What do Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox, Kate Middleton and Katy Perry all have in common? They all have scientifically perfect breasts according to one study conducted by a top plastic surgeon.


The most coveted breast shape shared by these celebrities is being called the “Beckoning Breast”. Considering all 4 of these popular ladies have very different sized breasts, perfection has more to do with shape than anything else.

The most perfect breast proportions can be calculated based on the location of the nipple, with 45% of breast tissue above the nipple meridian and 55% below. In other words, the ideal nipples point skywards at 20 degrees. When breasts meet these criteria they are being called “beckoning breasts.”

Dr. Patrick Malluci from the University College London Hospitals, is the researcher behind this study, as well the man behind the term, beckoning breasts.

To come up with his final results, Malluci asked over 1,300 people to rate their favorite breasts out of 4 different options. The results showed 87% of respondents preferred the 45:55 ratio. Regardless of gender, culture, race, or age people prefer this natural looking shape.

One of the main things women want when getting implants are fuller breasts, but while fullness is important it often leads to surgeons creating what looks like large, hard balls that are anything but natural. Dr. Mallucci says that because of this tendency, plastic surgery has gotten its bad rep for producing fake or unrealistic breasts. While incredibly full breasts look good in clothing, Dr. Malluci says they don’t necessarily look good, or natural, on a naked body.

That doesn’t mean breast implants HAVE to look unnatural, instead if surgeons focused on making the nipple only point up at a 20 degree angle, breast implants would appear more natural and aesthetically pleasing with or without clothes.

Kim Kardashian got women all over the world to imitate her big round booty, but according to Dr. Mallcucci’s study her “top heavy chest” is only the third most popular breast shape.


Britney Spears’ 50:50 breast ratios is ranked as number one by 9% of respondents

Lindsey Lohan’s 55:45 top-heavy breast ratio ranks favorite among 2% of respondents.

And even though Rihanna appears to have nice natural looking breasts, she gets a ratio of 35:65, which ranks favorite among only 2%.


Interestingly, women are more prone to liking unnatural looking breasts, while men prefer a more natural pair.

It’s becoming so common for women to have fake breasts that it’s easy to forget what real breasts even look like. In 2013, 2 million women had a breast augmentation. Yet, thanks to research like this, surgeons may be rethinking the bloated and unnaturally upturned implants that have prevailed for years.

Dr. Malluci is now using the 45:55 model template for his patients’ implants, and he hopes other surgeons do the same.

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As fall approaches, the latest boot styles hit the stores, tempting all fashion lovers to come take a look. And who doesn’t love boots? For starters, they come in all different styles and heights, there are dressy boots with heels, casual flat boots, above the knee, calf height… and as an equestrian, I must say there are horseback riding boots too!

But have you ever tried on a pair of killer boots only to end up disappointed when they wouldn’t zip up over your calves? If so you are not alone, turns out many ladies find their favorite boot styles are made too small to fit over their calves. Instead of having boots stretched out, re-sized, or specially made, some women are combating the issue by tailoring their legs with plastic surgery.


High end fashion demands legs be so thin women are undergoing liposuction on their calves in order to wear the most coveted boots of the season. 

Dr. Matthew Schulman is a board certified plastic surgeon practicing in the Upper East Side of New York. In an interview with ABC News, he detailed seeing many patients seeking liposuction on their calf to reduce “boot bulge.”

If you run, bike or regularly work your calf muscles, there’s a chance you won’t have enough fat to undergo the procedure, Dr. Shulman explains there must be enough fat in the calf to remove anything. The procedure itself is detailed and a bit tricky, because you only want to take out very small amounts of fat. Patients are put under anesthesia and the total procedure takes around an hour and a half.


Surgery might sound extreme, but what would you do if you couldn’t wear boots like those found in Kim Kardashian’s amazing collection of knee-highs!

