Did you know that Angelina Jolie and Heidi Montag have had an intimate relationship with the same man? Luckily for Angelina, it’s not Brad Pitt that has been feeling up Heidi Montag and also luckily for Angelina, it’s not Spencer Pratt that got his hands on Angelina. The man in question is actually Dr. Jay Orringer, who has given both Angelina and Heidi their most recent breast implants.

Bosom buddies: Angelina Jolie and Heidi Montag:
angelina jolie heidi montag plastic surgeon

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jay Orringer performed a breast augmentation/reconstruction with implants on Angelina Jolie earlier this year, after the actress decided to get an elective double mastectomy in the hopes of out smarting cancer. Earlier this month, Dr. Orringer performed a breast reduction on Heidi Montag which took her from an F-cup to a D-cup after the former reality starlet decide to 86 the uncomfortable, extra large implants she got in 2008 as part of her weird total body plastic surgery makeover.

So while Heidi and Angelina might not exactly be sharing a turkey dinner this Thanksgiving, their latest cosmetic enhancements does make them bosom buddies. The father of their breast implants is the same guy!


So apparently Aubrey O’day is still photoshopping the hell out of all of the selfies she posts on her Instagram account…

Aubrey O’Day in real life and on Instagram:
aubrey oday photoshop weight loss

Check out the picture of Aubrey above in the pink dress. She posted this shot, showing her butt busting out of her dress, but if you look a little closer, you can see where she Photoshopped her waistline. Look at the left side of her body and look at how the straight lines of the black table are all wonky. That, my friends is what we call a Photoshop fail.

Yeah, we get it, girls want to look good in pictures, which is why we invented the perfectly angled selfie. And while catching that good angle in a snapshot can make you looks a few pounds thinner, Aubrey is blatantly photoshopping the pictures that she posts to her social media accounts. And she’s not just smoothing out a few lumps and bumps, grilfriend is shaving like 6″ – 8″ off of her waistline and hips!

Aubrey O’Day in real-life and in her Photoshop fantasy world:
aubrey oday before and after photoshop fake weight loss

These aren’t the only pictures that Aubrey O’Day has photoshopped. Virtually every “sexy selfie” she posts has been photoshopped. Check out more of Aubrey’s Photoshopped pictures, here: Aubrey O’day loves her some Photoshop!

What do you think of people that Photoshop pictures of themselves? Just trying to look their best, or kind of desperate?

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Lily Allen was spotted vacationing in Italy last month, where she let is all hang out in a mis-matched green and black bikini. Lily, who is a mother to two young children, clearly has not lost the baby weight, but according to her latest single that was just released, she also doesn’t give a f@&#…

Lily Allen in 2009 and in 2013
lily allen weight gain

Lily Allen released a crazy music video this week for her song “It’s Hard Our Here…”, which she claims is a spoof of pop-culture and the sexism and misogyny that goes along with it (“It” being the industry in which she has made her millions), but guess what? Lily is doing exactly what she is claiming that the song is against. Surrounding herself with nearly naked ass-shaking dancers and obvious product placements, Lily sings about not wanting someone that “objectifies you” and not needing to “shake my ass for you ’cause I’ve got a brain”. Don’t get me wrong, the song and the video are awesome, but also a blatant contradiction.

Check out Lily Allen’s video for “It’s Hard Out Here”:

In the beginning of the “It’s Hard Out Here” video, you see Lily undergoing liposuction and her manager and the plastic surgeon discussing how terrifying her weight gain is and how they’re going to get her “fighting fit” even though she has completely let herself go.

So is Lily Allen really happy about her weight gain and feeling empowered, or is she going to be one of those celebrities that are outspoken about loving their “curves”, and then immediately starts popping diet pills and hitting the gym? We’ve seen it so many times before (Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Osborne, Jennifer Love Hewitt, etc) that it would be surprising if that’s not exactly what is going to happen…

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Chaz Bono, the transgendered daughter of Cher and Sonny Bono, began undergoing a gender transition from female to male in 2008. Four years later, Chaz is still coming into his own, as his transformation keeps evolving. This time, Chaz headed back to his trusty plastic surgeon for a tummy tuck and liposuction!

Chaz Bono before and after having plastic surgery:

Chaz has been recognized socially and legally as a male since 2010, and shortly after, he decided to make another life changing decision by altering his diet and dropping a whopping 85lbs. As with most people that lose a massive amount of weight, Chaz was left with dropping skin that he decided to have removed through abdominoplasty surgery. He also decided to have liposuction on his neckline.

Chaz Bono then and now:chazbonoweightlossplasticsurgery

Chaz revealed his new look after plastic surgery on the show “The Doctors”, where he sat down with his plastic surgeons and they discussed the procedures that they performed on 44-year old Chaz. Interestingly enough they discussed the slight changes to the tummy tuck procedure for a man versus a tummy tuck procedure for a women. For a women, the doctor pulls the waistline in and give her an elliptical shaped bellybutton. When a man undergoes a tummy tuck, the waistline is pulled straight down and the bellybutton is given a round shape.

This is not the first time that Chaz Bono has gone under the knife for elective cosmetic surgery, and probably won’t be the last. While undergoing his gender transition in 2008, Chaz had a double mastectomy and he also revealed that he was saving up for a penis (or a metoidioplasty, as the actual surgery is called).

Check out Chaz revealing his new look after plastic surgery on “The Doctors”:

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Did Stacy Keibler get breast implants? The short answer? Yes!

Stacy Keibler then and now:
stacy keibler breast implants before and after

Stacy Keibler showed up to the 17th Annual ACE Awards last night, wearing a stunning, yet revealing white dress, that brought quite a bit of focus to her chest. While the lovely floor length Kaufman Franco dress looked stunning on 5′ 11″ Stacy, the crisscross top, with its plunging neckline and cutouts at the side, front and back, left little fabric for Stacy to hid her breast implants behind.

