Joan Collins is an English actress and writer, scoring her first gig ever at only 9 years old in a production of A Doll’s House. She went on to become famous enough to be considered competition for Elizabeth Taylor, Collins even tried out for the role in Cleopatra which Taylor ended up earning. Today, Joan Collins has had a vast career and she can’t believe that she is nearly 80 years old. We just can’t believe how good she looks for her age, especially considering she denies ever having any plastic surgery at all (rolls eyes). She attributes her tight skin to wearing makeup—because anyone with wrinkles knows how well that works. Not just any makeup by the way, she calls lipstick her go-to youth enhancer.

30 year have passed in these photos of Joan, yet she is less wrinkled and has magically erased her under-eye bags:
JOan Collins before after plastic surgery

Joan might think she can fool her fans, but plastic surgeons are not buying it. When asked about the matter, they admit that most certainly Joan has had numerous cosmetic procedures over a period of time. Miami based surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer comments that Joan has had, “…multiple cosmetic procedures such as a facelift, browlift, and eyelid surgeries.” Another surgeon from Beverly Hills sees signs of Botox in the actress/author’s face, despite the fact she publicly calls the stuff “poison.” Technically Botox is ‘poison’ but it is still responsible for erasing wrinkles of the rich and famous—Joan likely included.


So why would Joan Collins assume the world doesn’t recognize a face full of cosmetic procedures when we see one? Things truly make no sense until you realize her lies might have to do with Joan making some extra money—in order to afford the surgery she denies having of course. An anti-aging cream called Cellex-C Age-less 15 Skin Signaling Serum has hired Joan to be their spokesperson. Not to mention, some of the books she has authored also promote how to look young naturally.

The skin on Joan’s face looks much younger than the skin on her chest, a clear sign of cosmetic procedures. 


Even her costars are fighting back against her apparent cosmetic surgery lies. 78 year old Judy Parfitt, star in the Midwife, claims there is no way that Joan Collins has never gone under the knife. “There is one woman, Joan Collins, who I’ve been to parties with, who’s had it done many times – but she totally denies it.” She goes on to call Collins “… a fool. An absolute idiot.” While Judy Parfitt is also adamant against plastic surgery, she actually looks like a naturally ageing woman who takes good care of her skin as her primary anti-aging technique.

Both women claim to be plastic surgery free… clearly Judy Parfitt (pictured at left) looks far more natural than Joan Collins (pictured at right).

So what do you think? Is Joan Collins magically aging in reverse, or is she a liar that’s clearly gone under the knife?

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Naya Rivera has certainly been creating a stir in the media lately, but unfortunately it’s been for all the wrong reasons! The 27-year old actress has become known for her role as cheerleader Santana Lopez on “Glee”, but lately it’s been all about her temper tantrums and over the top plastic surgery.

Big Sean recently broke off his engagement to Naya after couples counseling failed to quell her fiery temper and controlling ways. (But it seems like only yesterday that he was starring lovingly into her gigantic breast implants! Awwww! We were really pullin’ for these two!)

Big Sean and Naya in March:
naya rivera breast implants instagram picture

Now that Big Sean is out of the picture, Naya’s anger and insecurity has been directed at her Glee co-stars and producers. After a tiff between Lea Michael and Naya exploded on set, producers decided that they were tired of Naya’s diva behavior and rumor has it that she was fired from the show. No one is confirming or denying, but it’s doubtful that Naya will be invited back for season 6 of Glee, and it’s also been said that she has even been written out of the season 5 finale.

So with her career on the brink and her engagement to Big Sean in shambles, what is Naya Rivera up to now? Apparently she wants to show everyone her fake butt on Instagram (I think it’s like the new, “I’m going to Disneyland!”)!

Naya Rivera’s Instagram page has become her own personal shrine for her plastic surgery enhanced booty:

Like many an attention-whore before her, Naya can’t help but show off what the plastic surgeon gave her on her social media pages. It seems like the more trouble Naya gets into, the belfie (you know, “butt selfie”) count on her Instagram page goes up. Naya’s latest Instagram photo has people comparing her to Kim Kardashian, and there is a reason why…Both Kim and Naya have had butt augmentation plastic surgery!

Naya then and now:
naya rivera before and after butt implants

Clearly Naya likes the Kim Kardashian look, as not only is she copying the reality star’s style and makeup, but she is also having plastic surgery to mimic Kim’s famous curves. Next stop: sex tape!