Some people might be shouting at their screen, “WORK OUT!” But according to Sabrina, a New York resident that underwent the surgery last year, “I’m a fairly fit person, I always exercise. It wasn’t an area I could fix on my own. I assumed that if you could have liposuction on your stomach, why not on your calves?”

Dyan is a New Yorker still planning for her procedure. She is so excited about her future results she has already purchased several pairs of Stuart Weitzman stretch boots in anticipation.


Women have been running for calf-surgery in South Korea for several years, and today the procedure is gaining popularity in the US. The rise in calf-surgery can be linked to the fact more micro-surgeries are available due to advanced medical procedures and surgical tools. Back rolls, calves, ankles, and even kneecaps are other micro-areas experiecing a rise in liposuction requests.

If you decide to get calf surgery you won’t be squeezing into any tight boots soon. Recovery time can take up to 10 months! Most women are 85% healed within 4-5 months. Still, that’s a long recovery, and especially for a part of your body you count on to get you around everyday.

Would you consider having liposuction on your calves?


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After stepping out of the limelight for a few years, 80’s sweetheart Valerie Bertenelli packed on a few pounds. Thanks to a stint as a Jenny Craig Ambassador in 2009, Valerie shed the extra weight and surprised everyone by happily slipping into a 2-piece bikini for the first time in 30 years. Thanks to her successful weight loss, you couldn’t turn on the TV without seeing one of her commercials for Jenny Craig, just a few years ago. But, as time went on, and the Jenny Craig checks stopped coming in, Valerie slowly went back to her old ways and she blew up again. It’s not exactly surprising since Valerie once said that breaking her addiction to food was even harder than breaking her addiction to cocaine!

Valerie Bertenelli before and after weight loss and gain:
valerie bertenelli weight gain weight loss

Since her long-winded Jenny Craig campaign, Valerie has lost weight, gained weight, and lost weight again. Back in March she gained attention for an obvious increase in her weight, which the star blames on breaking her foot. When the pounds started to pack on, she admits she panicked and even felt ashamed. Finally, she felt empowered after realizing she had to stop beating herself up, after all her foot was broken!

SPL726551_023 On the set of Hot In Cleveland, Bertennelli showed off obvious weight gain due to her broken foot. 

At a recent women’s conference on September 16th, a slimmer Bertenelli gave a speech that touched upon women empowerment, drugs, weight loss, The Real Housewives, and plastic surgery too.

After slimming down from 172-pounds to 125-pounds, 5-foot-4 Bertenelli was on top of the world, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t challenging for her to lose the weight. As a recovered drug addict, she admits it was harder to quit her addiction to food than it was to stop doing cocaine years ago.

Along with drugs and dieting, the 54-year old bashed the Real Housewives during her speech, saying, “I think more women need to be nice to each other. We have bad examples on television of the ‘Real Housewives’ of whatever town they’re in.” Bertenelli went on to explain how she doesn’t want friends that are like those women, she wants friends that love and support her.

Apparently though, she doesn’t mind the fact the Housewives all have plastic surgery. In fact, while the star says she has not yet had plastic surgery, she doesn’t discount the fact she may need it someday. In her own words, “Needles in the face and cutting is scary. Never say never, but not yet.”

At 54, Valerie wears her wrinkles proudly and chooses bangs over Botox…For now, at least!
valerie bertinelli no plastic surgery botox

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Meet Jasmine Tridevil, the worlds first woman with three boobs.

Jasmine Tridevil and her three breasts:
Jasmine Tridevil Three breasted woman

Jasmine is a 21-year old Florida native, who desperately wants to be famous. The massage therapist scrimped and saved in order to afford the $20,000 surgery to construct a third breast, which she feels is her ticket to fame and fortune.

