Ever wish you could get a bra permanently inserted under your skin so you would never have to wear one again? Well now you can! Sort of. Thanks to recent advancements in cosmetic surgery, you can now undergo a procedure to have silicone cups inserted under your breasts, so you can go au naturale without sacrificing the lift you get from a traditional bra. Called the Internal Bra, the plastic surgery procedure involves fixing a silicone sling or bracket under the breast tissue and, get this, anchoring the sling to the ribcage with fine silk straps and titanium screws. And you thought a strapless bra was uncomfortable…Yikes!

The basics of the Internal Bra:
invisible internal bra plastic surgery

Don’t get too excited about the idea of an invisible bra though. According to cosmetic surgeon Dr. V. Sudhakar Prasad, “In this procedure, the quantum of surgery is reduced, but that doesn’t rule out the side effects.” And because the Internal Bra is a brand-new procedure, the longevity of the procedure is what doctors are questioning. “In the case of silicon implants, it is embedded in an immobile zone. But here, the sling is placed underneath the breast, this is a mobile region, because we are constantly breathing. Due to this, there is constant movement against the sling and this could cause thinning of the skin over the years.”

Some believe there could be benefits to the Internal Bra though, which has become popular in the UK recently, especially when compared to breast augmentation surgery with silicon implants. The invisible bra procedure is minimally invasive, which means less scarring and less severe post-operative pain, and the sling only uses 50 mL of silicon, compared to a minimum of 300-350 mL of silicon for each individual breast implant, so the risk of silicon leakage is also reduced. But titanium screws?? That just sounds awful. According to plastic surgeon Dr. Murali Mohan, “The surgery could be tricky. The ribcage is not very strong and the titanium screws too could get loose over a period of time.”

In short, a promise of firmer breasts, a longer-lasting lift and minimal scarring may convince some women to take the bait and get themselves an internal push-up bra, but is the controversial procedure worth it? As always, there are concerns about introducing synthetic materials into the body, which could cause an inflammatory reaction or interfere with cancer diagnosis, when breast augmentation procedures that utilize biological tissues can be equally as effective. It should also be noted that, despite the name, the Internal Bra isn’t actually intended to replace a traditional bra, and patients who undergo the procedure still require external support. So close!


Plastic surgery can change your look entirely. Nowadays, you can change your face (and body) to look like Barbie, or a certain celebrity. Or you can do what Max (now known as Xiahn Nishi) did. Max underwent plastic surgery to make his face look Korean. Originally, the 25-year-old was a blonde hair, blue-eyed Brazilian. Now, if you passed Max on the street you wouldn’t even recognize him, or even his true race.


After studying as a foreign exchange student in South Korea at Dongseo University, Max decided he wanted to fit in with the locals more. So he sought out a way to change his look.  It took extensive searching to find a plastic surgeon willing to perform the face altering surgery, although persistence paid off and Max now officially goes by “Xiahn”.

Xiahn is only his Internet name, as he doesn’t want to bring any drama to his family or loved ones. He also goes by Oriental Gaucho and lists Korean soap operas as one of his favorite things to watch. No surprise considering Xiahn is trying to become Korean. Xiahn was amazed at how common plastic surgery is in Korea, where it is popular for men and women to have surgery on their eyes to look more Western. Xiahn decided to do the opposite, trading out his western looks for a Korean face.

Xiahn has undergone 10 procedures on his eyes, including having the inner corner of his eyes closed up, and being injected with acid to make his eyes look puffier. He also dyes his blonde hair brown and wears dark colored contacts to cover up his blue eyes. You might think all of Xiahn’s procedures cost a hefty sum of money, although in total Xiahn’s surgeries total around $3,100—sounds like a bargain for changing the look of your entire face.

Xiahn did some modeling about 10 years ago, and already he has been approached about modeling his new look in Korea. What do you think, does Xiahn look better before or after?

Xiahn/Max before and after plastic surgery to look Korean:

Aside from looks, does anyone else find it bizarre to have plastic surgery to visually change your race? It seems like this procedure should be reserved for bank robbers on the lam, or people that really hate their parents…



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If there was ever a reason not to get dermal fillers, permanent blindness and brain damage has got to be it, right? According to London-based plastic surgeon Dr. Julian de Silva, anti-wrinkle dermal fillers have been linked to at least 30 cases of vision loss and four cases of stroke in patients. These findings follow a previous report that tied the popular filler injections to permanent blindness in three patients, which is believed to occur when the injections block the supply of oxygen to the back of the eye.