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Self described as “the first supermodel” Janice Doreen Dickinson knows what it’s like to live the high life. In the 1970s and 1980s Janice was one of the most famous models around, although with age her popularity dwindled. Now she is best known for a face full of plastic surgery and a handful of guest appearances on reality shows like “America’s Next Top Model”.

Janice Dickinson then and now:

Janice is largely likeable because she went through so much adversity before becoming a famous model. Her own father told her she wouldn’t amount to anything because she looked like a boy, and dozens of modeling agencies turned her down. One even telling her she was: “much too ethnic. You’ll never work.” Despite all of this Janice went on to grace the covers of Vogue, Playboy, and Harper’s Bazaar—among many others. Even for this seemingly well-deserved model all good things must come to an end. But as any model dependent on her looks would do, as soon as the skin started to sag, Janice tried feverishly to turn back the clock.

Apparently she went a little overboard, accumulating over one million dollars of debt that she can’t afford to pay off. Recently California courts ruled her bankruptcy final, potentially leaving those that she owes money to SOL (you know, sh*t out of luck). Janice owes Beverly Hills dermatologist Arnold Klein $8,000 and she also owes the Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Center $8,000.

Janice DickinsonAt least Janice feels badly about it, telling the media: “I am upset and taking every step to pay everyone back and I feel terrible about it.” Her new boyfriend, Dr. Robert Gerner, is helping her do so. He reportedly gave her $10,000 to start paying off the $300,000 debt Janice accumulated with overdraft charges from City National Bank. This issue arose all the way back in 2011, and has since been argued down; Janice has now been ordered to pay City National Bank $100,000 in installments.

<--- Janice with her fiancé, Dr. Robert Gerner--thanks to him (and bankruptcy) she can start paying off her debt!

It’s not just banks and plastic surgeons that Janice owes money to, she’s also forgotten to pay her taxes for the last 10 years and now owes $500,000 in back taxes! I’ve never heard of bankruptcy getting anyone out of their taxes—so Janice better start working soon. Although the 59-year old ex-model doesn’t seem too hard-pressed for money, she clearly hasn’t backed off the Botox—which can cost around $5,000 per year to maintain. Her spending doesn’t stop there; Janice was photographed just the other week trotting off to the nail salon in what appears to be a new green dress and matching cap.

Janice celebrating her bankruptcy with shopping and beauty treatments:

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The ultimate sex symbol of the 90′s is without a doubt, Pamela Anderson. She basically paved the way when it comes to being unapologetically, and over the top, sexy. So in this day and age of desperate housewives hopelessly clinging to their plastic surgeons in hopes of finding the fountain of young in a needle or knife, who would have thought that 46-year old Pamela Anderson would choose to forego the anti-aging hype?

Pamela has opted to skip the Botox and plastic surgery and is still beautiful at 46:
Pamela Anderson 2014 Has Wrinkles

Not surprisingly, Pamela Anderson struggled a bit going from internationally known sex symbol to middle-aged soccer mom, but thankfully she decided against plastic surgery on her face. She did go through a period of time when she had her world-famous breast implants removed, but she missed them so much that she ended up having them replaced with even larger implants! I, for one, am glad that Pamela has the confidence to age naturally and doesn’t look like a frozen-faced, pillow-cheeked desperate housewife.

Pamela Anderson through the years:
pamela anderson thru the years plastic surgery

Even in her 40′s Pamela Anderson is still sporting her signature bleached blonde hair, smokey eye-makeup and cleavage-bearing tops, but the biggest change is her drastic haircut! Last year Pamela ditched the extensions and got an extremely short pixie cut. (Who would have ever thought that Pamela Anderson would have short hair!?) At first, Pamela hated the new ‘do, thinking that she “looked like Anderson Cooper or a Q-tip”, but now she loves the new look and feels empowered by it.

What do you think of Pamela Anderson’s most recent look? Love the short hair? Think she would benefit from a bit of Botox? Shocked that she has wrinkles? Let us know in the comments below!

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We know that identical twin siblings often do everything in tandem, from dressing alike to having similar thoughts and finishing each other’s sentences, but in the case of twin sisters Kerry and Jo Burton, this includes going under the knife together to always remain identical in appearance. During a recent interview the twin sisters did on ITV This Morning, British-born Kerry and Jo explained how they each handle undergoing plastic surgery without ever looking different from one another. Over the past 17 years, the twin sisters have together dropped more than $117,000 on cosmetic surgery, always using the same plastic surgeon and going under the knife on the same day so they can never be told apart.

