The prize for winning the ‘Queen Of Duran’ was liposuction, something 19-year-old Catherine Cando Cornejo was ecstatic to win.   Little did the young, beautiful woman know that the prized procedure would end up taking her life all too soon.


At 8:23 am Catherine was admitted to the Guayaquil clinic hopeful about her scheduled procedure to trim 1-inch off of her waist via liposuction. It was 10 long hours later that Catherine’s family got the call saying their beloved daughter had passed away during the procedure.

The lawyer representing the clinic originally said the cause of death was cerebral edema, also known as swelling of the brain. Although an autopsy proved otherwise, showing Catherine died due to cardiac arrest, which is typically to blame on issues with anesthesia.

The young woman’s family is claiming medical malpractice. According to Catherine’s brother, Daniel Zavala Cornejo, “The doctor insisted on several occasions… and convinced her to undergo surgery. She was thinking about letting someone else have it as a freebie but eventually she agreed to have it just to get him off her back.”


Other mysteries also surround the prized plastic surgery gone wrong. While Catherine’s family says she won the plastic surgery from the pageant, the mayor of Duran has a different story. He says the jury panel included a plastic surgeon, and he is the one who offered the pageant winner a $1,000 coupon for the procedure. A spokesman for the pageant said, “We made it clear that the prizes we hand out, our prizes, were a car and tablet.”

The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa has publicly criticized beauty pageants saying they are sexist and hold no educational value. Back in 2010, he ordered the Education Ministry to place a ban on pageant related events in public schools.

In Ecuador, professional malpractice can earn up to three years behind bars. No arrests have been made regarding the case so far, but authorities are busy investigating what really happened.



Shahs of Sunset reality star Golnesa “GG” Garachedaghi isn’t ashamed to admit she recently underwent plastic surgery. Unlike most Hollywood celebs that love to lie about obvious cosmetic alterations, GG is proud to flaunt what her credit card bought her… a new set of boobs!


Prior to her breast implants, 33-year old GG also had fat transferred from her stomach to her booty. GG saw Dr. Rollins at Elite Body Sculpture in Beverly Hills for this particular procedure. The results of her Airsculpt Laser Liposculpture and Brazilian butt lift slimmed GG’s waist by 3-inches and removed 1 liter of fat. Clearly this wasn’t enough to make GG feel complete, because only a few months later and she has already made another plastic purchase.

Above: Before and after photos from GG’s Airsculpt Laser Liposculpture and Brazilian butt lift

GG isn’t just answering ‘yes’ if people ask her about her new boob job, she’s literally looking for people to show them off to while they stay have that shiny, new appearance. In fact, while in front of Beso in Hollywood last month TMZ tried to ask her a host of questions, none of which she answered. Instead, she just wanted to flaunt her newest assets.

“I don’t lie about plastic surgery.” She told TMZ, taking an obvious stab at all the other plastic surgery liars in Hollywood…(cough-cough Kylie Jenner)

Shahs of Sunset is an America reality TV series that airs on Bravo. The show features a group of Iranian American friends trying to juggle careers, an active social life, and traditional demands. It looks like GG now has two new things to juggle… of which she couldn’t be more proud!


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8f1b963a70e188c78708d336b6ed426aWant to get a boob job but don’t know how you will pay for it? One way to get liposuction, breast implants, and Botox for free is to become a teacher in Buffalo, New York. While the Buffalo school district is not doing so well in terms of graduation rates or test scores, they are spending TONS of money on cosmetic surgery for their teachers.

We wrote about Buffalo school district’s excessive spending on cosmetic surgery nearly 2-years ago, and guess what… it’s STILL going on, in fact more tax payer money than ever is going towards nose jobs, breast implants, silicon injections and more!

The unique benefit these teachers receive is included in the union members insurance plan, and is known as the “cosmetic rider.”

The Buffalo school district has a $50 million budget deficit, and over 40% of their student body is failing out of school. Regardless, last year alone teachers within the district received $5.4 million dollars of free cosmetic surgery, that’s up 9.5% from 2 years before.