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that are injected under the skin to achieve a more youthful appearance, and, after Botox, are one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures for reducing wrinkles. Unfortunately, because dermal fillers are classified as implants rather than pharmaceutical drugs, they are not subject to the same federal safety regulations, which means they can be injected by just about anyone, regardless of their training. This is what often leads to the dreaded “trout pout,” characterized by over-inflated lips that have a ridiculous cartoonish appearance.

Are those extra pouty lips worth the risk of blindness and/or brain damage?
Jessica Simpson Trout Pout 2013

According to Dr. de Silva, “The problem comes when filler is accidentally injected into an artery. This can lead to necrosis, or death of the skin issue, and if they’re the arteries that supply oxygen to the back of the eye, this can lead to loss of vision.” But that’s not all, folks. “In a worst-case scenario, filler can even block oxygen supply to the brain, resulting in a stroke.” In addition to dozens of cases of blindness and spontaneous, permanent vision loss, filler injections have also been associated with four cases of stroke, in which an inadequate supply of oxygen to the brain cause tissue death and brain damage.

You’d think that if people knew about the potential health risks associated with dermal fillers, no one would get them. However, because of a major lack of regulatory oversight, many of the complications are under-reported, and so many plastic surgeons and patients remain unaware of the risks. In 2010, the dermal filler Novabel was removed from the market in the UK just seven months after it was approved, when patients began complaining of side effects like swelling and hard lumps forming beneath the skin. In 2012, the company behind the popular filler Restylane warned that another one of its products, Macrolane, which was designed to be used in breast augmentation procedures, should not be used because it could interfere with breast cancer diagnosis.

Famous faces before and after dermal fillers:

So, what you should take from this is that if the dreaded trout pout wasn’t reason enough to stay away from dermal fillers before, know that every time you get an injection, you’re putting yourself at risk for permanent blindness and brain damage too. Best of luck!

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Lorde, the 17-year-old pop star made famous for her summertime smash hit “Royals,” is known around the world not only for her sultry vocals and catchy lyrics, but for her no-nonsense stance against Photoshop and digitally retouched photos, which she says creates an obsession with “unattainable perfection.” In a tweet to her 1.3 million followers, Lorde compared two photos of herself from the same Lollapalooza performance in Santiago, Chile – one airbrushed and one not. Lorde captioned the photos: “I find this curious – two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. Remember flaws are ok :-)”

lorde before after photoshop twitter

This isn’t the first time Lourde has challenged the present-day notion of “perfection,” which has led so many female celebrities out there today to undergo bad plastic surgery for a smaller nose, bigger breasts or slimmer hips. In February, the New Zealand-born teen Instagrammed a makeup-free photo of herself for all the world to see, acne cream and all, captioning the photo: “In Paris with my acne cream on.” In a day and age where most teens would be humiliated beyond words if a photo of themselves wearing acne cream was posted online, you’ve got to give Lorde credit for embracing her own imperfections in such a public way.

Lorde without makeup and sporting her nightly zit cream:

Not only do we love Lorde because she is so obviously comfortable in her own skin, but we also love the fact that when she takes to task the idea of unnatural perfection, she indirectly makes people like Kim Kardashian look ridiculous when they, say, consider getting plastic surgery on their “wrinkly” 33-year-old hands. Just because Kim and the rest of the plastic Kardashian clan need all ten fingers and toes to count all the plastic surgery procedures they’ve undergone, doesn’t mean that should be considered normal.

Lorde before and after photoshop for her MAC campaign:
lorde mac makeup photoshop

There’s no question that even very young celebrities like Lorde have a powerful impact on the way people around the world, especially teenage girls, view themselves and each other, so when she challenges ridiculous practices that have somehow become the norm – like airbrushing cover models until they look completely inhuman – it feels like a win for everyone. Here’s to hoping Lorde sticks to her guns as an adult and never opts for a boob job or rhinoplasty!

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You may remember Maitland Ward from her role on 90′s hit show ‘Boy Meets World’, where she played Rachel McGuire, but you won’t believe what she looks like now! The 37-year old former actress popped up at the Long Beach Comic Con showing a ton of skin and showing off a totally reworked face and body, thanks to a bunch of plastic surgery.

Maitland Ward at Comic Con 2014:
maitland ward leloo comic con 2014

And while I have to say that a bunch of plastic surgery + uber slutty costume is kind of an embarrassing cry for attention, (especially in your late 30′s!) I have to say that Maitland did get a phenomenal nose job! When Maitland starred on “Boy Meets World” her nose was much broader and she obviously has undergone rhinoplasty surgery since than. And, while the change is drastic, her nose actually looks great! Sometimes, drastically changing a facial feature, especially your nose, can unbalance your other features and end up looking weird. The results of Maitland’s nose job came out great and we think her new nose fits in just perfectly with the rest of her features.