Kerry and Jo Burton are just one set of many twins that undergo identical cosmetic surgeries:
Burton Twins after over $100,000 in plastic surgery

It all started when Kerry and Jo Burton were 21 and a photographer mentioned that the sisters, then models, would look better if their noses weren’t so straight. The twins took the comment to heart and immediately sought out a plastic surgeon to conduct a rhinoplasty…on both of them. Since then, Kerry and Jo, now 38, have added a number of additional cosmetic procedures to their collections, including identical boob jobs, eye-lifts, eyebrow tattoos and Botox injections. They have even opted for identical hair extensions, facials, spray tans, manicures and pedicures. In January 2014, the sisters had boob jobs to remove faulty PIP implants and replace them with new ones, and they both had their operations on the same day with the same surgeon, enlarging their breasts from a DD to E cup because one of the girls wanted to go bigger.

“It might sound barmy to some to have cosmetic surgery just because your twin is having it,” said Kerry. “But we would hate to look different, so we had to have the cosmetic surgery together.” Can you imagine waking up one morning and suddenly being forced to get a boob job or nose job just because you found out your twin sister decided to get plastic surgery and you can’t stand to look even slightly different than her? We’re assuming Kerry and Jo talk it out and agree on the procedures beforehand, but if they are really intent on remaining identical for the rest of their lives, they are going to have to undergo plenty more plastic surgery in the future to combat the natural aging process, which is guaranteed to take its toll on each of the sisters differently.

Twins, Kerry and Jo, before having plastic surgery:
burton twins before plastic surgery

It’s been nearly two decades since Kerry and Jo had plastic surgery for the first time, and they are obviously addicted to it now, using it as a tool to ensure that they always look alike. “We both had chickenpox together as children and we had the same hobbies, such as Brownies and dancing – and so our identical cosmetic surgery has followed on from that.” Seriously?? From chickenpox and ballet classes to Botox and boob jobs?? Sounds pretty strange to me, but then again, I’m not an identical twin. In case you’re wondering if Kerry and Jo plan to undergo additional plastic surgery procedures in the future, the twins say: “We’d never rule it out completely, but we’d obviously have to agree on what we have done.” So there you have it.

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Single and searching, superstar model (and Mick Jagger’s ex) Jerry Hall has admitted that she does not believe in plastic surgery, yet somehow at 56 she virtually has no wrinkles. Still, the model doesn’t want to look like everyone else with a tightly pulled face; “They scare small children and they think they look really good.” Hall says about people who get plastic surgery just because they don’t want to get old. She believes that unless surgery is absolutely necessary it might not be good for your health, going on to add that some men like the ageing woman with the occasional wrinkle,  “At least you look like a normal person.”

Hall ruling the catwalk back in 1998, and now looking just as fab in 2014.


Jerry Hall wishes society valued ageing more and doesn’t understand why we want to skip the ageing process, in her opinion you have your chance with a fresh wrinkle free face, but as you age it’s your chance to appreciate a new stage of life. She even calls it “greedy and weird,” to hunt down your youth in a plastic surgeon’s office. Her insults about plastic surgery don’t end here; Jerry Hall has been quoted saying, “…women who have plastic surgery are monsters!” And that it is a “sickness” to go under the knife.

If you ever get the chance to date Ms. Hall don’t you ever ask her to go under the knife, she thinks any man who does is completely rude and doesn’t love you, but instead wants you to be his “trophy”.

When she’s not gripping about plastic surgery, Jerry Hall enjoys hanging out in her Texas home uniquely decorated with old antiques.  And while she wouldn’t mind sharing the place with a plump man, she would like someone that is nice to look at. Even though surgery is taboo in Hall’s world, she still wants to look good; after all she is a model!

So how does Jerry Hall naturally keep her skin youthfully glowing without plastic surgery? The humble model prefers to lather her skin in olive oil straight from her kitchen. In the summer she will soak for hours in olive oil, while in the winter she leaves it on for a little less time, but swears by it nonetheless.

While Hall might sound like a goody two-shoes bashing on plastic surgery and boosting healthy skin habits, this Texas blond is actually a roaring good time. She’s full of laughter, nice to everyone and loves to enjoy her uppers– coffee, smoking, and drinking.