According to figures from the American Society of Plastic Surgery, with $5.4 million dollars approximately 1,200 teachers from the Buffalo school district could have undergone some sort of plastic surgery last year. To put that number in perspective there are only 2,643 teachers in the entire Buffalo district.


This perk has been included for teachers for many years, but lately due to the districts drastically poor performance and graduation rates that hardly reach 56%, tax payers are starting to get angry, and rightfully so. Why pay for your child’s teacher to have breast implants when they are not helping your child make it into college?

I’ve spent a lot of time conducting research on public school performance, and so I know it’s not 100% the fault of the teachers that students are not doing well.  Teachers are underpaid and overworked, and classrooms are lacking the materials necessary to excite students… and that’s only part of the problem. Still, it seems illogical to pump up teacher salaries with free plastic surgery… what sort of message are we trying to send to the kids that attend these schools?

sexy-teacherFor years the school union has been under fire for the plastic surgery perk, although they have yet to make any changes. As a result there’s a good chance a Buffalo teacher is getting Botox injections or breast implants paid for by local tax dollars while you are reading this.

Plastic surgeons that practice in Buffalo love this perk, but of course. In proof, the June 2014 union newsletter included ads for Botox, breast implants, facelifts and more via three local cosmetic clinics. It’s a no brainer to advertise to teachers, after all these luxury services are free of cost, all thanks to taxpayers.

Eradicating the $5.4 million dollar “cosmetic rider” expense will not solve the school budget deficit of $50 million, but it’s a start to doing something right. After all, why should tax dollars dedicated to education go to anything other than the children attending Buffalo schools?  Based on graduation rates and test scores, this student body can use all of the help they can get… and not in terms of bigger breasted teachers.


Farrah Abraham doesn’t need to practice making her duck face anymore! Thanks to her lip injections gone wrong Farrah is stuck wearing a permanent duck face nowadays. The worst part of all is that her new lips may be a painfully permanent feature she will have to learn to live with.


Farrah Abraham wanted bigger lips, but maybe this isn’t exactly what she had in mind. The 23-year-old Teen Mom star now has some of the biggest lips on the planet, perhaps even a little too big for kissing.

Farrah clearly has been enjoying the money she earned through her appearances on the MTV reality show Teen Mom. Instead of using the funds for her daughter’s future, Farrah has been busy making numerous cosmetic alterations. In 2013 Farrah had her breasts upgraded from a C-cup to a D. This same year, Farrah also underwent surgery for a chin implant, costing a rumored $21,000.


Last year, Farrah decided to make her lips larger as well, and began playing with collagen injections. She was loving her results, and posting endless selfies in proof, until something went horribly wrong.

This month Farrah posted photos of her mega-lips as she sat in the emergency room awaiting answers on why her upper lip ballooned 10x the size of her lower lip. The former porn star captioned the photo, “Girlfriends don’t say I didn’t warn ya!”


Not only are her lips HUGE but they are also causing her a great deal of pain, which can be seen through the Nova pain patch clearly stuck on her arm in one of the photos she posted to social media.

2475AEFB00000578-2899446-Before_she_went_under_the_knife_In_May_2010_at_the_Teen_Moms_Tel-a-11_1420587501055Above: Farrah back in 2010 showcasing a much more natural look

Perhaps the worst part of all is that doctors don’t know if the results are reversible or not, it all depends on what caused the massive swelling in the first place. Plastic and reconstruction surgeon, John Zannis, M.D. says there are a couple of complications that can lead to this issue.

First, a hematoma, or massive swelling caused by a collection of blood, could be the issue. This can occur if the doctor hits a blood vessel during the injections, but is thankfully reversible.

Secondly, a rare inflammatory response might be to blame, although also reversible. This could occur if Farrah is allergic to the FDA approved hyaluronic acid fillers used for lip injections in the US.

The last possible scenario is the most dangerous of all, and if it turns out to be the cause of her huge lips it won’t be reversible. There are doctors in the US willing to inject just about anything into patient’s lips, including substances that are not FDA approved, nor are they guaranteed sterile or even safe for human injection. If this is the case far worse side effects besides swelling can occur, such as permanent tissue death.


