her new cookbook, with the caption: “Great seeing you tonight @krisjenner, can’t wait read the cookbook! Gx“. Yesterday, Kris posted a similar picture to her Instagram page, but Kris’s version is clearly photoshopped. Not only did Kris use a photo editing app to smooth the wrinkles on her face and hands, but she went so far as to do the same to Gordan Ramsey’s face. Gordan’s face is so heavily Photoshopped, in Kris’s version, that half of his mouth has been practically blurred out!

Sorry Gordan…Looks like you are just not good enough for Kris Jenner!



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Gwen Stafani’s usually perfect appearance seemed a bit off at the MTV Video Music Awards this year. Of course she still looked 100% gorgeous, but you can’t deny the fact Gwen isn’t able to fully open one of her eyes, especially when she went up on stage to present the award for best female video with Snoop Dog.


Gwen isn’t the only one, a similar thing has happened to other Hollywood starlets after a certain cosmetic procedure. Take Nicole Kidman for instance, another bombshell that has stayed flawless over the years, thanks to good genes and the best cosmetic surgeons. Perhaps the two blondes share the same doctor, one that likes to inject a little too much Botox, considering Nicole has also recently struggled with keeping the very same eye fully open.


I’m 26-years old so Gwen has been a staple celebrity in my life since I was a prepubescent teen, and somehow throughout the years she has managed to stay timeless. I swear the No Doubt Diva doesn’t have much of a wrinkle or imperfection on her face. Unless she’s a white-haired witch she has had some incredible plastic surgeons throughout the years helping her maintain her youthful appearance.

Yet just like every other celebrity, there comes a time when plastic surgery starts to become apparent. After achieving a number one pop-rock band, a pricey fashion line, dozens of solo hits, 3 gorgeous children and a successful marriage, it’s about time some of Gwen’s smile lines start to show! But just like everyone else in the world of bright lights and Grammy awards, Gwen doesn’t want to let her age show.

Gwen’s 44-year old wrinkle-free face in 2013:
gwen stefani botox no wrinkles 2013

Gwen has never been a big talker, most things we know about her come from the lyrics in her songs. She has admitted to insecurities, relationship troubles, and everything else REAL humans deal with, quite frankly because Gwen is a real human. Therefore the 45-year-old is naturally showing signs of aging, such as the lines around her eyes.

But with over $80 million dollars estimated net worth, she also has the means to cover up what she wants. Hence how that squinty eye may have come to haunt the “Hey Baby” artist.

A look at Gwen over the years, from the nineties, to 2011, all the way to 2014:

But with so much money and access to the best of the best procedures, why are we seeing gorgeous celebrities unable to fully open one of their eyes? This might have something to do with Botox injections, particularly too much Botox.

It’s not that common to get Botox and end up with a droopy eye but considering the mass amount of syringes used to fill the faces of Hollywood’s leading ladies (and men), it’s no surprise that it does happen. Once the Botox wears off a little, within the next few months or so, Gwen’s eye should return to normal.


Do you think Botox is to blame for Gwen’s wonky eye? Or should we instead blame the blinding bright lights at the VMA’s?

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Back when Megan Fox originally hit the scene she was the fresh-faced beauty no one could stop talking about, even comparing her to the likes of untouchable Angelina Jolie. To this day Megan Fox is still incredibly sexy, but she doesn’t look as natural as she once did. In fact, she looks more cosmetically altered this month than she did last month.


Right: Megan Fox looking more natural while promoting her latest film in America  Left: Megan one month later and a little less natural looking, promoting her movie in Germany

A few weeks ago Megan was in Berlin, Germany celebrating the release of her latest major motion film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As she went about Europe doing talk show plugs and attending red carpet events for the film, fans were not going on and on about her beauty, as per usual. Instead, fans were more concerned about the tight appearance her face possessed. One fan tweeted: ‘Megan Fox was the epitome of beauty for me. Until Botox came into play.”

Just 2 months ago, in August, Fox was doing the same promotional tour for the film in America. During which time her face looked entirely different, more youthful and natural. While in Germany Fox’s skin appears so tight it makes her look older than her actual 28-years.


Left: Megan in 2007, Right: Megan at an event last year

This isn’t the first time rumors about Botox have surrounded Megan Fox, back in 2011 she faced the same accusations. But at that time she took to Facebook to defend her face in a post titled ‘Things You can’t Do With Your Face When You Have Botox.’


A couple of weeks ago in Berlin, Megan cuddled up to her Teenage Mutant co-star Will Arnett for the camera, wearing an adorable blue 2-piece Marc Jacobs ensemble that showed off only a hint of her flat belly. Looking like she was having the time of her life, I wonder if she thought for a moment Botox rumors would kick up again.


