Aside from the visible scars that she hates, the after effects of Heidi Montag’s countless plastic surgeries reach more than just skin deep. In a candid Interview with Extra, Heidi reveals what life is like today dealing with the painful side effects, such as TMJ disorder, related to spending $30,000+ changing her body and face 5-years ago.

When Heidi Montag first made an appearance on The Hills almost everyone thought Lauren Conrad’s bubbly, petit blonde best friend was downright adorable; everyone except for Heidi herself that is.


Above: Heidi pictured back in the day when The Hills first became a popular TV show, and the innocent blonde was free of any plastic surgery. 

As soon as Heidi skyrocketed to fame, and started receiving hefty-sized paychecks (she was reportedly being paid close to $100,000 per episode), she signed herself up for one plastic surgery after another.

In 2009 Heidi had 10 surgeries in one day, spending $30,000 on a second breast augmentation, liposuction, a second nose job, and having her ears pinned back. Instead of reality TV, Heidi became known as the Queen of Plastic Surgery, and not in a good way.

Based on appearances, the adorable blonde didn’t really need any work done at all. Not to mention, these days her and Spencer could really use the money she spent achieving an entirely altered look. In an interview with Extra, Heidi admits the reason she did this to herself. “I disliked myself so much. I literally chopped up my own body.”

Heidi Montag

At first it seemed like a good idea, and Heidi certainly got a lot of media attention for her surgeries—something her and Spencer were hell-set on collecting back when the couple made regular appearances on the cover of weekly magazines. But now that Heidi is living a quieter life out of the public spotlight she is stuck dealing with many negative drawbacks to her cosmetic alterations.


Above: Despite all of the drama, it appears Heidi and Spencer are still going strong and enjoying their life together, more now than back when they had wealth and fame.

Heidi says that all of the fame caused people to write, “the meanest and nastiest things” about her online. As a result she became highly insecure. Only now she says, “I wish I’d known what I was signing up for.” While Heidi is still a gorgeous girl, she will always be dealing with the repercussions related to her surgeries.

As a result she never wants to go under the knife again. Last year she did have to get a breast reduction. Heidi says, “My implants were falling through. They were three pounds each so I was really miserable. Obviously, I didn’t want to go back into surgery, but it was really necessary.”


Above: Left, Heidi showing off her massive breast implants poolside in Las Vegas. Right, a more recent photo of a happier looking Heidi after her breast reduction last year.

Her breasts were an easier fix than other alterations. Back in 2009, Heidi also had her chin reduced, but no one warned her just how bad the drawbacks from this surgery could be. Heidi now suffers from TMJ disorder, a condition that causes many chronic side effects including a lot of jaw pain. She says, “I was in so much pain, I actually thought I was going to die.”

Looking at old photos prior to any plastic surgery provokes a type of nostalgia that can get Pratt feeling down. “Sometimes it makes me a little sad because I see not only what I look like, but who I was.”

The experience has caused Heidi to reflect, learn, and grow. As a result she plans to age gracefully from here on out and never have any cosmetic alterations again. The real Heidi is still in there, and despite all of her plastic surgeries and related struggles, at least she still looks beautiful. Unfortunately, her reputation with the world still remains tarnished at best…




Have you ever thought to yourself, “Gee, I would love the thighs of a 250lb body builder, but without all of that bothersome and healthy working out…”? Well apparently, not only do woman in Brazil actually want this, but they are willing to risk death and debilitating side-effects by getting black market Hydrogel injections to pump up their legs.

Brazilian model, Andressa Urach, is the latest to be left fighting for her life after the massive amounts of Hydrogel that she paid to have injected into her thighs, began to spread throughout her body, causing serious health problems.

Andressa Urach and her thighs of steel Hydrogel:
andressa urach hydrogel injections thighs

Five years ago, at age 22, Urach underwent the procedure to inject 14 ounces of hydrogel, which is essentially a liquified plastic, into each of her thighs. Last month she entered the hospital, where doctors meticulously tried to remove the Hydrogel from her legs, but this procedure is nearly impossible, since the Hydrogel easily spreads throughout the body and attaches itself to fat, tendons and muscle. Not surprisingly, complications and infection set in and the 27-year old model is now in the Intensive Care Unit, fighting for her life.

Hydrogel is legal to use in Brazil, and is typically used to fill wrinkles and for other small applications on the face, but it is to be used in very small doses. The recommended dose of Hydrogel is 2ml, so the 400ml used to inflate Urach’s thighs, exceeds the recommended dose by 20,000%! Of course, in order to get the sort of result that Urach was looking for, would not be done by a licensed professional doctor, so she turned to the popular underground market to get what she wanted: Huge thighs that would almost win her a Miss Bumbum Brazil title! In 2012, Urach was the runner up in 2012 Miss Bumbum Brazil. Close to the $20,000 prize for the Miss Bumbum title, but even if she did win, the prize money wouldn’t even repay Urach for what she has spent on plastic surgery in order to become a Brazilian “model”.