Maitland Ward before and after plastic surgery:
maitland ward nose job plastic surgery before and after

So what else has Maitland had done? Should we start at the most obvious and point out her breast implants? If you looks closely at her under-boob you can see that she’s suffering from capsular contracture with her left breast implant.

Maitland Ward suffering from a common side effect of breast implants:
maitland ward breast implants capsular contracture

In addition to the breast implants and nose job, Maitland has also had a lip augmentation and clearly uses Botox as well. Personally I’m not a big fan of the silly duck lips, but to each their own? I’m sure all of the nerds at Comic Con thought Maitland 3.0 looked hot in her sexy Leeloo costume. But the original Maitland Ward, the one that became a 90′s cult classic as Rachel McGuire, has been erased in a flurry of plastic surgery and her acting career seems to have been replaced with her new hobby of unpaid appearances wearing sexy costumes.

Maitland Ward then and now:
maitland ward plastic surgery before and after

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The day Jessica Simpson lost a whole bunch of weight she simultaneously decided to get an Instagram account. Or so it seems, looking through her photos–a collection of selfies, throwbacks, and family affairs—there isn’t one trace of the fat Jessica Simpson the world became used to seeing back in 2012 and 2013.


Jessica Simpson was always super small back in the day, and then she got even slimmer to fit into those Daisy Dukes. Since then, Jessica has gone up and down in weight all over the place. Simpson admits her first pregnancy with her daughter, Maxwell, weighed the heaviest on her, during which time she claims she just ate and ate. Simpson says, “You are creating a life, and honestly, it’s not easy… And you deserve to eat your ice cream.” And eat her ice cream she sure did. In an interview with ABC News Simpson said, “Any woman, dealing with their body after pregnancy, you look at yourself and you’re like, ‘What just happened to me?’”

After giving birth in 2012 to her first child, Simpson became a spokesmodel for Weight Watchers. She took a break from the diet program after getting pregnant with her second child, Ace. This time around, she didn’t want to balloon in size again. So she says that she worked hard to stay active so that she wouldn’t eat all day instead. Once her son Ace was born in 2013, Simpson once again started back up with Weight Watchers.

And whatever she’s doing sure has helped. The mother of two has never looked quite as thin as she does now. In one of her most recent Instagram photos she looks extremely slim in a bathing suit. Keep scrolling through her official Instagram account and the skinny photos keep on coming.


She has every right to be proud of her body after losing 60-70 pounds recently. In February she told Good Morning America, “I was so insecure—I couldn’t even believe what I weighed, I don’t think that I ever expected myself to see the numbers that I have seen on the scale.” It took a lot of hard work and dedication, judging by Simpson’s muscular legs. While she looks really strong and fit in some pictures, in other shots she’s bordering gaunt.

Does anyone else hear wedding bells? Jessica might finally be thin enough for the wedding she can’t stop postponing. Will Simpson and her NFL fiancé, Eric Jonson, finally tie the knot? The next rumored destination is Santa Barbara California, next month durring July 4th weekend.

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Earlier this year, Kesha went to rehab in hopes of curing her eating disorder. If there’s one thing Kesha didn’t gain in rehab, it’s weight. So did her time at Timberline Knolls, an all women rehab facility near Chicago, really pay off? Well for starters, her name is now Kesha—no dollar sign. And while she still looks skinny as ever, friends and family say she has made big improvements since returning home. Her mother, Pebe Sebert, has said her daughter’s condition before rehab was so bad she’s lucky Kesha is still alive.

Kesha before and after weight loss anorexia rehab

Kesha has never been big, except maybe by the crazy standards of Hollywood—and her producer, a man named Dr. Luke. Dr. Luke has taken a lot of blame for Kesha’s eating disorder ever since it went public he told Kesha she resembled “a f**king refrigerator.” Fans are furious, and they should be, no man should make a woman feel bad about her body. Still, cops are working to protect Dr. Luke, as fans fire off about killing him on his Twitter page. Perhaps Dr. Luke sees it as his job to tell Kesha to keep fit and lose weight, but his big mouth might lose him his job. Petitions with over 11,000 signatures are circulating trying to free Kesha from Dr. Luke’s management. Dr. Luke was the first to offer Kesha management after hearing a demo tape of hers back in 2005. He has also represented names such as Rihanna and Miley Cyrus.