Judging by her recent posts to social media it’s hard to tell if Farrah is still experiencing issues related to her giant lips. Rumors hint that Farrah might make an appearance on the next season of BOTCHED in order to have her lips fixed by the best doctors in the biz. Otherwise, perhaps she’ll get back into porn; directors looking to make a movie based on ‘lip fetishes’ just might be in luck!

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Hand lifts, vaginal reconstruction, thigh gap procedure, the list of new plastic surgeries just keeps getting odder and odder.

Every few years a new slew of trendy procedures hits the scene, some so strange surgeons feel conflicted about performing them. Dr. Richard Ellenbogen, a board-certified plastic surgeon that practices out of Beverly Hills says, “After being in this practice for almost 40 years, I’ve seen new things come and go. There are only a few things that have really stuck on and that have actually gotten better as time goes on.”

Growing up with my dad in the car business I was taught to never buy a car the first year a new model comes out, to wait until all of the ‘kinks’ are worked out. The same could be said for plastic surgery, getting a new procedure may or may not end in your favor. After all if a surgeon has only conducted a particular surgery a few times many kinks are not yet worked out.

Still, there are men and women out there desperate enough to give the latest trends a try, regardless of what the potential consequences may be.

Lately, some of the weirdest cosmetic procedures EVER have been rapidly gaining popularity. Some of which you may have never even considered, but now that it’s a possibility…

1. The Thigh Gap Procedure

The thigh gap was originally only fantasized about by anorexics, and then suddenly it swept the nation and now it seems every other woman wants one. Many women are thin and fit and still don’t have a thigh gap. A thigh gap is a natural body shape for women who are skinny and have wide hips, or for women who are just way too thin all together. Since women of all body types suddenly covet this space between their inner thighs, a procedure has hit the industry that promises to give you the thigh gap of your dreams.


A clinic in Dallas, Texas is offering what is known as “Thigh Gap Therapy,” which includes using cold laser treatments to zap out excess fat between your thighs. The device is called the Zerona, and it is supposed to shrink your fat cells and allow them to exit your body through the lymphatic system.  The device received FDA approval back in 2010 for safety, but not for effectiveness. Many doctors are skeptical that it doesn’t work at all, we suggest saving your money!

2. Hand Lifts

Want your hand selfies to look better than ever? So do plenty of other people, many of which have undergone a cosmetic procedure to take years off their hands. Doctors are now getting plenty of requests from patients to inject Juvéderm into their hands in order to reduce wrinkles and give hands a more plump, youthful appearance without any wait time.

If this sounds like your dream come true, be prepared to spend $1,200 on the procedure which only takes 10 minutes, and lasts a mere 9-months at the very most.


3. Cinderella Surgery 

Some women are WAY better at walking in high heels than others; I admit I am one of the worst! I’m fine in heels for a dinner or any event that doesn’t require too much walking, but it doesn’t take long for my feet to ache like no other. I suppose I’m over qualified for Cinderella surgery, the latest trend that includes snipping off parts of your feet in order to make shoes fit better and more comfortably. Depending on your particular needs, toes can be shorted or lengthened, bunions removed, and in some cases fat is injected at the bottom of the foot, sort of like a permanent Dr. Scholls made of your own fat.


4. The Internal Bra

If you’re looking for perkier breasts, the internal bra promises to give you just that. Silicon cups are inserted beneath each breast and then attached to thin silk straps, which are literally screwed into your rib cage to remain in place. A push up bra sounds so much less painful!


5. Vaginal Reconstruction

Vaginal plastic surgery is less of a trend and more of a permanent fixture, as more and more women undergo the seemingly painful operation. Doctors can remove excess labial skin, tighten the vagina, and even increase the size of your “G spot” to spice up your sexual encounters.

Labiaplasty before and after

6. Dimple Creation

If you want dimples but weren’t born with them you can now achieve your own matching pair of cheek dents through plastic surgery. A surgeon creates a small incision on the inside of your mouth to place a tiny suture between the skin and the buccinators muscle, thus giving off the illusion of dimples every time you smile.


Is there a crazy cosmetic surgery you are considering? If so, share in the comments section below!