Andressa Urach and her body of work:
andressa urach plastic surgery

Today, Urach began to breath again on her own, but she is still in critical condition and remains in the ICU. The condition of her “model perfect” body remains to be seen, but judging by the extent of the procedures she underwent to save her life, it’s not unlikely that she will be permanently disfigured. She’s truly lucky if she simply gets to keep all of her limbs. Amputation and even death is not uncommon for someone in her position. Worth it?

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Sara and Emma Koponen were born identical twins 25-years ago, although for these two ‘identical’ wasn’t enough. The pair is so obsessed with remaining exactly the same they have spent somewhere around $24,000 on plastic surgery.


The pair’s surgeries include matching boob jobs to transform their A-cups to E-cups. The former small-breasted women had to upgrade their chests slowly, in fact it took 3 separate boob jobs to get their breasts this large.

Of course, the first thing any man should look at is a woman’s smile, not her breasts. And so the twins have also spent plenty of money on lip injections in order to score the same plump pout.

In an interview with Barcroft Media, Sara said, “We are both addicted with modifying our bodies – but we have to make sure we both do the same things otherwise we won’t match. We are obsessed with surgery and the pursuit of perfection — for us there’s no such thing as too much.”

Obsessive Twins Spend Almost £10,000 In Bid To Look Identical

But wait, it gets better. The Swedish twins, now living in Italy, also want to stay the same exact size. In order to do so they hit the gym and work out together everyday for 2-hours, and they also make sure to eat exactly the same food at exactly the same time.

Pictured above: The innocent years growing up as twins.

While the Koponen sisters share clothes and a cell phone, they do not share a boyfriend—unlike another set of identical twins we wrote about a while back, Lucy and Anna DeCinque.

The end goal for these two is to look like artificial dolls. Sara says, “The work we have done is for us — it’s not about getting men to like us, it’s about becoming our idea of perfection.”


While these two are far from finished molding their bodies, when the time comes to have children they don’t want their kids following their lead. While Sara admits she is proud of her own body and personal decisions, she doesn’t want her future child to get into the obsession of plastic surgery. She warns, “You will never be happier – that’s the point. You will always want more. If you start, you will never stop.”

Despite their pursuit of identical perfection, you can still clearly tell these two apart.. so what do you think, who looks better?




Well, Madonna is at it again…The over-the-hill pop star is once again getting naked for a provocative photoshoot, this time for Interview magazine.

Madonna gets naked for Interview Magazine:

Now don’t get us wrong, we love Madonna! But at 56-years old, we would like to see something new out of her. Getting naked and being “provocative” has been her go-to pony trick since she started posing nude in 1977, when she was just 18 years old. Plus, does anyone really want to see a 56-year old woman topless and trying really hard to be sexy? Granted, Madonna’s breasts aren’t 56-years old, thanks to a nicely done set of breast implants, but, nope…I’m still not into it.

Madonna then and now:
madonna before and after boob job breast implants

Madonna’s Interview cover, and nude photoshoot comes on the heels of the topless photoshoot that Keira Knightley just did for Interview Magazine as well. Ironically enough, Keira Knightley did her topless shoot to showcase what she looks like au natural, sans Photoshop and digital retouching. Madonna, on the other hand, has been obviously retouched, both digitally and by the hands of a plastic surgeon.

Madonna at age 26, left, and today at age 56:
madonna before and after plastic surgery

Madonna was interviewed by David Blane for the issue, where she talks about prostitution being the the most important profession in the world and recounting trying every drug out there.

Some are calling Madonna’s latest Interview Magazine spread “edgy”, but what do you think? I kind of think the Madonna topless thing has gotten a bit old (figurative and literally!)…

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Kim Kardashian’s curves have always kept us guessing—what’s real and what’s fake? Thanks to Kim’s life being displayed on TV over the last years, we know many of Kim’s cosmetic alterations but there are still a number of unanswered questions.

After Paper Magazine released nude photos of Kim K, doctors everywhere were being asked to speculate further about her unnaturally round bottom—among other assets.

kim kardashian nude uncensored

On November 14th, just 3 days after Paper Magazine released Kim’s naked body to the Internet, the hosts on The Doctors spoke out about the pictures. Dr. Andrew Ordon made sure to mention her body doesn’t reflect hard work and dedication in the gym, a special diet plan, or great genes. Instead, the reconstructive plastic surgeon says Kim has undergone fat transfers and implants to achieve her level of curves. Dr. Ordon said, “That does not occur in nature like that. Not even in Brazil.”