Jerry Hall today, at age 56:
Q&A: Jerry Hall

Single Hall is looking for a man that can shoot and hunt, you know a good old country man that will appreciate her anti-plastic mentality. Although 56-year old Hill looks so good we can’t help but wonder if she’s really had nothing done at all? You’ve got to wonder if there has to be something beside olive oil that is staving off the premature aging caused by drinking and smoking…right?

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She’s fierce, fab, and many argue Lady Gaga looks less like a horse than ever these days. Don’t get me wrong. I think she’s gorgeous and talented all wrapped up into one, but her most recent revelation might help explain why her face takes on as many different forms as her costumes.

The many faces of Lady Gaga


Apparently Gaga starts each day by taping her face back, yes with actual tape. She considers the process meditative, a relaxing routine that helps clear her mind of stressful thoughts. Before strapping on her meat suit or making Art Pop, Gaga is busy performing her self-proclaimed “mantra.” She has told the media that she starts her day asking: “How am I going to form my eyes today with this tape? How will I pull back my neck with tape?” Gaga claims the tape gives the skin on her neck and face a tighter, more youthful appearance. She also uses tape to change the shape of her eyes whenever she feels so inclined.

Has Gaga gone Gaga? Apparently if she has, so too has Cher. The long time actress and pop star also uses tape to keep her 67-year old face in perfect place. Clearly Cher has also had some major work done but who knows what she looks like without the tape!

Cher, your tape is showing!


Before you start taping your eyes wider or your neck tighter, according to some doctors tape might only cause more damage in the future. For starters, if you tape your face too tightly you risk damaging your flow of circulation, and robbing your skin of vital nutrients. This will boost the production of abnormal collagen causing internal scarring to take place, increasing the speed skin ages. Not to mention, plastic tape usually contains plastic adhesives, which are actually toxic. While Cher is old enough to take the risk, Lady Gaga has plenty more years ahead of her; perhaps she should look into Botox instead—although she’s probably already got that too!

Apparently Gaga just really likes tape…


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Josi Cunningham is only 23, yet already the whole world has turned sour on the wannabe “glamour” model. In order to kick-start her career, Josie decided that she needed bigger breasts, and since her small breasts caused her duress, she got the NHS to fund the operation. In the United Kingdom, where Josie lives, there are 4 healthcare systems funded by the public, collectively known as the National Health Service, or NHS.  If you reside outside of the UK you might assume they have a lax stance on funding operations, but on the contrary patents in need of hip replacements or cancer treatments are frequently put off or even denied coverage. Somehow Josie got the NHS to pay $8,000 of taxpayers money for her 36DD breasts.

Josie before and after government funds took her from an A cup to a DD cup:
josie cunningham boob job before after pictures

The mom of 2 children previously only measured a 32A, and she had big plans for her giant jump in cup size—which included bragging to the entre world about who funded her newly obese breasts. Unfortunately for Josie, the public doesn’t like her act one bit; the self-proclaimed celebrity admits people send her hate mail, and call her a “slut” as she goes about town. Not even all of this deters Josie from her latest mission: make the NHS pay for a second breast surgery, this time to reduce the size of her cups.

Since NHS used implants that Josie now claims are too large, she believes they should be responsible for paying to have them reduced. Josie claims that her implants are now keeping her from getting modeling gigs. Josie also says that she doesn’t like all of the attention her new breasts attract, a fact she finds “upsetting.” Plus, she doesn’t want to be known forever as that girl with huge NHS breasts.

Josie seems confused–classy or trashy? But don’t let her Sunday Best fool you…josie4

So maybe now you are starting to feel a tiny bit bad for the girl, but think again before you spare her an ounce of sympathy. In an interview with the Sunday Mirror, Josie mentioned that she won’t have a baby next year—despite her pregnant appearance—because, “An abortion will further my career.” Looking at pregnant photos of her now makes you feel sick, but Josie doesn’t care whatsoever, she’s fantasizing about the future where she plans to “…be famous, driving a bright pink Range Rover and buying a big house.” With a Twitter feed full of defensive commentary, Josie still clings to a few straws of hope—like her potential appearance on Big Brother. She’ll do anything to get on the show, including having the abortion necessary to make the cut. Josie reports on the matter, “Nothing will get in my way.” Apparently not the NHS or her baby—yikes!

Apparently Josie is even willing to give up her baby for her 5 minutes of fame josie3

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