Brazilian model Andressa Urach nearly lost her legs thanks to cosmetic filler injections, and she has released the gruesome photos of the damage in an attempt to warn others against the popular procedure.

* Warning – the pictures below are graphic *

Andressa Urach before her thighs started rotting from the inside out:
andressa urach filler injections

To say that plastic surgery in Brazil is popular, is an understatement, and to many Brazilian women it is a sign of wealth and social status to have obvious cosmetic enhancements. Andressa Urach can attest to this and the 27-year old model has already undergone several cosmetic surgeries including: breast implants, liposuction, butt implants, rhinoplasty, a chin reduction and a labioplasty. Interestingly enough, it was the less invasive filler injections that left Andressa in excruciating pain and fighting for her life.

Years ago, Andressa had hydrogel and PMMA (polymethyl-methacrylate) injected into her butt and thighs to make them bigger, and initially she was thrilled with the results. Her new curves even landed her as second runner up in the controversial Miss Bum Bum Brazil contest, in 2012. But, things took a turn for the worse in 2014, when Andressa started experiencing extreme pain in her legs and it was discovered that the filler was rotting her legs from the inside out.

The damage caused to Andressa Urach’s legs from injectable fillers:

After several unsuccessful attempts to drain the filler from her legs, Andressa spent a month in the Intensive Care Unit, fighting for her life. She is now slowly recovering from septic shock and at one point, it was thought that doctors would need to amputate one or both of her legs. As of now, it looks like Andressa will slowly recover, and keep all of her limbs, but removing fillers completely from the body is nearly impossible, since they freely move throughout the body. Therefore this may be a life-long battle that will keep Andressa in and out of the hospital indefinitely.



Another year has come and gone, and 2014 didn’t disappoint in terms of celebrity makeovers and plastic surgery, some successful and some nightmarish. Here we break down the best and the worst famous faces that underwent rather drastic physical changes in 2014.

We will save the best for last, first let’s take a look at the worst makeovers of the year…

The Worst Celebrity Makeovers Of 2014…

Rylan Clark


Rylan Clark is a British TV personality, singer, and model. Just this year he purchased some downright scary looking teeth. Rylan’s original teeth were not perfect, but they certainly looked a lot more normal than his new blindingly white veneers.

At only 25-years old Rylan has had a fair share of plastic surgery, but his teeth take the ‘bite’ when it comes to crazy, earning him a spot among last year’s worst celebrity makeovers.

Kylie Jenner 


Last year brought Kylie Jenner a whole new level of fame, as well as plastic surgery. In fact, the world couldn’t stop talking about her drastically changed face, and mega enhanced lips. It’s not that Miss. Kylie looks bad, but seriously, she’s only a kid and already she has had more plastic surgery than the average person in their forties.

Plus, her ego has gotten fatter than her lips (and her sisters’ asses), perhaps prompting her to get even more cosmetic alterations, if only to compete with the negative attention the rest of her family attracts, like flies on sh*t.

Kim Novak 


Kim Novak reportedly had fat injected into her face this year, resulting in a rather puffy appearance that got everyone talking after she presented an award at the Oscars. Kim didn’t take well to the zillions of comments about her altered appearance, publicly stating, “In my opinion, a person has a right to look as good as they can, and I feel better when I look better.”

Nicole Kidman 


Just like Kim Novak, Nicole Kidman also has the puffy cheeks that suggest fat injections. Kidman is often assumed to have no plastic surgery, thanks to the fact she routinely tells the media she is completely natural, and has nothing in her face. I clearly see something floating between her naturally nice cheekbones and flawless skin… what about you?

Rumer Willis


As the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Rumer has no trouble getting whatever she wants… including plenty of plastic surgery. 2014 was no different for Rumer, who continues to swap out her natural beauty for a more plastic appearance. Many complain her newest purchase of 2014, a pair of overly plump lips, is the worst decision she has yet made in regards to cosmetic alterations.

And now for the best celebrity makeovers of 2014 (drumroll please!)…

Christina Hendrick 


Christina Hendrick is yet another celebrity that loves to lie about her body, for years she claimed her ginormous breasts were real, despite the obvious. The Mad Men star with fiery red hair looks like she underwent a breast reduction this year. Her breasts are still busty, but they look noticeably smaller, causing Christina to look better than ever.