In fact, not even a Brazilian butt lift could help a woman achieve these results. According to multiple plastic surgeons, in order to get booty this fat and a waist so thin, it takes implants, liposuction and fat injections.

Pictured above: Remember what Kim Kardashian looked like before she was famous, back when she was Paris Hilton’s pet? 

Kim’s trainer, Harley Pasternak, defends his high-paying client, making sure to let the world know Kim does hit the gym. Her and Kanye West are said to work out together in order to help motivate one another. Pasternak says he spends a lot of time working with Kim to tone and tighten her whole thigh and butt area.

Plastic surgery alone isn’t going to give you a stellar body; a good figure also takes a considerable amount of drive and dedication, and not to mention gym time. So while it’s clear Kim does work out, it’s also clear that Kim wouldn’t look anything like she does today if she only went to the gym, and ate well. Her regimen is clearly enhanced with trips to the local plastic surgeon.

kimAbove: More photos of Kim from before her booty ballooned into a life force of its own.

According to Dr. Basil Pakerman, a Manhattan surgeon who specializes in Brazilian butt lifts, “Kim has had enhancement for sure.” He says, pointing to the top portion of her larger than life butt, “That’s one of the incision points we use to inject fat during procedures.”


Kim isn’t the first star to undergo such lengths for a bigger behind. Way back in 2000, Jennifer Lopez reportedly had her booty enhanced in a similar procedure prior to performing the video for “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” Both Kim and Jennifer, among many other celebrities, have likely undergone fat injections. Fat injections start off by removing fat via liposuction from the stomach, thighs, and/or hips, and then relocating this fat to all portions of the butt.

You might be wondering if the photo editors over at Paper Magazine might have something to do with the star’s non-existent waist and super sized rear. The magazine does admit retouching parts of the photo, but they are adamant that they did not take away or add to her figure in any way. Paper Magazine editor, Mickey Boardman says that what you see is what you get, her butt is not padded or edited. Meaning photographers and editors did not give Kim her extreme hourglass figure, but instead some tight-lipped plastic surgeon did.

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Have you ever wished for bigger breasts? Just like they say, be careful what you wish for because there is always the possibility for too much of a good thing. Just ask Kerisha Mark, a woman from Texas that had some of the largest natural breasts on the planet. Mark developed a very large bust, one that continued to get larger and larger over the years, reaching a 36N cup size.

Unfortunately for Kerisha, her breasts were a true pain in the back and her ginormous breasts caused pain just about everywhere. In an interview with PEOPLE Mark revealed, “Before I got a breast reduction, I would be in a lot of pain – lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain. It was debilitating.”


Large breasts also come with a lot of attention, something else that Mark couldn’t stand. She was constantly ridiculed and stared at, and there was nothing she could really do to conceal her chest, “…they pretty much just stuck out from the rest of my body.”

Mark suffers from gigantomastia, which might sound like something out of a spoof horror film but it’s a real, although rare, hormonal condition that can develop in girls as young as 14. Those with gigantomastia suffer from excessive breast growth, hence how Mark’s chest ballooned to an N cup, and continues to grow, even after having breast reduction surgery!

When Mark discovered a lump beneath her underarm she decided to have it checked out, fearful of cancer. Thankfully, the lump was non-cancerous, and was instead more breast tissue that simply had nowhere else to go. This was a breaking point for Mark, who decided enough was enough, and it was time to undergo a breast reduction.

Dr. Franklin Rose was the Houston-based plastic surgeon that completed Mark’s surgery. During surgery Dr. Rose removed an incredible 15-pounds from Mark’s breasts.


Now 15-pounds lighter, Mark is enjoying her 36DDD chest, although there are no guarantees her breasts will remain this size. Due to her gigantomastia more breast tissue may continue to grow, after all it wasn’t long before her surgery that breast tissue had continued to form, ending up beneath her arm since her breasts contained no more room.

It was only about 2-months ago that Mark’s surgery was completed, and she can’t wait to really start shopping for her refined figure. Friends and family still go crazy every time they see her, especially if they have not yet seen her post-surgery. She says, “When they see me for the first time, the reaction is always screaming and jumping up and down!”

I’m rooting for Mark and her ability to maintain a smaller chest size, no matter what it takes. According to her, life has improved so much in the short time since her breast reduction. Mark’s says, “My quality of life has improved drastically. I’m able to sleep better at night, and overall I’m just happier as a person. I don’t feel ostracized, or like people are constantly staring at me. I just feel normal.”




At the 2014 World Of Children’s Awards In New York City, Mary-Kate Olsen once again sparked rumors and concern. Contrary to popular belief, the Olsen sisters are fraternal twins, not identical. While they might not technically be identical, they have always been difficult to tell apart, that is until a recent event in New York.

Above: At a recent event the twins appear obviously different in appearance. 