Megan may not be a very big social media user, but she did take to Facebook to dispel these same rumors in 2011, we are just waiting for her to do the same now. Seriously though, she may not be able to…

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Is Jessica Biel, 32, sporting a baby bump, or do we have to wait even longer to catch a glimpse of the incredible looking child her and husband Justin Timberlake, 33, are capable of creating? According to a source close to the couple, they have been trying to conceive for the last few months, even planning their date nights around Jessica’s cycle to help improve their chances.

Jessica Biel sporting a fuller figure on the beach in Hawaii recently:

After being married for 2 years it’s about time the couple started a family, although the two of them are incredibly busy, especially with Justin on a world tour and all. Some reports have mentioned a constant debate about if they should or should not add a baby to their already hectic life. Although sources close to the couple say Justin may be more ready than Jessica to ring in a little one.

Back in May of this year Justin Timberlake’s Grandma, Sadie even told the press that Justin is ready to have a baby, “They’re both very busy, and having a baby will just have to come when the good Lord says it should.” Then again, anyone with a Grandma knows how pushy they can get about grandkids, so who knows what Justin has told his Granny to keep her at bay.

Exclusive...Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Support Each Other! 6/8

Turns out the couple might be having some issues conceiving a child. Reports are now buzzing that they are visiting a fertility doctor in order to speed up the process. The same source that dished details to US magazine also said, “…She told Justin she’s going to see a fertility expert. She has no problem using technology, if that’s what it will take to have a baby and stick this marriage out.”

Perhaps the concerning thing is that the source chose the phrase, “..stick this marriage out.” Does that signal the couple is experiencing trouble in paradise? It wouldn’t be the first time the seemingly loving pair tried to hide boiling issues beneath the surface… cough, cough, Scarlett Johansson.

At the end of last month Jessica jetted off to Sydney, Australia in order to support and watch her husband’s 20/20 Experience World Tour. Yet before she made it to be by her husband’s side, she was busy soaking up the sun in Hawaii, enjoying a mini vacation.

Jessica then and now:
jessica biel baby bump weight gain

Jessica is known for her banging body, but is that a slight baby bump, an awkward photo angle, or just a bit of weight gain? Who knows perhaps she traveled to Australia after these photos were taken to share with Justin the news of a pregnancy. We will have to wait a few more months for any sort of confirmation on that one though…

What do you think? Will the world ever get to meet baby Biel-Timberlake?!



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Remember Adrienne Bailon? She was a Disney star, one of the Cheetah Girls, and the one dating Rob Kardashian when the Kardashians still lived an almost normal life in their one-story Calabasas home.

Adrienne has not been in the public eye too much lately, but she does have an upcoming appearance on the show “My Crazy Love,” a reality show that features celebs and everyday people confessing shocking stories about what they have done for love. Perhaps admitting her love secrets on camera got Adrienne feeling more open, but she recently revealed to the public that she is embarrassed about a boob job gone badly.

Adrienne before and after getting breast implants:

Adrienne told In Touch magazine that when she was a little younger she underwent a “careless” boob job that left her with a chest too large for her liking. That was back when she was 19-years old, and she confesses, “I wanted bigger breasts like everybody else.”

She may have dreamed of bigger breasts but she didn’t want ginormous breasts, which is exactly what she got. After showing her plastic surgeon a picture of the perfect rack, she felt confident that they were in understanding and on the same page. She really only wanted to go up one-cup size from a B to a C.

But when Adrienne’s bandages came off and her breasts began to heal, she knew they were way too big. Instead of the C-cup she coveted, she was packing a set of double-Ds.

Prior to getting breast implants, Adrienne battled with insecurities about her breasts being too small. After the surgery she suddenly had a new insecurity, her breasts were “porn-star” large. Everywhere she went she felt insecure about people pinpointing her breasts as fake.

Finally, enough was enough. Adrienne has now publicly decided to have her implants removed, and she plans to return to her natural look. That doesn’t mean surgery is off the table from here on out, she also candidly told the press, “I had a lift. I might lift them again after I have kids and breast feed.” So it’s not surgery itself that scares off Adrienne, but instead the idea of looking cosmetically altered.



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Back in 2012 we shared the story of ex-stripper Renee Talley, the woman with butt implants gone totally wrong. After having her butt implants surgically inserted, Talley faced a major issue, her implant flipped all the way around inside of her butt. Leaving a very awkward looking outer appearance because the flat backside of the implant was showing through. The last thing any woman paying for butt implants wants is a flat butt, although that’s exactly what Talley got.