Jasmine’s third breast is constructed of skin grafts taken from her hip area, and two silicon implants. One implant was used to simulate the breast tissue and a smaller implant on top simulates the areola and nipple. Jasmine also had a “nipple” tattooed on for a more realistic effect. Finding a plastic surgeon that was willing to perform such a bizarre, and what some say is unethical, procedure, was no easy task and Jasmine was turned down by dozens of plastic surgeons before she was able to find one that was willing to perform the surgery to give her a third breast. Not surprisingly, the surgeon does not want their identity revealed and made Jasmine sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Jasmine Tridevil Three boobs

So why does someone go through with a bizarre body modification like getting a third breast? To become famous of course! Jasmine has been filming herself in hopes that MTV will pick her up for a reality show. Although she also explains that she got a third breast in hopes of turning off guys, because she never wants to date again. (So says the girl that dresses provocatively, and happily poses with the guys from The Thunder Downunder for her 21st birthday…)

Jasmine flashes her tri-tits with the guys from The Thunder Downunder:
Jasmine Tridevil Three boobs Las Vegas

Do you think Jasmine will succeed in her quest to become a reality star? Judging by her pretty crappy Youtube videos, where she appears to be completely devoid of a personality, we are going to guess that no, we will not be seeing her on television anytime soon, and we can file her away with one-hit wonders like Octomom, Courtney Stodden and Sydney Leathers.

Jasmine Tridevil before and after surgery to get third breast:
jasmine tridevil before three breasts

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Oh, I remember it like yesterday: When Courtney Stodden said she was done with plastic surgery until “gravity begins to take place”, at least…But, wait, it was almost yesterday that she said that! Yet gravity has clearly already set in on the GIGANTIC breast implants that she got barely a year ago.


Yes, it’s true, Courtney Stodden traded in her perky 19-year old B-cups for these sloppy, pendulous E-cups that would look more at home on a 50-year old stripper, or retired pornstar, than a 20-year old “Christian”.

Courtney Stodden showing off her Christian sensibility before and after getting breast implants:
Courtney Stodden Before and After Boob Job 2013

Courtney claims that not only is she thrilled with her E-cup breast implants, but her parents and her husband are also very happy with her plastic surgery transformation.

Courtney Stodden and her breasts now:

But, is she really happy with the results of her gigantic breast implants, which have already begun their downward plummet? I know that Courtney isn’t the sharpest crayon in the box, but I’m pretty sure that she has eyes, and I don’t know anyone (with eyes) that thinks those monstrosities implanted in her chest are attractive (except maybe Bill?). Perhaps Courtney’s recent reunion with her creeper husband has an ulterior motive…

We would love to see Courtney get her breasts fixed. We are all for it, if women want to look over-the-top sexy, but those E-cups are just too big for someone as tiny as Courtney Stodden. Trade those puppies in for a D-cup and a breast lift, Courtney!


Kylie Jenner isn’t old enough to buy cigarettes, drink alcohol or legally live on her own, but apparently she has the okay from her parents to get ridiculous amounts of plastic surgery on her face.

Kylie Jenner before and after plastic surgery:
kylie jenner lip injections plastic surgery 2014

In the last couple of years we have watched as Kylie has gone from an enviously gorgeous girl to a bizarre, plastic surgeried Kim Kardashian blow up doll knock off. Not only has she copied her big sister Kim’s hairstyle, makeup and clothing, but the youngest of the Jenner/Kardashian clan is already surgically altering her face at the age of 17!

Most noticeable, are the HUGE over-inflated lips that Kylie is now sporting. Her Instagram feed has become a gallery of pouty selfie closeups and videos showcasing her new lips, so clearly Kylie is digging on her new plastic surgery, but if you ask us, she looks fucking ridiculous.

Remember all of those poor fashion/makeup/hairstyle choices we made as teenagers, that we look back on and laugh at? Kylie will certainly be looking back at the decision to have plastic surgery in her teens, but I don’t think she’ll be laughing since she will probably be spending her 20’s and 30’s trying to fix those lips after stretching them out with so much filler…

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Cynthia Nixon is 48-years old and looks incredible. Best known for her role as Miranda Hobbes on Sex and the City, Cynthia serves as a fashion icon to women all over the world. And for those battling breast cancer, the superstar offers even more hope and inspiration, having successfully battled off the disease after her diagnoses in 2006.