Kesha with her manager Dr. Evil, I mean Dr. Luke!! dr.lukeandkesha

In all photos of Kesha, she has thin arms and legs; the singer carries most of her weight in her mid-section. Regardless, she always looks gorgeous. Plus, she’s got a lot of accomplishments under her belt. The pop star has written hit songs for others in the industry, including Brittney Spears. She also has put out many number one hits herself. You’d think this would give any woman all of the confidence in the world, although Kesha said pre-rehab, “I’m a crusader for being yourself and loving yourself, but I’ve found it hard to practice.” This was her reason for going to rehab, in order to re-learn how to love herself no matter what.

Kesha looked thin and unhappy before entering rehab for her eating disorder

Fans looked to her latest music video for Timber, featuring Pitbull and Kesha together, as a visual sign of her eating disorder. In the video Kesha looks much skinnier than ever before. Perhaps just as skinny as she was back in high school when Kesha appeared on The Simple Life with Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie. Yes, she was one of the ‘simpletons’ that allowed the x-best friends to stay at her house and mock her simple way of life. Not so much anymore, Kesha is a full-blown celebrity, even able to hit up rehab whenever she wants. While she originally said she was going to be at rehab for 30 days, she ended up being there for 2 months.

Far left, that’s Kesha on Season 3 of the Simple Life  The-Simple-Life-Season-3-Episode-15-Wedding-Planners-ke-24ha-8123244-784-592

In March, Kesha made her first red carpet appearance since being away at rehab, and her fans were full of support and admiration. Kesha is in a great position to be an advocate for other women with body image issues, although you can’t help but think the singer doesn’t look much thicker post-rehab.

In a photo the singer published after returning home from rehab she wears a shirt that reads, “IMA SURVIVOR.”  Although her legs look questionably thin, something any woman concerned with body image is sure to notice.  Still, friends report that Kesha is doing great since rehab, and so long as she is happy and healthy…

Kesha before and after rehab:

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robinwrightawardThe Netflix original series House of Cards almost had to cast a different actress to play Claire Underwood. Robin Wright stands firm when it comes to her beliefs, and original proposals for the show did not sound favorable to the 48-year old long-time actress. Admittedly she says, “I’m not up there with Kate Winslet and Julia Roberts. I don’t sell tickets. I’ve known that for a long time.” Lucky for her, producers of House of Cards still wanted her bad enough to make some deals. Now, after wining awards for her character Claire Underwood, Wright might be able to sell more tickets than ever before.

House of Cards rocketed Wright into the spotlight, but the show wasn’t her first rodeo by any means. Back in 1987, Wright played Princess Buttercup in the movie Princess Bride. As her first feature film, she was ecstatic but also incredibly nervous. Looking back, she recalls hardly acting at all, but instead just trying not to look bad in front of all the amazing actors and actresses on set with her. You may also remember Wright from the classic movie Forest Gump.

Her biggest competition back in the day was Molly Ringwald, who beat her out for a number of roles. Today, both actresses are in their forties and rocking it on the red carpet. Although it was a close call for Wright, when she nearly missed her opportunity to get back in on the media glitz and glamour. She debated turning down playing the wife of Frank Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey) on House of Cards—in fact she was almost positive she wouldn’t take the role.

That’s because the role of Claire Underwood originally began as a less active character, and Wright has no interest in playing “arm candy.” If she’s going to play a role, she wants to work at it and develop as a character before the audiences’ eyes. Another problem with the role was the pressure to undergo a face-lift in preparation for the part. She told Town & Country, “I was sitting there going, ‘You’re 45, and you’re not gonna get a face-lift. And I was really considering that stuff, because in Hollywood the pressure’s there… And I was like, ‘I don’t want to do that. I’m going to get older. I’m going to have wrinkles!’”


In order to have Wright on set, David Fincher, director of House of Cards, agreed to all of Wright’s conditions. He’s sure glad he did. Not only does Robin Wright play an incredible Claire Underwood, but she also helped create the character the world has grown to love.


Being famous is clearly not Wright’s number one priority; being out of the spotlight doesn’t bother her one bit. According to her, “Hollywood is difficult to navigate if you have integrity.” In order to keep her integrity, Wright doesn’t take just any role. In fact, for a long time she faded out of the spotlight completely. Choosing to focus on raising her family instead of being the ‘it’ actress in Hollywood. As opposed to playing a pointless role, Wright says she’d rather do a “menial labor job, where I can actually get my hands dirty.”

You’ve got to admire the woman for her confidence to turn down big time roles in honor of her own morals. Wright is also brave enough to rock the wrinkles on the red carpet, which you can see (just barely) in the photo below. Good thing she’s talented enough to talk the ‘no-lines’ minds of Hollywood into giving her ‘natural’ look a chance. You go girl!




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