So did Stacy Keibler get breast implants? Yes! Did she get them recently? No! Stacy has been rocking the implants for several years now and they are actually starting to look more natural now that she’s got some miles on those fakers. Shortly after getting the breast implants in 2010, Stacy’s breasts looks rock hard and unnatural.

Stacy Keibler in 2010:
stacy kiebler fake side boob

Stacy famously told a mens magazine that “God has blessed me with legs and ass”, but apparently that wasn’t enough for the leggy wrestler turned model, who underwent breast augmentation surgery to boost her A-cup to a large B. All in all, in our opinion Stacy Keibler’s cosmetic surgeon did an excellent job and now that her implants have had time to settle in, they look fairly natural. What do you think of Stacy’s new look? Better before or after plastic surgery?

Stacy before and after breast implants:
stacy keibler before boob job


Plastic surgery trainwreck, Heidi Montag, is back in the news and surprise, surprise, she went under the knife once again. This time, the former reality star had her gigantic F-cup breast implants removed and replaced with smaller implants. This will be 27-year old Heidi’s 3rd set of breast implants.

Heidi Montag and her gogo gadget boobs:
Heidi Montag after breast surgery reduction

Heidi was outfitted with the super-sized F-cup implants in 2010, when she infamously underwent 10 cosmetic surgeries in one day in a desperate bid to become famous. The 650cc implants, which weigh in at 3lbs a piece, took their toll on Heidi’s neck and back and she recently decided to have them removed and replaced with smaller implants. The end result has brought Heidi’s bust size down to a D-cup, which is still quite large. So will getting slightly smaller breast implants alleviate the back and neck pain that Heidi attributes to her large breast implants? Probably not, but at least she scored an interview and some tabloid facetime (which has always been Heidi’s ultimate goal)!

Check out Heidi’s ET interview about her breast reduction here.



Surprise, surprise, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards too, has gone under the knife, and we are realizing now that plastic surgery may actually be a prerequisite to being considered for the role of “real housewife.” The younger sister of Kim Richards – who one-upped Kyle by actually getting her work done on air – has finally admitted to getting cosmetic surgery, including a nose job and full-body liposuction, which she says was intended to boost her confidence.

Back in 2006, Kyle Richards opted for a rhinoplasty to alter the nose that she says bothered her for a long time. Not surprisingly, Kyle’s plastic surgeon convinced her that the nose job would be so good that it would look completely natural. “My  doctor said, ‘We’re going to do it so slightly, not even your mother will know!’” Well, we’re pretty sure Kyle’s mother noticed her rhinoplasty, as well as her other plastic surgery procedures, along with us and the rest of the world.

Kyle Richards before and after plastic surgery:
kyle richards before plastic surgery

After having her nose slimmed down, Kyle went back under the knife in 2012, this time for liposuction. “After having four kids, no matter what exercise I did, the love handles wouldn’t go away,” the RHOBH star said about her elective surgery. “I wanted to wear jeans and a tucked in shirt and not feel self-conscious.” Although she admits to getting plastic surgery to make herself feel better, Kyle is proud that she hasn’t allowed herself to become a living Barbie doll, like many of her Real Housewives co-stars. “See, look, I can move my eyebrows,” she joked. “This is a trick in Beverly Hills!”

Kyle Richards before and after full-body liposuction:
Kyle Richards before after liposuction

Rhinoplasty and liposuction are the only two procedures Kyle Richards has admitted to so far (and Botox, but who even counts that these days?), but we think that she has failed to mention a few of the obvious other cosmetic surgeries that she’s had as well. Did Kyle already forget about the boob job and butt lift she had done?

And like any middle-aged housewife that got plastic surgery a confidence boost, Kyle Richards can’t help but post bikini selfies to her social media accounts to show off her plastic surgery sculpted body. While the mother of 4 does indeed look great after having 15lbs of fat sucked out of her body, I think the etched abs are a little bit over the top and look kind of silly.

Kyle Richards in a bikini after full-body liposuction:

Remember when people just worked out? (That’s so 1994…)

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Many of the decisions that we make in our teenage years, are happily forgotten (like that lime green taffeta prom dress?), but for actress Lisa Kudrow, one incredible decision she made at age 16, transformed her life completely: Lisa decided to have plastic surgery.

Lisa Kudrow had rhinoplasty surgery when she was a teenager:
lisa kudrow before and after plastic surgery

Lisa is currently 50 years old, and she is just now revealing that she underwent rhinoplasty surgery over 30 years ago. While many people have rhinoplasty surgery, Lisa calls the results of her surgery “life-altering“. Up until the bandages came off after her surgery, Lisa had always regarded herself as ugly. Even though she was delighted with the results, she still says the surgery simply took her from looking “hideous, to not hideous“. Lisa underwent the rhinoplasty surgery over the summer before transferring to a new high school, where “there were plenty of people who wouldn’t know how hideous I looked before. That was a good, good, good change…“.

Lisa Kudrow before and after having a nose job at 16 years old:
lisa kudrow before and after nose job

What do you think of Lisa Kudow before and after having plastic surgery? If you ask me, it sounds like her self-esteem issues were in her head. Most people are awkward and still growing into their looks at 15, so you have to wonder if she still would have opted to have plastic surgery if she waited until after high school? I always thought that she had a weird shaped nose (long and thin, but with huge nostrils), so I don’t think the change in the shape of her nose helped much more than her confidence. But, that is exactly why many people go under the knife for elective cosmetic surgery: a confidence boost.

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