Just like any good looking celebrity without much sign of wrinkles or fat, the public just has to know: what is she doing to retain her youthful glow, figure, and skin!?!

Cynthia Nixon then and now:
Cynthis Nixon then and now. Has she had plastic surgery?

Throughout the years many rumors about plastic surgery have surrounded the star, including a boob job back in 2008. Although Nixon fired back at these rumors, and even admitted having a good laugh over the whole thing.

Me?! Plastic surgery?! You gotta be kidding me!
Cynthia Nixon

While rumors were correct that she had been at St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital that weekend, she claims she was in the Oncology department for a routine 3-month check up related to her breast cancer. She even said that if she were to get a boob job, “…wouldn’t it make sense that I’d get it before Sex and the City (the movie)?”

With these ladies as best friends, the pressure to be perfect is on. 

Perhaps Cynthia does not have breast implants, but she’s just got to be doing something in order to keep her age from showing—so what is it?

Cynthia says that she uses a very gentle beauty regimen in order to keep her sensitive skin looking its best. As an ageing adult with rosacea she must be extra cautious about using too much foundation or harsh exfoliates, otherwise she risks looking older and aggravating her skin. She recommends stick foundation placed only where it is needed, as opposed to all over.

Those closest to Cynthia say she is not the type to run out and get a bunch of plastic surgery, that’s just not her style. Although, some Botox injections are not completely out of the question… what do you think?


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Thanks to reality TV, we have some of the strangest celebrities ever running around Hollywood today. Take Courtney Stodden for example. Back in 2011 when Stodden was only 16-years-old she married 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison. Now at 20, Courtney still strives to keep herself in the spotlight for just about nothing, except maybe her huge tits with their very own names. She considers herself a reality personality, model, actress, and animal rights activist—hey at least she’s using her giant jugs to help the animals!

Then and now, Courtney looks a lot different…. is it really just her breasts?

As per usual, Courtney Stodden is letting it all hang out there. Recently she came out swinging, taking hits at anyone that accused her of having loads of plastic surgery. Courtney says that she has not had any work done on her face, or any other part of her body, other than her breasts. She does admit to getting filler injected into her lips about one year ago, but she says the results only lasted for 6 months.

One thing she can’t deny having done is her breast augmentation. She says, “I wasn’t depressed with a smaller chest, it’s just that I didn’t feel my most confident self. And confidence is so important in all aspects of life, it’s what takes you far.”

Courtney Stodden and her “confidence” looking like it’s about to explode right out of her chest…
courntey stodden and her huge painful gross boobs

While at first she did get some looks, and doubts about her decision to go under the knife to enlarge her breasts, she says that everyone she loves, including herself, is now happy with the decision. Upgrading her small chest to E-Cup boobs means it’s not easy to escape the stares, from men and women. After all they sort of ‘stand out.’ But Courtney doesn’t let that faze her, when she wants to keep the stares at bay she simply wears more conservative clothing.

“I have zero regret, in fact, I think I would have regret my decision had I not got my girls.” Ironic that she calls them her ‘girls’ like they are her children, because in a way, they really are. Courtney has even named each of her E-cup implants, calling one Boo and the other Bee. Get it? Boo and Bee? Boobie?! Oh, Courntey, so clever that one…


Living in the plastic capital of Los Angeles, Courtney says that she sees the risks in getting too obsessed with plastic surgery all around her. Just like any addiction, she admits that plastic surgery can take over your life and turn into a “potentially deadly cycle.” While Courtney is not planning to go under the knife anytime soon she does leave some wiggle room for her next cosmetic alteration saying, “…but when gravity begins to take place, you better believe I’ll be ringing my surgeon!!!”

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