Back in 2004, Mary-Kate’s health declined due to anorexia, and the two suddenly became very easy to tell apart. Yet, after attending rehab and getting her health back on track, Mary-Kate and sister Ashley Olsen could once again pass for identical twins.

Then, just a few weeks ago, the two sisters were seen looking vastly different.


Photographs of the pair at the World Of Children’s Awards sparked fans to start tweeting about the apparent changes to Mary-Kate Olsen’s face.

I grew up watching Mary-Kate and Ashley on TV, everything from Full House to DVDs like Double Double Toil and Trouble, To Grandmother’s House We Go, and perhaps my favorite, The Adventures of Mary Kate & Ashley. As I got a bit older the twins still provided entertainment, remember their TV show Two of a Kind? Long since their acting days the pair remains famous, now more for fashion than TV sitcoms and movies.

Above: Towards the end of their acting career the two are nearly identical (2002). 

With the spotlight comes constant scrutiny, and when the twins don’t look exactly the same people start to talk.


While clearly something looks different about Mary-Kate’s face it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what. The experts are saying it is her jawline and cheekbones that look more defined.

Others speculate that 28-year old Mary-Kate may actually be pregnant since pregnancy can cause weight and facial changes due to a fluctuation in hormones. Mary-Kate is engaged, and possible even married, to 44-year old French banker Olivier Sarkozy, so pregnancy isn’t necessarily far fetched. Although in my opinion, she doesn’t look like she has gained weight, nor does she have that pregnant glow. Plus, doctors that have been asked to weigh in on the debate tend to put the blame on plastic surgery as opposed to pregnancy.

Above: Mary-Kate pictured at left in 2014, and Mary-Kate pictured at right back in 2012. 

Dr. David Cangello from JUVA Skin and Plastic Surgery believes fillers are responsible for Mary-Kate’s new look. He says that fillers were likely injected into her cheekbone and used to straighten her nose bridge.

It appears Mary-Kate could really care less what people have to say. After the New York event that sparked all of these rumors, she was spotted with her boyfriend at the Knicks vs. Orlando Magic game, courtside of course.

Perhaps Mary-Kate is pregnant, or instead has been influenced by her much older fiancé to start getting fillers early. What do you think?

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Let’s create a show where women who are judged as “ugly” are given “extreme makeovers” and then compete in a beauty pageant to show off their new appearances. The actual pitch for this show sounds ludicrous, but Fox took it and ran with it, airing this exact show premise and calling it “The Swan” back in 2004.


For 2 ½ months the contestants on the show were put through grueling physical transformations in order to look like the stereotypical version of “beautiful.” Needless to say, the show received a lot of heat, but some 10 years later Fox has decided to bring it back with a 2-hour special and celebrity appearances. But according to one former Swan contestant this is anything but a good idea.

If you watched the show back in the day, you may remember Lorrie Arias from season 2. Lorrie underwent more plastic surgery than anyone else featured on the same season. She underwent a nose job, tummy tuck, liposuction on her knees, a face lift, brow lift, breast implants, AND fat transferred to lift her upper lip. Even after all of this work, Arias did not compete in the final segment of the show, which includes a beauty pageant.

Pictured Above: Lorrie Arias before and after her Swan makeover. 

10-years after the show has faded from local broadcastings, Arias decided to speak out. In an interview with the New York Post she admits that she underwent all of these surgeries for nothing. Going as far as to call herself “a 300-pound mess of a person who is afraid to go outside.”

Lorrie-AriasPictured Above: Arias in a recent photo from 2014. 

Arias says that all of the physical transformations the show puts women through take a heavy toll on the human psyche, and Fox was not prepared to handle any of that. In fact, they only offered four 15-minute sessions with a therapist throughout the 2-½ months of filming. When Arias returned home she was unable to afford any extra therapy on her own, and has since emotionally spiraled out of control. Arias told RadarOnline that it wasn’t the surgery itself that caused her so much grief, but the lack of counseling available to deal with the changes.

Here are some other transformations from the show:



Now that the reality show is trying to make a comeback, Arias admits she is worried about some of the future celebrity contestants that are supposed to make an appearance. Among the rumored celebrities to appear on The Swan’s latest episodes are Monica Lewinsky and Erin Moran. Arias believes Lewinsky will be just fine because, “She has self-esteem. She worked at the White House. You have to have some kind of self-esteem for that. Before the show she’s fine…and afterwards she’ll be even better.”

She is worried about Erin Moran though, former actress from Happy Days, because she is currently homeless and broke, and will need therapy after the show. Although Arias knows that just like her, Moran won’t be getting it from Fox!

Pictured Below: Erin Moran out for a walk in the Berkshire Pointe Mobile Home Park, New Salisbury, Indiana. 

What do you think? Should Erin Moran, or anybody, be featured on a show like The Swan?

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