The Pawn Stars employee has lost a lot of pounds since the hit television series aired a few years ago, scoring him one of the best makeovers of 2014. Not only does Chumlee look great, but also he’s much healthier sporting his new trim physique.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson might not be the first person to score a ‘best makeover’ award, although this year has been good to Pamela. It started off a little rough around the edges, but as the months of 2014 progressed, Pamela continued to look better and better.


Ali Lohan


Ali Lohan doesn’t have the best role models to look up to, but in 2014 Lindsay Lohan’s little sister found a way to look much better by putting on some much needed weight. Ali was looking scary skinny, but on vacation in Italy she showed off a few extra pounds making her look healthier, and prettier.

Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga seems to get more and more beautiful, and 2014 was a yet another good year for the pop star. We especially love Lady Gaga’s DIY face-lift, which includes using tape to secure her face and neck tighter. In fact we love it so much, we award Gaga with one of the best celebrity makeovers of 2014. The best part is that anyone can use her tape tricks, no matter your budget.

Who do you think should be awarded with the best and worst celebrity makeovers of 2014?



It’s the time of year again! Let’s look back on our fond memories of celebrity plastic surgery from the past year! Here is the good, the bad and the ugly of FamousPlastic 2014:

Most popular plastic people of 2014:

1. Iggy Azalea
iggy azalea plastic surgery2014 was a big year for Iggy Azalea! From dropping her first album and making millions of dollars, to leaked sex tapes, feuds with several big-name rappers and more trips to the plastic surgeon than should be allowed for a pretty 24-year old. The Australian rapper seems to be struggling to carve out a name for herself in the rap game and has seemingly turned to plastic surgery in an attempt to mold her image and body accordingly.

2. Khloe Kardashian
khloe kardashian plastic surgeryFor years, Khloe Kardashian has resisted the plastic surgery path that her entire family knows all too well, but after a failed marriage and milestone birthday, Khloe jumped into the plastic surgery game head first in 2014! Liposuction, lip injections and butt implants have turned Khloe from the likable Kardashian sister, to just another desperate-for-attention Kartrashian. Did she really think no one would notice her butt increasing by 4 pant sizes, while the rest of her body shrank? We’ve got the before and after plastic surgery pictures of Khloe and the difference is undeniable.

3. Ariana Grande
ariana grande plastic surgeryDid she or didn’t she? The debate over Ariana Grande and plastic surgery rages on. While the before and after pictures paint a pretty clear picture of what exactly Ariana Grande has had done, her die-hard fans can’t and won’t believe that their beloved pop princess wasn’t born into perfection. Regardless, Ariana looks worlds different from her Disney days and the before and after pictures paint a picture that points to plastic surgery, rather than tricky makeup technics.

4. Tameka “Tiny” Cottle
tame tiny cottle plastic surgeryTI’s wife and “Family Hustle” star, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, makes our list again this year. Last year she was #1, but people are still interested in her plastic surgery transformation and she makes our list for the second year in a row, this time at #4. This year Tameka came clean about some of the procedures that she has had and admitted that her butt and boobs are both the result of plastic surgery. Tameka’s husband, rapper T.I., also famously called her out on Instagram for showing off her altered booty just a little too much.

5. Renee Zellweger
renee zellweger plastic surgeryRenee Zellweger has kept a low profile most of 2014, but a red carpet appearance, where she looked totally different, set the internet on fire with fans wondering what the actress did to her face. Looking at the before and after picture of Renee’s face, it’s pretty clear that she had an eye lift, which has left her face looking completely different. Not a smart move for an actress that is known for her charmingly squinty smile!

Top plastic surgery articles of 2014:

Top plastic surgery procedures of 2014:

Most hotly debated articles of 2014:

Popular pictures from 2014:

And there you have it! Out of the hundreds of articles we wrote in 2014, the people have spoken and the best and the worst of celebrity plastic surgery have been crowned! Stay tuned for even more celebrity plastic surgery goodness in 2015, as we expand, grow and keep you more entertained than ever. Cheers and Happy New Year!

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