Renee before and after removing her silicon butt implants:butt-implant-fail

Any woman willing to go under the knife to alter her physical appearance wants to look good, and feels insecure when they don’t look their best. For all these reasons and more, the entire experience was rather traumatic for Renee. Despite her own feelings, she decided to share a video with the world highlighting what can happen if you get butt implants. Turns out, this isn’t that uncommon of a problem in regards to this procedure.

The effects of her butt implants extended well past the exterior, due to the surgery to have her butt implants removed, Renee was bedridden for 6 months, and could not work out or do any physical activity throughout that time. During this period her body lost all muscle definition and her legs were further manipulated by cellulite.

Despite all of this, Renee decided to post a picture of what her butt looks like today for everyone that has been wondering what happened to her, and if she ever had her butt fixed. At this point she is active and mobile, and feeling a lot more like her old self. So even though she has not had her butt fixed with more cosmetic alterations, Renee is feeling better about her body than ever before.

Renee has had her butt implants removed, but she has not undergone reconstructive surgery on her booty. The damage from the first round taught Renee that trying too hard to be perfect can often turn around and teach you a lesson in appreciating what you have, because it can always be worse.

Renee posted this image of herself after butt implant removal, alongside a Photoshopped version to prove a point:

Renee also learned there is no such thing as perfect; even the models in fashion magazines do not look so 5-star in real life. Photoshop can do wonders, as Renee proved by photoshopping her own image. Without a doubt, the results could be in a biker babe magazine. While this might not be what she looks like today, the image itself gave her the confidence she needed to love herself as is.

Just like any popular, good-looking model, Renee only needs one good Photoshop expert to look perfect! Renee’s message is a good one for women to see, helping us realize that the unrealistic images shown in the media do way more harm than good, simply because they are not real. In the real world, women come in all different shapes and sizes, each just as perfect as the next—so shake what your momma gave ya, no matter how big or small it may be.

Along with her before and after photoshop photos, Renee included this heartfelt Facebook message:



Real Housewives Of Atlanta star, Kim Zolciak loves to show off her body on Facebook and Instagram. But after having 4 kids in the last 3-years Kim found herself less in love with her figure. After going under the knife, the mom started to get a lot of feedback—about how she got plastic surgery instead of working out to improve her post ‘babies’ body.

Kim Zolciak before and after tummy tuck:

Kim had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation, which she proudly shows off online as well as on her reality TV show. Self-obsessed Kim Zolciak doesn’t want people thinking she is lazy though. She is on a mission to prove she has worked for her body almost as much as she paid for it. In one of her attempts, she took to Facebook, posting the above before and after photos to show that she was in good shape before her tummy tuck. And, just so we know how much Kim loves herself, along with the photo, she commented, “Just so you guys are aware of how fabulous I was before my tummy tuck”. If you ask us, her tummy looks about the same in both photos, but it’s always hard to tell looking at grainy phone pictures.

In her defense, and to praise her plastic surgeon’s work, Kim also wrote on social media: “I had a hernia I needed repaired as well as my muscles so don’t get it twisted for you lazy asses that sit on the couch And think I look this good from surgery you are now set straight!! Enjoy!! Take a look at the placement of my belly button before and after! I gotta give it to @drhochstein he gave me a cute belly button.”

Kim (below) pictured at different times during her pregnancies.


Pictures of Kim (below) show her post-baby figure off before she had a tummy-tuck and second breast augmentation.


Instead of raising her 4 little kids, the 36-year old appears to be busy getting ready to work out to take pictures of herself in the gym, in hopes she can prove to her followers she worked out for her new body. She posts plenty of pictures hitting the gym, with not a drip of sweat in sight—hopefully these images are taken at the start of her workout, or else she isn’t working out too hard at all. Really want to prove something Kim? Take a sweaty pic next time!

Is Kim proving the haters wrong by taking lots of gym selfies?1412589368604_wps_8_This_is_really_happening_

I find it a little funny that even though she has admittedly had a lot of work done and works out, people still think photos (below) posted on September 17 were photo shopped by Kim before being shared.

Kim revealed her latest boob job via, you guessed it, a selfie on Instagram!

Prior to her most recent surgeries, a consultation with plastic surgeon Lenny Hochstein was aired on the reality series. During the consultation Kim pointed out the areas that were bothering her most. Including the excess skin that she had around her breasts. Zolciak also said she wanted her double D tatas (fake of course), to be ‘perkier’ and have more of a ‘tear drop shape.’ During the same surgery, she had a hernia that occurred during her fourth pregnancy taken care of, as well as excess skin on her stomach removed. Dr. Hochestein guaranteed Kim could wear the smallest bikini after her surgery with no sign of a scar thanks to the super low placement of his scar. In one of her many social media posts, Kim praises Dr. Hochstein for her new belly button he crafted– but don’t get it “twisted” she earned this body. Really, Kim?

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